Scam letter(s) from Elhaddy Lukabe to Harri (Finland)

Letter 1
How are you today, with due respect and humbleness, I AM writing you this letter to request from my sincere heart for your assistance and hoped that my request shall meet you in good condition. Believing that if it is the wish of Allah for you to help me, Almighty Allah will bless and reward you abundantly and you will not regret this. My name is Onyinyechi, I am 24 year's old, my father died last 3 months ago (may his gentle soul rest in peace) during his time in hospital, he briefed me in close confidence of his Money, that inside consignment which deposited in security company, one trunk box contain the sum of of US$3.5 Million Dollars For safe keeping as the result of insecurity in our country due to the civil war, this Money as he told me was made for the purchase of industrial plant's before he failed ill unfortunately he pass away.

In the process of securing this Money, I left my home town to the country where the money was deposited. But my father advised me before his death to move this Money to any foreign country of my choice where it will be properly invested as it is not safe investing in my country due to the civil war. It is; based on this advice that I am contacting you as I am just a student and does not have any knowledge of investment this money; please I want you to be my friend and my helper so that I will not make a mistake concerning this money. If you like me and want to help me please get back to me on ( if you get back to me on my e-mail then you will see my picture.
Letter 2
Hi Good evening, how are you doing, thank you so much for your kind respond towards my situation, please don’t be afraid, I have the evidence, I want you to help me to receive the box in your country first you should open your heart for me and you will see what will happen, I have already meet the company director regarding to the box and he assured me that once my late father partner reach in contact with them that they will deliver the box to his address through their diplomatic services , but tomorrow will go and introduce you to the company as my late father partner who will receive the box on my behalf then after I come back I will draft for you a latter of authorization which you will use to apply for the box delivery, please my dear I would like to have your mobile number for more explanation regarding to the box, I want you to know that the dealt of my late father brought sorrow to my life, I need some one who is real and not imaginary, please if you help me God of orphans will bless you and I will reward you greatly once I come to your country, and it will be a great benefit for you and me, I want you to keep it secret till you receive the box in your country, please I want to know more about you and your country investment, I hope I will make much profit, I know you will not beat me,?? Are you married?? Where do you life, please let me know, I am, not happy for staying here, Please tell me more about your self, I will stop here till I hear from you, Thanks and may the Almighty God bless you,
Looking forward to hear from you,
Letter 3
Hi Good-morning Thank you so much for your kind respond towards the great offer and opportunity giving to you, i know it shall went successfully as i see, i have spoke with the security company director this morning and he promised me that they will deliver the box to your country address as soon as they hear from you, i will like you to contact the security company and ask them about their procedure of delivery, like i said on my mail, due to the political crisis that is going on in our country Cote d'Ivoire that make the security company to transfer the box to their head office branch in Gambia, where i stay now as refugee and i have meet the security company to free the box to me so that i shall complete my education but they refuse, due to the agreement they made with my late father, they demand that i should contact my late father partner who will receive the box on my behalf, but my late father did not mention any name on the agreement , please my dear i want you to stand for me and help me to receive the box in your country so that i will come over there to complete my study and you will help me to invest the fund as i don't have no idea for investment, i will like you to contact the security company director and ask him for their procedure of delivery,
Please contact him by phone or email and explain yourself to him because i have already informed him about you as my late father's foreign partner who will receive the box on my behalf, don't let him to notice what is inside the box because my late father did not deposited the box as money, rather he registered the contains as his family valuables, for the security reasons, please in-case if they ask you tell him that the box contains is family valuables.
Below are the information about the consignment which you will use to contact the security company director, This is how to contact the company:
1/ that your name is
2/ that the box deposited by your family friend Colonel Sidiki Konate that contains family valuables 3/ you are ready to receive it in your country,
As soon as you contact the company, do and let me know, you will help me to invest this fund wisely in your country and arrange for my coming over their to continue my education, please i want to know more about your country investment and education, i really put my trust on you believing that you will not betray me after this business. please my dear i would like to have your private telephone number or your photo, here is the contact of the director, Saka guard and cargo security company
tel: 220 7930488
fax: 220 0796790
Email: saka guard company Gambia
Contact: MR Barry Saikou
Email : Please do keep all our communication secret because of my situation is not good here. 15% will be for you. Thanks and be blessed.
Yours sincerely, Ch, Sidiki,
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