Scam letter(s) from Siregar Dewi Mayasari to Terrell (Germany)

Letter 1
Dear Terrel, How are you today? I'm feeling much better. I been to German embassy yesterday & fill the visa application form.
The embassy will email or call me soon as the visa ready (take around 7days working hours) I'm please to know that you got the holiday!!
So from miles away...I wish you have great day ahead. Can't wait to see you in person. Take care, xxox
Letter 2
Hi dear, Sorry to hear about it....
Name: S. Dewi Mayasari Address: Puri Mutiara 3/12
Cipete Selatan - Cilandak
Jakarta Selatan
INDONESIA Telp: +62 813 86900043. After you send via Western Union please do let me know the registry code (MTCN) ya darling...!! Thank's.
Get well dear...& take care you self !! see you soon...xxox Cheer's, **
Letter 3
Hy Love, Trying to get us to Paris for Christmas. What time do you arrive on Friday the 23rd? There is no straight connection on the 24th but there is a NGV train direct to Paris on the 25th that leaves at 1:00pm. Do you mind travelling on Christmas day? We would arrive Paris in the afternoon around 5:00pm and have a nice Christmas dinner there. I thought we could stay in Paris until the 28th if you like.
I figured you will be tired when you arrive on the 23rd so we could rest up on the 24th. What do you think? I am sending the money in the AM tomorrow via Western Union and will send you a confirmation number okay. Let me know your thoughts about Paris, I will get our tickets this weekend. Terrell PS Send me your Passport Information okay.
Letter 4

Dear Terrel, We can go to Paris on 25th Dec that will be ok to me as long as you take me there darling.
I will be happy to be able to see you in person...can't wait as I count the day!!! My Flight as in booking, will arrived on 23rd at 08.08 am (in the morning) LH 350.
My passport no A 0276465, Sri Dewi Mayasari. So please do let me know Western Union confirmation number so that I can issue the ticket.
Take care darling & see you soon....xxxox
Letter 5
Dear Terrel, This is my itenerary. JKT 22 Dec LH 791 time 20.05
Singapore. LH 779 time 23.55
Frankurt - Stutgart LH 350 time 06.50.
Letter 6
Dear Terrel, Wish you have lovely Sunday....xxox I'm not feeling well today g...
Letter 7
Hi Terrel,
You are was nice to get your quick reply & it's nice to have chance to know you.
Yes, I agree with's nice to be able live in Europe & break from your own country for a while....have a break & have kit-kat...just joke :-) Lucky you.
You have to use your golf club & practice soon...!! so we can play one day. Yes, a lot of beautiful place for golf in Florida. I was in Florida last Christmas...and I love it so much, the weather is perfect ...not to cool for me.
I am divorce & have one son 20 years old. I been through difficult time in last 3 years. My divorce & my dad past away...all come in one. I'm try to think positive with all that happened. As I believe there is a light end of tunnel. Right now, I work as country manager for International hospital.
My dear female friend, that suggest me to join the Rosebrides site, this is first time & new for me. So that & maybe, I can met decent love & to be love. As I'm too old for nonsense...haha. I do hope...that I can found it in you....:-)
Will you tell me more about your self, what you like & what you don't like? By the way, thank you for sharing your picture, nice of you.
From miles away...wish your day run well.
Dewi Maya Siregar
Letter 8
Dear Terrel,
I'm glad to hear that you are please to get my I do too.
Yes & thank you very much for your advise& concern. Honestly, I'm bit nervous to the idea of the site when my friend suggest me...but again I don't want to put her down & there is nothing wrong to she just try to help me out. Deep in my heart I'm very careful and use my instinct too. That's way...I'm seldom to open the site.
Why I come to Florida...I just need break & visit good friends who live there.Happy to know that you still have your mom....I have no Mom & Dad anymore but I have my sibling. One brother & 3 sister.
Wow!! we like almost the same things...:-) I like seafood, I like cooking, I like pop jazz music Sade, Diana Krall, Laura Fygi, Norah !! you must be like white wine seafood lover.
I been live in some other country, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Philippine, Hongkong, Dubai (when I was married). If God willing....I want to be with a man that know how to treat his woman, loyal & honest.
My son live in his own apartment, we manage to met time to time. Will send you more my picture later ya...take care & have good day too.
Letter 9
Dear Terrel,
Good morning...It's nice feeling to get your email & response too...sound silly but feel that I have someone to share with now :-)
Even do we never met yet & you're miles good beginning. Mmmm, do hope the special person you want share with in daily life in your nice house in Florida is me....???never know, as daily life is full of surprise, smile...!!! Yes, I have very good friends live in Florida...maybe you met them one day.
Olala, I couldn't believe it that you like riding bike one sport activity that I can't life without it...haha, got 2 bike I leave it in my parent home, is hard riding the bike in Jakarta with all the traffic!!
Wow, it's cool that near where you live in Stuttgart have jazz you can chill out after work, listen the music & glass of wine.
I'm also in good shape...not bad for old bird. I'm healthy physically & emotionally too.
My first name is Dewi but all my friends call me Maya. Only my close family knit that call me Dewi.
I love shrimp & fish too...I like to cook shrimp szecuan style with dry chilli & cheese nut(are you like spicy food?) come to fish...I like to cook, steam sea bass with black nyummy!! and I can cook sea food pasta with ***** & wine wine too..
Well...well, I just love cooking...look forward you cook for me first dear.
Yes, trust & loyalty is very important to me too. Is 1 o'clock in Jakarta right now...I'm ready to have my lunch. Wish you have lovely day....
Send you my first friendship kiss,
Dewi Maya
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