Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Ole (Norway)

Letter 1

Hello Ole, you remember me? Thanks that you have left yours email adress in Moteplassen.com, it will be very pleasant to me to continue our dialogue, probably it will lead to that that more in the future.
To write you the letter in MP I used the translator as I only have started to study recently your language, I think that for you not a problem that I write in English. With this letter I send you a photo that you have recollected me.))))
I hope to receive your answer to my letter! I will wait very much!

Letter 2

I am very glad, that you have answered my small letter.
I ask to read very attentively my letter, it is important for me to know your opinion about that that I write.
Because under your answers I shall look has whether sense to continue to us dialogue is farther or not.
Simply I do not love when me ignore. Simply it happens so, i tell to the person about myself, it is possible
To tell i open the soul, but me simply ignore. Send simply callous letters form and even sometimes
Overlook to change a name in the letter. It is very insulting and I was hurt also it I do not want.
Only I ask be not frightened, I not malicious. Do not do hasty conclusions, read my letter up to the end
And already then draw conclusions. I actually good and tender, simply the life forces to be cautious and rough so it is a lot
Of deceit and evil.Who knows to what our correspondence will result, but I hope, that we with you at least shall be friends.
I want also to discuss one problem at once, in the Internet am a lot of a deceit, I already communicated with the people.
Lie also much deceit and in general it appears sometimes that dialogue not with the man and with the computer program.
I have found you and I wish to begin with you friendship and if all will be good even to construct happy family.
I want that you did not play game and corresponded with other girls also. Because in last time on the Internet it is often noticed.
My intentions only serious, and I wish correspondence with you for studying each other and further for a meeting and creation of a happy family. I think you understand it.
I not the little girl and saw in this life already much many. I do not wish to remain all life one, and to be lonely. I want love and the man near to me.
From the first letter between us should be the truth and sincerity.
Only so we can construct the strong, amicable relation. As speak age, a difference in culture, language, distance for love not a problem.
And I support this expression. If you wish to learn me better, write to me and I will answer next time with fuller information about me.
I hope to see your letter as soon as possible. It would be very interesting to me to hear more to hear about you!!!!!
Tell more about itself, about the country, about the city where you live. It is very interesting to me.
And at me to you the big request to answer all my questions and In general to know,
That you think of all that I have written. It is very important for me.
Do not forget me, write as soon as possible.
The best regards to you!!!!!