Letter(s) from Olga Nikolaeva to Garry (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my boyfriend Garry!!! I start to feel big heatin the heart when I think of you. I feel some transition of our attitudes, to stronger. I hope, that you can understand that I want to tell. To understand sense of my words. During our correspondence, I start to understand, what exactly you the man with which I want to create family. Certainly we far apart and us connects only the Internet, but probably in the future we can think of our meeting somehow. I am very much confused, while I write it. Because I do not know your attitude to my feelings of love. I a little even feel silly. But I very much dream, that our attitudes will be mutual.
Also I spoke about you with mum. I have a little told to it about you. She also is very pleased, that I have met you. She very much would not like that I created family with Russian the man. She speaks, that it will be not a life, and prison. Mum has some delight, that I started attitudes from you. But she is afflicted, that we with you very much far apart. We will be finished with thousand kilometers, but it is necessary hopes and we shall trust that a meeting because for the present love there are no obstacles. Mum speaks, that if 2 persons like each other all the same they will be together. I also very much hope for it. That time while we shall not be together, I diligence shall transfer the feelings to you through letters. The most important that you well understood sense. For me it is very important to know, what you think of my feelings to you? Also tell more about your character and about your dreams and plans. I want to know much about you!!! Very much I wait for your answer!!!

Yours Olga.

p.s. I shall necessarily send you a picture in the next letter.

Letter 2

Hello my dear Garry!!! I am very happy, that ours with you relations become more. I as wait our meeting in the person. I shall learn about travel to you, but I think that it will be very expensive. Inform me, whether you want, what I would learn about that that is required for my travel to you? If you agree, I shall go to travel agency and to learn about travel. I want, that our relations would be fair and that we would trust each other. The trust it is very important for relations of the man and the woman. You think as? I am excited by an opportunity of our meeting. I would want that you knew, that your feelings to me, are very important for me. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. All my love!!!!!!!! Olga.

Letter 3

Hello my love Garry!!! I want to begin the letter from that, this night the dream has dreamed me. In this dream we have met thee on a coast of ocean, there was an evening we went on an occurring one another. The sun came for horizon, we have stayed the friend opposite to the friend and long looked in eyes. In the morning I have woken up happy and I had very good mood. At job I all day thought of this beautiful dream. I very much would want that our occurring has taken place not in dream, and is real.
I was in travel agency and have learned about travel. To me have told have told, that I can buy the tourist visa. Cost of this visa of 380 dollars. This sum includes as registration of the passport for travel abroad and medical inspection. These are very big money for me and I never can find so much money. That I could save this money, I need some years. It is very a shame to me, but that I could arrive to you, your help is necessary for me. You can help me with money for my travel to you? It is a shame to me, that to me to have to ask you about this money for my travel to you. If you will help me with this money the most convenient and fast way will be if we shall take advantage of the western union. About the western union to me have told in travel agency, to me have advised the western union, as a fast and reliable way of remittance. I have visited the western union and have learned that would be necessary for that what to receive a remittance. In the western union to me have told, that for reception of a remittance it is necessary for me to know: 1) the Full address of the sender. 2) the Full name of the sender. 3) Code MTCN are ten numbers which will give you in the western union. For that that you could make a remittance, it is necessary for you to know my full name. My full name: Olga Nikolaeva. the address of the western union in New Urengoy: Gazprombank, 26 sezda KPSS 2A, New Urengoy 629300.. I hope, that our meeting in the person will be fast. I am very much excited by an opportunity of our meeting.
The little girl every day goes and looks after the pigeon. To it to become better. It already has practically full recovery. At me on eyes of tear when I see as this girl is pleased. Its care of a bird very strong. I have told about our correspondence to the employees at job. I have told about my feelings to thee, that we very much like one another, but our occurring large distance prevents. The women at my job have told such case, when the girl from our city has met under the Internet the man from America. As a result of correspondence they have grown fond one another. And this person has helped to her, to leave for America. They live together two years and they are very happy. This story very much has pleased me and I have believed in a reality of our occurring. I with the large hope shall wait for your letter." Kisses!!! Your love Olga.

Letter 4

Hello my love Garry!!! I am really very glad, that our attitudes grow and amplify. Our correspondence has helped us to learn much about each other. But I think, that our meeting will strengthen love and attitudes, we still more many good and interesting about each other. I shall speak you features of Russian people and Russia, you will be the story to me about your nation and the country. It very much pleases me!!! I very much wait for our first meeting and our the first conversation. I am very much excited, when I think of our meeting!!! It will be the finest day!!! I have received money in the western union. Tomorrow I shall go to travel agency and to begin registration of the visa.
Now at me it is a lot of work because it is a lot of pets in city, they are cows and sheeps disease. It is connected to bad quality of water. Now it is necessary for me to do inoculations. But it not epidemic, is the small center of pollution of water. I very much trust you, I am not afraid to arrive to you. I hope that there will be no problems during travel!!! I think, that we shall have the big love and happiness. I will be sure that our meeting very much to change our life. I very much like to receive as much as possible your letters. I to write diligence to you as it is possible a part, but it is not always good. I shall be frequently visiting of travel agency and to inform you news and it is possible other information!!!! I am very happy, that have found you!!! You my life and love now!!! I love you!!! Yours Olga.