Name: Olga Vladimirovna Trubitsyna
Age: 32
Name: Ginalie Santiago
Age: 32
Name: Julia Grineva
Age: 26
Name: Alisa
Age: 36
Name: Natalia Malkova
Age: 27
Name: Irina
Age: 26
Name: Patricia Brown
Age: 28
Name: Kristina Tracey
Age: 33
Name: Sheila John
Age: 28
Name: Elena
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Scam letter(s) from Mabel Kamara to Harri (Finland)

Letter 1
Contact me through my private Email: (

would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am Miss. Mabel Kamara. the only daughter of late Chief and Mrs. Mr. Joseph Kamara My father was a reputable cocoa merchant who operated in the capital of Ivory Coast when he was alive. It is sad to say that he passed away mysteriously before the election in 2010, though his sudden death was linked or rather suspected to have been masterminded by his business associates and regime of Mr. Laurent Gbagbo because of his opposition to Gbagbo government and they poisoned him in a cocktail party held in honour of director of a company. When he was poisoned, he was rushed to the hospital where he later died after doctor efforts to save his life proved abortive.

It was in the hospital that he secretly disclosed to me the cause of the sickness is poison and also that he deposited the sum of $ 6,500,000.00 Million US dollars (Six Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars) in the bank and that I was made the next of kin to inherit this sum. He therefore advised me to look for a reliable, trust worthy and god-fearing person who will assist me to transfer this funds abroad strictly for investment purposes. This is because he didn't want his associates to raise an eyebrow on this fund. He also advised me to avoid his associates who will be running after my dear life. He finally died in the hospital after two days of admission.

I am soliciting for your assistance to transfer this fund for an investment purposes, and I will come over to your country after a successful transfer of this funds, the contact of the bank will be given to you as soon as you show your interest and willingness to me. You can now instruct them on where and how this fund will be transferred. This is because I have suffered a lot of set backs as a result of unstable political situation in Ivory coast, the death of my father actually brought sorrow to my life. I am offering you 20% of the total sum of $6, 500, 000.00 Million US dollars as commission for your assistance to transfer this fund.

May I strongly re-emphasize that this transaction is highly confidential and this will be successfully transfer before my coming over to join you. Please consider my request and get back to me as soon as possible, I will give you more information immediately I confirm your message. I am waiting for your response. Contact me through my private Email: ( )

Miss. Mabel Kamara
Letter 2
Hello My Dear, Thanks for your great understanding, love and assurance to receive my money in your account, may God help us and lead us through Amen, How are you today my dear? i mean your present condition of health with hope all is well with you and your family, My Dearest friend Please i want you to bring out your whole mind to relate with me, i am assuring you that everything is in order with good faith and trust in you as my gaurdain, please my dear i seriously need you to be honest gaurdain to me every thing about the investment of my inherited fund will be in your care and control, i am doing every thing with you in good faith and trust, as promise. Please i want you to be rest assured that this transaction is 100% legitimate and geninue, i like you to know that we have to proceed without wasting any more time since you are with me as my gaurdain to receive my inherited fund in your accaount there in your country, please my dear for my urgency to leave here i like you to hang all what ever you are doing for now and let us face this transfer with all our mind and love so that within some few days you will call me for good news that you have received my inherited fund in your account which you will provide to the bank where my late father deposited this fund. Please i am only 23 years student i don't know any thing about bank transfer and business investments i will hope and trust on your wisdom and full suport to get my inherited fund transfer to your account next week. May God bless you and crown our effort as we work with one mind, spirit and soul, please hurry up to save my life and the fund lying down in the bank. my present condition here is very bad, i am hiding in a local guest house hotel for security of my life, and my well being, so please help me i will surely offer 20% which i promised you i swear to God who made heaven and earth, i promised. My Dearest friend, please you should kindly send the below details to me in your next message to enable me go and submit it to the bank for them to contact you for the transfer of my inherited fund into your account, so that immediately after the transfer, i can come over to stay with you to continue my education while you help me to invest my fund in a good and profitable business in your country, untill i finish my study and join you in the investment. I will be waiting for your details and call today. please call me and say you want to speak to Mabel ok, waiting. 1. Your age and telephone number for easy communication,
2. Attcah your passport or Nanationl ID card.
3. Your bank account numbers and account names
4. your bank address in full
5.Your home or office address in full. Please do send your details as soon as you receive my mail i am waiting to hear from you immediately, i will also attach my photo for you in my next mail to see me and trust me fully and i need yours in your return, please you should also send your photo to me so that i will see whom i am dealing with and also to use your photo to recorgnize you in my arrival day in your country air port after the transfer is completed into your account by next week Take very good care of your self and may God bless you and protect you always for me, till we meet face to face.
Your Sincerely
Letter 3
Hello My Dear, How are you my dear? i mean your present health and business condition along with your family there i hope God is protecting you and your family as he is protecting me here from my wicked uncles who is after my life because of my inherited money in the bank here, my dear i am very happy with your world as your telling me that you will not send your information through internet, please my dear, i trusted you before i contacted you, i did not afriad because God who send me to you will not disapointed us, may God who bring us together will continue to be with us, guard us and make all our plans succeed this week Amen, Please i want you know that you are all i have now and i have trusted now and as you can see that i am urgently in need your full support to complete this transaction within in a couple of days into your bank account, please my dear you must make sure you keep this transfer of my money to your account highly secret and confidential from any body around you till our money is transfer to your account? please my late father seriousness worned me to be very carefully with whom i chose to receive my inherited money for me, please you must do as i told you its the instruction from my late father before his death and we must keep it to enable us succeed well without any problem OK, with love and trust in each other every thing will go well as the bank director has promised me. this morning i will be going to the bank with your banking details information to receive our money, i will get back to you as soon as i come back from the bank latter this morning, take very good care of yourself, please do get back to me immediately with your picture and tell me more about you and also tell me the kind of African Gift that you like, so when our money is transfer and before i will come over to your country i shall bring the GIFT with me. Please do tell me as well what kind of investment that you will invest this money into and please do think of a church that will can support and do our thanks given with them i love you so much please try to keep your promise as i have trusted you with my life and money, i will stop here for now till i come back from the bank soon. Thanks once again for your lovely understanding to help me, i send my picture to you and try to send me your picture and your friend picture also ok. yours sincerely
Letter 4

Hello My Dear
See the documents as (evidences) for your request and i am given to you this documents is base on trust i have in you before i contacted you. Again i will like you to call me so that we can hear each other voice, please i wait for your call today for more details, i want to speak with you, i love you all the best. Here is my numbers +225 06422540

Remain bless
yours heart desire
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