Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Malaxova to Michael (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, Michael!
It is very nice that we have possibility to exchange mails. This possibility will gives us the chance to learn each other better. I want to be fair with you.
I don't want to have easy relations or simple entertainments. I believe in love, and that I have my soul mate somewhere, with whom I can create good and happy family in future. I consider that it is better to tell once about it, because if you are here for any other reasons, we don't need to continue to write each other more. And as to me - I do not want to be simply deceived in my feelings! Thanks for your photo.
I was born in small village of the Sumy region. I had kind parents and happy family. Also I had younger brother Andrej! My childhood was the most ordinary. I have many kind and great memoirs!
My parents always taught me to love people and surrounding nature. And also parents have imparted me love to a family! I consider that a debt of the loving woman to establish a happy big family and to bring up healthy and happy children! Unfortunately, I have lost my parents and my younger brother in accident when they went to shop to buy a gift for my birthday... It was the most horrible day in my life. I think that it is impossible to forget or accept about it. And my family will be in my memory the rest of my life. This tragedy has let me knew that in the world it is not necessary to put nothing off all. It is necessary to enjoy in this day, not to think that at you all ahead, and I still all will be in time. It is necessary to live, rejoice, love and it is main thing to aspire to carry out the dream. My dream is to create a happy family, career and money for me also is very important, but only as a help to my future family.
Here I would like to tell you more about my life. I was born 8/6/1984.
I am 26 years old. After high school I have entered in teacher training college because I dreamed to become a teacher. But life has developed so I couldn't finish it. Thanks for my lucky star, I have found a work where the boss was very kind to me, and took on a post of the secretary where higher education wasn't required. Nevertheless I still had dream to work as the teacher, and I necessarily will carry out it. I rent small, but very cozy flat on suburb of a city of the Sum. During free time from work I am fond of walking, to go to theater, I like to read. But the basic my hobby after work to help in the hospital, in traumatological department to people who was suffered in a car accidents! I spend almost all my free time there. I don't hasten to return to my apartment because there is nobody waits for me.
That is why I am here. I dream to have happy family with the man, which I can present my unspent love and tenderness!
I like to cook; my mum has taught me to do it very well! Also I am able to knit and embroider. My favorite color is green, the color of life. I like films about eternal love, and with the happy end obligatory! I prefer classical, instrumental music, and I like listen modern music also. I try to enjoy each minute of my life, and I believe in the best only! For example, I believe that our correspondence will help me to get a good friend, and maybe more...
My dear, I would like to learn you closer. What do you usually do to be in a high spirit? What is the main goal in your life?
I will wait for a letter from you with impatience, with greetings from Ukraine, Anna
Letter 2
Hello, dear Michael! Thank you for your reply! It was very pleasant to receive news from you. I consider that our correspondence will necessarily help for us to start to trust each other. We can share about feelings, experiences or simply good mood! Thanks for your pics. i like your smile.
Since we have agreed about honesty and trust between us, I think that you should know the following. Before being registered on a dating site, I understood that my English language won't allow having correspondence with the foreign man, and I have decided to find a correct way out. Certainly, the best way would to learn English, and would write to you by myself. But, unfortunately, I don't have possibility to start learn English, because English lessons are very expensive for me. Also there was a variant to use mechanical translation in on-line. But, people who work in marriage agency have warned me that mechanical translator can't translate all lettera??s
nuances, and sometimes even can to deform the sense of the letter, therefore would be much better to get help by the expert . And I have found translation agency where personnel are rendering the professional help to me for correspondence with you. But, I can assure you, here high-class experts are working, and you can not worry about confidentiality in our mails. Here very good collective, they even have understood my position (I don't have possibility to pay an overall cost for their services), and have allowed paying half of cost for the starting... And also they have allowed using their computer and the Internet free of charge (because I do not have PC at home), so I will not have spending for Internet service also.
As far as I know, many swindlers use the Internet for the bad purposes; therefore I have decided not to hide anything from you. I would like that you will know that I will never will fall to level of the swindler, because my parents have brought up me always to be fair and kind with people, and never to deceive anybody. Dear, I do not have many friends. But I am honestly and frankly in my feelings always, with those, whom I have already. I value each minute of our dialogue with you, and I feel that you very good person, and that you never will offend me. I would like to learn more and more you, your habits and interests. I would be very glad to learn more about your family, about your friends. Letters is single thing which we have with you at present. Therefore, it would be desirable to use this possibility on 100 per cent for to learn each other better. You represent, to me today there was very ridiculous case. As you know already, I go to the hospital for helping nurses after my main job. And so, I came to hospital today, and there were patient which asked me to put him in hospital for all week! I was surprised, and asked what pain he felt. But he told me that he did not feel any pain, he just scared to return to home! I asked why? And he told me that he his wife have returned from business trip and he have not fixed the sofa, like she asked him before her trip! And he scared to tell her! People are so funny! They cannot to decide so minor problems! I think that in relationships, first of all, it is necessary to talk about problems, and to try to solve them together. And then joint life will be not a burden but a pleasure. Dear Michael, I am very glad that I have possibility to have correspondence with such remarkable person as you. I will finish the letter and I will look forward for your new mail! Anna
Letter 3
Hello, Michael. thanks for your reply.
I lost my parents when I was 20 years old. And almost six years I am alone.
I wrote you about using translation service because I wanted to be honest with you. I do not need your money.
Letter 4

Michael, hello.
Thanks for your reply and understanding. I am so sorry about your cat.
I with all good to her.
I hope that everything will be fine with you and your cat.
I dream to have cat or dog too, but my little flat is to small for both us.
i hope to hear from you soon. Anna
Letter 5
Hello my dear Michael! Thank you for your answer. I am so happy that your cat is more better now. I can see that you are very kind man, I like animals very much, and I respect that people who care about their pets. I want to tell you that this year we have very cold winter too, although cold winter is normal weather in our country.
Michael, I can see that you have very interesting job. Music always is something magic and wonderful thing in our lifes. of course, I would like to hear your works. But I do not think that the way via post will be the best. Unfortunately our post works is very bad, and I heard many sat stories about losing in post office. Maybe you can find better way to give me your works.
Dear Michael, I like to have correspondence with you, because I like you. I would like to learn more about our life, your likes and dislikes. What do you like in food. do you like to cook? Do you have last relationships. What do you expect from woman?
I hope to hear from you soon, Anna
Letter 6
Hello my dear Michael! Thank you very much for your answer. When I read your letter, my feelings overwhelmed me. It is a special feeling. Your words touched my heart. Your honesty and openness impressed me with its purity of intentions, to the depths of my soul! I am grateful to you for the feelings that I feel at this time. Thanks for your mails I can see that you are nice, clever and wise person. I can feel that you are serious about me, about our correspondence. Some time ago, I could not even assume that I could to meet the man to whom I could trust, like I trust you.
To be honest, I have had a relationship with a guy some time before.
But I was never able to trust him. His words and actions could only have caused distrust. So I was not able to build the familya??s
relationship with him. It is strange, but it seems to me that men from Ukraine are so preoccupied with their enrichment, which completely lost the ability to love, be gentle and caring with woman. I'm not talking about their addiction to drink often. I preferred to be alone, and do not waste my love, warmth and care for someone who does not deserve it. I devote almost all my time on work. I told you that my boss (I work as a secretary) at one time helped me and took to his job. He is very kind to me, and at times his care and kindness replaces my father. So I try to work well and not to fail him. Also, my time is occupied by my patients whom I help at the hospital.
Sometimes I even do not have to do that would alleviate their physical pain. I just listen carefully their experiences and give them advice in any real-life situations and their moral issues become not so complicated. And they return to me by their kindness and friendship to me. I really like to help people, and I'm happy that I have such an opportunity. Honey, I have erotic fantasies about you very often. It would be nice to feel the touch of your warm and gentle hands on my naked body, to feel your tender and wet lips on my neck ... I do not know why, but I believe that you can give me the greatest pleasure in bed. Oh, I'm so indecent! I am even a little embarrassed that I write to you about it.
In fact you can quite imagine that I am some sort of a vulgar girl.
But, I do not like that! I'm not talking about sex as a simple means to get physical pleasure. I'm talking about sex like a chance to share love and affection with beloved! My dear Michael, I would like to learn more about you, your inner world, about your experiences. And I would like to know simple what do you like to do when you return to home after hard working day. Which programs do you prefer to watch by TV? As for me, I do not watch TV often, but if I look, I prefer to watch talenta??s shows. For me it is very interesting to watch of people who have sometimes interesting and sometimes shocking talents. I also really like to create comfort and cleanliness in my apartment; I especially like to do it, when I watch TV.
Michael, I do not want to finish the mail, because when I write to you, I feel like I'm sitting near to you somewhere, no matter where, and talking ... But the agency has a limit to the number of characters, otherwise I have to pay. I would like to add that I miss by your mails, and I will wait with impatience of your new answer.
Your Anna.
Letter 7
Good day, dear sir!
As you know your Lady use our service.
We want to introduce our company "Love is.."
Our company was created 4 years ago, in 2005.
Our main mission is helping women and men to meet true love.
"Love is life"- is our credo! We do everything is possible for you, and your Lady, for yours mutual future ! " My sweetheart, my dear Michael! I have possibility to write you last time! This correspondence helped me to know you. You are very important for me, and I do not want to lose you. I always was honest with you. And I will stay like that. I do not have money to pay for service any more. I do not want that it will the end, but I do not have any chance to change this situation. Just know, that I will always keep you in my heart! Anna " Dear sir, as you can see your Lady is very upset now. But you can help her. Just take expenses of our service.
If you interesting in this, just write to us, and we will be glad to help you. We would send you all necessary information for that! With best regards Translation Bureau " Love is life"
Letter 8
Hello, sir Michael! We got your mail. We send to you all necessary information for helping by your Lady Anna. This is our price list. "Only letters" includes translation of the letters only: - one month expiration - 150 USD;
- two months expiration - 270 USD;
- three months expiration - 400 USD;
- six months expiration - 750 USD. "Letters with photos" includes translation of the letters, scanning and printing photos. - one month expiration - 200 USD;
- two months expiration - 350 USD;
- three months expiration - 500 USD;
- six months expiration - 900 USD. The translation of one letter - 5 USD
The printing or scanning of one picture - 3 USD So, you can chose everything of services, which will be interesting for you and your Lady Anna.
Money can be transferred with the use of international systems of transfers such as: Western Union, Money Gram. Using these services saves up your time and let your Lady restore communication with you in a faster way. To make this transaction you should go to the nearest office of Western Union and fill in the form using the necessary information: Full name: Malaxova Anna
Address: Kirova STR 7/25
Town: Sumy
Region: Sumskoy
Country: Ukraine
Zip-code: 40029 You can also use your credit card to send the payment through the Western Union service; you can do it on line on web-site: After making the transfer you are to send the letter to the e-mail of Alexandra with the following information: 1. Money Transfer Control Number consisting of 10 digits if Western Union is used and 8 digits if MoneyGram;
2. Exact amount of funds sent to the Lady;
3. Full name of the sender;
4. The country where from the money were sent. If you want we can send you also the copy of our firm's Licence, which we got from our government, like a permit for our kind of activity. And you will be sure in our lawful activity. When your lady will get your help, she will be pay for our service, and will have possibility to have correspondence with you again. Respectfully,
Translation Bureau " Love is life"
Letter 9
Good day, sir.
Your Lady Anna came to us and asked about you again. what can we pas to her. Did you make some decision? Would you like to help her to pay for our service for keeping your correspondence ?
With regards, TC
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