Letter(s) from Helen Parker to Harri (Finland)

Letter 1

hello how are u?..i knw i should not be doin thisis but i have the blv that if i tell you, you may find a way to help me.....am from denver colorado am 32 years of age, i lost my mother 2 weeks ago...and now its my daughter she is very sick and presently we are in africa and have been looking for help to get the money ($1500.00) but all have tried there are all invain, some those not belive me and some says am a scammer but all i want is for my daughter not to die as my mum....am a lady and its unbearable plz dats whats wrong with me...and i know for sure you would love kids thats why am sending this to u, plz do help me save her life

Letter 2

ok thanks for getting back to me, what really happened is, my mum was in Africa and she was really sick so i had to come here along with my daughter (thats why am here now) so she died after i week i got here and after paying for her surgery and other treatment bills, and sooner i was planning on coming back home, my daughter fell sick and i rushed her to the hospital, on getting there the doc made it clear to me its Appendices and its has to be operated so i av to get $2500. i have ask my friends back home they all supported me with $1000 and its now remaining $1500 thats why have been looking for help all over the places and i saw u there on the site and i contacted u......please help me i know u got human feelings and u love kids no amount is too small...please help me save her.

Letter 3

here is d address in wish u gonna send the money, through the western union and after that u wil be given a receipt, in the reciept u will send me the, MTCN, TEXT QUESTION AND ANSWER, SENDERS NAME and that all please am relying on you

name: hellen parker
address: 1, dada close, victoria island, lagos nigeria.
poster code: 2341

Letter 4

please no ammount is too small to save the poor girl