Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Mikhailova to Greg (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Gagusailor
How are you doing? I hope, all is good. At me all is normal. I wish to tell not much about myself and my life.
To me of 38 years, the Date of birth 02.05 1973 years. Growth of 1.72 centimetres, weight of 58 kg. Colour of my eyes grey - blue, in a photo which I sent you could will see colour of my eyes.
When at you a date of birth? Growth, weight? I think differences between our age there will be no what problems for dialogue. As it is interesting to me to find out about you more.
I live in the city of Voronezh, I think that you can look on the Internet about mine a city, not with all number Moscow, I think that you know the city of Moscow as it is the centre Russia.
Distances between my city of Voronezh and to Moscow are made approximately by 500 kilometres. I often happen in Moscow on work.
And I work, I in "the Voronezh factory of dredges", "the Economist on a speciality the tax" Work very difficult and demand very big gravity and as attentiveness, and is a lot of diligence.
Certainly at me there are all these qualities.
As I spend month of statistics at factory, I will send you a photo about mine works.
Gagusailor, I the woman! I dream of female happiness. Certainly I wish to create a family. As well as the usual woman to wait for the husband from work, and to prepare tomorrow,
dinners suppers for the families. I wish to plan our future together with the husband. I dream of a family cosiness and the centre. It what does not suffice me here.
I do not want, that my words have seemed to you ******. I wish to clear up, and I want, that you have understood about my purposes. I as wish to tell that that
I am lonely at me there is no man and as should when married.
I have got used to communicate in a reality, never I wrote letters.
I think that I have told about myself. To me will be as interestingly to find out about yours lives, about your hobby. What do you make a free time? Gagusailor as it is interesting to
me to find out about your city and the country.
It will allow to find out better you. And as you can ask me that to you interestingly. I will answer your questions. I will wait for your answer tomorrow. Tatyana
Letter 2
Hello my friend Gagusailor,
I am glad to see your letter on we wash the computer. I read your letters and I write you my letters from my office. I have no house computer as more I spend time on work.
But I think that I will soon buy the laptop to have dialogue often and on web cam.
Unfortunately, on my office computer is not present web cam or Msn Messenger.
How are things going with you? At you good mood now? I want, that together with my letter, to your face the smile has come. Gagusailor when I read your letter, I try to present,
that I communicate with you. If we live in one city, it was fine. I think that today we could will meet in cafe and to have conversation in a reality. You like thought on it?
I think, that it can sometime happen in the future. Always I trust in the best. Yes, I the optimist! I like our dialogue. In each your letter, I find out about you and your life.
Please, send me photos. Viewing of your photos will help me to find out better you and your life. I wish to find out you better, and I see prospects of our dialogue.
What weather now in your country? I know, that a climate of your country the warm. At me in the city of Voronezh - 19 degrees.
Probably you like to read the book? Reading my hobby. I very much like reading... When I start to read the book, I cannot stop and I cannot be distracted. I like to read especially novels.
I prefer to read books in the winter when in the street it is cold. I like to take cover a plaid and to enjoy reading of the good book.
Gagusailor, now I wish to acquaint you with the family.
Now I already adult also conduct an independent life, however often I come to the house of my parents. I help always mine to mum and the daddy. I have a brother.
To my brother of 45 years, he is married. The name of my brother Nikita, he together with the wife lives in city Kirov. We do not meet frequently, well we speak on the phone.
Name of my daddy Dima to it of 80 years. My mum 71 years call Anna, her. My parents older persons.
It is necessary for me to go to continue to work now. Together with the letter, I send you a new photo which has been made on displays of paintings and building projects.
I with impatience will wait for your following letter. Please, tell to me answers to my questions. It is necessary for me to hear them. Tatyana
Letter 3
Privet Greg! Kak y tebi dela?
In Russian it it will be Hello, how are you doing? if want, I will learn you to Russian. It is difficult, but it is very beautiful.
Today my day has begun rather unusually... I have woken up early in the morning, and at once I have thought of you. For me there was surprising it. I have woken up at 7:00, probably you still slept at this time
because our countries have a difference in time. I have risen have made gymnastics, have washed. And the beginnings prepares to prepares for work, well before it I had a breakfast, Kakao, and an orange what at you was a
breakfast today?
How your day has begun today? Than you are engaged now?
Now I on work. In the morning I do not have time to see your letter. Therefore it is more convenient for me to read your letters on a workplace. Our dialogue does not disturb to my work. Today I have already made some work,
and now I have a free time.
As told the letter that that married I was not and is now lonely and as I do not have children. But I always wanted to have children and I very much liked to look after them when I had possibility to do it.
I hope you correctly you understand me! Children - life flowers!
Greg, I like various music. In many respects my choice of music depends on my mood. To relax under classical music.
To depend all on mood. What music is pleasant to you? Or as all to depend on mood?
I thought about dialogue by phone, my phone number 8-951 (853) - 81-37 much. I do not know a difference in time between us and I do not know what preliminary selection you should use. Possibly, it expensively to call from
your country to Russia, therefore send to me sms. I will be glad to receive it.
If we could meet tonight in cafe. We could drink tea, eat a cake and talk. You like thought on it? Now we are very much far apart and we can not meet, but I hope that if we will continue our acquaintance we can sometime meet.
I would like it! Now certainly early to speak to our meeting... I think that time will show to us whom we can be for each other in the future. You agree with me?
Now I here because I want to find the love and happiness. I want to love and be favourite because it and is the present happiness. And I very much hope that I can make it! How you think?
Now I should finish the letter because it is necessary for me to continue work. Write to me soon. I will wait! Tatyana
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