Letter(s) from Enchill Abrhmms to Eivind (Norway)

Letter 1

How are you doing today and thanks for the mail and for trusting me as I believe in God for everything,Dear today I check about the ticket with the traveling agent in British airways and I have to book round trip and the price is ?190,Dearest Eivind my departure date will be on 10 and you have to send the money today So that I will get a nice seat and I will really be glad to meet your Kristine and also to witness the world championship ski jumping,Dearest Eivind about the money,you have to send it through western union and as soon as you send it you have to send across to me the MTCN number,your full name.So that I will pick up the money and get my ticket ready,My Dear here is my info that you need.
Address: 55 Spire court huddersfield hd1 3nw uk
Dearest have a wonderful day and I can't wait to visit Oslo and also to meet you in reality,
Kisses and hug!!!!!

Letter 2

Honey good morning and how are you doing today hope fine? My love I just can't wait to be with you soonest and be happy together my love. Honey I want you to know that I will be needing declaration money and this money will never be spent dear. It is for only for me to declare myself and travel to you safely with out any problem at the airport dear. So honey you have to send to me 650 pounds, so that I can use it to declare myself and when I arrive to you you will have your money back at the airport before we go home dear. Honey I so much love you and nothing will ever stop us from been together honey. I have scan a copy of the UK immigration form to you dear. Let me hear from you soonest dear.
Kiss and Hugs

Letter 3

Darling it is sad that you keep thinking negative in every trouble am in, honey if you can't trust me then I dont think that our relationship can stand. Because it take trust and honest to build a wonderful relationship with the one you love. I have told you my problem here and you dont know how I am feeling here, am so sad and I have been crying from morning till now. Honey if you will help me get back my passport, then do what I told you and we will be together. I will warn you let this be the last time I will tell you my problem and you will try to see it as what ever has happen to you before. Am here not feeling well, I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT IF AM NOT WITH YOU I WILL KILL MYSELF. because naught will ever make me happy then to be with you as planed honey. So try and get the 300 pounds that I need now and go send it.
I want to be with you that is why am trying so much to see it come to reality and you have to do your own part for that dream to be in real.

Letter 4

Darling I have also try much hard to get so money so that I can get back my passport and ticket. I have try so much and now I have 100 pounds. Now I need 200 pounds from you dear. You dont have to feel bad, I and you knows that this things happen some times, and the best way is to settle it. Honey please am on my knee begging you to just help me with this last problem so that our dreams will be real. Have a good evening.

Letter 5

Darling I dont have any bank account here and also you have to try to get a way to send the money through western union. The people I own said to me I have to pay the money in Cash. Honey you have to send the money through western union online. www.westernunion.com

Or better still honey you have to let somebody send the money through western union. Let me hear from you.

Letter 6

Honey on my way to the airport, I had accident on the way, due to the snow falling here in London. And am at the hospital at the moments. I just cancel my flight dear and I am receiving treatments. Honey I will rebook my flight when am out of the hospital, I will keep you update, but now I need to rest. Love you so much with all my heart and Kiss.

Letter 7

Dearest Eivind, it is sad a shame that as I am going through pain, what you can think of is that I scam you. As so sorry for you for thinking of me in such manner, but I dont blame you, because you have been scam before and you thought every body who is in the internet is a scammer. Look here am not interested in your money and if you want your money back I can send it back to you, now I can see that you love your money more then me. You claim you love me and now I can see that you are playing with my heart. Tell me now and I will send your money back.

Or do you think that your 590 pound, is what I need to live on???? Am so piss off here.