Scam letter(s) from Millicent Ewart to Mike (Scotland)

Letter 1
My Sweetheart, Mike Its Sunday morning here and am ready to go to morning church service with the woman. Am doing well and everything is fine with me. Am keeping strong and safe for you always and i want you to know that, am going to be a true and lovely wife that you have always dreamed of. We will have our future together and have wonderful children and family. We are destined to be and nobody can come between us, what we have in our hearts for each other is blessed and positive. My love, i hope all is well with you and everything is going on well. My regards to mum and let her know soon, we will be one family. Mike, you are my world and my happiness and to be with you will be a life time change in my life and am going to be in your arms forever and ever. I will always be faithful and true to you as am one man woman. I belong to you and only you. I spoke to the woman and she have promised to give me ?100 to add to what you will send, that means, i will have remain ?40 and keep it on me when am going on board, in case i need something in the plane. So my love, the ?500 will be okay and i will be able to come to you safe. I love you with all my heart and all of me. She says there is flight coming to Edinburgh on thursday, 26/01/2012 and she will like me to come with that plane as she will like to travel to go and see her mother in the village but, wants to get me on the plane before she travel. So my love, she will go to the office tomorrow, i dont know how it can be possible to send the money here as i dont have bank account here, so i spoke to her and she explained to me about money gram money transfer, she can pick it up for me at her work place and buy me the ticket and get me the insurance when she is returning. So you can send it in her name, through money gram. I dont know about it, i have to ask lots of questions from her. She says, they have office all over the world, so this is what you will need, her full name and address, its far from where we are staying and i can not go for it if you use my name so use her name and she will get it for me. Bernice Dansoa Addo
McCharthy Hill
Hill View Avenue
Block 15
Accra Ghana She says its safe and easy and you will need to mail me, your full name and address because, it will be needed at the insurance office as am coming to you, my husband. Sweetheart, i love you with all my heart and i can not wait to be with you, coming week.
Our first day together, when you come to pick me up from the airport, i will kiss your lips and i will never stop. I will kiss and hold you so tight and close. I love you and i belong to you and you only. I will let the whole world know that, am all yours forever. The Web Creatively
You worked your art
You spun a web
Around my heart
How beautifully
Your deeds have spread
Each intricately
Woven thread
With strands of care
You dried my tears
Your gentleness
Dispelled my fears
Your wisdom
Helped me understand
And patiently
You held my hand
To give me courage
To brave the storm
With kindness
You have kept me warm
Your passion
Lit a glowing fire
That filled my soul
With sweet desire
You're all
That I was dreaming of
For the web you spun
Was made of love I have to go now for church service and i hope to hear from you when you are less busy.
be safe for me, kisses kisses with lots of love and tender touches. Your true wife forever
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