Romance scam letter(s) from Kristina Borisova to Jeff (USA)
Letter 1
I saw your profile both it has interested me and I very much hope that you will answer my letter!
I search for the person with which probably to create with it serious relations or a happy family!
I the sociable both interesting woman and very simple in dialogue, I have set of interests during lives and the main thing it to visit other countries and gets acquainted with their history, Though I still never was abroad, but very much would like to visit some of them!!!
My name Nataliya to me of 35 years!
I can tell to you more than things about me and my life in future letters, And it will be interesting to me to know your life and your destiny!!!
If it is possible, write to me I send you the photo. I hope, that they will love you!
I will wait your photos and news!
With the big hope I wait from you for the letter
Letter 2
Hello my friend Jeff!!!
I live in Russia!!!
I am very glad that you have answered me, I waited for your letter and to me it is very pleasant with you will get acquainted:)
I think that in further our acquaintance we can be good friends, I am fair very much it I want:)
It is very interesting to me to you to write my letter and I hope to learn better you in your letters.
About your life?About your hobbies? Whether you search the partner in life? And about many other things!!!
I think that our acquaintance will be a two interesting to us!!!
I am glad to you to write my letter and I hope it will be mutual. I very much hope that it mutually?
As you have understood I search for the significant other, the partner in life!!!
I search for the man to which it is possible to trust. Which loved me and respected.
As respect each other and trust this most important in relations. You also think? It is very interesting to me:)
I want that my man was kind, gentle and loved me. That I felt in reliable hands as behind a stone wall.
You know, I sometimes feel myself lonely and I want that near to me there was which man I will love!!!
When you come from work home and you are waited always by the favourite person. And you only for it live and for the sake of relations with it.
To me very often it is boring one houses, and during these moments you understand that you do not have not enough loved one.
Also you live in hope that you will soon find the love and you will have a family!!!! To you also there is boringly when you one?
I wish to tell to you in the letter, that I search for relations serious as I wish to create the family and to be the favourite and unique woman!!!
I hope that with you acquaintance will help us to learn ours each other better!
Now I wish to tell to you a little about myself and my character as so it will be better to us to have with you acquaintance!!!
I very cheerful, vigorous and cheerful girl, with good sense of humour and romantic character.
And me it is always pleasant when I can cheer up to the close people!!!
As I the open person in a shower the person and mine friends am all know!!!! It is always pleasant to me to talk to the person and to learn it better.
It is very interesting to me to learn you as I think that you the good friend and the pleasant interlocutor:)
I live in the city of Arkhangelsk in Russia it on the bank of the White sea.
I hope that our distance between us will not prevent our friendship and we remain with you friends.
As you already know my name is Nataliya and me of 35 years!
My birthday on April 15, 1976! I will be 36 years old!!!
I very much wish to find second half as I am lonely. And I do not have not enough man's heat!!!
I not married and at me was not children!!! I the free girl!!!
I hope you also in the letter can tell about myself that I had more about your idea!!!
I ask you these all questions in the letter because I wish to know, whether you are valid is opened for the further relations?
Because it for me is very important!!! As I search for serious relations!!!!
I very much wish to be your friend. I can tell to you precisely, that I am opened for relations, and I wish to get acquainted with you further.
Now I will finish the letter.
I with impatience will wait for news from you tomorrow and I hope you will write to me!
I will wait very much for your letter!!! Nataliya!!!
Letter 3
Hello my friend Jeff!!! Excuse that could not write to you earlier as had problems of the Internet,
And now when it was restored I write to you quickly!
Yes really my region is the most northern here again very coldly winter!!!
But I would like to live there where more warmly!!!
Today for me the big happiness to see your letter and my mood has raised for 100 percent!!! :)
For me it is very pleasant that you write to me and pay me the attention.
YOU do not represent as I is glad that you have answered my modest letter!!!!!
And it is valid me very interestingly to read your letter. Because we are yet familiar with you also our first letters should be remembered to us on long.
After all to have the new friend this already big event in a life.All this new to me because I get acquainted for the first time with the man on the Internet.
You know, now I work in branch of sales of home appliances in small firm in my city.
My speciality on work "the manager of a trading hall" where I sell the house technics (TVs, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, irons and many other things the goods).
My work consists in the following, clients which come to our shop, look this or that kind of the goods,
Then they have various questions how the given device works? Its what guarantee in case of breakage?
Principle of operation of the given device? What firm it is better to buy the device? Here in such sort...
Then I give them answers to all these questions, and only then the client goes and buys it,
My main credo it to speak the truth to people as I I do not love liars,
I cannot tell to people that they took these or those goods which will serve not long,
As to deceive people not well, and I do not love people which say lies on a life!!!
My work very much to like me and I always responsible on work.
At us it is very difficult to find good work in a city at this time, I during long time could not find work in my city!!!
But there has passed time and I have found to myself work in this shop.
My native City of Arkhangelsk not so big, I very much love my city, and I will always love. I lived here very long, and now it is my native land!
My city to be on distance of 1300 kilometres from Moscow!!! It is on the bank of the white sea!!! Though I seem wrote to you about it in the previous letter.
I work from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm. How many hours per day you work?
I very much wish to know more about you as I very much like our acquaintance!!!
If to tell to find fairly I have addressed for the help in the Internet the love.
The man with which I can construct a beautiful love story.To construct serious relations.In general my intentions to find the love very serious.
As I already long time am without the man. And the most important for the person it to find second half.
And to learn the present love.Because the present love this most light and pure feeling on the earth.
As the love is the only thing warmly and fire which does not allow to freeze in this cold world.
Understand these words I tried to describe all that that occurs at me in my reason.
It is my private world, my secrets and my most secret desires. I to very few people speak about it and now I do not know why I have dared to tell to you it.
Let it will be the first steps to our acquaintance to you. You know now when I write you this letter to me it became easier and any more so is lonely and sad.
But to you probably it is interesting not only my private world but also as I look also my vital interests.
Gradually I will tell to you everything, but from you I also wish to learn all about your life.
I searched for long time of the companion of the life and felt very lonely all these days.
I very much wish to find the man with whom a smog to live all life in the world and love!!! And I am happy now, that I have such fine friend as you!
You know, I always tried to keep in my reason all the best, and even for all life have told to nobody of a rough word!
Very important that the man respected the woman, and I if I live with the man necessarily will the fine wife!!!
Everyone should search for love!!! Year can, day can, but the love should be the most important detail in each family!!!
You also think Jeff?
I have some, but I should finish now this letter, but I will write to you tomorrow.
Also write to me back. I very much wait your letter!!! And also I will be very happy to see your photo! Sincerely your new friend Nataliya!!!
Letter 4

Hello Jeff!!! :)
I have higher education and I have a trade of the economist!
I so am happy to see your letter today and to me it is very pleasant that you have answered me!!!!!
I very much waited for it and for me the big happiness that we have begun our acquaintance :)
I am grateful to destiny that the Internet allows gets acquainted to lonely hearts. Allow me, to name you the friend, it is very important for me!
As I think that you the good friend openheartedly!!!!
Today I also wish to tell even more about myself!!! My growth approximately 168 centimetres and weight of 50 kg!
In a life I like to go in for sports, as I love productive leisure.
I am engaged 2 times a week fitness as it is necessary to hold the form of a body always.
Most my favourite kinds of sports this skating, rollers or skis in the winter in wood on fresh air with friends.
Also sometimes I like to spend a free time at home behind the interesting book. Always cheers up as an interesting film on the TV.
I studied in Arkhangelsk economic institute on business development.
My faculty at institute was "Economy and operation of business". It was fine student's time!!! But it was for a long time!
I hope you understand my letter and what I wish to tell in it?
I at school and at university studied English language. But in dialogue conversation I did not have a practice :)
I hope that in due course I will learn to talk completely in your language and we can with you in the future speak by phone!!!
I think that it will be very interesting conversation with my Russian accent!!!
You know, I am very glad that have got acquainted with you and now to me it is not boring!!! As I know that you too want with me acquaintance!!!
I to you wish to open the last life Jeff!!!!
I in the past had the friend within five years and I have been compelled to leave it. As it to me has changed!!!!
I could not forgive it it as to me it was very sick in heart!!!!! And it has been broken!!!
I have seen it in bed with other woman!!! I think that it is impossible to forgive change.
When you love each other there should be a trust. I do not love when to me say lies in eyes, this most awful!!!
I hope, that in the future to a I will manage to find second half which will love me,
Ready to be all life with me at any vital difficulties.
As now it is very difficult to live one in this world!!!!
I write to you about me directly and about a private life is detailed, that you had real idea about me.
I hope, that you also will write in detail about you Jeff!!!
Now, when I have written to you and have opened before you all soul and heart, you have learnt me better.
I will wait for your letter back, and I hope to receive the worthy answer!
I am assured, that for a happy and fine life it is necessary to search for second half!!!
As I do not represent a life in loneliness. Your girlfriend Nataliya!!!
Letter 5
Hello my friend Jeff!!! :)
I am happy to see your letter today!!! I hope you also you love my letters, as well as I yours!
Tell to me when you see my letter in the mail box, what you think Jeff? It is very interesting to me:)
When I see your letters at me always good mood and I have a smile!!!
You seem to me very good and kind person and consequently you have very much liked me from our first acquaintance!
At us now weather on a season stable in a city and me would be desirable will share all my mood with you Jeff.
I would like to write to you as it delivers a sheer pleasure!
You have close friends? I have one girlfriend since the childhood Her name Olga, we are familiar with it about 20 years and all this time we help each other!!!
My girlfriend has husband and two children, the boy and the girl!!! It very happy mother and I is glad for it!!!
Friends this most important in my life as only the friend can come to the aid difficult minutes!!!
I write you the letters from my girlfriend from Olga as she to me has allowed to use its computer to leave in the Internet and to write to you Jeff!!!
I am very glad that it has helped me and now I am familiar with you!!!
I during long time thought, that I will live during long time one,
But my girlfriend has convinced me to get acquainted with the man from other country as men in Russia very much treat badly women,
And in every possible way humiliate them and drink a lot of alcohol and as change much for this reason I any more do not wish to have the man from Russia.
And now I have decided to get acquainted through the Internet with the foreign man, and at once I have found you Jeff, and you have very much liked me.
Today I was on work and my day has passed very quickly as I thought of you!!! After work I have run at once to see your letter :)
I do not know why, but you in my thoughts were, I have written you it, as you very interesting person,
And you have liked me at once! With you I do not feel lonely Jeff!!!
Possibly we will meet or we remain only friends, good acquaintances about it to us time will tell!
I am very lonely at night, and to me is very sad when I do not see your letters, And even this night I was lonely,
And only when I write to you I do not feel lonely!!!!
Certainly I could find the man to myself but as it often happens, it is very difficult to find the real friend!
I have a pure soul, and always I try to be cheerful and cheerful in any situations. As it is necessary to live and trust in the best!!!!
I would like to have long and serious relations with the favourite person.
Today I have fine day. Your letter has made my mood even better and now I think of you Jeff.
When I have written to you the first time I thought, that we will be with you good friends.
I search not only friendship, my organism that is at me on heart that I feel now to you attachment are absolutely free and wish to love all love!!!! Your girlfriend Nataliya!!!
Letter 6
Hello my friend Jeff!!!
I live in the rented apartment and I rent it with the girl it mine the fellow worker,
But we practically do not see as it works during other time and we should not meet practically,
But so for me very favourable economic variant together to pay a rent!!!
And to buy the computer really expensively at present in connection with my small salary,
And the Internet cafe as is very expensive for this reason I write to you from my girlfriend Olga!
I never travelled for limits of my country only in the country, but I very much would like to look at the world,
But I have no passport and I think that not the problem to make it presently!!!
I never drove the car and I have no driver's licence!
I am grateful to destiny, that the happy case has allowed us to find each other!!!
I am happy to read your mail, your letters do me happy and joyful! You for me are much more than simply familiar!
I want that we learnt every day each other more!!!!
Write to me in more details about itself, about your parents, friends. Write to me about your hobby how you like to spend time? When probably you miss on me Jeff:)
I am happy that is familiar with you, and I am interested in your life and your interests! You like me also I wish to know you better!!!
I hope you me understand Jeff?
I in my life have devoted the long period to my formation, and now my thoughts are devoted my future! My private life!
When I was the little girl my mum could not provide me with necessary things and it worked for 16 hours per day that I could studies.
And I am very grateful to mum and I very strongly love it!!!! My daddy also sometimes asks me, "Nataliya why you are lonely till now?", I do not know that to it to answer...
To heart to love you will not order! I live and I wait.... I want only sincere love and for ever!!!
My parents live in Mirniy. It is small village, on distance of 230 km from my city,
In which I live now, but as I cannot leave for long time from my work,
I happen at parents very seldom, but I use always any possibility to visit them!
I love mum and the daddy, and is always happy, when I have possibility to see them, but my desires do not coincide with my possibilities.
My mum worked all life at school as the teacher of Russian and the literature. Now my mum on pension, but continues to teach the literature.
My daddy worked in Police, now it too on pension!!! I very much love the parents, as they the most expensive at me on light!!!!
You know, I rent a room almost two years, and I very much hope to change a residence.
In my room only two windows, and those do not open at all...
I live with the girl from whom we together work, we with it good friends, but interests very different.
It is not interesting to me with it, but it also as well as I, has no enough money to live in the big apartment.
In the evening when it leaves on appointment to the guy, I feel very lonely.....
And me boringly I go to Olga, and we together think as cheerfully and interestingly to spend evening. Usually we like to walk simply on city park, and to talk.
Here fine park, this park small, but very cosy. Here I always I feel very well.
Sometimes we go to theatre, or at the cinema, Two times in a year we go to club on dances.
I am very glad that in my life there was you, and it is very interesting to me with you Jeff!!! The truth!!!
To me very much to like to receive from you letters so write it is more, and I will be very happy.
I would like to speak about our relations, I wish to study you better Jeff!!! And I want that you have learnt me!!!
I feel that you the true man, you to me very much, very much like. I in a life and in my letters am very frank, and I wait for reciprocity...
I hope, that We are waited by very long and pleasant friendship!!! If you have desire, we can see each other...
I have made this photo in this spring! I hope it to you it is pleasant:)
I love verses and even I know many poems, and I want that you have read this poem!!! I thought love was just a mirage of the mind,
it's an illusion, it's fake, impossible to find.
But the day I met you, I began to see,
that love is real, and exists in me. Your friend Nataliya!
Letter 7
Hello my friend Jeff!!!
Excuse that has not written to you earlier as I had Internet problems all week-end,
As here in my city there was a strong blizzard and hurricane and in this connection connection with the Internet vanished!
And only today weather is better also the Internet I was restored also at once I write to you quickly!!!
How you had your week-end???
Yes I will soon have my vacation in December I will inform you on it later!!! Their duration about 5 weeks!!!
Usually on a vacation I leave to my parents and there we perfectly spend together with the daddy and mum!
The apartment in my region costs if it small where only a room and kitchen the toilet of souls costs about 30.000 dollars,
And if 2 or 3 rooms and kitchen it cost about 60.000 dollars!
The computer and the Internet service all together in the sum costs 600 dollars!
My salary is 350 dollars a month!
I am happy, to read your letter. I see and I feel, that with each letter we become much more is more close to each other!
I am happy, to have such fine friend as you!!! I am happy, that I have met you Jeff, I am happy, that you in my thoughts all the day long.
When I have told to friends about you, everyone has been surprised, - I have decided to get acquainted with the man, I do not know why, but till now I was lonely. I felt lonely!
Now, though, only in the virtual world - you have found me, and I have found you and meaning of the life! It is very interesting and pleasant to me to communicate with you Jeff
My friends during long time asked me why I am lonely, and now - I am happy, - I have dared to get acquainted with you … and to me have carried!
I am happy, to read your letter. How are you doing? How mood? I think, at you all is fine. I want, that at you always all was fine!!!.
I will ask the God that we were healthy and happy! I wish to tell to you, that my heart starts to fight more often when I think of you!.
I wish to feel you, your gentle sight, your smile, your hands. I so require your warmth and care!
I search for pure love and romanticism in mutual relations.
It is pleasant to me, when it is beautiful, fine, gentle and romantic!!!
My most important Desire to have the family, the favourite person and to feel care and constant support a difficult minute!
To aspire to it each person and I also.
To me 35 year and I wish to live this life happily and as I wrote earlier, I cannot be simultaneously lonely and happy!
I was close fortunately in the past, but my heart has been broken. I should trust the person,
With which I will be all life. To trust gesture everyone it by the way, a kind, a smile. And I wait for reciprocity!
In the world so it is a lot of meanness and a deceit, and it is very difficult to find people who can be entrusted a life and destiny easily.
I do not say to you that it is impossible for anybody to trust... It is possible, and very often people become much better,
If to make to the person the good! If each person would do kind affairs, our world would become much purer, is more light, more kindly!!!
I know you not long time, but I can tell, that you very fair and fair Jeff!
It very much involves me and allows to believe, that you very good person and can sincerely love! It is very important - for loving all heart!
Though I already thought, that through the Internet it - not sufficient dialogue to understand each other more insistently,
But you really like me, and it seems to me that I know you very much very much for a long time! What do you think of it?
Your letters do my mood fine! I become more joyful.
I think sometime, you and I should meet necessarily.
I would like to arrive to you and to look, how you live, as spend the day!
I want, that you wrote to me more about your life because I start to understand,
That between us appear something more than the friendship, and me seems, that this feeling of trust is mutual,
I wish to divide with you pleasure when we can look against each other, look each other in eyes, touch to each other....
I wish to see your pleasure and to divide it with you!
Write to me, that does you really happy, and I will try to make something that you also were little bit happier!
I wait for your beautiful letter, and I promise, that I will think of you every minute! Nataliya.
Letter 8
Hello My dear Jeff!!!
I like to dance but I seldom go to clubs as I prefer a silent place more!!!
I to see very glad today your letter, as it for me as a sun particle in this world!!!!
Today I with the girlfriend went to park, on attractions... It was very cheerful also we have perfectly spent time.
Especially I liked the new construction similar to a swing, but it turns very quickly!
To me it was very terrible, and I long could not rise, as the head was very much turned!!! :-).
Today there was a fine day, and I was very glad that left the house!
I have very much got used to you and it is difficult to me to present my life if you do not write to me! Write to me always, I very much like to be your girlfriend!
Even if I am occupied, and I can not answer you as I work, or I have no access to PC, I all the same remember you Jeff!
You the remarkable person and the fine man! Such people as you very little. This really big good luck, that we are familiar!!!
My dear Jeff, I wish to be close to you, on very very much a short distance,
And to have possibility to speak with you, will touch you Jeff. It is a pity, we very much far apart!!!
Probably, if we lived in one city that we were together! We have found each other among billions, and certainly would find each other in a small city! You agree with me? Or it only my dreams and naive hopes?
Even if we, never will see each other, (though I do not wish to suppose such thoughts), I hope, that we will freely communicate with you through letters.
I wish to write to you in the letter much, and even in the big letter I cannot write all about what I wish to write!!!
As we are far and incapable to meet now, Let's send each other photos more often!
I will send you a photo with this letter, and in the answer I wait for your photos.
We it is far - from each other, therefore, I wish to see your photos, I feel that you close to me. I want that you have sent to me more than your photos.
I reflected over possibility of our meeting, possibly we should not hasten now,
But my heart prompts to me, that you also sincerely wish to see me, also as well as I wish to see you!
If we meet are, it will be fine, but time is required to learn each other, though,
If I could be with you now, I would be happy Jeff!
It seems to me that I know you very much for a long time.
If we are together... I am completely assured that between the man and the woman there is an invisible and inexplicable communication.
And this higher force connects people in a single whole, and even on distance the person that occurs to the favourite can know.
We could enjoy affinity each other. I very much would like to spend with you evening, and I am assured is there would be the most remarkable time.
I very much was not for a long time on appointment to the man and I wish to have it only with you! You very much like me Jeff!
I wish to descend with you at cinema! I love actually all genres of films, especially I love adventures and a comedy, and as historical films.
Very much to like me the film "Titanic", It is a fine film and I looked it many time, and till now constantly I cry, when I look it...
You the fine person and I wish to be with you Jeff! I am ready to go with you everywhere. I TRUST YOU!!!!
I still wish to tell much to you, But I am compelled to finish the letter,
I with impatience will wait for letters from you!
Always yours Nataliya!
Letter 9
Hello Jeff!!! :) I very much liked a picture you and I very much wish to continue to have with you dialogue further!!!
I thought that answered you this question, but I speak once again that I do not remember the site name where found you,
As I was on several of them and I do not remember where precisely found you, but I remember one of them probably it
I really do not remember but I hope that you are not strongly upset because of it Jeff and it will not prevent our happiness???
As to a flower that is a red rose!
Colour - dark blue green violet and still many,
Food - Russian, Italian, Japanese!
I am absolutely not irritable to the man I on the contrary very gentle and appeasable!
Yes I am final once I will show to you Russia, to you will be it is pleasant but I hope that you will show me as the USA! ok?
Thanks for your kind letter... With each letter which you write me I I learn you better and better! I very much waited for your letter.
I very long and thought of our mutual relations, about our near future much... We have a future? What it?
All my ideas about my future, about our future, - about you Jeff!!! Certainly. I think only of you!!!
My soul is happy, because you with me, but, during the same instant, I realise - we are divided by the big distance!
On my work I spoke with friends, about you, spoke that I have now a fine friend who lives in other country.
And I have told that you very much like me, and also I have told that I too very much like you.
All very much were delighted, as my friends very much want for a long time that I have begun a high-grade life.
But, One my colleague has told to me, that I am unfortunate. He has told that love it very seriously,
And we will suffer, so so we very much far apart... And I agree with it, we are very congenial but between us of hundred kilometres...
But I am happy, because daily I can write you letters, I can read your letters!!!
You very much like me, and I never and to anybody did not feel such liking... Only to you Jeff!
It is inexplicable, acquaintance to you has changed my life!
When I have learnt you, I thought, that we will be only friends, and our relations remain friendly.
But now I think of you more often and more often, my thoughts only about you!
I now in confusion, also I do not know, how should operate now... That to me to do... I wish to be with you Jeff!
I the woman only for one man and I can love only one man - you Jeff!
I searched for you all life. I never felt such passionate feeling! I wish to be with you, only with you!!!
You the good person and the true friend!
All of us still far apart, and all of us are still not for long familiar, but in heart, we have hope, that in the future we will have a meeting.
I would like to see you, to speak with you. I very much wish to learn what you in a life!!! And I will search for a way to learn you more close.
I do not know our future, I only am assured, that we necessarily will meet, and the our meeting, the earlier will take place better!
And I will always write to you and while we can write letters, we have hope, hope fortunately, our general happiness, hope of a fast meeting.
Forgive to me, this letter sad - is a little, but I cannot write now in another way, to me is a little sad, because I now not with you.
Possibly I became sad after conversation with friends and colleagues though all of them wished to improve my mood.
We will meet ever? I very much wish to be now with you Jeff!!!
Now, On my work it is a lot of work, I do the semi-annual financial report.
Perhaps When I will make the report, we can meet? I can take holiday in two weeks if all goes well on my work!
Very much to like me my work, but at first it is necessary for me to make the financial report, I am compelled to work much.
Now I take away some documents home, and I really work at night.
On my work I should be very attentive as I work with the important documents, but today I have been a little confused.
I constantly thought of us!
And how your day? You think of me and how it is frequent?
I thought today of you my dear Jeff, I tried to assume than you are engaged at present.
I very much hope that I am present at your thoughts, in your heart. We far apart, but I feel warmth of your heart!
You very much like me, allow me to love you, to be close to you, to inhale air which you breathe...
I love you and all my thoughts only about you Jeff! I was afraid to admit to you the previous letter,
And only your attention has proved to me, that I am necessary for you, that you also require me!
Now I cannot sleep at all easy... When I close eyes - I see you when I go along the street, I search for you among hundreds casual passers-by...
I am happy, as I can hope, I can dream, I can read your letters. I am happy, that I have such fine admirer as you Jeff!
For ever yours Nataliya!
Letter 10
Hello mine Jeff!!!
I have remarkable day!!!
Here fine weather and at me fine mood! Every morning, when I wake up, I am am cleared up by the morning sun.
Very gently, modestly rays of light it is insuperable approach to my eyes when I sleep, and it forces me to be roused, and to go to gather for work.
I am very happy to have such good and kind friend as you!!! I feel, that you for me are much more than the friend!!!
I at all do not represent my further life without you, your care, protection. I feel myself very confidently with you Jeff!
You the best, you the strongest, you the kindest!!!!
I know that you always will help me and will protect me! I love you Jeff!
And I very much wish to share my good mood with you!!! I very much want, that you were always happy!
I want that you were happy as I! I want that you heard palpation of my heart, felt my fine mood and pleasure!
Today I have made to myself small rest, a lot of time have spent with my best girlfriend Olga.
I have left the semi-annual financial report for tomorrow though I almost have made all,
And soon I will have a lot of free time and it is probable very soon we can meet you Jeff!
Today at younger daughter Olga birthday and we wish to make to it a good holiday.
We do very big pie, and even have thought up a small song. Here there will be today a kindergarten as many children will come! I think will be very cheerful.
We talked with Olga in the afternoon much, and is final about you too. I have told to it that we wish to meet, and Olga was very happy,
Also rejoiced... Dear Jeff - This our destiny, and to us has very much carried, that we have found each other!!!
My girlfriend very much is surprised looking on me. I very modest girl, and a vein as all people, but now all have changed.
Our acquaintance has changed not only my life, but also my thinking. I cannot live without you. I will always love you, I will always think of you Jeff!
When I fall asleep... I think of you when I clear up early in the morning, I think of you!
This night the dream, about you has dreamt me! I do not know why, but I often represent you,
In the street I look around for you among hundreds passers-by, and probably therefore you come to my dreams!
Certainly I love you, and I can not think about something the friend... Only about you Jeff!
To me has dreamt, that we go together, keeping for hands on a deserted beach... We went barefoot, and sand underfoot was very warm and tender.
We were absolutely one, and it very much was pleasant to us. You spoke to me about something, I do not remember, but to me very much it liked, and I was at pleasure top.
We went slowly, spoke about something, nearby there was a sea, it caressed our feet!
Then we have stopped, you have strong embraced me. And we have thrown off from ourselves all clothes and have run to bathe in the sea!
There was an evening, and the gold decline slightly shined our silhouettes.
We jumped in the sea as small children. We were happy! We left water happy and little bit got tired.
And then I have woken up. Has risen from a bed, I felt very happy!
I was little bit sad when has woken up, I very much wanted that this dream lasted eternally!!!!!!!
Yes, we will perfectly spend time together when we will meet. I know it, I am assured - we will be happy!
I did not tell about this dream to anybody, only to you! Even Olga I have not told this dream, I hesitated,
Because thought that she again will tell that I very kind and naive! But you do not think that it only illusion Jeff? We necessarily will meet!
My dear Jeff? When I will arrive to you, we will be the happiest amicable and beautiful pair! We will be happy!
All the today long has passed for me very perfectly, I was all the day long under impression of this fine dream, and I so want that this dream became real.
I trust and I hope that we, once, we will go also on coastal sand gently keeping for hands.
I we will speak with you, and delightfully to look against each other!!!
Even now my imagination draws before me this fine and unforgettable picture....
Tomorrow to me there will arrive my mum, and that the most surprising my father. My father very seldom visits me as has problems with feet.
But it is always very happy when I arrive to them, to the house in which I was born! I will speak with parents about us and our relations.
For me it is now very interesting and very important, I will say with my parents that we, I and you, wish to meet!!!
It is very important for me and if my parents agree II will plan travel to you Jeff! I with impatience will wait for your letter!!! For ever yours Nataliya!!!

Letter 11
Hello my fine Jeff!
Today weather cold here.
The sun very seldom appears between clouds, but your letters for me as bright beams of the sun in this grey world!
Your letter has warmed my heart , I am very happy and happy to receive news from you today!
Your letters always force me to feel much better.
I wish to tell to you, that you very fine and are remarkable the man. For me you the unique man with whom I wish to build my destiny.
I love to you more and more with each new your letter. I do not know our future, but I think, that sometimes people do not use possibility which are given to them by destiny.
I think, that all people have possibility to build the future, Our life really is sometimes very unfair,
And every day we should choose something, something to lose...
I do not wish to lose you, I wish to be with you as my heart prompts to me, that only with you I on the present will be happy.
And you also will be happy with me . I am now really very happy!!!
Yesterday, before to go to a bed, I thought of you when I have undressed, and have laid down in a bed,
I thought of you when I have closed eyes, I have seen your person and when I have woken up, I thought of you!!!
At me than feeling was never stronger and more passionate than now!!! Every second, and each section of my body I think of you!!!
Every day you more and more occupy my thoughts. You have similar sensations?
For me I am very important to know how much is expensive to you, and that you feel, when read my letters!!!
I think of you constantly. When I slept, I had again a dream, and you were final the protagonist of my dream!
All night long you were before my eyes. I felt you, touched you. This dream was so real,
That even now it seems to me that I sleep, and my dream is there was a real life! I am now very serious,
I even having pinched myself some times that "will wake up" and to be again with you .
Now I certainly understand, that it was only a dream!!! I wish to tell to you, that I really feel very strong and serious feeling to you.
And I wish to inform, that we should meet each other. You, also as well as aspire to embrace me! Our meeting will be very important in our lives.
You agree with me? I have insuperable desire to meet you in a real life!!!
I believe, that it can be possible! It is a real thing! To me yesterday there has arrived mine mum and the daddy. I am always happy and very much I rejoice to the moments when I can see mum and the daddy.
They live far from a city, and I can sometimes see them when they arrives to me or when I can visit her.
I very much love my mum and the daddy!
We as usually during long time went on an evening city, I like to go in the evening after work on a city.
We spoke about our friends and the acquaintance much.
And, naturally, we spoke about me and about my private life.
And as you most the loved one for me though I nevertheless did not meet you, we spoke about you .
I talked to my mum and the daddy about our mutual relations. I have told it that I wish to visit you .
I asked them for suggestions, and they have told to me, that it is very good idea to meet you at you!
My mum with small excitement spoke about forthcoming travel, but she very much loves me, and has wished me and you the big good luck.
It is very good when parents bless children!
My mum asked me that I have transferred you its best regards.
I consulted on friends how it is better to travel to other country, but all who travelled speak me that travel very expensive pleasure :(
I very much hope that to a could to save enough money, and to a could to find the cheap ticket as if I will not have not enough money I cannot arrive to you .
My mum very much worried and at first even has refused flatly to release me to you.
But, I know, that is obliged to visit you because I cannot live if I will not meet you and nobody can hold me now here.
Even one day spent with you, will be for me paradise pleasure!
Road , I very modest and obedient daughter, but sometimes I - am unshakable in decisions.
Possibly this character trait has been transferred me from my father. Also could persuade mum, and it even encourages me now.
I will travel to you soon as I love you, and I cannot remain more in loneliness.
I know, that you the fine man and the best person living on this part of our planet are YOU!!!
And you have won my heart, and now I only yours. In your hands the most expensive and valuable, that I have - my soul!!!
And you have won my heart as I cannot sleep now in general - I think of you constantly.
My soul to aspire to you, it already with you, and only my body here!
I am not capable to understand, that occurs to me now only about you my dreams, and of a meeting in real!
I know, we will be together!!!
Tomorrow, as soon as I will clear up, is final if I can fall asleep, I will go that Tomorrow I will learn more about forthcoming travel, and I will write in more details about it!
I the optimist, and I hope that we can meet you next month. And it is possible even earlier, if I is capable to find enough money!!
I believe, that our meeting will help us to learn us better and much more close!
I am assured, that I wish to meet you . I feel, that you became more closer to me.
And I wish to tell to you three words of love. But, I can while only to write in the letter I LOVE YOU !!!
I trust that will be very fast day when I can say these words, and to a could to hear your words, looking in your eyes!!!
You should understand, that I wish to tell now! For last two days I set of times represented our first meeting!
I really wish to see you, to speak with you, gently to hold your hands and to look in your eyes.
This letter very sincerely is possible, but I hope that you will understand everything, that I wish to tell!
A little it is difficult to me to find replacement of Russian words which I wish to tell to you, but I know that you perfectly understand me,
Also you feel my mood in it an instant while I write these lines! Very perfectly when two loving hearts Become uniform and indestructible!
My soul always is opened also you likely has noticed that I am often very frank, but I cannot differently,
Though to me of other really to have to pay expensively for my frankness …
I always speak truly and I do not love, when people lie. I hate it! And you like me, because you also are very fair and frank with me! , I think, that we have real chance to try to be closer!
I think, that we should try to use this chance. Probably it is our destiny!
I will look forward your answer, you should know, that I think only of you now!
I wish to tell to you , you be my love, I believe, that you and I will speak more frankly about our feelings.
I wish to tell to you about everything, that is in my heart and in my head now.
I do not know, how write it in words, but I try to explain it to you now, and I hope, what you can understand me ?
Today here - the cold wind, also would not be desirable to leave the house on street at all, and only thoughts on you warm me, I feel, that you - my favourite.
My heart wins faster when I dream of our meeting in the future.
Last night I had dream of us. It was the remarkable dream. We were together and spoke much.
I do not remember, where we were, but it was not important for me.
I was very silent, and I even heard as you breathe! It was the happiest instant in my life, it was so real...
Then we have arrived to the house, we had dinner with candles.
Then we have arrived to a bedroom, but it was the final moment which I remember.
Therefore - that I have woken up, I was so happy, and my heart knocked very often.
I have understood, that it was only the dream, but it was so real...
I think, that this dream has the important value for me. Probably it is a sign?
I do not know. But I really know, that I love you all my heart!
I really would like that this dream which I saw, would be real sometime! You would like it ?
My your heart , I speak it to you, to that-that I love you!!!!!!!
I speak to you about my feelings, and I am assured, that you should know about it!!!
I never could even think of that that I will so is enamoured in you, but I am very very happy that we are familiar with you!!!
I think, that we should meet, I know how to make it. I will think and I will find out about it,
I think of you as about the unique man with whom there is my future. Without you my life … cannot proceed. Only with you!!!
I know, that we should meet and be with each other. I love you , please do not forget it feel fire of my heart, and I think, that we should use this chance,
If you feel too most as I!!!
I wish to tell to you , please ask your heart, what it feels? What speaks you your heart?
Also give me the answer. I will look forward your answer.
If you are enamoured also, it is very perfectly!!! I understand, that you can reject me, but I love you anyhow.
You the unique man of whom I can think!!! Yes, I love you , and force of my love is boundless!
I thank the God, that I have written to you and have found the perfect man,
I searched for you all life .
I am very raised and boundless is happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always yours Nataliya!!! p.s In this letter I give to you a picture of my parents that you saw them, and mine specially for you,
Also know that anybody except you and me did not see it a picture, but you have deserved to see it !!!
Letter 12
Hello my love Jeff!!!
I to see very happy today your letter!!!!
Yes I really only child at my parents!
As to your letters that I completely understand them and all that you write the maintenance!
As to Russian that for you it will be much more difficult, but personally at a meeting I can learn you some phrases to begin with,
As so it will be easier to study than through the Internet!
Yes I feel you all more close and I represent your kisses on me and I have a lot of imagination concerning us both our future and a meeting!
My feelings to you are boundless, my heart is filled by love to you, and I feel passion to you!
I very much love you, and I constantly think of you, I love You,
When I go along the street, I think of you, I represent that we will go together on these fine streets,
I dream of our meeting, and I am ready to do everything to meet you!
Nothing can prevent our meeting, and nobody is capable to prevent to meet to us.
I spoke with my mum, and she has told to me, that I should meet you necessarily,
Our meeting is necessary for us, I love you more lives.
In last letter I promised to you to learn in detail about travel to you!
I have met the fine girl from whom studied at university and she has sincerely decided to help me!
She travelled also all knows about rules and the documents necessary for travel much!!!
I have told to it about you and that we wish to meet!
I very long talked to it, and now I know all, and I know as to make correctly and quickly all documents.
It is necessary for me to make the visa, the passport, the medical inquiry and it is naturally necessary to buy the air ticket!
I can make the passport for some days, and I will start it to do within the next few days if we agree now about meetings with you Jeff!
Also I can make the visa and all my documents to travel to you for two weeks!!! But money is necessary for me - now...
To make the visa and all my documents to me 280 dollars are necessary, and also 960 dollars cost the air ticket in your country and back.
In general, on estimation 1240 dollars to be near to you Jeff are necessary for me.
Possibly for you it is not so big sum of money, but for me it is many money.
I have a few money, but my savings are very small, But nevertheless I have 500 dollars and is ready to spend them for travel to you for the sake of our fine meeting,
And if you help me from 740 dollars that I will come to you in in 2 weeks as soon as my visa, the passport and the air ticket will be ready to you! ok???
Now I am a little disappointed, and I do not represent where to me to find so much money. I very much hope that you will help me.
When I think of you, my heart starts to fight much more often, Only you exist in my heart, only I think of you at the nights.
I with a shiver wait an instant when I can touch you Jeff, I represented thousand times an instant when for the first time a Could to see you.....
You stand with colours and wait for me... You smile. I run to you, not paying attention on surrounding people....
You all faster and faster go to me, you are gentle, but strong embrace me, passionately kiss my lips,
And I speak to you, not stopping as I love you Jeff, and you also cannot stop, and also to me speak about feelings,
And we together go on a city, and we speak not stopping about love, about us...
Also it is not noticed as night comes. Then a dawn....
It is my dream, I on a miscellaneous represented our meeting How you represent our meeting Jeff???
You feel a sincere shiver? When I think of our meeting to me to become very very well,
And a pleasant shiver in the stomach basis... And you??? That you feel, what feelings at you when you think of me, about yours Nataliya!?
I on a miscellaneous represent our meeting, but I do not know, where and when we will meet,
I wish to arrive to you Jeff. I only am assured, that we will meet very soon!
I cannot suffer more, it is necessary to see for me you, to hear your breath,
I very much very much very much love you and I wish to be with you!
My heart belongs to you and only to you Jeff! Yours Nataliya!!!
Letter 13
Hello my Love, my unique, my beloved Jeff!
Many thanks for your letter, my love to you it is extremely strong,
Also becomes stronger with each letter which I receive from you Jeff!
You do me very happy Jeff. I have understood that you are ready to help me with travel that we were together in dates since January, 14-21th,
Whether it only one week but it will be the finest and unforgettable week for both of us not so Jeff???
And I will learn more and more in detail about travel to you in agency of travel in we wash city Jeff,
And as soon as I will make all researches concerning Miami, Florida I will inform you in the nearest the letter,
And more exact information on the travel price ok Jeff? And as I will learn about the visa that I could visit some cities as you wanted!
Jeff my parents insist that I did all documents here in agency of travel in my city,
As they wishes to see all my documents personally on my hands to be quiet for me when I I will fly to you Jeff!
I understand my parents as they except me have nobody children,
As I am the only child in a family, and I am ready to go on these conditions for the sake of parents,
But when I will fly to you I will be quiet for them that they do not worry about me,
I hope my love Jeff you as go on conditions of my parents?
As other variant is not present, and if I would have money I have come to you,
Also would not ask you about it, but alas I have no such means to travel to you Jeff!!!
I very much love you Jeff, and it does my heart full of pleasure.
I wish to be about you, I wish to be with you every minute, every day, every night...
Here in Archangelsk weather was very good within day, very warmly, but sometimes it is snowing!
Today all was fine on my work, and I was also in excellent mood, because of you because I very much love you Jeff,
And I was so happy, because I read now your letter and so it is fine that I love you and you love me Jeff!
I grieve without you very much, I always think of you, I wish, that we could be together fast, and so grasping,
As each line of your letter does me happy, to me, also each of your words - a source, a happiness particle.
Also, as for you, for me the world becomes much brighter, much kinder,
Much purer with each of your remarkable and beautiful letters. And I also feel, that all is fine,
I feel such big love to you Jeff. Only with you I will be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My heart - with you, washing a shower with you Jeff, they were also always with you, but I, as well as you, I did not know it till now.
And now, it is so surprising, that we have found each other.
Also, as you, I also are happy, and even much more than is happy, my life, also at last has found sense,
I feel it in my heart, in my soul, we are intended for each other
My dear, I talked today to the director and he has allowed to take to me holiday from work as I will hand over the financial report!
It is fine, and I very much hope that we will spend this time with you together!
I have been very occupied today on work Jeff, and have not had time to descend in agency of travel!
I necessarily descend tomorrow and I will write you that to me have told in agency!!!!
I always imagine, that I - am close to you! I very much love you, I feel emotions for you.
Also, as you I also feel much better, when I feel you about me in my heart, in my soul,
When I think of you!! Only you and I - we together, it will be extremely, it will be the best in my life.
My the most expensive and loved, I wait very much for your letters, my heart belongs only to you!!!
You are in each part, in each atom of my heart, my soul, I will be really very gentle with you,
With your kind heart,
And my heart also belongs to you Jeff! I wish to speak with you, to speak with you every day, all the week long long.
I very much love you, my LOVE To YOU is extremely strong!!!!
I with impatience wait for your letter with the big love. I LOVE YOU FOR EVER Jeff!
And thanks for fine pictures you again!!! Nataliya!!!
Letter 14
Hello my dear Jeff!
Excuse that did not write to you earlier as had Internet problems all week-end and just now I write to you!!!
Yesterday there was a fine day. I have woken up very much early in the morning, and have completed the semi-annual financial report!
In the morning there was a fine weather, and I thought of were about you Jeff!
Today I have been very excited, but at me all it has turned out. During the lunchtime to me have given the official permission,
And now I can take week a vacation in dates since January, 14th to be there with you and to leave on January, 21st as you asked! Whether it is fine not so Jeff???
It will be the most unforgettable and fine week of love and passion between us Jeff!!! I will make you the happiest man on the earth!
It is fine, as I can plan to you my travel Jeff.
I very much love you and I will be happy only with you! Only together we will be happy!
I very much wish to love and be with you now! Only I and you!!!
Also today I talked to the girl from agency of travel!
I have told to it about you and about that that I very much love you, and we wish to meet!
She has told that it had such cases, and she knows as me to help!
Also she has told that I owe the visa of the tourist, the passport and the air ticket to you to make in advance and simultaneously to be assured,
What is the travel to turn out and me will allow to arrive to your country!
Today after a dinner I have given it necessary documents and she has told that can make to me the visa a current of 30 days.
If I do the visa through agency of travel,
That I should pay 280 dollars and if I do the visa,
That I should travel in Moscow and to live there some days.
Visa cost will be much more above, and I wish to give money in agency of travel,
As it much more conveniently and faster Jeff!
But I have no enough money for my travel to you and now your help Jeff is necessary to me!
You could help me with money for my travel to you Jeff 790 dollars??? And then we will be together on January, 14th we will hold each other for hands!!! And I will incur other expenses Jeff!!!
If you help me now we will meet on January, 14th! ok I will do my travel and I will depart to you in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!!!
I love you and I dream to be with you very much Jeff!
I learnt as you can send me money in case of that if you help me!
Yesterday I went to bank and learnt all precisely as I face for the first time remittances, and I precisely all should check up this way!
And really the Most convenient, fast, and the main thing a reliable way - to send money through any mail or bank in your country,
Which carries out international remittances WESTERN UNION!!! It is very convenient way to send money each other!!!
To send money to you it is enough to tell in bank my name and the country!
My full name and the full address: NataliyaSaveleva
Street Sovetskaya 21/56
163000 Arkhangelsk
Russia That I could receive money, I should know your full name, the address,
And the confidential code which to you will give in bank it consists of 10 figures (MTCN) it is a code of transfer of money!
All my dreams only about you Jeff!
If I had now money for my travel to you Jeff I would make necessary documents,
And we would meet you Jeff, at once, as soon as you would have a free time!!!
I very much love you and I wait for an instant. When to a smog to embrace you and to kiss Jeff. Always yours Nataliya.
Letter 15
Helllo my love Jeff!!!
I am very happy that have seen your letter!!!
At me everything is all right. For me it is very important,
When I really live only idea concerning you Jeff.
All my head is filled only with ideas concerning you my favourite Jeff.
Yes I will certainly give you all details name of the Airline the flight numbers and the times in Fort Lauderdale, about travel as soon as I start to do it,
And you are closer in a weekend will receive all co-ordinates as soon as I will receive your money and I will carry them in agency of travel!!! ok?
Do not worry Jeff I will make all very well and absolutely accurately that we met you in the planned dates!!!
I have understood that you send me money tomorrow and I will start to do at once all necessary procedures and papers for travel,
Also I will co-ordinate you as soon as all moments will be known! ok???
I see happy that at last we can each other Jeff!!!
I understand, that every day I love you more and more. Today fine day was.
I have perfectly spent time. Every minute I recollect you,
Also I want that you were a number during this moment.
I many times represented us together, it is fine:) When I saw you in dreams Jeff.
I wish to be with you Jeff that we were together.
I am very glad that we soon will together, and there will be this all in a reality.
When we will carry out the dreams. I am very glad that have got acquainted with you Jeff,
You really good man of my life.
I love you and I do not represent the further life without you Jeff.
You the best and finest person Jeff whom I know.
Though we still never met to me it seems that I know you all life.
I searched for you all conscious life and now I am happy.
I the happiest girl of this planet.
And I want that you too were happy. When I will arrive to you I will make you very happy.
Now, when I have met you my life belongs only to you.
You have a fine soul and kind heart, and I am assured you is not capable to offend me.
Our love should be an example for all other people.
When we will meet we will be the most finest pair.
I represent Jeff, that we go along the street and people look back to us following.
I am assured that will to envy all of us!!! We after all will be the best pair!!!!
You agree with me. I know that you agree, I know that you love me!!!
I so wish to see you!!! I wish to touch you and I wish to kiss you Jeff!!!
I wait your letter with all details money transfer!!! Yours Nataliya!!!
Letter 16
Hello my Love Jeff!!!
I miss your letters, I thought of you today all the day long long and now is very happy to see your letter Jeff.
Everything is all right I have received your money my love and today them all necessary sum already gave to agency of travel,
Yes I have understood that you have sent to me more than the rest of money I was required also I will store for travel to you if any expenses are necessary still!
I am happy that you have trusted in me my love and I will come to you in the planned dates and I will make you happy do not doubt!!!
Concerning mistrust to girls it really is present here I about it heard that there is a fraud on the Internet,
And it is a shame to me with those girls which do not allow to build easy and safely the love through the Internet,
As to you and me Jeff as because of them there are superfluous questions and mistrust in process dialogue,
But I assure you that I not one of them, as to me of 35 years and I not that thoughtless girl,
Which tries to entice money at fair people like you Jeff! And I am glad that you have trusted in me and you made a correct choice in my advantage,
And for the sake of our happiness Jeff!!!
And now process to our fine meeting in the middle of January is started both anybody and nothing can prevent our meeting!
And I will co-ordinate you concerning details of the air ticket and readiness mine of documents and I will inform on it as soon as there will be news ok?
Do not doubt I will hold all under the control, and I will inform you all news on travel which to have!!!
As to phone that I not a personal mobile phone at present and my old had breakage,
And I can probably call to you from the airport when to a smog to take off to you, I will look variants how to call ok?
Each line of your letter does me happy, Each your word - a happiness particle!!!
I am happy that you have written to me and now for me all world became much kinder and is purer.
Really I feel now it!!! All is fine!!!
Sometimes it is enough to me to receive daily only your letter and I will be happy.
You the magnificent man, and I searched for you, all life.
Now, when we love each other before us the huge world filled with love and harmony is opened.
Anything does not hold me now here, in a city in which I lived half of life.
My soul and my heart now with you, it always was with you, but I did not know it.
Now I am happy Jeff!!! My life has found sense!
And now I think only of our meeting when we can see each other, touch each other...
This question for me the most important, I fall asleep every day with idea about our meetings!!!
Now I am assured, that we will together very soon, for me last days last infinitely long,
And I go to sleep with idea: "one more day has passed, and I nevertheless have not met you Jeff"
I love You, and falling asleep, I always represent it you somewhere about me, and to me to become much better, and night fine!!!
I constantly dream about You!!!
I am assured, that you will come today in a dream to me again, and I will dream of you!!!
For example yesterday we with you were on the brink of wood, fine wood where all paints were very live and bright.
All wood and area were very green and if to look ascending probably to see very bright, dark blue - the dark blue sky!!!
You represent? I again really see now this unforgettable picture!!!
If you could see it!!! Try to present it you that now you close to me!!!
And air!!! My breath, even is very easy to breathe now, and, breath becomes more frequent.
It is true paradise, and we only with you Jeff. Only I and you!!!
Only I and You!!! And we together, for ever!!!
It was improbable, and when I have risen since the morning, I have been surprised, that you are not present near to me.
It was colour dream Jeff!!! I even hear now birds of singing as though it occurs to me again!!!
We should be now together, and I necessarily will arrive to You Jeff!
We should live - to live for the sake of us, for the sake of our meeting!!!
I live only for You Jeff!!!
Wash love!!! I very much wait for your letters Jeff!!!
My heart belongs to you, My heart, gentle and fragile so I hope, that you will be gentle with my heart!!!
We soon will together, and we will speak with you day and night! You agree with me?
I love You Jeff!!! Yours Nataliya!
Letter 17
Hello my love Jeff!
I am happy to see your letter it gives me air drink per day,
Where to me allows to breathe all the day Jeff!!! You my light source and happiness!!!
You can will not apologise about swindle as it is a life, and the main thing that we have closed now this question,
Whether which us concerns so Jeff?
It is a pity to me that you had a cancer it is sad but I see that you have recovered from it and are treated till now Jeff,
I will ask the god that it has killed a cancer in your organism, I will always love you and both of us will struggle for your health Jeff,
I will not leave you never I love you and I will always support you!!!
Today I also think of you and about our future very much. I wish to see you Jeff!!!
I like to read your letters, but I want close contact to you.
Yes, it is possible, we very much far apart, but we will together soon Jeff.
Ours feelings are strong. We can, softly keeping for hands, to go in park
I think of you much more often than you, can imagine.
If I was close to you Jeff, I have given you my happiness and love!
I softly and strongly would capture you and very much during long time I will not let out!
I would enjoy your serious smile, a smell of your body, your strong hands.
But the destiny has made a serious choice, and my heart should suffer from division.
My soul silently shouts at night, when I understand, that I cannot see you today.
I would give much, for that to be with you at least one minute!!!
I would be happy, if the god has allowed to see you now, to feel your breath on my body.
Yesterday I was ready to throw all and to fly to you, only to see you, to tell to you as, insistently I love you Jeff...
Sadly, that we not more close now also could spend really some time together and learn that we really feel inside.
I know, that I feel something, and I know - right now.
I have passionate desire to see you, I wish to capture you and not to let out. I love you Jeff!
Yes, I love you and I feel, this feeling is called love!
I will be happy only with you! I wish to see you Jeff!
I hope your tests will be good and I will be happy for you!!! Sincerely for ever yours Nataliya!!!
Letter 18
Hello my love Jeff!!!
Today when I have seen your letter, my heart was full pleasure and happiness!!!
Yes this fine place in Fort Lauderdale paradise on the earth and I will be happy to visit on this country house!!!
And we will be happy there both!!!
When I see your letters, I know that you very strongly love me!!!
I do not know what to tell, I would not find words what to describe my love.
I wait for that moment when you and I can be together.
That you would embrace me and have felt as my heart fights.
You will feel it and will understand that would be not necessary words what to express the moment of my happiness.
That is not necessary words when it is possible to merge in a love kiss.
That is not necessary words when our hearts fight in a step of a melody of love.
That it is possible to keep silent and enjoy simply silence, but not by simple silence, and silence which deafens!!!
Deafens by love and happiness!!!
I would want that me as if beat an electric current, each your touch.
That with each your touch in me it was installed vital force of love.
That this love will suffice us with you for long years of our life.
I dream from volume when you can name me the wife.
When you will suggest me to become your wife!!!
And I not reflecting will tell "YES" Jeff!!!
And we will be n?anoeeauJeff....
And we will be glad Jeff...
And we will be grateful to destiny for that that we have found each other.
And we will be TOGETHER.
Yes we will be together.
I very much love you Jeff..... And all my further life is not meaningful without you.
I wait...
I love Jeff...
I miss... Yours Nataliya!!! P.S Behind me in a picture there is a New Year tree a meeting the beginning of 2011, we dress up every year fur-trees traditionally!!!
Letter 19
Hello my favourite person Jeff!!!
Excuse that did not write to you yesterday as my girlfriend Olga had no access to the computer,
And today it came back from week-end and I write to you quickly!!!
As to my agency of travel that I will go there tomorrow on Monday!!! Also I will inform you some information!!! ok?
You know my life it was filled with sense after I have learnt that in this world there is a person which loves me, and I love it.
Till this moment I did not live.... I existed.
But now all has changed, now I notice in myself such qualities which did not see earlier.
Now I wish to live, I wish to love, I wish to laugh, I would want that all that that occurs in me, was transferred to you Jeff.
I wish to share the love and I know that it will suffice on on from a two.
Sometimes it seems to me that from my love at me to be turned the head.
What occurs to me???
I ask myself, but I know the answer it is LOVE.
My darling, my favourite Jeff, you feel too most???
Answer me it very important.
In the world for me there are only two hearts!!!
This my and your heart.
In the world for me there are only two breathes.
This my and your breath!!!
In the world for me exist only one present love and it occurs between us!!!
I know us divide kilometres, I know us divide thousand kilometres!!!
But unless the Distance is a barrier to the present love???
Unless we cannot overcome simple formality, for the sake of our love?
I am assured that we together can all.
Because my life is not meaningful without you my love Jeff.
I write this letter with all my heart, it is cry from the heart that you would understand as I love you Jeff.
And I very strongly love you Jeff.
Know and do not forget it Jeff. Yours Nataliya.
Letter 20
Hello my love Jeff!!!
I have received many good emotions, having read your letter. Even in apartment for days on end I think only of you Jeff.
When I go along the street, I involuntarily, likely through subconsciousness search for you in persons of passers-by.
I am very happy and excited! You the finest man whom I met!
My soul completely belongs to you! My thoughts only about you Jeff!
I now every minute, every second think of you, about us, about our future.
I dream to be with you, to be only your woman. Unique and favourite, desired Jeff! I have understood that you wish to help me with computer purchase that we talked to you daily!
But I am sad as it costs very expensively in we wash region and you cannot probably send me so much many money at once?
Its price here in my city costs 650 dollars and + the Internet of 50 dollars, it about 700 dollars is necessary for me that I could have the computer of the house,
And to have conversations with you every day each our free minute Jeff!!! To me not dexterously to ask you about it that you bought to me it,
But directly I speak to you that to me not dexterously already every day to write from Olga as it has a private life,
And I break it every evening when I come to it home, it the fine person, but I feel that it does not like this my everyday presence,
And I am afraid to spoil with it relations because of it, and would like to have the personal computer of the house, but I have no such sum of 700 dollars and to me is sad about it a little to speak to you Jeff,
and to ask you about it as I have got used to earn itself for a life and never asked money,
But the computer costs very expensively! Let it will be your gift for Christmas for me Jeff? :-)
And we should hold with you communication now constantly as we have love between us,
And our meeting very soon and every day we should discuss details of our meeting, but with Olga's computer I have a certain limit of time to write to you,
And I do not have not enough time that all to tell in the letter and if I had the computer I all would think gave to you at once and so it would be more clear,
We could speak on yahoo masanger and other ways, skype for example? You want it Jeff??? I very much want! As as to apartment that you are very attentive to me Jeff and we will discuss this question when I will come to you ok???
As for this apartment in which I live already have been paid to the end of January!!! And it will be then visible how to be further ok?
But all the same thanks you the present knight which want that its princess lived in comfort Jeff! You know, I very much like to look in the evening at stars, at that time when in the street is already absolutely dark.
When I look at the sky during such time, I admire with its surprising beauty.
Happens, that in the sky it is a lot of stars, and I simply sink in their depth.
Looking in the sky, I represent myself somewhere there, likely there we would be free from everything, and could pay attention only each other.
Yes, yesterday I so have spent the late evening. Sat at a window, looked in the sky and represented itself with you Jeff there in this infinity,
How you embrace me as you kiss me that more gently and to think up is impossible.
Likely each star has pair, after all so it is a lot of them! Ahhh, all it so is fine, in the dreams I have not noticed time, I have laid down to sleep in three o'clock in the morning.
You the fine man, you dream of all my life. I never thought, that a meeting of such surprising person!
Now all my time, all my life it is occupied by you Jeff.
For me - you an ideal of the man, also believe, I know, that I speak.
I am very glad, that you that person whom I always saw in the dreams.
You have already entered into my life, and I will always remember you Jeff that does not happen. Now I before a dream ask every evening the god about that he has allowed us to meet you.
Without it my life loses any sense, after all we are created for love and nevertheless our meaning of the life consists in it,
Instead of in a case not in money and all blessings, they only conditions.
And without love and the richest person in the world will not be happy. After all at us only one life,
Also it would be desirable to live it so that at old age it was not painfully sick for the life.
I wish to love and be favourite. It seems to me, that when it is not present, the person simply exists in this world, instead of lives.
Nevertheless all taste of a life is felt, when you love.
Now I simply do not represent the further life without you, we should not miss that chance which was given to us by the god,
As it can be all unique chance in our life.
As you the god as if has given me a new life. I still never to anybody did not feel such feelings, it is very pleasant.
I speak it to you, my love, to my unique both kindest and understanding man in the world!
Know, that somewhere in the world, it is far from you, in cold Russia there is a girl with hot heart,
Which does not see the further life without You and very much you loves Jeff. Nataliya.
Letter 21
Hello my favourite Jeff!!!!!
I was very glad to see your letter Jeff.
I much thought of us and have understood that I have started to miss you and on yours to letters.
Today when I received your letter at me at once there is a smile.
Also my mood rises. Today only I was in agency of travel and all have learnt in detail,
All well the visa will be ready on January, 12th and I will be at the airport Florida on January, 14th, here flight co-ordinates: Flight number: DL31 Boeing 767 Start from Moscow Moscow on January, 13th the Sheremetyevo airport 13:10
To New York 14:55 on January, 13th airport John F Kennedy Intl Change New York 5.20 pm Number flight: DL1843 McDonnell Douglas-80
From New York 08:15 am on January, 14th airport John F Kennedy Intl
At you in Miami (Florida) 11:44 am on January, 14th airport Miami International I should be day in New York as change there it is inevitable but do not worry I will spend this time at airport John F Kennedy Intl,
Also I will take off to you for Miami Florida morning on January, 14th and you will meet me as 11:44 am and we will be turned in a kiss long and happily Jeff!!!
So keep these co-ordinates as it is co-ordinates of my flight preliminary will it is reserved
! And a way back of co-ordinate I have for January, 21st a start from Miami Florida those co-ordinates will be with me in the air ticket,
So at us most it will be unforgettable week in our life together Jeff!!!
As to the computer that I have learnt all precisely about its price completely these are 650 dollars and I have told in shop that I will take away the computer on Friday Jeff,
And the Internet of 50 dollars will spend to me on Monday on December, 26th I can write to you from own computer as we wanted about I I am happy also always dreamt of the computer,
And thanks for such fine gift for Christmas for me Jeff!!! And if you send tomorrow me 700 dollars,
That on Friday my computer will be already at my place!!! ok??? And on Monday we will have dialogue with my own pc!
Whether so speak to me in the following letter you send money tomorrow as in shop to me already postponed the computer till Friday,
And I have told that I will come also its purchase on Friday Jeff!!! ok?
You can send me money just as for the first time through Western Union on my co-ordinates which you have: NataliyaSaveleva
Street Sovetskaya 21/56
163000 Arkhangelsk
Russia I am very happy that I am familiar with you Jeff. With such remarkable person Jeff.
I am very strong to you have become attached also my feelings to you every day increase.
I have understood that I love you and I wish to be only with you Jeff.
Today I went to church and have put for us two candles.
I asked the god that it helped us and gave to us of forces.
It now is very necessary for us Jeff. When I left church to me on a shower it became easier.
As the stone from a shoulder has fallen.
At me very good mood and your letter heats me more.
I very much wish to arrive to you and to embrace your shoulders.
And that you gently kissed me.
It is my most important dream to see you and to feel what you is Jeff.
M impatience I wait your letter to me!!! Yours Nataliya!!!
Letter 22
Hello my love Jeff!!!
I am very glad to see your letter when I see your letter I I become the happiest on light!
Your letters always warm my heart and soul, and I understand as strongly you I love Jeff!
Still I was more cheered up for today by your letter where you very quickly sent me money of 700 dollars for the computer,
I am happy Jeff and I speak you many thanks, and tomorrow first of all when I will wake up I will go to buy the computer and I will have time to buy it before my work,
And since Monday we can already have dialogue through my own computer to me is not trusted Jeff, I rejoice as the child! You wizard Jeff!!!
At me even tears in eyes appear that the god has given me such fine person as you Jeff, and I will not give you to anybody! You only mine Jeff!!!
As to hotel in New York it is not necessary worries as it is additional expenses which I do not wish to incur and I will wait for the plane to Miami at the airport do not worry ok?
I hope, you will forgive me that I address to you in such form. I should share with you those experiences and feelings which overflow me.
I would like to tell to you so much, and I perfectly understand, that I can not to transfer, to the full, it differently, therefore I have solved in written form.
My love to me would be desirable to tell to you all it, looking in the face to speak about the feelings to you.
Experiences in general have arisen not clearly whence, but I am assured only in one,
That they are and they are connected with the advent of you in my life. I am grateful to destiny and the God for you. Me breaks off in shreds of that very much I am afraid to lose you.
You to me are madly expensive. The person in the life itself chooses to itself people for dialogue or forwarding time.
The destiny to me has presented you, the person with whom to me it is not simply easy and good, me warmly, even knowing that we at present far apart.
But already between us there is something more than simply friendship and is love. Communicating with you, I simply forget about all.
That as soon as we begin our dialogue, I simply leave in other world.
In my life I very much do not have such person with whom I could share private world, the thoughts, experiences, impressions.
I with confidence can tell, that could count on fingers of one hand such people surrounding me.
I am grateful to the destiny, that you have appeared in my life such person.
I very strongly do not have you for which I could work for the sake of which I would like to live of which would like to care.
I do not know why, but you do not suffice me, I always wish to be near to you. I perfectly understand, that I understand nothing, that occurs to me.
To me so it is heavy that I cannot feel close your gentle, warm, warming breath.
I so would like to press you to myself, to embrace strong-strong, to touch with the hands your hair,
To touch and stand with sweet of your gentle lips, and then whisper to tell to you on an ear:
«My love, I so waited for this minute, that till now I can not, believe that you now near to me Jeff,
That I look in your bottomless eyes and in them simply I roll, and there is no to me a rescue.
I, really, wish to sink in them. This uncontrollable desire does not allow to me to live easy,
I cannot collect myself in hands. To me so to like, that I for you miss.
I wish to wake up every day with thought on you, I wish to miss even more for you and every evening I wish to go to bed with thought only about you one, my favourite Jeff.
To me it is very good with you, my love!!! Madly I miss on you Jeff!!!
As to flight that I will depart to you to Miami ok? As it is the best variant which found for me here in agency of travel,
And I will go to you there Jeff! As to return flight I will write you it tomorrow after work ok?
As it is written down at my place and I do not remember it for memory but tomorrow I will write you a way back on January, 21st that we together took off their Miami,
And that it was convenient to both of us! Whether not so Jeff???
Once again I speak you thanks for money for the computer and my dream has come true and knowingly speak in Christmas of dream come true,
And this wizard you my love Jeff!!! Yours for everNataliya!!!
Letter 23
Hello my love Jeff!
I am very happy to see today your letter Jeff!
Excuse could not write to you yesterday as there was very mad day and I was necessary to me at first went have received your money in bank of 700 dollars in the morning,
Then I quickly went to shop to give that money which you have sent also all perfectly my love Jeff, I have bought the computer,
Thanks you I was madly happy you my wizard Jeff!!!
On Monday morning I will go to service the Internet and and I learn all particularly while my computer completely adjust,
Put all programs necessary that it worked well so my love Jeff,
On Monday I will tell to you when the Internet will work for me ok Jeff? I look forward to write to you independently how many I want!!!
That concerns New York my love I has decided to take a walk there, that is there is no necessity to order to me hotel ok?
I wish to walk there and to me have told there is what to look, and it is the fine city of New York! So do not worry this time there will fly by imperceptibly!
As as to co-ordinate my air ticket back that it is here: Flight AA518 Boeing 767-300 Start from Miami (Florida) 06:30Am on January, 21st Miami Intl
To New York 09:15 on January, 21st John F Kennedy Intl Change New York 8 45 morning Flight IB6250
Airbus A340-600 From New York 18:00 on January, 21st John F Kennedy Intl
To Madrid 07:10 on January, 22nd Barajas Arpt Change Madrid 3.15 morning Flight IB3810
Airbus A319 From Madrid 10:25 morning on January, 22nd Barajas Arpt
Arrival in Moscow 18:15 evening on January, 22nd the Domodedovo airport But all the same I will bear not so convenient schedule and I will visit Spain some time!!! :-)
I today all the day thought to be near to you Jeff, I very much miss on you every day Jeff!
At us very good weather and many pairs walk embracing on streets.
I too wish to walk with you on streets keeping for hands, only you and I my love Jeff.
Very romantically I consider it, when two persons show each other attention!
We with you will walk also on streets? Promise to me please, I very much want it!!!
I wish to fall asleep in your hands to wake up from your warm breath.
To look a film, having put a chin to you at a breast.
To inhale your smell, such fresh and warm, having been absorbed in your neck.
To take your an arm, leaving on street. To fall asleep, having put a head to you on knees and feeling as you tips of fingers drive to me on a back.
To go with you along the street, a hand in a hand, sometimes compressing fingers that you to me have warmed them.
To approach and embrace you Jeff, having felt as you kiss my hair.
Standing nearby to feel, how you strong-strong nestle on me because has got tired, and all complexities to us to pass together easier.
To nestle a cheek on your cheek. To listen, as you are squeezed breathe to me in an ear.
To breathe on you that you have turned and has kissed me. To lay under your hand, choking, but not daring to move not to wake you Jeff.
To wake up from your kiss, such gentle, warm and morning. Recollecting you to feel, how tips of fingers grow cold.
To know, that under your T-short there is a secret known only to you and me Jeff :)
To fall asleep in your T-short, feeling your smell.
To die of tenderness, falling in your embraces. I want. That. So.Was.Always. You have now seen all my dreams!
I hope you can execute to me them Jeff? I strong whole also embrace you yours Nataliya!!!.
Letter 24
Hello my love Jeff!!! I wish to congratulate you on a Christmas, and to wish love of good luck and happiness in new year!
I was very glad to see your letter today, it very much is expensive to me!!!
My darling Jeff I brought today the computer already home, but I went to service of the Internet and they have told in connection with holidays at them full congestion,
And employees the company Internet can come to establish the Internet in my apartment only on Monday on January, 2nd Jeff,
I am a little sad from it but I asked Olga that it has allowed to me to use one more week its computer,
And she has agreed so darling Jeff excuse but it is necessary to wait even 1 week that I could write to you from the personal computer!!! ok?
As to airlines which you asked, on January, 13th I treat to you through Delta Air lines and back on January, 21st I treat for Miami through airlines IBERIA!
Today having woken up in the morning, I have understood, that "the love is a drug" which took upwards,
Also that it is more without a small portion in day, at an o'clock, per minute, I simply will not live.
This that feeling when in elements of pleasure and if not you constantly are required to be, I never would test this not clear to me a condition.
In the beginning of ours with you of relations I very much would like to glance to you inside, to learn what you Jeff?
But the more deeply I learnt you Jeff, the more strongly to me was wished to shout, shout for fear, to shout with happiness,
To shout and call to the aid from a magnificent condition in which plunging,
I could not see myself, hear myself, but only unconsciously to understand that to me very well,
And that I test that it is impossible to describe words is it is possible to feel only. All it, I named love.
After all the love is drug Jeff. First I had euphoria, ease, feeling of full dissolution. Next day I wanted still.
For that moment I have not had time to be involved yet, but the sensation was pleasant to me, I have been assured, that at any moment a smog to do without these fine feelings.
I thought of you two minutes and forgot at three o'clock. But gradually began to get used to you and has got to full dependence on you.
And then I thought of you three hours and forgot on two minutes. If you were not a number I tested the same, that the addict, the deprived next portion of a potion.
And such minutes as the addict who for the sake of a dose is capable to go of a robbery, on murder and on any humiliations, I am ready on all for the sake of love.
I did not stop and I will stop before what and who cannot overpersuade me to go back.
If the person though time has tried a love elixir not to get rid any more of it, it remains in blood.
And that I do all, I will do, all reminds me of the first drop of love which has got to my blood together with you Jeff.
Pursues me everywhere, follows me, until then while I do not feel completely devastated and helpless.
And only then I turn around back and I understand how many tortures mixed with pleasure I could go through. Therefore I so strongly LOVE you Jeff!
I very much wish you to see and be with you always Jeff. Your love Nataliya!!!!
Letter 25
Hello my love Jeff!!!
I with the big hope waited today your letter, and is now very happy that I see it!!!
I am grateful to destiny that you at me are.
«A life one. Also it would be desirable to live it so that it was not painfully sick for aimlessly lived years».
Now I cannot present, how I could so long to live without you?! And how to live in general without you Jeff?
I have very strongly got used to you, to your eyes radiating pleasure and tenderness!!!
Still never, before acquaintance to you, I could not feel heat and pleasure in a shower only from that,
That nearby there is you at me. You at all do not represent to yourself, how much to me it is good with you! I would like to rejoice together with you Jeff when at you all is good, to long, when something is impossible, to feel the necessary person in your life.
You - the most good, light, kind, that happen with me lately. No. Not so. Not lately, and in general in my life.
«The life is that happens with us while we plan on future Jeff».
The love is omnipotent and boundless, its force does not depend on a season, an epoch, technical progress …
Hearts meet - and the feeling, beautiful flashes, deep and comprehensive so was and will be always … Favourite if the Sun suddenly ceases to shine - you will warm me better it.
If suddenly stars hide for the Moon - you will manage to present to me such romanticism which and did not dream them.
If will spread Exhausting and Oceans - we will come up, because we TOGETHER. If on the Earth does not remain water drops - we will get drunk Love Each other.
Believe to me, Favourite, only with you Stars and Oceans smile to us the Sun.
And while we together, no elements will separate us. Because we with you - the strongest elements from all elements. I Love You Jeff!
And for this reason I Love all around - I see the Life, I feel its Heat and Happiness.
My sun, my gentle, I Love You! «I love you not for the one who you, and for the one who I, when I with you Jeff». This night the dream has dreamt me and you were in it. I expected appointment to you, and I was waited by you, the present angel!
When I have approached to you, and you have looked at me … At me have intercepted breath, heart has stood, knees have given away, and in a breast it became somehow unnatural warmly.
I have sunk in a heavenly sight of the finest eyes in the world! For our short meeting I have understood, that it will not be last.
Going near to you and talking, I felt, how my heart is filled with pleasure, and on all body spreads warmly.
When I went home hardly believed, that it is all have occurred, that it has occurred to me!
But, only having arrived home, has realised, that it is enamoured. It is enamoured in your fine eyes, in your sight, in a smile, in a voice - in you such what you are.
It was terrible and madly good simultaneously.
Heart in a breast shivered, the soul sang, and thoughts flied somewhere in clouds. I was happy. It is rather happy.
That you as air are necessary for me what to live. It was wonderful night of the present pleasure in my dream. The night, equal which, was never!
But for the morning there was a fear and comprehension of own nonsense.
I was afraid, that you will consider me thoughtless and on it all will end, but it does not happen, for what I very much am grateful to you.
Having stayed almost all night long without you, I have understood, that my heart cries, really cries,
As the person with the tears would cry, here only those tears it was not visible, but they were felt,
Were felt as my soul and I understood, that I do not have not enough you, that I miss on you Jeff!
My heart happily it is in a cradle of the most gentle hands, and it loves. Loves pure, light, not exacting love.
To it it is not necessary anything except possibility to be near to favourite Jeff And it is necessary for me …
To be near to you, to feel warmth of your body, tenderness of your hands, to catch your stupefying smell, to thaw in your embraces, to feel taste of your kisses.
I had a necessity to fall asleep and wake up near to you Jeff, to caress you and to understand that to you pleasantly that I do.
I very strongly love you and I will always love! With the big love yours Nataliya!!!!!!!!!
Letter 26
Hello my love Jeff!!!
I am very happy that have seen your letter Jeff!!!
Excuse that could not write to you earlier,
As we had a meeting of new year at my parents,
And I went to them on Friday on December, 30th as Olga left to meet celebrating of new year on December, 30th,
And I cannot warn you about it, and only today it came back also I as came back from parents,
As soon as possible to write to you Jeff!!!
We had fine celebrating of new year on December, 31st all Russia marks it Jeff!!!
Fine holiday and now I hope 2012 has given us happiness and a meeting in dates which we have planned,
As I was a little sad that could not meet you till now and give you all that happiness which I have to you Jeff,
And all my love Jeff!!! But I hope it it will turn out in January we at last we will see each other and I will give you all love,
And fine sex which I wish to give you, I am very raised and I want you Jeff!!!!
As to the computer that only tomorrow to me will come to connect the Internet and I can already write at last to you every day at that time when we will want,
At me everything is all right. For me it is very important, when I really live only idea concerning you Jeff.
All my head is filled only with ideas concerning you my favourite Jeff.
I understand, that every day I love you more and more. Today fine day was.
I have perfectly spent time. Every minute I recollect you, and I want that you were a number during this moment.
I many times represented us together, it is fine:) When I saw you in the dreams.
I wish to be with you Jeff that we were together. I am very glad that we soon will together, and there will be this all in a reality.
When we will carry out the dreams. I am very glad that you have got acquainted with you Jeff, really good man of my life.
I love you and I do not represent the further life without you Jeff.
You the best and finest person Jeff whom I know.
Though we still never met to me it seems that I know you all life.
I searched for you all conscious life and now I am happy. I the happiest girl of this planet.
And I want that you too were happy. When I will arrive to you I will make you very happy.
Now, when I have met you my life belongs only to you. You have a fine soul and kind heart, and I am assured you is not capable to offend me.
Our love should be an example for all other people.
When we will meet we will be the most finest pair.
I represent, that we go along the street and people look back to us following.
I am assured that will to envy all of us!!! We after all will be the best pair!!!!
You agree with me? I know that you agree, I know that you love me!!!
I so wish to see you!!! I wish to touch you and I wish to kiss you Jeff!!! Yours Nataliya!!!
Letter 27
Hello my love Jeff!!!!!
I to see very happy today your letter Jeff:)
My love I write attention to you from the own computer and nobody can prevent our dialogue now,
But at last it was carried out thanks to you Jeff, and I cannot believe to happiness Jeff,
As now I can write to you when I will want!!! You at all do not represent, as roads to me your feelings and your soul Jeff...
As it would be desirable to enclose in your palm a mysterious envelope with light of a miracle, with smells of colours of a rose, lake mint...
I will blink, representing, with what impatience you open an envelope, and from it butterflies, nacreous, lemon take off...
You can understand nothing, and behind the back the cape from butterflies, and over a head - a nimbus from a rustle and pollen already develops...
And you to regain consciousness were not in time, as serene beings have carried away your grief on the transparent wings... I so wish you to see! But it will be how much fast - nobody knows...
Important only that we had enough patience to wait that moment when heart will jump out of a breast,
Lips will repeat a favourite name, a brain as hours will be made by return readout, as at spaceship launch.
The ship which will lift us on a white, soft, fluffy cloud of happiness where we will stir, having lowered feet downwards... Last night I long stood on quay. I so would like, that you were a number that you saw that,
That I that I could embrace you Jeff see to tell, that missed, to meet with you a dawn...
I have closed eyes, and for an instant you seemed, that nearby, that I embrace you, whole your hair,
I see reflexion of red waves, a thin path of last sunlight in your eyes...
I looked afar, after the leaving sun. Also knew, that through pair hours you can see the same in the city.
The same decline, the same sun to which and would like to tell: "you Will see my favourite Jeff - send it from me regards!
Its kiss from me the red, gentle rays of a decline "!!!
Know, always that I love you and without you my life is not meaningful Jeff! With the big love your Natalia!!!
Letter 28
Hello my love and my life Jeff!!!
I am very glad that today I see your letter!
You know, you so do not suffice me all this time Jeff …
Excuse I had to spend time at my parents Jeff and only today I write to you quickly to tell as I missed on you Jeff!!!
We have tomorrow our Christmas in Russia and we will go to church Jeff!!!
My love of thanks that you care of me and give me weather forecast there in Florida, and thanks that you will help to buy there things from you,
Whether we will do all together not so Jeff???
Recently something occurs to me, I change also itself I see these changes. At times, happens, to become so alone - though a wolf howl.
And so it would be desirable to see you, to embrace and kiss. Your image is turned before my eyes each share of second; thoughts on you never leave my head.
Though we and with you correspond every day, but I miss, strongly I miss on you Jeff.
I very much do not have you, I want that there were we have seen each other faster and together began to spend time;
That all these days, forced us to shiver in embraces each other. We, certainly, were warmed from love,
But the feeling of heat in heart and adoration each other forced to look at the world other eyes …
Eyes of the young romanticists, wishing to be always together. Our sight of love still remains with us, not trying to leave and leave us.
All changes pass having left a trace in me, I understand every day as strongly you I love more and more.
I very much want with you a meeting as I wish to give you all love. But now we are held by distance, but soon we will pass it and we will be together with you!!!
And now, because of this distance we cannot take pleasure in embraces each other … we can not nestle to the friend the friend and to feel such enamoured and happy …
I already am now felt a pressure of beautiful emotions which we should receive at a meeting.
I know that soon we will together, after all every day we are closer each other. But I precisely know, that that have not occurred, I will not leave from you, I will not leave and I will not release.
I all time will be a number, I will be with you as well as at difficult o'clock, and I will amuse a sad minute you Jeff.
Thanks you, that you are Jeff! Your love Nataliya!!!
Letter 29
Hello my love Jeff!
Today fine day in the street and I am very glad to see your letter now.
When I see your letter, at me always good mood:)
I at home look every day at your photo in a framework at me on a table, sitting in a soft armchair, having drawn in under myself feet.
And all my thoughts always with you, I think always of you and only about you. I very much wish to see you and strong to kiss you on the mouth.
And having told to you "I you love three words Jeff". And then to feel, how your hand buries from time to time in my hair, is gentle them rumpling.
I wish to feel, how my heart from your kisses and strong your hands often fights.
My love Jeff on Monday I will go to agency of travel and there I should know precisely about travel and my documents,
And at once I will inform you on it darling Jeff ok???
I want that we were together for all life that we built ours with you family Jeff. It is my most important dream. It you and I!!!
When I sit at home one and I wait for you in the evenings when you are suddenly prevented from working, with mysterious shine in bottomless dark eyes, go to me.
I wish to feel always as your strong hands rake up me in an armful and carefully press to itself.
And warm gentle lips slightly concern mine hardly half-open lips, becoming with each touch all is more persevering.
Putting all love, tenderness, sincerity and fidelity, in each your kiss.
To enjoy that your warm palm irons my hair, and lips kiss on top when I sitting at you in a lap, nestle on your breast Jeff.
I will share all with you. Even the most secret thoughts and desires.
To tell each other about the doubts and fears, nothing concealing.
To love you all soul and heart and to overcome all barriers on a course of life together because together we are stronger!
To know, that I your unique, and you all heart sincerely love me. To be sense of your life and to live only for the sake of you Jeff.
For the sake of your unique smile which, having mentioned your lips, is reflected by a bright flame in your eyes.
Thanks favourite, for every instant spent with you, after all it always so are fine and are filled by love.
Thanks, that you are at me. I love you, and I wish to speak it to you always Jeff. Your love Nataliya!!!
Letter 30
Hello my love Jeff!!!
I am happy to see your letter. It has really made me happy Jeff!!!
Jeff today as soon as I have woken up I have gathered and have gone to agency of travel. I have left earlier because could not sleep more.
But when I have arrived to agency of travel and have not received the visa as I have learnt some bad news Jeff.
To me have told to go in your country to me are necessary to have at itself cash.
To me have told, that at entrance to the USA I should have directly cash. It as one of the entrance law in your country and any another.
Thus the government of the USA receives a guarantee of that when I will arrive to their country I will have money for residing,
And for a trip back. To me have told that for one day of residing at the USA I should have 15 dollars.
As my minimum visa for 60 days, I is obliged to take with itself on 15 dollars on every day,
And it in the sum leaves 900 dollars Jeff, I should have this the sum of cash at myself when I will go to the USA.
Jeff it only simple formality and the law which to me cannot be bypassed.
Excuse that has not told to you about it earlier but I only have learnt today it in agency of travel
And they did not speak to me earlier because have forgotten to warn about it Jeff!!! As thought that I have money to go abroad,
As all people which go abroad know about this formality! And I have faced for the first time it as never travelled earlier abroad!!!
And how differently to go abroad without money Jeff? And they have not told about it to me in last my visit and I was very malicious,
But my love Jeff it is good that I have learnt about it now when still there is time to a start!!! Whether not so Jeff?
This money is necessary only that I could leave Russia and arrive to you to the USA!!!
But I cannot be at you if not to go on conditions of law Jeff! It is necessary to have money at itself at entrance to your country!
But me have told that this rule has been caused by that many people aspire to arrive to the USA!
And as I have given today the identification card to agency of travel to finish formalities with the visa,
And I cannot receive your money itself, but my love Jeff attention you can send me money addressed to my mum IRINA KOROLEVA,
And it without problems will receive your money as I will go with it together to bank to receive yours 900 dollars OK???
Here full co-ordinates that you could send me money as quickly through Western Union: IRINA KOROLEVA
Street LENINA the house 24
163063 Arkhangelsk area
The country Russia You can send me money today 900 dollars or tomorrow Jeff addressed to my mum??? As I already have warned her also it will arrive to me tomorrow to receive your money quickly!!! Do not worry it will help us with it!!!
As as you understand we have not enough time and my start to you already is on January, 13th and I very much worry Jeff and I hope you can send money quickly today or a maximum tomorrow that I could settle this formality quickly! OK???
I am not afraid to borrow your money Jeff because I know that this money will not be spent. And as soon as I will arrive to you I can give money to you back Jeff personally to hands.
Jeff now 900 dollars to settle formality are necessary for me and to arrive to you on January, 14th. I know that you are shocked with this sum probably.
But you should know, that this money will not be spent Jeff.
They to return to you when I will arrive to you Jeff!!!
I will need to have simply them to leave Russia and to arrive to the USA, it is usual check.
I very much hope that you can help me Jeff but without this money I cannot leave washing the country.
If I have this money of 900 dollars that I can take off to you 13 January and I will have time to take away them from bank on a full name my mum by means of my mum,
And to settle this question if you again you send money quickly as last time!
I love you Jeff and very much for you I hope and very much I worry.
Please write to me more likely as as you understand we have no time practically!!!!
And I am afraid to be late to fly to you but if you have time to send till a dinner to me money for a full name my mum IRINA KOROLEVA
Or tomorrow morning I can quickly take away and solve these silly problems!
ok Jeff??? For ever yours NATALIYA!!!!!!!!!
Letter 31
ok my love Jeff I am happy that you have understood me and sent me money,
Know that I will return you them at a meeting on January, 14th do not worry at a meeting I will explain to you more and more in detail
And you will understand this a situation my darling Jeff!!! Know I use the best efforts to be at you in planned dates Jeff,
And I will be there near to you do not doubt!
Already too late and I will write to you tomorrow as soon as we with mum will receive your money!!!
And I will make you the happiest man on the earth!!! With love NATALIYA! P> S my love Jeff you sent money addressed to my mum IRINA KOROLEVA?
As you have written about it!
Letter 32
Hello my love Jeff!
My love I write to you now evening and I wish to inform, that everything is all right we with mum have received your money of 900 dollars without problems,
Do not worry all well Jeff!!! And I have really solved all formalities concerning entrance to your country now,
As I have now cash of 900 dollars that me have let in in your country,
And at a meeting I will return you money back do not worry Jeff!!! OK?
My love I very much this night has become bored of you, I thought constantly of you and about ours with you to meeting Jeff.
I very much wait for this moment when we will be together with you Jeff!!!
I wish you to see with a sincere smile. I wish only you one to love and be a number. I want, that me threw in heat from your gentle hands, tender lips.
I want, that you looked only in my party, achieved sincerely and romantically my love, and I would soar in clouds with happiness.
I very strongly love you and I will always love Jeff.
My love you are very necessary to me also I wish to be with you Jeff. We soon will together with you, and I will be always with you till the end of a life.
I dream of tender kisses from which would break a head. I wish to fall asleep and wake up only in your strong, but during too time gentle and favourite hands.
My heart is torn to pieces and being covered with blood, filled with inexplicable happiness when on your person it is visible that you love me.
And as I am am got by your wonderful smile, I even now it see in the eyes.
I like shine in your eyes, it seems such mysterious and full of desires!
And me already likely it is not important, that it is all dreams. I wish to understand, about what your thoughts.
I cannot without your darlings, native eyes!. They as if two ponds covered with a gloom in which I so would like to sink.
I want liking to finger your hands, to twist with their female love and warmth.
I do not wish and cannot look at someone except you Jeff!!! You are very necessary to me!!!
My heart will fight in a mad rhythm only near to you Jeff.
I wish to blow to you in eyes, and only from it they will be closed, and you will be again for me and to give the smile, from which such frost on a back.
You will come to me in a dream, will be long and to stick monstrously gently into my lips and to say, that very strongly love me!.
I wish to sink in your sweet embraces that on your back my concerned hands slipped, my neck was covered with your easy kisses.
That also your hands moved down somewhere, and I corrected them, and you too would apologise for it:)
I constantly wish to hear your voice and hours to look in your eyes.
I wish to bite gently your lovely ears and something in them to whisper, that you went mad of it and is confused smiled.
I want, that was happy, instead of you I if it is necessary suffered!!! Believe, I have got used to a pain, but not second I do not want, that you suffered!!!
I wish to be your angel the keeper or simply favourite kid. That, when to me it was bad, you sang something to me on an ear, and I embraced strong you in the answer!
I want, that our hands were weaved into a single whole, hearts breathed in a uniform impulse of passion;
You were always nearby; not coming off to merge lips (but can come off only again to be dissolved in caresses of a kiss).
My love tomorrow I have difficult day as it is necessary to make many preparation before travel to you,
And I will write to you tomorrow as soon as I solve many affairs!!! For ever yours Nataliya!!!
Letter 33
Hello my love Jeff!!!
I was very glad to see your letter Jeff:)
I write to you quickly to inform that I have solved all problems in agency of travel with my documents and I have them on mine hands,
And tomorrow I will go by train to Moscow from Arkhangelsk together with my mum as she has decided to spend me to the airport,
And at the same time for the first time in a life to visit Moscow Jeff, it will accompany me as I am afraid of trains since the childhood a little,
As there was one unpleasant case in a train in the childhood there was an accident which I long could not go through,
But after years all was normalised and now my psychological condition and fear of trains has gradually passed,
I did not speak to you about it, but for the sake of love to you I am ready to overcome all obstacles and transport!!!
I go to Moscow tomorrow as the train from Arkhangelsk goes practically 24 hours to Moscow,
That is I will be in Moscow 13 Friday morning and we with mum will have time to reach to Sheremetyevo airport 13:10 to fly to you!!!
So now my love all papers are made both anybody and nothing can prevent our meeting Jeff and all goes under the plan!!!! You are glad to it???
As we with mum carry to you a gift which to me have transferred mum with the daddy from our family personally to you Jeff, let it will be a pleasant surprise for you,
And I will present to you it personally! ok???
All road I went and could not understand, that for feeling heats me from within, warmth which shrouds me entirely.
Never before I did not feel anything similar; such joyful, kind, sated with brightest beams of love, adoration and romanticism.
These sensations now in me. Like, you feel all yourself, each part of the body and soul, but something inside not so …
There was new, unusually pure and quivering sensation in a breast. It does not allow to forget that such love, and to forget such it is impossible.
This evening I have felt new, unknown to me the sensations filled all most best in the world.
And all that I love you!!! I very much would like, that you felt that I have felt in today's evening.
And I would would like to present to you a part of the unearthly sensation, and silently-silently to tell to you on an ear: «My kid, I LOVE YOU Jeff!!!».
I so have become bored of you, my sweet, you simply do not represent to yourself. I very strongly love you Jeff... And I go to you Jeff...
Tomorrow I will try to write to you even before departure to Moscow but if I will not have time to do it,
I will try to call you from Moscow on your number 701-226-5692 ok?
Or from Internet cafe I will write to you in Moscow! Yours Nataliya!!!
Letter 34
Hello my love Jeff!!!
Today I could not fly to you, I very badly feel.
I was not ill, is simple me customs officers have strongly afflicted, they named me contraband.
When I passed customs, at me have found a precious ring which I took to you Jeff.
This ring should belong to you Jeff, my mum and the daddy has sent you a gift, it and is that a surprise - a ring.
Ring this very old, my father spoke that it is made about 300 years ago.
It passes by right of succession from the father to the son.
As I the unique daughter in a family, should pass a ring to you Jeff, as sort continuation.
It has appeared very expensive, experts have told that its cost of not less than 3500 dollars.
The ring is made of jewels and gold, it very beautiful Jeff.
I at all did not represent that it so expensive.
I bore it in a box and it laid in a lateral pocket of a bag.
Customs officers have told that it is impossible to take out jewelry abroad.
To me have told to transport such precious ring, it is necessary to have to it documents.
The police has arrested me before finding-out of the combined circumstances.
They asked where documents on a ring, I did not know what to tell, I had to tell that have lost Jeff,
And actually on a ring also was not what documents Jeff.
One of policemen has allowed to write you the letter. When he saw off me to the Internet - cafe.
I have told all my history about my trips, we talked to it about you Jeff much.
He probably has understood my situation and has hinted me that this problem can be solved.
I strongly was delighted, I have thought that have appeared though what that hope will meet you Jeff.
But as soon as he has told that it is necessary to pay for this transaction, I again strongly was upset.
He has told that can make to me documents so that it looked that I have made them for a long time.
Nobody can accuse me of that that I deduce jewelry from Russia, both me will release also I can arrive to you Jeff!
If I refuse its offer me will accuse of contraband of jewelry and me will subpoena!
Also that the most awful, the ring pride of our family Jeff, will be taken away by the state on absolutely,
Though I think, that what be the person will take away it to myself.
I very much am afraid also I I am upset I cry constantly! From the developed situation there is only one exit,
- To pay 2000 dollars Jeff to the customs officer and the policeman which promised to help me, and it will make documents,
That I could take a ring and easy arrive to you Jeff!!! I cannot leave it simply at them and to fly to you,
As I am already caught with it Jeff and as they have taken away all my documents the visa of the passport,
But fortunately I have mum which can to receive your money if you help me quickly today to my start to you Jeff!!!
And it should be made very quickly. If Proceeding begins - will be late!
The person who has suggested me to help has told to me,
If I do not begin to cry to it to tomorrow I will spend the next year in prison! But my air ticket today Jeff,
And they have helped me to transfer the air ticket for tomorrow on January, 14th that is I will be at you on January, 15th on Sunday,
And all co-ordinates of flight I will give you tomorrow before a start do not worry my love Jeff please rescue me I rise before you on knees,
Also I ask about the help, please send me money for a full name my mum IRINA KOROLEVA of 2000 dollars and it will quickly receive money and will bring to their customs officer and police,
We already about all have agreed Jeff as they have taken away all my documents and do not let out me that I could receive your money itself,
But if I do not go on their conditions and I will achieve justice that they is thrown to me drugs,
And then I am exact anywhere where will disappear, all is very serious and is confused Jeff but to untangle it today and quickly to fly to you tomorrow it is necessary for them to pay quickly 2000 dollars,
it is a unique exit from the developed situation, I in a shock, at me was not present words Jeff, they do not go on contact even with my mum,
Well that mum has gone with me in Moscow and helps as can to me!!!
It very strongly frightens me, at us in a family never was criminals Jeff.
I very strongly love you mine Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!
I very much love you and I wish to be with you on Sunday rescue me Jeff and I will come to you on Sunday I swear,
Trust me, I wanted as better and all my family wished as to send better such grateful gift which you deserve!!!!!
To me I am now very terrible also very strongly I worry Jeff and they at all do not allow to call you,
As I asked them about it to explain to you all personally. Also have allowed to write you the letter only.
Please do not leave me here Jeff and we have 24 hours to solve quickly a problem thanks to you Jeff,
You will not leave me here to decay in prison???
I love you Jeff!!!
I wait your letter!!! Excuse me in advance as I wanted as better......
I have yours 900 dollars cash, but I cannot give them them as then me will not pass through customs and money are necessary for entrance to your country!
You understand Jeff??? Yours NATALIYA!
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