Scam letter(s) from Enchill Abrhmms to Kenneth (UK)

Letter 1
its really nice to meet you on here am kinda new to all this things am from Ewell but am working over here in Ghana as a orphanage teacher take care of orphanage kids have been down here for 2 year helping this kids . my full name is Jane Amoh 30 years of age i lost my parents at the age of 19 year and it was not easy for me liven with my uncle he was not really good to me i use to be in a relationship 2 years ago before i got here but i found out the man is married have been single then looking for the right man with whom i can spend the rest of my life with i will like to get to no more about you tell me your full name why you are here and about your family and some pics of you hope to hear from you on here bye for now and take care....
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Name: Anna
Age: 26
Name: Anastasia
Age: 25
Name: Olga Klasnushka
Age: 28
Name: Kristy Evans
Age: 33
Name: Galina Semeshko
Age: 26
Name: Isabelle
Age: 27
Name: Yana Volkova
Age: 26
Name: Oksana
Age: 33
Name: Deborah Willem
Age: 27
Name: Stella Clara
Age: 25
Name: Yana
Age: 29
Name: Natalia
Age: 43
Name: Ekaterina Rybakova
Age: 27
Name: Pauline Mavis
Age: 34
Name: Natalia Yaseva
Age: 24