Scam letter(s) from Julia Kashapova to Seth (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love Seth!!!! I am ready to write you the important letter now. Thanks for your answer to me.
I think much of us as we will be together. That we will do, and that us does to each other more close. Just last night dreamt of it and already thought, that you meet me! That it is all very simply and there are no problems. Then I with pleasure to run to you in hands. That you could embrace me! If you already embrace me at the first meeting - then all changes. I will see your care and your aspiration to be together with me. All only depends on us. And if we to wish be together we certainly together we try. I also thought of our love much and have understood, that I can not wait for our meeting!!
But I wish to tell to you at once. We can overcome all problems. We should arrive correctly with it. As the future depends on it ours.
I learnt already in agency of travel for me very big pleasure!!! I can really tell to you - that I went in a city of Baku and learnt all there. I will speak to you more low a few their condition. Nevertheless all is remarkable, and I am very glad to news! I have told it - that have got acquainted with the good man on the Internet and now I wish to go to you to meet. Then they spoke me the following:
That I should be more cautious with you. As there is a lot of deceit on the Internet. And men invite girls. Then girls come to men to Europe, the USA and Canada.
The man is taken away by passports from girls. And then girls work as prostitutes.
To me have told in agency, that I should be assured that I do. And I have told it, that I assured in it.
I will have the tourist visa for 3 months. Also should have also return tickets.
I trust you of 100 ! But I am afraid. BUT I am ready to risk for the sake of us. For the sake of our future and our love.
I am ready to make everything to arrive to you. I will trust you more. As I love you much!!!
The agency has warned me. THAT I was cautious.
And still only so we can meet you. THAT I flied to you. Because here in Azerbaijan we cannot be together. I ask you not to plan to go here. As if someone will see us together. I will have problems with the law.
As under the law only my father can search to me for the husband.
Here at us it will turn out nothing. But I think that for the sake of us we will meet to you in the country. As we cannot be here together. I want, that you communicated also with my agent. And if you want I will entitle you and e-mail ok?
It is necessary to be prepared carefully all that we could meet.
IMPORTANT! I need to know an exact city or the airport where I can fly to you? To learn all variants already precisely in agency. You understand the darling? I to finish now my letter, and compelled to leave! So I should give to agency my answer the next day. Tell to me the answer. And then I will write again to them the letter. I love you, my darling! You always with me, in my heart.
And I here, with kisses yours for ever Guzel!!!
p.s. e-mail of travel agency is:
Letter 2
Hello Mr Seth,
Thanks for your answer and also for your information.
We have received some data on that that the girl can already receive documents in 13-14 days.
Thus she can fly to you soon. As soon as the girl can pay a trip.
Then all will be ready also expectation of your meeting.
But the girl and has not answered me precisely a question of payment of a trip.
I ask you to solve this question.
I will send a copy of the letter to the girl. And to inform it to me.
Yours faithfully, Mr. Azat, Baku: +994(12) 4338930 / Tallinn: +372 545 4444
AZ, Baku
Letter 3
Hello, my love Seth!!!!
Thanks you, that you to write me this info!!!
You to open to me more and more and I to rejoice, that we with you to become even more close each other!!!! I want, that never will be secrets between us and we can always speak on any themes!!!
I wish to tell to you, that at a meeting you can see me and feel and pleasure by me!!!! We will be pleasure the friend the friend and it will be a fairy tale!!!! I love you and I wish to present to you all my feelings, all my passion and the caress, all my tenderness and love!!!! I think, that we will be mad when we will be together and all world will exist only for us with you, my love Seth!!!! You can think, that again I to hurry up for our meeting!!! But I do not wish to write you the letter only!!! I am very glad, that you wish to be with me together!!! I too very much want it and I understand, that we are familiar only in letters, but I feel you, your love to me and my heart are said to me, that by you - my happiness, you - my love, you - my future!!!! I very much wish to see you, to embrace, kiss you, to speak with you about love and about our future! Today to shine the sun and heat and I to smile and rejoice to this fine put!
I to rise today with dream of you in the morning and I will be to think all the day long of us with you! You have presented to me the new feeling, new happiness and I thank the god, that it has helped to find you in this world! I all flare hot fire from love to you. This fire in my soul and my heart and it inflames every day all more strongly and more strongly.
My love, I think of you for days on end constantly. And does not suffice at night when I lay down in cold bed to me especially you. I to trust you completely, and I know, that you will never do to me badly and I can be sincere always with you!!! I am confident, that our love has a future!!! Our future are we with you, mine Seth!!!! Seth - a part of my heart and soul, a part of my life and the future!!!! I never was earlier so is happy, as now!!! You to give me happiness and pleasure, you to give to me warmly and love!!! Today I to go for work and to smile it is a lot of. I to have fine mood and my chief to notice it!
He to ask me why I to smile and happy! I to tell to it, that you to give me many happiness and love and it to do me cheerful and cheerful!!! The chief to wish us success in our relations and to wish, that I always to remain such happy girl!!!! I wish to ask you. I Seth to tell to me please, my love too to give you a lot of happiness and pleasures??? I love you all heart, but it is very pleasant to me to hear your compliments and the gentle, warm letters, full caress and love!!!! And still the darling I can already fly to you in 2 weeks.
Already I have submitted all your documents and inquiries from various places that already the travel agency has started to make out for me papers through embassy as the visa and the passport.
I do not deceive you. You can ask it my agent and confirm. Already I have given you many proofs that you trusted me.
I can already fly to you in 2 weeks.
But I under the law of my country need to address in travel agency. So I also have made. Also it is necessary to pay all trip here at me in Azerbaijan, in Baku. It under the law, differently I cannot fly to you.
I am a pity to me that to hurry up so much. And still it is a shame to me to you to speak. That I cannot pay a trip 1412 USD.
Thus I completely upset when have learnt the price. I have chosen this way so quickly that wished to go to you. But nevertheless hastened. And now I do not know what to do! It is simply a shame to me. And I cannot fly to you. I think that have upset you also. Now I to finish my letter!!! I wish you good day and fine dreams about our future! I love you and I kiss you very gently!!!! HERE I send my passport. I also have given it to agency already. Yours Guzel!!!
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