Scam letter(s) from Hawa Bansi to Neal (USA)

Letter 1
Why wont i ...If you are ready to forgive me and give me a second chance we can continue and see where it lead us to okay
Letter 2
Well Neal you still want to continue after all i ahve done to you ..I guess you are the perfect picture for me ... Well Neal My Name is Hawa and im 34 years old and also im a graduated from a college pf accounting and i really want to be accoutant in future ..Well with all honesty i hurt soo bad because of i want to help my family and also continue my education ..Im soo sorry for that but Neal you know that i hurt you soo much and you still dont want to give uo and i can see we can make a chance and see where it lead us .. Well then you can ask me whatever question you want to okay ... I will love to hear from you soon okay
Letter 3
Neal this is the real me and i thought i told you why i lied to you is because i wanted to continue my education and also takecare of my family so if you are ready to continue and also take care of me it will be ok with me
Letter 4

Well i live with my mum and brother and sister only .. We lost our Dad ..He was suffering from a sickness called Rheumatism ..He his soul rest in perfect peace he is a goiod man he take really good care of us..... Neal when he died things change for us i couldnt continue my education same as my brother and sister ..... Neal so i have to do this scamming thing to continue my education and also takecare of my family ....Neal i can be rich if i want ,i can be a ********** so that i will takecare of my family but over my dead body i will never do such a thing at all .... I know is not good for me ..If i do it today i will regret it tomorrow .So Neal im sorry for the hurt caused you
Letter 5
Well i will never be a prostitue in my life at all ... And i will assure you that if you are still interested is ok but i wont show you my nakedness at all
Letter 6
Well then i guess we cant make it im sorry im not here for such things okay
Letter 7
Yes im not here to show my naledness to strangers unless i meet the person in person
Letter 8
Ok then do you agree with that ?
Letter 9
Ok then ,,,,, So ask me what do you now ?
Letter 10
I mean ask me whatever you want to ask me again

Letter 11
to be honest with you is only two...You and a man called Curtis but he has forgiven me and now im looking for the righgt man
Letter 12
I swear to God that if i meet the right who will accept for who i am not what i am i will stop that and make him the right man for me
Letter 13
Yes i can mainatain but if i may will i be getting some little funds just for foodstuff..... Neal see what is money we came and met it and we will die and live it .Money cant buy love at all .... So we can continue and see where it lead us to
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