Letter(s) from Eunice Lamtey to Vaughn (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Sweethert,
How are you doing and how is your day going?? Am very very happy to hear from you my darling honey... I want you to know that I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH AND NEVER FORGOT ABOUT YOU AND WILL NEVER EVER FORGET ABOUT YOU MY LOVE....You are my life and my world my darling and Glad to read a mail from you my love.. Please never forget me because you are y life and will say it over and over again for you to know my love... Kisses and Hugs my love.... We need 400$ for the Visa but just try to get me 300$ and will get 100$ my love... I just hope you are here for good this time my love.. Will forever and ever love you.

Your Wife

Letter 2

Hello Sweetheart
How are you doing my darling honey?? I miss you sooo soooo very much my darling honey, Hope your day is going ok and hope the weather there also is treating you good my love... I miss you sooo very much and i really really wish i was there with you now spending life time together with you my darling honey.., I love you till death do as apart my love.. Take care and will be looking forward to hear from you soon.

Your Wife

Letter 3

Hello My Darling Honey
How are you doing and how is your day going my love?? I miss you soooooo very much my love and yes am really ready to come be with you and spend life time together with you my darling honey, I also can not wait to have you close to me always as we feel the warmth of each other always...If you have the funds for the Visa why don't you let us get it done first my love... so that we can move to other stuffs my love...What i will like is to go bath together and when we get out of the bath, we go to the Bed room together, then get your face covered whiles i push you to the bed, and then start giving you a kiss from the head, and then to the neck, then to the chest and all over your hands then move downwards to your stomach, and then downwards to your legs and move upwards to your cock babe, and when i get there, Will suck your cock till you get really hard my love, will make you feel your cock in my throat my love... Whiles i make you hard my love.. When you a hard, then i will bend over whiles you insert your hard cock into my pussy whiles i moan calling your name my love... I really wish that day was now my love.... Please take care of yourself for me babe and will please be looking forward to hear from you soon.. Kissses and Hugs

Your Wife

Letter 4

Hello Again My Darling Honey
Name : Issah Ibrahim
Address : First Alata St
Country : Ghana
City : Accra
Zip Code : 00233

Above is the address for you to get the money sent my darling honey, and as i already told you, Just get me 300$ and will add up the 100$ for the Visa my love, and don't forget that we already have the passport done which i already showed you when i got it done my love... Well babe you really have no idea how much am missing you right now and wished all you have just told me will be happening now my love.. I really need your touch and love now more than ever my love.. You know you are the one and the only one that i have ever loved in my life and will love you till death do as apart my love. I really really do wanna be with you and spend life time with you my darling honey...Babe you really make me feel like having you close to me now my darling honey.... You really made me wet with all these you told me babe.. LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH THAT I WILL DO ANYTHING JUST TO BE WITH YOU AND MAKE YOU HAPPY MY LOVE... KISSES AND HUGS TO YOU MY DARLING HONEY.

Your Wife

Letter 5

Hello Honey

Thanks for your mail my love... And glad to know we are back together and forever going to be together till death do as apart my love. Its raining here and babe the room is really very cold my love. i wish i had you close to me now my love... That way we could cuddle together my love. as we kiss each other all over my love.. then i suck you for about an hour to get you real hard as you do the same for me by licking my pussy then i get my legs widely opened for you whiles you penetrate your hard dick in me babe...whiles i moan your name Mead FUCK ME OOOOOOOOOOOooo Arrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oooooh yes yes yes babe... do it honey..... whiles you fuck me , you make sure you fuck me harder to babe... After that then i give you some sock and then i have lye down whiles i sit on your cock and fuck you babe for some times babe.... Then you make me bend my love.. Then you continue to make it up to me babe..owoowoowowoowowowoow really wish these was happening now babe.....I have my fingers in pussy now and am all wet babe..... Need to get off these pc and take a shower, please take care babe and hope to hear back from you soon.

Your Wife

Letter 6

Hello My Darling Honey

How are you doing and how is your day going my darling honey??? Well have been waiting to hear from you always and have not been hearing from you my darling honey... How have your day been and how is the weather over there my darling honey?? The Question you should is Wife's Name and Answer should be Sandy..Hope that is ok babe???? And also hope you do send the money tomorow my darling honey?? I really really wish i had you in me now my darling honey.... It would be soooo nice to have you soooo close to me now my darling honey... Don't have internet home so had to mail you at a friends pleace, Take very good care of yourself for me and hope to hear from you soon.

Your Wife

Letter 7

have not head from you for some time now and just hope you are ok??

Letter 8

Hi Mr
This is Mr Mead.... Called you a while ago concerning a Scamm lady called SANDY that we investigating on.. Am an African work with the Ghana Police Service but work with US police as well concerning this recent Scamm problems and reports that comes in...About 5 people have reported to us about these Lady called Sandy.. According to them, they don't believe she is a Lady but a Guy who has been doing this.. And according to our Investigations and some Guys we cought in this act, it was clearly proven to us that they are all Guys that do these to other men and we want a Stop to be putting to this... Recently, A man from the United States in Colorado have been Scammed by her with the amount of One Million US dollars... we tried helping the man by getting us all infors that he had of her, But unfortunatly, he didn't have anything about the lady and lost communication with her, We please need your Help Mr Mead, the man is in dept with his Company and he is ready to reward you when you are able to help us get these lady and the police and his EXECENCY THE PRESIDENT OF GHANA Mr, John Attah Mills is is also reward you.....Am currently in New Jersey with the police department over there to take care of this Issue... After a few investigations we did... We saw that you two used to email each other recently... This are the times you emailed her this month
Jan 20th
January 26th
Jan 19th

Letter 9

Hi Mr Martins
Thanks very much for your mail back to me and for your help Mr Mead... Well have been a lil busy this past week working on this cases Mr Mead..... Am currently in New Jersey now working on this same issue for some one... To go strait to the point, what prove would you like from me and am going to provide it just for you to know am real and want to get you back what she took from you and we also need your help to get to this Lady and as i already told you, You shall be rewarded.... We went through your emails and found out she sent you some Passport, I will like you to know that, That passport she sent you is a Fake!!!!! Its not real, its an Edited Passport...And for my email, you need not to worry because its my Personal email... emails can be created any way Mr Mead... And as i said, Just let me know what prove you need and am going to get it for you... Well Mr Mead.. The help we need from you is very Simple... According to the emails you sent to each other, Our stuff found out that she wanted you to send her some funds... All we want you to do is to try to get the funds sent to her.... But before you do that.... You make sure that you let us know when you are sending the funds to her, and when you do that, You make sure that you get the information to us that way we can Report to the whole of Western Unions in Ghana that any one that comes to cash that infor should be arrested.... I want you to know that you don't need to worry because she is not going to be able to pick that money up plus you are going to be rewarded... Please do help us on this Mr Mead.. I look forward hearing from you soon. Thank You

Best Regards
Mr Martins