Scam Letter(s) from Celina Sinnathurai to Mervyn (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hello Mr Mervyn
I am the landlord of your dearest friend Eva and she gave me this your email to contact you .....They rent my apartment for two years now and their rent is going to expired on the 8th of january which means they have to pack out thier luggages and everythig from the house..
I am demanding some amounts of money from them and so only they pay it then they can stay in the house and let me know if you want to pay it for your lover Eva to continue her stay on this room.......


Letter 2

Hello Mr. Mervyn..
Thanks for your reply to the email which i send to you and i understand that you want to know the amount i demand from them.. They have live on this apartment for long time on the 8th of this month will be two years and due to what you have said i am not going to throw them away from the house.....At previous years, they were paying 180usd every month so they rent it for two years and this time i want from them is every month they should pay 250$... Years renting is accepted and least renting period is year....

Look forward to hear from you

Letter 3

Hi Mervyn..,
Someone was with me yesterday and he also wanted to rent the apartment for 2years and i want to know from you how many years you wanted to hire the apartment for your love one and you need to be serious or i will throw them out as someone is ever ready to pay the amount i am demanding....looking forward to hear from you....


Letter 4

Hello Sir
Good morning from the office of Kesseben Travel and Tours and its true that Eva Fosua made a contact with us to know how she can be with you in Australia and we are convenient,fast travel agent whose main motive is to deliver good service to it's people and help them reach any desitnation of the world..I am ready to help get her permanent Visa for staying if you follow and do what i am going ask you do.

I spent almost 1 hour talking to my friends at the embassy today because i want to help your girlfriend and its neccesary to get married that will help us to be able to get her a Visa.
I don't how much the traditional marriage will cost but i have already talk about this with Eva and she is also going to tell her grandpa about it You have to let someone represent you when the traditional marriage take place. To prove that both are married couples we need to do Marriage Certificate and you will sign other part of it and also Eva will sign her part too and both will provide thier mum names etc on the certificate and we will send it to you through your postal addresss...

We are ever ready to help your love one travel to you in a safe way without any problem and comfortable so she need to have Passport,Visa,Police Report and medical report to prove that she is clean without any legal problem and health problem..
Eva will have to get a declaration fee of 7,ooo usdollors. But i hope you know what i mean when i am talking about declaration fee ...That will serve as pocket money ...that money will be with Eva because when you are traveling to some ones country you must have some money on you so that in case any emergency you can use it for your self.... So when you meet your wife at the airport she will give you back the 7,000 usdollors.she is not going to spend that money .But she has to have that money before she can bored the plane. The Australian high Commission in Accra does not provide Visa or immigration services.This responsibilty rests with the Australian High Commission in Nairobi,Kenya (for residents of Ghana ,Burkina faso and Mali..

Below are the cost of making the neccessary documents needed and you need to have confident ,trust in us and your coporation is all we need.

Passport....250 usd
Medical Report....300usd
Police Report........350usd
Declaration fee.....7000usd

we do look forward to hear from you soon.....

Best Regard..

Letter 5

Hello Mr.Mervyn..,
Thanks for the reply to the email and well you can send the money to eva accounts and we are ready to help your love one to be with you there and also do the marriage certificate too and i have told your wife to be at our office and so that we can go to the K.M.A depertment for marriage to know the cost of the paper work ......

Look forward to hear from you



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