Scam letter(s) from Marina Drazdova to Kent (USA)

Letter 1
hi Kent...
I came to Internet cafe to check my mail from you..
I didnt expect present from you...
Thank you..
you are the most attentive man I ever met..
there are days off today and tomorrow here , so I will get my present from you on Tuesday:)))
I have to fill sum in form in western Union office,so I have to know,how much I should write there..
as to my telephone card,I will buy new one, I dont know what is the problem,and i will let you know the number!
I kissss you
Letter 2
hi Kent...
really I dont understand what is the problem..
I promised you that I buy another card , and I bough it, but of course, I didnt send you it ,after you took money back, I even found nice shoes as a present from you, but I was very dissapointed...
my number is 38 063 239 6497
I hope you will call me today from 6 till 10 pm..
I send you picture it is latest , with my friends..
think of you too
Letter 3
hi Kent!!!
it was nice to speak with you!!!
I see that you care about me and our future a lot, I appreciate this very much..
I know , we will have to discuss a lot fo things, and we will talk about everything , when I am there.
thank you for the telephone, I will have some papers about work from agency,,,
I am sure I willbe able to find job there without many problems...
Letter 4

I am sorry ,I talked to my mom about everything, asked fro money from her.
she told,she would never let me to go to much older man,who cant even support me with my trips here.
she took my phone,and she sends me to another city to live with my aunt for a while..
I am sorry adn wish you good luck.
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