Scam Letter(s) from Elvira Brian to Moray (Romania)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend. At least, I would really like to think so and know you better. My name is Leysan.
This is a new experience for me and a lot of caveats to watch the introduction to the Internet.
But I'm a lonely girl and tired of frustration with search their own destiny here, I'm lonely and decided to try with you, though not on that. I hope this finds you on reciprocity and you answer me soon. I'm from Russia and I am 27 years old now.
I am pleased to tell you more and want to share with you my photos if you have interest. Write more about myself.
I do hope and expect that your response to my email.
With kind regards and best wishes, Leysan.

Letter 2

Good afternoon my friend Moray!!! First of all I wish to be presented and inform the name. My name is Leysan. You will be possibly surprised to receive this letter. The matter is that I to write to you from Russia. We now with you are in completely different countries and consequently it will be difficult for us to communicate right at the beginning of our acquaintance. Though I think for us with you there should not be no difficulties and shortly you will start to understand, that I am good the girl. I hope to find the love on the Internet and let the first acquaintance to you for me will serve as the good beginning of ours with you of friendship. Acquaintance to the man from other country frightens me a little. But nevertheless I to find in myself forces and to write the letter for you. Probably, what you now should communicate with Russian the girl for the first time? But you should not worry how I shall never frighten you. I like to be in good mood, I consider myself cheerful the girl. I live in city Kaluga and it is not far from Moscow. And I will not have not enough one day to tell to you about all sights of this city, but in following letters I shall try to tell more about this beautiful city. I want to tell to you about my purposes in life slightly And about me. I the educated and cheerful woman. I think, that I have Rather good external data. I might translate my sizes on your metric system. My growth makes 5 ' 8 ".
Also my weight of 126 ft. Here in Russia we measure it as 172 centimeters And 59 kgs. It will be very good, if you look at my picture. It will be more the best Way to judge my appearance. I have some pictures and I shall be glad to send you my pictures, That you might see me better. All my life I lived in Russia and I have here friends and relatives. Now I work As the "Bookkeeper" of the company Kaluga - Power Factory. We are engaged in the account of consumption and sales the electric power in our city. I always dreamed to find my love. I search for mine soul mate! I think, that it is a lot of women Dream to live in your country and to have the good husband. You know, I heard many histories about happy marriage The Russian woman and men.
I know, that the man may give the best life For the wife. I want to tell you, that I do not search for easy life. I search for my HAPPINESS in life. You understand? I like to work, I like to have fair life. I dream to create family and to take care of my husband. I want, that me loved and also took care. I love tenderness and kindness in the man.
Also I like Decent and fair the man. Unfortunately in Russia now not so good economic situation and I do not think, that this good place to create Family at this particular time. I still young and I want to think of my family. I want to create family in more good Conditions for life.
I think, that your country a good place. However I never visited your country and it will be very interesting to me To know, what you think of it? Well, I think that already has told about my purposes much. Please, if you have interest in me I shall be glad To receive your letter and probably some pictures.
Also inform me about your purposes on the future.
I shall wait and hope, that you will not disregard my letter. Thank you!
Yours faithfully, Leysan.



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