Letter(s) from Tatyana to Gabriele (Italy)

Letter 1

Hi Gabriele!

Thanks again for giving me your address on the dating site, I am glad to write you now! This is my first letter to you and I do not know what exactly to tell you about myself. So please, ask me questions about things you want to know, ok?

Well, I am simple girl of simple needs. Not a girl actually, I am 29 years old so I have to be an adult woman... But who said that adult woman cannot be naughty sometimes? ;) We live once so I want to enjoy every day I have.

My life is nice though as every person I have some problems or troubles happening. But the biggest trouble in my life is that I always fall in love with wrong men :( They all hurt me in the end.

So I am looking for the one who will be usual simple man, caring and loving. I think I do not ask too much. And I will give him all my love and passion I have. Love is a gift, agree?

Right now we do not know each other good so I cannot say if you are that one :) But I want to find it out and I will be glad to get your reply. Tell me about yourself, some common things or some secrets about you, I won't tell them to anyone ;)

Wait for reply!