Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Rusinova to Kenneth (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello you have not forgotten me? I am very happy that you became interested in me. I was not sure that you would right me. I think you have lots of questions for me and i will try to tell you everything about myself. And i hope you will do the same and tell me everything about yourself.
I don't know with what shall i start, but i hope you will understand me. My name is Elena.
I am 36.
I live in Russia! But i hope it doesnt scare you, because i am the same woman like all women in different countries all over the world.
I am a person with the same heart and soul.
I was born in a very small city Pavlovo only with 100 000 people. I studied there in the middle school. After i finish the school i went to the medical colledge in Nizhnii Novgorod, because it was very hard to get education in my town.
I graduated from it only with excellent marks and continued to study at the Medical University.
And also during study I earned additionally in small firm.
Then i stayed to live in Nizhnii Novgorod. Now i work as a dentist in a small polyclinic for about 8 years.
I use computer at work because i don't have Internet at home. At work i can use it free.
That's why it's better for me to write from clinic.
But it doesn't depend on me, another person also must work at the computer.
I have good relationship with her but she let me to use the computer only when she is not busy with it.
Otherwise i can visit Internet-cafe and send you letters from there.
My new friend. please answer these questions:
1. Do you like your job?

2. Whats your favorit film?

3. What music do you like?

4. Have you ever had a foreign friend?
I'm thankful for your answers.
You may not answer if you don't want. But in my next letter i will answer all your questions.
I will tell you what musik and films i prefer. I send you my picture.
Hope you will like it. Looking forward for your reply.

Your new friend Elena!

I send you my photo.

Letter 2

Hello Kenny! How is your day?
I hope you were really glad to get my e-mail, because i was very happy to get yours.
Thank you very much. Do you want to know how i write you e-mails? During the whole working day i write small parts when nobody works at the computer. I work at a children apartement.
If you want to know more about my job i will tell you. Just ask me.
O! I promise to tell you what music i prefer. Nowi have some free time and will tell you with pleasure about my interests.
I like different music. Everything depends on my mood.
I like classic: Dunaevski and Chajkovsky. I like also instrumental music.
It helps to relax and to have a rest, i like to thik while listening it. I also prefer to listen guitar, masterpieces of Djoh Satriani.
I like Pink Floid, they are wonderful.
It's a great band. I like Madonna, Robby Williams, George Michael and so on.
There are so many musicians in the USA! But i like russian pop-stars too: Filipp Kirkorov, Valeriya and music-bands: Chaif, Splin. But unfortunately you don't know them.
I prefer to watch movies too.
There are not so many good russian films, i like films of Tarkovsky, Konchalovsky, Michalkov- film directors.
My favorite movies are The Siberian barber and Tired with the sun.
Theese are the greatest masterpieces of russian cinematography. Amtrican filma are very popular in my country, i like them to and some americans stars also. Gladiator- courage man, Mel Gibson- goog actor.
My favorite films are The Sixth Sense, Rainman, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Gone with the wind, The Magnificent Seven, The Godfather, Groundhog Day and others.I like Bruce Willis, Al Pacino,Kevin Costner,Samuel L.Jackson, Djulia Roberts,Oii Hanks, DemiMoore, Kevin Spacey.

What can i add about me? Kenny, I was married one good man, but we don't have children.
I met him when i worked as a dentist in other place. He was one of my patients.
When i married him i stopped working, because my husband wanted woman to take care of the house and he earned money himself.
I was 30 when married him. He worked at the oil-company and often had lots of business trips.
During one of them he had a car accident and died.
About 2 years i didn't want to see anybody near me but later i understood that i don't want to be alone and i need a man who will take care about me. But i don't want to remember it up any more.

I have some friends, but my best friend is Ekaterina. We are friends since we were 17.
She is a real friend and we always help each other. She has a kind heart.
We are ready to give everything for our friendship. I am happy to have such friend because we can found the real friend very rare.
We became friends at colledge then we entered the same university.
I live alone in a flat, where i lived with my husband. There is living room, bathroom and dining room.
It's small but i feel comfortable here.
It's close to my work and it usually takes me only 20 minutes to reach the clinic.
Often when it's not late and the weather is ok i walked to my work. Sometimes i go by bus but i don't like it.
Buses are usually overfilled and it's not comfortable.

Can i ask you, Kenny, some more questions? Do you have a big family?
Is the nationality of the person who plays a big role in your life important for you?
If you dont wish you can not answer. But nationality isn't important for me.
I don't pay attention to theeyes, colour of the skin. And it doesn't matter where the person was born. I want to find a man with a kind heart.
I like kindness and hate anger. The most important things for me are kindness and honesty.
Without theese feelings love and harmony can not exist. Anger destroyes love.
I am ready to give all my love to the man who will also adore me.
Iam sure that the main things in every relationship are to respect and understand each other. Othr things are not so important.Only kindness, honesty and respect.
I am happy to wright you and to get your answer. And now it makes me smile.

Looking forward for your promt reply. Sencirely yours Elena!

ps.I liked your photos! You darling!

Letter 3

Good afternoon, Kenny!

Today i had so much work that i was afraid that i couldn't read and answer your letter.
And i must add that it scared me. but no i found free time and i am very happy.
Thank's for your letter.
And now i want to tell something about me. I really like cooking.
I can do in very well because my mother learnt me cooking when i was a little girl.
She told me that the lady, who is good at cooking has no disadvantages, because tasty food is the way to the man. to heart. may be she was right. I like russian dishes, and my favorite is pancakes.
do you know what is it.
A pancake is a round thin bread and we can fill it with meat, jam or some other food.
And what do you prefer to eat Kenny
I dont like to talk about my father, it hurts me, but i must do it. I have never seen him.
My mum told me that he left us when i was a child. That's why i don't remember him.
And i never asked my mum, because i am not interested in my dad anymore.
He did wrong when he left my mother and me. I have a question for you how many devorses are in your country
In Russia it happens very often.
A lot of man are not interested in family life.
After my dad left us. He marry anymore, that's why i dont have brothers or sisters.
I love children very much.
Children are our future, they make us happy.
If i have children, i will love them more than my life.
I don't know how many children i want to have, this should be be accepted with the future father of my children.
My husband wanted 2 children but because of his business we didn't have them.

Dear Kenny, I would like to talk to you by phone to hear your voice but unfortunately
My phone under repair. Plese give me your full number with the country code
and i'll call you as soon as i find the opportunity to do it.I will try to call you from post office!

it's a pity but i have to finish my letter here.
Looking forward for your reply, yours Elena.

Letter 4


How are you?

Letter 5

Hello my dear friend Kenny! I hope you are not against that i call you so.
Thank you for your letter.
Everyday that ifeel thati want to get your letter more and more.
My mood rises up when i receive your mails.
And when i am in a good mood my little patients shout less:)
That's why healthe teeth of the children now depends on your letters :)

Kenny, by the way, when i came to work today i was in a very bad mood, because my friend became ill and was taken to the hospital.
She cought a flue and her temperature is very hight- 39.
It's rather dangerous, but i hope that everything will be fine.

Unfortunately she has a birthday today, she is 36 and she has to bring this day at the hospital.
Itold with the doctor and i was let to spend evening with her.
In the evening i will bake a cake and buy some baloons and will go to visit her. I want her to be happy at her birtyday.
This is my best friend she works with me at the polyclinic.
I have only 2 friends-Ekaterina and Veronika. Ekaterina is in the hospital and Veronika flies to the North to visit her grandmother.
They are not married and we like to go for a walk all together.
Usually we walk at the park,but we also like to spend time at Ekaterina's garden. Her grandmother left her an old wooden house.
Earlier Ekaterina used to live at the common flat.
In such flats there are no private kitchen,bathroom and wc. All people who live there use them.
Ekaterina was very happy to move into the house. We like to spend time at her garden. Potatos, tomatoses and cucumbers are grown there.

I am sorry, dear... but i must finish my letter here. I would like to wright you more, but i dont have time. I will say hello to Ekaterina from you, ok?
I want to ask what makes you happy Kenny? As for me my friends and now also your letters make me very happy!

With best wishes, sincerely yours Elena.

Letter 6

Today last working day, ahead in honour of day of new year the days off begin. It is a pity to me, but I cannot write.
After a holiday As soon as I will come to work I at once I will write to you!

Do not forget me!!!


Letter 7

Hello Kenny! How you have met new year?

Today I started to write you the letter in the morning as soon as I have come for work.
I have written some offers and to me patients have come. I have just cured a teeth of the little boy.
That he was not afraid, I have asked his about his dreams.
He has answered that Dreams to become adults because adults do not have problems with a teeth. :-)
It was so amusing. I often recollect the childhood. I always dreamt To become adults as soon as possible.
As each child I believed, that adults in general do not have problems. I liked to dream in the childhood and I love we dream now.
Certainly, the world of dreams the illusory world, but we live actually, therefore to dream it is necessary very seldom :-)
It become always a pity that our dreams not a reality.
The person applies many efforts and aspires to that his the dream has come true, but not all in this life depends on us.
When the dream during long time does not come true, the dream stops to be that star, which was for you a beacon at ocean of a life which shined Your way.
But anyhow, I think, that it is impossible to live without dreams and hopes. When there is a dream, the life is filled with sense.
Dreams - those things which do us by people, it Distinguishes us from fauna.
Dreams bring a variety in a usual and grey life.
Dreams force to think, to analyze, come to conclusion. Belief and Hope - eternal companions of our life.
Kenny, you agree with me? I am surprised, that I write you all it.
I never had the person with whom I could divide the thoughts. But now I have found you, and I am very glad.
Forgive to me for my frankness. If I have told something superfluous, forgive me please.

Tell, it is pleasant to you when your friends come to your house?
It is pleasant to me very much when my friends come to me.
I like to prepare and for this reason I treat with their various tasty dishes.
Ekaterina too well prepares, and shi often helps me.
We often prepare Various dishes also it is treated each other.
I usually like the Russian dishes - pel'menis, soups, pancakes. But I also love kitchen of the near east.

Kenny, I have told to you, that I have visited Ekaterina in hospital.
I was there approximately two hours and Ekaterina were very happy, that I have spent its birthday together with his.
I have brought Ekaterina a chocolate pie, flowers and balloons.
Balloons were different colours, Ekaterina it is pleasant, when many different colours.
Wash favourite colour - dark blue.
And what colour is pleasant to you? Ekaterina and I spoke about you. I Has told, that you are very good person.
Ekaterina asked to send you regards and has wished good luck In my relations with you.

I will look forward your letter. Elena

Letter 8

Greetings my friend, Kenny!!!! I am very glad, that you have written. Big Thanks.
You have again lifted my mood and have placed a happy smile on My person, having written to me the letter.
By the way Kenny, today I went for work from the absolute Confidence, that you will write to me today.
Earlier I always went with Thought, that you possibly nevertheless have not written, but today for the first time I went with thought, that your letter waits for me.
Ekaterina too the doctor as I and we work in one polyclinic. She the assistant to the dentist.
But Ekaterina I assistant,she helps to other dentist.
Today I will go to his in hospital once again. I hope that soon Ekaterina will be healthy, and we will be happy to meet in ours to polyclinic.

I like to prepare and I love cleanliness, but sometimes I would like to receive simple tenderness, love and attention.
I do not wish to offend all Men. Certainly in Russia there are good men, but it seems to me that them very little.Men often say dirty words (not standard lexicon), when speak with girls and believe, that in it there is nothing badly.My husband concerned good people, but now it did not become.
After death of my husband, approximately in a year I wished again to try to renew relations with the man.
I had a friend. Together we well spent time. He was kind. But he liked to drink.
When he got drunk, he became absolutely other person. He spoke with me with bad and dirty words.
Time has passed and his love to alcohol became a habit. He became other person - rough and malicious.
Sometimes He beat me because of various trifles which did not like it.
And next day he talked to me as though anything bad between us was not.
I have started to be afraid his and I have left from his.
After that I did not get acquainted with other men. Now I do not trust the Russian men.
I am afraid to give my love, but to receive instead roughness.
If you have disagreements from the lady, you can apply roughness?

But I do not wish to finish the letter a bad theme for conversation.
So, Kenny I will tell to you about Ekaterina. Soon she recovers. Ekaterina Feels well and sends regards to you.
I hope, that will be fast she at home Also will start to work. I feel lonely without his.
While it is not present, it is nobody me will share the feelings. But I am glad that I can will share the feelings with you!

I will look forward to hearing from you!! With a kiss, yours Elena.



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