Scam letter(s) from Jennifer Domnic to Harri (Finland)

Letter 1
My dear One,

Thank you for your message of concern and willingness. Reading from you urgently has given me joy and restore happiness to my soul once again. As I have told you in my previous message about my predicament, I have all the covering documents concerning the money and I want you to know that it only take one day for unknown to known.

My late father is a wealthy international businessman, he deal on Gold, Cocoa and Timber export, Am the only daughter of my parents, I lost my mother when i was 6 years, my father is all i have until he was poisoned by his brothers associated with my father's business partner due to his wealth, after the burial of my late father, life became **** to me because his brothers (my Uncles) claimed all my father's wealth and belongings as the tradition demands, according to the traditional of the land, if a man died without a son, even if the man have ten daughters all his wealth and belongings will be shared among his brothers and relatives, i believe this is the main reason while my father deposited the money without the knowledge of his brothers and made me the next of kin to the fund, My uncles planned to **** me thinking that i am going to revenge, that is why i ran out from the family house so that i can secure my life till the bank release and transfer the fund out from here then i will leave this country to join you.

At the moment the money is in a bank here in Cote d' Ivoire which am the next of kin and I have no access to put or withdraw any money from it according to the agreement my late father made with the bank during the deposit which stated that i must be 27 of age before i can have a direct access to the fund, all I will require from you is to assist me stand as the present guardian and foreign associate of my late father so that the bank can release and transfer the money to your nominated bank account for investment purpose.

Before we proceed, I have to make an official introduction to the bank and inform them officially about you as my present foreign guardian who is to receive my inheritance money oversea for investment purpose while i further my education.

Here are my personal details,

My full Name: Ms.Princess Vivan Atta
Address: Rue 12 Avenue 55, Trecheville, Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire
Profession: Student (I stopped school after my father death)
Nationality: Ivorian
Country: Cote D'Ivoire

I also attached my photograph so that you may know whom you are dealing.

I would need your full Name, Address, Occupation and direct telephone number so that I can forward an official transfer application to the bank and I will be giving you more details as soon as I hear back from you. Note that I will give you 15% of the total money as compensation for your efforts; I will come to your country and continue my education. While you will manage the investment will involve on.

I am looking forward to hear from you urgently, Once again thanks so much for the immediately response toward the proposal I sent to you. Please help me to keep this transaction more confidential and top secret between you and me.

Thanks and remain bless.
Yours in need,
Ms.Princess Vivan Atta
Letter 2
My dear One, Greeting to you and how you are today, thank for your response, I am still assuring you that all information I gave to you regarding this transaction is in order with good intention for both of us. The only thing I need from you is just to be good and honest partner who will assist me to recover this money and invest it properly in very lucrative and profitable areas over there. I will be delighted to work with you in full dedication and honesty, it is legitimate ok. My Mum died at my tendering Age I don’t even know her, I don’t have brother or Sister. I study medicine in university of Cocody Abidjan. Regarding to your question about marriage everything depends on you if you want to marry me fine and good. Regarding the investment program you will be the director of the entire establishment that will be set up with your directives as the guardian, because I will like to continue my education while you will be taken care of the investment you established until I complete my education. I will remain respectful and dedicated to your advice and suggestions always. 1) The first reason why I needed a foreign partner who shall act on my behalf as my partner or as co-benefactor of this money is just to support my claim at the bank because after the death of my father I went to the bank to withdraw some money for my up keeping but the bank management refused me access to the money with a reason that my late father deposited the money in suspense trustee fixed bond with instruction that it is only meant for onward foreign transfer to his business associate to invest on my behalf. So now that you have indicated your full interest to relate with me by sending your full information, I have the intention to discuss with the bank and submit your information, I told him that you are my late father foreign business partner who was suppose to receive this money for investment programme before the his sudden death and my good friend, I want the bank to transfer this money to your nominated bank account for investment purpose which was the reason it was deposited for. (2) I need a guardian who will direct me to the better area for a profitable investment because I am ignorant in business and I want to further my education, I know you are capable of doing this because the way you are following up shows me that you will handle this venture, please do not let me down ok, as you will never regret coming in contact with a person of my type. Meanwhile I want you to contact the bank where the money is deposited with this below information and message. Meanwhile below is full information of the bank, as soon as he contacted you please due let me know ok. NAME OF BANK DIRECTOR: MR GUY KOIZAN
DIRECT LINE: +225 66 977261
FAX: +225 20 30 23 01
____________________________________________ Attention: Mr. Guy Koizan.
Re: Letter of Request for the Release of Fund
I request of transferring the valued of Four Million, Five Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars ($4,500,000.00) of my business partners Late Mr. Given Atta File reference Account number A/C 50747585.
I am filling this request for the release and dispatch of my business partner Fund to my personal account. I humbly request that the fund will be released and transferred into my account with the instruction of his only daughter Ms. Princess Vivan Atta the next of kin to my account for onward withdrawal (cash). Thank you, while I await your prompt attention to this very important matter.
Respectfully your, Thanks I will be waiting to hear from you soonest and Allah bless you, if there is any other thing you wish to know don’t hastate to ask I will explain more. Kindest regards Ms. Princess Vivan Atta
Letter 3
Hello Good Day My Dear, With Respect, Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you. I know that this mail may come to you as a surprise, since we have not known or written before. After you receive this mail kindly contact me on my private Email. ( for the full details of the transfer. I am Miss. Linda Hamed, the only Daughter of the late Frank Hamed, my father was a gold and cocoa merchant based in Accra, Ghana and Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and He was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their business trips recently. Before his death, he called me on his bedside and confided in me that he has the sum of $5.M USD deposited in one of the prime bank here in Abidjan Ivory coast, that he used my name being the only Daughter as the next of kin in deposited fund. Please my dear contact me on my private email for the full information and my picture and the deposited slip and other documents concerning the transfer. I will need your assistance as follows; 1) To assist me in retrieving this money from the bank.
2) To serve as the guardian of this fund.
3) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my education and to secure a residential permit in your country. Moreover, I am willing to offer you 15% of the total sum as compensation for your effort/input after the successful transfer of this fund to your nominated account overseas. Reply to my private e-mail box. ( Awaiting your urgent reply
Miss Linda Hamed
Letter 4
My Dearest xxxxx, I thank you so much for your reply to my message and please I want to assure you that what I have proposed to you is by no way a joke. The bank can bear witness and I have all the issued documents to prove my self. Actually it’s not really easy to trust somebody especially a stranger but because we are human begins we can not do without our fellow human that is why we must have to build trust among ourselves Please bear in mind that this fund was deposited by my late Father in favour of me and all the documents related to this transaction are here with me and since the death of my late Father, I have finding things very difficult with living. I have attach the WILL and death certificate of my late father including my pictures which i will like to see yours picture in your next mail. Please I will like you to speed up very fast to make this project success and I will like to come over to meet you in your country and start my education where I stop and please kindly accept me with all your heart because right now, I have nobody as trusted relation here. I have gone to the Bank to verify about the fund which they confirmed to me that the money is still with their Bank and they printed the last statement of the account to proof that they are still in posession of the fund but they told me that I am not upto 25years of age that I cannot have access to the fund that I have to get a guardian who will represent me to receive my inherited fund on my behalf. I would want you to contact Bank so that he will help you in bring the funds. I will need your information to write an Official Notification Letter to the Bank, I will need your Full name, Address, your Direct phone Number and your I.D card to enable write a letter to the Bank concerning you been my representive/guardian that will receive this fund. I will not delay to provide you with my personal details for more trust, kindly find below my address and other information’s. I am sending these details to you in trust and confidence and I will like you to keep them confidential for security reasons please. My name and address: Name: Miss Linda Hamed
Country: Cote D'Ivoire / Ivoire Caost
City: Abidjan
Nationality: Ivoirien
Marriage Status: Single
Profession: Student
Age: 20
Date of Birth: 23rd March 1992
Address: Lot 15 Rue des jardins Cocody

Please I will appreciate it if you could brief me about the investment opportunities you have around your area, because my dream's investment is investing shares, above all, I want you to give me your kind assistance in every aspect to get this getting the funds to your position within a short time so that I will continue with my education while you will help me invest the money till such a time that I will be mature enough to face the business that you will negotiate for me Best Regards, Miss Linda Hamed N:B/ please promise me that you will not betray me when my the money gets transferred into your account, because I am counting on you right now believing in the good God who is joining us together, I will be glad giving you 20% for your co-operation and for your assistance till the end of the transaction.what matters in this transaction is TRUST
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