Letter(s) from Enchill Abrhmms to Steven (England)

Letter 1

,My Real Full name is Rita Amponsah who is now located here in Accra Ghana..I'm writing this email for your help in closing down a website of me which was set up by my ex without my Express permission , with the Name Ann Angel ..I want it to shut down completely as its giving me problems with my Boyfriend now..We are planning to be together soon but this had been the major problem between us .I really need your help..If there are questions you need to ask me or any more proof , to show I'm the one really on the site that I want them closed down.I have attach a photo to prove that the images are of myself ,which were taken for personnel use only .I enclose a Copy of my Traveling Passport to Identify me as the Person in the photos used on this website..The website is Ann-Angel.com ,Please do anything in your power , to close this site down for me as this is Causing serious problems between myself , and my new Boyfriend as we are planning to marry soon..He and His family thinks I'm a porn star, but I've tried to explain to my Boyfriend but his family is still not convinced,So I think the best way is to get rid of the site so there won't be no more problem..I Love my boyfriend so much and want this relationship to work out without any more Obstacles..Hope to hear from you soon if there is anything you want to ask more from me.The reason I have not written before now is because this was brought to my attention recently ,and it took me a while to find out where to write to ,all material used ,was taken ,for personnel use only ,and not to be used ,in the way that this website has been setup . If you need anymore information please feel free to contact me further , (what ever you are informed ,by my Ex ,I did not give any permission for any material in any kind of form to be used on this sight .)

Thank you for your co operation in this matter

miss Rita Amponsahonsah