Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Kostateeva to Klaus (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hello my the most loved Klaus!
I have received your letter and I very for a long time and closely read it. I want you to tell the most important in this letter lovely Klaus!

Klaus my mum was very wise woman. She learned me how it is necessary to live in family.
I know one gold rule. The wife practically always should accept and understand decisions of the husband. In any dispute between the husband and the wife always should take the first step to reconciliation - the woman. Only in this case in family always there will be in peace and love. In family there should be the main person - a husband. And the wife should submit him and support him in all. But the husband should take the responsibility for the decisions completely. I try to tell you only my opinion on this question, my lovely Klaus.
I really very good cook. I will surprise very strongly you with my culinary abilities. I will not write now to you what I am able to do. But I can surprise you every day during for a long time time. I eat any food. Most of all I love various products of the sea, fruit, different juices. My mum spoke, that I am a cook from the god.
Klaus I want to tell you now about our fast meeting. I know that to write letters for a long time it is not the best way to learn each other.
I have never been abroad and it will be my first time during my life. But I am morally ready to do it for mine beloved. I will not take holiday on my work. I shall leave it. I already tald my boss about it. As soon as I decide to go to you I will go and write a paper about leaving work my lovely Klaus. The closest international airport - Sheremetevo-2 in Moscow. I have to go there by train about 10 hours. Last night I went to mum of my girlfriend and very for a long time talked to her concerning my visa and my trip in Germany. She tald me do not worry and that she will do all registration herself. I will not have any problems about it!
Now I need to pay only money for registration of visa and for services of registration. As soon as I will pay this money I shall begin at once registration of the visa and collect all necessary documents and all my things. I already asked her, how much it will be cost. She has answered me, that registration of the visa will be cost for me - 400 euros - for registration and the visa.
She is very reliable and very honest person and I trust her completely. The most important for me that I will not have what superfluous excitements and anxieties on registration of visa. She is very much wishs me of good luck with you Klaus. I show her your photo and she tald me that you are handsome and i am lucky that find you!
I am the simple hardworking woman and have very small desires. I have only one very big desire. I want, that you love me all life. I will love also you all life. Then we shall be the happiest the husband and the wife on our Earth.
For me there is only one main problem. Cost of the visa and air ticket very expansive for me. I cannot pay for it now. it will be necessary 5 - 6 months to save this money for me.
I also very much want to hear your voice and have a phone conversation. I ask my girlfriend about an opportunity to call tomorrow (The 9th of Feb.).
She has told that it is good and I am giving you phone number at work of mine girlfriend now. It is 78362420613. I will wait for you there at 18.30 Moscow time. I will wait for you there near phone.
Whait your letter with impatience and your voice by phone.
With mine tenderness to you Klaus!
My gentle kisses and hugs for you!
Yours always Katenka.

Letter 2

Hello my love Klaus!
How are you my love? I hope all is good and you are fine today! First i want to say that congratulate you with Valentine's day! Will you be my Valentine? Hope yes.
Dear i am so sorry that didnt say you about my birthday when talk to you by phone i was so excited and cannot even tell all that I want but do not want you to feel like inconveniently because of it. I will always speak you what is on my opinion and my heart.
I do not have the big holiday for my birthday I only have a holiday supper and have 2 girlfriends and mine daddy with me. God wish you could be with me! But we should wait and i do not know how long. I spend this days going to my all relatives and ask money. It is so bad but nobody can give me so much money. Everybody has to pay for something and cant wait when i return it. Dear only Lena girlfriend of my mum said that can give me 200 euros but only this. But i need 400 euros only for my visa. So i do not know what to do my dear Klaus.
I missed your letters so much and when go in inet-cafe and check my mail i was so happy. So any way you ask me my adress and the number of my passport. Here it is.
My name is - Ekaterina
My surname is - Kostateeva
My country is-Russia
My city - Kozmodemyansk
My street is - Sovetskaya str. 15 - 41
of my passport is 620902876
I do not know why you ask me about it but i hope you will tell me soon.
I will wait your letter with impation.
Give you my kiss and hugs!
Yours Katya

Letter 3

Hello my love Klaus!
Thank you for your very gentle letter for me. How are you today? Hope all is good and the mood is fine. I am fins too and have my work and all i have good now its your letters and my thoughts about you my dear. Sorry my sweetheart i forget to answer on your question now i will. So I like all coloures but i can say that it depend on my mood much. I like a classic style in clothes (female style). But when i have rest i prefer common clothes like jeans and t-shirts. But when i am at my work its usually dress or classic a suit. Any way i like to be women in clothes!

So as for my hobby it is cooking, reading and sport! I very much like to visit theatres or museums and also exhibitions of modern artists. I like to learn something new and very much I am interested to art of an interior in the house! I read a lot of literature on it. And still I sometimes knit. I do not do it a lot of and frequently cause it takes a lot of time but I do it sometimes. I very much love animals. I like all animals and when I was a child I had a cat and fishes in an aquarium. But now I do not have it so daddy has some allergy on animal. I nevertheless hope that sometime I can have a kitten or the puppy. Dear and loved Klaus my index is 425000 so i can forget to write it. And i ask in bank about Western Union and we have no this place in Kozmodemyansk but they said that i can get money in any town near to me. Yes Novocheboksarsk is the closest to me. Dear i ask my friends about money but they said that can not give me any money cause they are about buying new flat and they need this money and I will have 200euros not more than this dear from Lena. So and my dad said that can give me on my train for Moscow and for some food and some cash for me to have in any case. So dear now you know that i have no more chance to have money more than this.
Dear Klaus you are so close to me now and all i can do now befor meeting is thinking about you. Be comfortable to ask me any questions so i can tell you all from my heart!
I miss your next letter.
I send you all my love from my heart and million kisses!
Take care my sweetheart!
Yours only Katya

Letter 4

Hello my dear and loved Klaus!
I am so glad that you can write me and dear i know that you can not write me every day too cause you have affeirs too. I hope you are fine and in a good mood my love! I am very excited about our fast meeting. I to thank you for your attention and care and for your remarkable news to me. I just had a meeting with Lena and tald me that within the next week I shall have the second part of money for mine visa. For me it is necessary 200 euro for this purpose. And she tald that if we start to do the visa in March, 7 that I will already have my visa ready on March, 17 . As soon as I shall have your money that I will go and begin at once process of registration. So all this will depend on that how soon I will receive your money. I think that I will receive your money in any bank in Novocheboksarsk but do not forget i live in Kozmodemyansk! And i think that you should write my adress like it is in my passport. So any way you have all information about me and i will have no problem with this.
My love Klaus i agree with you and i think it is right that we should save money and for me will be good if i can have air ticket with one stop. But my love i should start with my visa first.
I cant even think about anything else but only about you dear now. I promise soon we will talk by phone. Write me please about all what is going on with you.
I am fine and my life is good now cause i have you. My sweetheart i am going to start writing a papers about leaving my work. And when i start all with my visa i will stop working and be prepare for my trip to you! You make me very happy my dear Klaus!
I will write you tomorrow my love and i hope that i will see your letter.
I give you my kisses and hugs and all my love!
Yours forever and ever Katya

Letter 5

Hello, my unique and dearest Klaus!
I have received your letter and should tell you, that I have huge pleasure from your letter. Your letters for me is a part of my life now.

My lovely Klaus, for you I have always fine mood. My life now are dreams of you and of our fast meeting. I very much hope, that our acquaintance - not accident. I have the big confidence, that you - my destiny and the god have given us chance to live our future life in love and tenderness to each other.
But now you for me very close person and my future husband. I confidence of it. Therefore now you are unique man in the world for me. I want you to be confident that when I see you in the airport that I will have a smile and at once go and embrace you and present you my kiss and tell you that I am very glad to see you my lovely!
Klaus I want to tell that if I shall already have your money for me on Tuesday (on March, 1!) That my visa will be ready already about March, 11 the latest on March, 14. I am so excited my lovely now. And I think that you are right if you will send me money and a second part for my visa and on mine tickets for the plane. I then shall go in Novocheboksarsk and I will wait only my visa and do the order of my tickets. So we will not waste time up to our meeting.
Klaus I want to know more about this code that you gave me from you. For what i should have it dear. I know only about control number that i should have from you. So my love tell me about it in your next letter. I think this bank will be good for me to recieve your money i have this adress and will go there.
So dear I found a price for my ticket the same dates and the same Czech Airlines but only you said it will be 384 $ but we saw it will be 478 $ with all gathering of the airport. So it is no problem to order it any time when my visa will be doing. So i think in general i need to have 700 $ for all. And i will have my own money to buy ticket for train to Moscow and some for my unplanned expenses.
My unique Klaus, I already informed you, that my heart has full trust to you. I do not know why, but I have full trust all your words and all your ideas. I very much want, that you also to not have doubt in my feelings. I understand, that only our personal real meeting can destroy finally all our doubts. But I will be sure that we only are happy! I already wrote to you, that you should not have excitement and anxiety therefore. I already informed you, that I am very serious with the attitude to our acquaintance, our love and our happy future together. I have given my soul and my heart only to you. This my decision and I shall live also love only you up to the end of a life. I have the full responsibility for my decision, my feelings to you and my desire to be your wife.
Klaus I will do all my best to have phone for talking during this weekends. I ask my another girlfriend to use her phone and she is not against. I have to go and find out the exact time and i will give you phone number dear.
Now i am finish this letter and will wait your answer with all my heart!

All my kisses for you! Have a good day dear!
Yours Only Katya

Letter 6

Hello my dear and loved Klaus!
Sorry dear that I wrote you only this small letter before but I should do many affairs for my trip. I tald you that when I received your money I went to Lena and we talk a lot about my visa. She said that she will help me with all. She will give me 200 euros for my visa and she will start the regestration tomorrow. And she said that it will be ready by the 11th of March. But she said that it can takes 1 or 2 days more for being ready my dear. And dear when we can know for sure the date when visa will be ready we will ordere the tickets and I will write you about all.
My love I also want you to know that I leave my job today. I sighed all papers for this and talk with my boss and we are in a good relation and I can come back any time. I am so happy dear that we can be together soon and I will be yours forever.
Now my love I want to learn from you about scammers. I really didn't know about this and I have no ideas about how you can find my name in inet. Tell me my love it was my name and surname and the same address. How it can be in inet? I was so unhappy cause I am very honest and I never will play with feelings and I hate people who can use other's for money or for some perposes. I want to see it dear Klaus and if you do not mind please send me address where you find my name. I want you to know that I gave you all my information and the number of my passport and I talked to you and I want to be with you dear. So I think that nothing can be reason for not being me with you. I will see you in airport and we will be very happy together my love.
I hope you are doing well and you wait my letter very much. Be sure you are in my mind every second and my heart overfull of love and care for my man - you!
I will write you tomorrow and I wish you good evening and good night. My dad send you hello and wishs you a good health and mood.
All my kisses and hugs for you my Klaus!
With love for you your Katerina



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