Scam letter(s) from Grace Dede to Gina (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Mr. Willie, Thanks for the mail...I hope you are doing great. I can lend Nana $500 for part of the traveling money. Regards, Mr.Samuel
Letter 2
Dear Mr Willie, Thanks for your mail . I am waiting for you and Nana to see what to do right. Regards, Mr Samuel Obiri.
Letter 3
Dear Mr Willie, Thanks for your mail. Is true Nana had found 1500USD for her trip with my help. I will reconfirm her flight for her to travel on Saturday if you can send the 1500 USD today. I will advise you to send the money today so that Nana will Fly on Saturday and arrive on Sunday for you to have your money back to pay your Son College fees on Monday. Nana will have today and tomorrow to pack her luggage and travel on Saturday. I will get you the Flight details immediately you send the money. There will no be any delay because I will make sure Nana arrive at the States safely on Sunday to enable you pay your sons College Fees. This will work out for you and Nana to meet. I knew how long you and Nana have been talking and this is the time both of you has to meet . Nana is excited to meet you. I am also happy for both of you. I am waiting to hear from you soon and call Nana or send her sms immediately you send the money. Regards, Mr Samuel Obiri
Letter 4

Dear Mr Willie, Thanks for helping Nana with the travel funds. I went for it yesterday at the bank. I would like to inform you that Nana will fly on Tuesday. Below are here details:
Depart Tue, Aug 2 ACC to ORD – 2 stops 27h 39m
This flight leaves on Tuesday and arrives on Wednesday.
KLM Royal Dutch – Flight 590 6h 35m
Take-off Tue 10:05p ACC Accra, Ghana
Landing Wed 6:40a AMS Amsterdam, Netherlands
Coach | Fare code: MFFWGH | Boeing 777 (Wide-body Jet) | 6h 35m | 3237 miles | 4 seats remain
Connection AMS Amsterdam, Netherlands
7h 40m
KLM Royal Dutch – Flight 6017
Operated by Delta 9h 55m
Take-off Wed 2:20p AMS Amsterdam, Netherlands
Landing Wed 5:15p MEM Memphis, TN
Coach | Fare code: MFFWGH | Boeing 767 (Wide-body Jet) | 9h 55m | 4531 miles | 4 seats remain
Connection MEM Memphis, TN
1h 40m
KLM Royal Dutch – Flight 9577
Operated by Delta 1h 49m
Take-off Wed 6:55p MEM Memphis, TN
Landing Wed 8:44p ORD Chicago, IL
Coach | Fare code: MFFWGH | Douglas DC-9 (Narrow-body Jet) | 1h 49m | 491 miles | 4 seats remain I am hoping to hear from you soon. Regards, Mr Samuel Obiri.
Letter 5
Dear Willie, Is sad to let you know that your wife Nana and her mother was involved in serious accident which resulted them into Hospital this night . Nana was her way to the Air port with the accompany of her mother and they got into a terrible accident resulted Nana into Coma or Unconscious and her mother into Serious Injured. They have been admitted into hospital at the Emergency and accident unit, Nana's uncle called me to informed about the accident. I rushed into the hospital to look for them and i was very sad, devastated upon seeing them but i am praying they will recover soon. Nana couldn't fly because of this terrible accident and you can contact either me or Mr John Darko about Nana's health situation at the hospital. Worried, Mr Samuel.
Letter 6
Dear Willie I am so sorry to hear that am also sad here and thinking about that a lot i don't know what to do ..How are you doing and pls take good care of yourself she and a mom will be fine and i have get your number from her phone so i will call you so we can talk pls don't worry i know how much you love her and i know Nana loves you so much she have tell me lot about you and i know the GOD we save will take good care of her and she will come to you pls take heart ... I talk us a uncle we are all sad here and what upend pls talk good care of yourself and i hope to hear from you soon .. Mr John Darko. (Nana's Uncle)
Letter 7
Good Morning Mr Willie

How are you doing how is work i have tried call you but your line not go true why...I want to the hospitel and the doctor says she is going go be alright and she is calling your name I know the good GOD we save will take good care of them and she will comes to you take care and i hope to hear from you soon . JOHN
Letter 8
Hello Willie,
Nice for your mail. All is well . Your Wife Nana is recovering better.
The Name of the Hospital is Plus Hospital and the Name of the Medical Doctor is Dr. Evans Osei.
The Number is 00233271172597. Kindly call the Medical doctor who is treating Nana
I would be glad to hear from you soon.
Uncle in Law,
Letter 9
U are just like a tatoo in my heart.And promise my love for u can never be erase.
Letter 10
Hello my sweeet Wille,

I missed you so much and my love for you is more than what word can describe. I am very sorry for not been able to chat with you for long online. As i told you my love, My mother was sick for some time now and due to that i have not been able to pay my internet bills etc for sometime now. My mother who use to pay my bills for me had spent alot on her hospital bills so i can't bothered her with money for cam.
My Sweet Love as you know , i don't bothered you with money so why do you want me to go to my mother for money for cam whilst she is the one who paid for my bills etc Sweet Love,you was supposed to take care of me as my husband to be but since we are not yet wedded as husband and wife i can't be depend on you.
Honey kindly let me know your full mind on me very well because is time we have to spend the rest of our life together and live as a happy family.
I can't stop loving you and can't stop thinking about you.
Smile and Kisses,

Letter 11
Dear Mr Willie, I am Mr Samuel Obiri, the Managing Director of Planet Travel Agency. Your Wife Miss Nana came to my office yesterday to find out about USA Visa and Air Ticket. I want to inform you that your wife may need to pay visa fee, an Air Ticket and get other documents. The cost for the Visa Fee is $130usd , The Air Ticket is $1,500, $150 agent fee and $720 . The Total cost for the Visa, the Air Ticket and the other documents will cost :$2,500 I will collect the Visa for your wife without any problem if you can afford to pay this money. I will sure your wife come to you safely. I am giving you my word. I am hoping to hear from you soon. Regards, Mr Samuel Obiri. M.D, Planet Agency
Letter 12
Hello My Sweetest Willie, I am very sorry for not been able to write you this morning as promised. How are you doing?I hope you are fine. Do you know how much you mean to me. Concerning my stay in the USA,I was in Chicago for sometime before IO flew back to Ghana. I come to USA from Kotoka international Airport to Chicago,USA through O'Hare International Airport in Chicago with KLM. I left USA with Delta Airline from the States to Accra, Ghana. I fly from O'Hare International Airport, Chicago to Kotoka International Airport Accra, Ghana for some days now. I stayed in Lincoln Park W, Chicago, Illinois. I will tell you more about my staying when we meet online. I love you so much. All my love and Kisses, Nana
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