Scam Letter(s) from Irina Bobrowa to Mike (Canada)

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Letter 1

This is again a Irina of dating site. Did you get my message yesterday? I thought you'd want to commuicate with me. And I wrote you. But you did not even answer me. I'm not interested for you? Then why did you got to know and gave me his email?
I hope that you want to communicate. Because you liked me, and I want to know you. I will be waitng for you soon.
I have to goIrina

Letter 2

I wrote to you yesterday. And I think the answer or not. And I'm glad you told me. I would be upset if it had not received your letter.
You wrote it right. I sent you email and delete your profile. Because I do not interested in other men. I liked you. And I want you to learn more.
I want to communicate with you. Because you liked me. And I think that we are familiar with you is not by accident. What do you think about it?
Mike I do not know where to start and what to tell you. Not tell a lot about myself. I live in a small town. Name city Plotinka. I am 28 years old. I live alone, in a hostel. The place is not much. But I was mising. I graduated from college. I am a teacher in the school. I work in a school near my house.
I never will get acquanted on the Internet. Learned that there is such a possiblity. And I decided to try it. Why? Probably because I have not met a man in my city. I have tried to meet with the men. But this is not what I want. Mike I do not want just sex. And I do not need a man, to drink much alcohol. And I do not want that to deceive me. Or change with other women. I want a serious relationsip. I want to find a man and be together forever. I want to just be happy. Enjoy the simple things. Feel tenderness, passion, love. Live for my favorite people.
And what do you want Mike? You want it too, that I see? What you're looking for?
A serious relationship? Flirting? Or just friendship? Tell me. Because this is important. What do you look for in a woman? Describe to me a woman that you need. A woman of your dreams. Maybe it shuld have some sort of feature? How does she look like?
I will finish my leter. Because I ask you a lot. I hope that tomorrow you will write me. And try to honestly answer all qustions. Ok
I'll think, and wait for your letter!

PS. Forgot to say about the pic. Here I in a cafe near my house.



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