Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Greg (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, My name Tatyana. I from Russia between us the big distance. But I think, for dialogue the distance has no value. Anyway, we lose nothing. But we can find good friendship and relations.
Russian very beautiful and many-sided, can have one Russian name many short and derivative variants. My name occurs from name Tatyana of an Ancient Greek origin, from a word «tatto» - to establish, define.
The name means establishing, put, appointed. And what your name means?
I have found yours Email on a dating site. I want to communicate with you, to be your friend. Possibly, you it is interesting, why I have chosen you from hundred other men? I do not know.
My intuition has helped me to make a choice. Possibly, you heard about female intuition? Men have a logic, at women - intuition. I hope that my intuition has not brought me also we can have good and interesting dialogue.
I send you my pictures. And I will be glad to see as much as possible your pictures. Have good day. Your new friend from Russia, Tatyana.
Letter 2
Good afternoon Gagusailor,
Now I am on work, I have read your letter.
Gagusailor, it is pleasant to me to know, that the distance between our countries is not a problem for you. I have a free time now, and I write you the letter.
However, not always I can see your letters on work. My director is strict, and he does not suppose, that employees of our organisation were engaged in extraneous affairs.
Do not worry, I will be cautious, and we can continue to communicate. I concern responsibly the work. You like your work? Where you work?
I work in "Designer" In my work to enter design projects, apartments, houses, and many establishment.
I have a higher education on a speciality "the Designer under the project". You have the higher formation? What at you you have the higher education?
I want dialogue without lie and without a deceit. I wish to admit to you, that when I was on a site of acquaintances, I was written by two men. One guy was very young, he was 24 years old.
I have not answered it because young boys, as a rule, want only entertainments and adventures. And me 33 years. And I do not wish to play game. I the serious woman.
The second man was at the age of 55 years. We communicated some days, we simply talked. I have sent to it some my pictures. He has not sent me its picture.
But in some days he began to ask me my ***** pictures. I have told to it, that I have no my ***** pictures and I am not going to make it for him. But he has started to demand it from me.
I have stopped to write to it. Thus, now you the unique man to whom I write. And I do not wish to write to other men. Even, if someone writes to me, I will not answer.
Because I communicate with you.
I as wish to tell not much about the hobby to me very much it is pleasant to draw. And as I very much love pets. But I cannot have as I rent apartment.
And the mistress of apartment at whom I rent apartment against animals.
You have house an animal? How your hobby?
In people I like straightforwardness. What qualities in people like you?
Now I should go to continue to work. I wait for your letter. Tatyana
Letter 3
Good evening Greg!
I am glad to see your letter on we wash the computer. I read your letters and I write you my letters from my office. I have the house computer, but to me yet have not connected the Internet.
But I hope, that it will soon connect also I can write to you from the house. Unfortunately, on my office computer is not present skype, msn Messengere other similar programs for a chat.
But I will give you my phone number 8(904) 859-30-51. I do not know a difference in time between us and I do not know what preliminary selection you should use. Possibly, it expensively
to call from your country to Russia, therefore send to me sms. I will be glad to receive it. As you did not see my profile, I wish to give you the information on me. I was born 11.02.1978.
I hope that differences between our age will be what problems on continuation of our dialogue.
On a sign on the zodiac I the Aquarius. I do not trust in horoscopes. I think, that our destiny depends not on stars, and from us. Our life in our hands. And our future depends only on us.
My growth of 167 centimetres. My weight of 53 kg. I have brown eyes and I the natural blonde. I do not paint my hair. I do not have children as I not when was not married.
I live in cities Vladimir, it in 200 km from Moscow. I like my city. It is very big city. The population of my city of 345598 thousand persons. And the population of Russia of 143 million person.
My city is famous for temples museums. Than your city is famous? Tell to me about it.
Greg when I write you the letter, I would like to tell to you about all. It is a pity, that between us distance. If we lived nearby could meet in cafe and talk infinitely.
I sincerely hope, that you support my dreams. I hope, that sometime ours with you dreams will be carried out.
Now I should continue to work. I hope, my letters are not boring for you and you do not wish to sleep, when read it. Tatyana
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