Scam letter(s) from Irina Rassoknina to Joe (Malta)

Letter 1

Hello dear Joe,
Thank you for your attentive letter,
For me too..very importand respect, care about each other, love,
Of couse I don’t like lies.
The celebrtions with fireworks sounds great. I would like to see that.
But of couse, I like to meet with you. You look very interesting,
reliable and kind man.
I am happy that you are invite me and ready help me with trip *** visa.
Also I would like to know more about you.
What languages you are spek, did you was married. What do you like to do at weekend??
Where was you born? Tell me more about you.
Wait for you,
Letter 2

Hello dear Joe,
My adress:
Rassoknina Irina
Sobornaya st. 44-16
Pasport number: 60 ¹ 629 394 2
Honey, Please don’t need invitation for me now. I don’t want go to Ambrassy at Moscow....
For me it better take Tourist package here.
Next week I will go to travel agency and get informution for you...also I can scan my passport and send for you.
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