Scam Letter(s) from Polina Smirnova to Darrin (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hello Darrin. Many thanks for replaying on my add. I was very glad to receive your message.
I am very glad that we have posibillity know each other throught internet, because two persons wich live in different points of the world can meet and be together. A couple words about me. Those words of me I prepared in the past to tell about myself. It is an honest and accurate description of me and my personality. If it appeals to you I can promise you I am exactly how I represent myself. You will never find a better and more loving, faithful, devoted, woman than me.
First I have to tell you that I am a good speaking English (I hope), and I think it is quite important.
So, my real name is Polina. I am 30 years old, my birthday is on April 2nd, 1974, weight 54kg. (115 lbs) and my height is 168(5.6). I have been married before, but divorced 4 years ago. And have no kids.
I was born and now living in Odessa, south of Ukraine. It is about 500 miles from Kiev the capitol of Ukraine. In Odessa is about 1.500,000 people hear and one million in the bay area. I have my mother living in Odessa and brother living in Moscow.
My mother is working for the University as a fisics teacher and my brother working at the bank in Moscow (40 years old). My father has passed away about 6 years ago from the heart illness. Loosing my father has hurt me greatly and this is something I hope I never have to go thru again. He was a great man. It was a really sad way to see him go. But I know he is in no pain now. My Mom lives in Odessa and is doing not very well since the passing of my Dad. She and I are really close. She is really great. I have finished teachers college and used to work as an teacher of biology in the middle school since 2001. Well, as you can understand, teacher of biology is a quite boring job and there is not much to say about it. But I do really love kids and I adore to work with them and to teach them. This was the main reason I went to work at the school.
So, I am living in a one bedroom flat with my mother.
I like music, literature, sport, very like nature and many other things. I dream to meet the person, who will be a real friend for me, and do never make me down, who will love me for who I am and respect my interests. The life isn't simply for me now but I hope the God will give me the chance to be happy. I want know more about your character. What is most important for you in a person. How do you spend your day?
I don't know too much about your country, but if you want you can tell me about this.
Now the weather is very cold and snow storming. I used to go to the seaside and to watch on the sea, especially in the evening.
I like dream at this moment. I'm fond of reading books particularly on rainy days or on a cold winter evening.
What about you? What do you like to do when the rain is going?
I like animals and but don't have any by my own. I do not smoke and I love sport very much. I like swimming. Do you like sport? What kind of sport do you like? I love flowers and to grow them up.
When is you birthday?
I decided to place my add in the Internet not in a moment. After too much of thinking during long time I placed my add. I had it done just now. I must say truth: I receive many messages from men. But I placed my add at the Internet not for the correspondence. My main goal is marriage. I sure, that a meeting is more important than writing a 100 letters! It does not mean that I believe we should not write. I believe in corresponding (short) as a way to exchange ideas and to know more about each others dreams, desires, strengths, weaknesses and so on. But as I said, our meeting and taking time to become acquainted is most important!
I am sorry, I ask you a lot of questions but I would love to learn more about you, because I like you.
Well I will close my message and wait your answer soon.
I wish you a nice week and keep smile.



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