Scam letter(s) from Jennifer Angela to Kenneth (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Kenny , I will like to tell you that i am new at this for the last week i have been going online and looking for male freind that I can develope a relationship with .Most of the people had Two major draw backs. 1) By talking with them I would get the feeling I was talking to a child playing a trick because quite often there answers to question seem to be at a childs level or they made no sense. 2)When I read over our conversation I would discover inconsistencys that would raise REDFLAGS. You are the first person I feel is being REAL to me. I would like you to answer a few questions for me if you dont mind. It will save us both a lot of time .I will answer them also as you will see as you read on.

How has life been treating you without a partner ?? well i will like to tell you that life as being lonely and boring for me as i really need to love someone and to be love when i realise that we cant go thru life without love ..

What is it you are lookin for in the oposite ***?I am looking for an honest caring loving , kind , faithfil , honest , humble , dicipline , easy going . openmided man , I m looking for a companion / freind. Someone to love who will love me.Someone
to talk to. A caring person who will take care of me if Im sick. A live and let live mentality. Someone who will accept me for who I am and not try to change me.Easy going personality.Someone to care for/about.Someone to hold when we sleep at nite

What things do you like to do in your spare time? I like to go camping , I like watching videos , Scifi ction,Mystery,Playing vid games, hiking,cooking/eating,massages etting/giving,snuggling infront of the fire place with the one I love. Favorite colors? My color blue

Do you have a good relationship with your family? I do

what does your job mean to you? To me it is just a means by witch I can enjoy my life. I do not define myself by my job.

Do you enjoy time by yourself? I enjoy my own company and dont need to have other people Involved all the time.

What is a normal day for you after work? I like to come home ,cook dinner(Im a good cook).Do a little house T.V. and **** around on the computer. Go to bed. Pretty simple stuff

Im afraid to ask this one, but here I go.......Does my age bother you Im 28 year old?

Do you like touching and being touched? I am a very tactile person an love lots of touching and rubing/petting. Both ways giving and getting.Honestly I can give more then I receive.But this is VERY IMPORTANT TO ME.

Are you an introvert or extrovert..Im a little of each but mostly an introvert....

Do you go to bars pubs pool halls? I do not

Do you drink?nope

thats all , I will have to close now , hope to see your mail soon bye Your Friend Below is some pics of me to u,I hope u like them Jennifer
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