Scam letter(s) from Jade Santos to Paul (Canada)

Letter 1
yes my dear .. your idea of sending some of what you have right now and saving it for now and send another soonest is a birght idea ... and yes i could icncrease the money loan payback for you for sure ill have it and send it to you at the first weeks of june my dear ... cant talk too much coz just borrowed my co models laptop for minute .. love you and take care ..
Letter 2
i didnt had the chance to get online in the morning .. because of the change time of the photo shoot .. i dopnt have food for tonight my dear love as i was hoping that you would left the info here in my e-mail .. i just explain to you all trhe things that had happened regarding my salary you just dont listen take note of what i have told you now i will explain it all over again .. please my dearest i will be online later at 1a.m in the morning because of the wi-fi connection here at home is very poor in terms of internet reception here in my laptop and yes i will get a bank account as soon as i get all the salary that i will be receiving .. see you l;atyer my dear love .. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TOO ..
Letter 3
no my dear love .. 800 dollars really needed to pay for the plane ticket .. 600dollars coming from me and 200dollars coming from you so that we can complete the 800dollars needed my dear love ..
and when I get there my love, I will have lots of money to pay you back, for all your help
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