Letter(s) from Anela Trulec to Mike (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my name is Anela I live in the country of Azerbaijan.
I am very serious in a relationship and a smart girl in my life.
I am interested in a serious and intelligent person for life.
I am very pleased that this year we have an opportunity get to know each other better. If you respond to this email and I'll see you are a serious person, then I will write you more about myself.
I hope to get an answer from you as soon as possible. I wish you a happy new year and Christmas
With warm greetings from the country of Azerbaijan

Letter 2

Hello again. I'm glad, because you answer me. I am very pleased that you have an interest to me and answer soon. How are you doing, how your mood? Today after work I go to Internet cafes, and when I see your letter, my mood was better at once. This is my first experience with a man from another country via the Internet. I hope we get to know each other better and build relationships. Even if it is a strong friendship, I'll be very happy. But I will say at once that my goal is long-term relationship. I think you want the same thing?? So I want very much to know you better. Receive letters from you regularly, get to know each other better, share photos, ideas, news. I hope you do not mind?
I find your email address in marriage agency. They have a large base of mail. And they give me yours. And then I'll write a letter.

Now I want to talk a little about yourself. I want you to have more representation of me. As you already know, my name is Anela.
I was born May 30, 1982. Now my age is 29 years old. My height is 169 cm and weight 55 kg, you can see it in the picture.

I am born in the country of Azerbaijan. My country has a border with countries such as Georgia, Armenia. You can see this on the map.
Azerbaijan is a Muslim country. And most people here have the religion of Islam. I would also be a Muslim. How do you relate to Islam? You can not argue against my religion? For me it is very important!

I am born in Astana, and up to 25 years old I live with my parents. But for the past 4 years I live separately from my family, in Karrar. My city is small, quiet and calm, there is a lot of noise and bustle. I go away from her parents as a major conflict with my father. For me it was very hard to do, and I'm risking much. I tell you more about that in my next letter.

As you already understood, I write you letters from Internet cafe. Cafe open from Monday to Saturday. It is not far from my work. So after work, when I go home, I come here, and write to you. Unfortunately, I do not have a computer at home. And not very familiar with the computer. So I keep asking the administrator cafe, as well as what I do best. While I was able to use only Internet mail. I think that this is the best option for correspondence with you. So I can write all what to think. Please, let us use e-mail to our communication?? When I receive letters from you, I use a translator program. To read your letters and write you back. But I really want to learn your language to be able to talk to you. I even think that will soon start to learn your language. So far I can only speak a little English.

I work in a shop and sell children's clothes. I work 5 days a week. Sometimes I work on Saturday or Sunday. I love very much his own work. Because every day of my buyers come together with children to buy something. I really love their children, and sometimes even envy them. Since children have a very carefree life, they do not have any problems. Every day I get a big charge of positive emotions, when dealing with children! I hope you understand me? Unfortunately, I do not have children of their own, because I was not married yet.
Probably why I try to find a man on the Internet.

Now I want you to talk a little bit more about you. Tell me, please, about your city, about your work?? If I see that you answer my questions, I understand that your intentions are serious. Please write me as often as you can. Write everything that you're interested. Ask me any questions. I try to answer you immediately. My letter today is not very large. I want to write you a very large letters. I hope you do not mind if I write you the big letters? But first, I want you to reply to this letter.

I look forward to your reply. Have a good day to you and good mood.

P.S. I send you my photo, I do it in this New Year. And I congratulate you as the holidays, New Year and Merry Christmas.

Letter 3

Hi. Today my mood again good, as I arrive at an Internet cafe and to see your letter. I hope that we will communicate further and develop our relations.
What is your mood? As the weather today, do you? I'm not very good weather. Cool and windy.

I am glad that you reply to my letter. I see your interest in me, and it's very nice to me. So I tell you more about yourself. I promise to tell you more about my family and life.

As I told you, a Muslim country Azerbaijan. And some laws may seem very cruel. Particularly in relation to women. Women in this country have very few rights, and is much lower than men. This was the main reason because of which I leave from their parents. After my age, my father was always trying to find my husband. He did not ask me, I want it or not? These traditions in our country, my father always chooses a husband for her daughter, and daughter must obey her father and make a choice. I do not want that, I want to choose their own men for love and family. Because only love and trust should be the foundation of the family! Otherwise, no family life to be happy! Do you agree with me?
Because of this, I go away from his father to go to another city, so that my father could not find me. I start a new life after this. I get a job, rent an apartment, and become an independent and sovereign. For girls in our country, it is very rare.

In our country, the religion of Islam makes many women unhappy. But, unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to choose a religion. I grew up and raised in this religion. It will also have its advantages. Maybe one day I change the religion. I'm not a little girl, and if I change their own religion, I do it consciously.

Perhaps you're wondering why I write to you in another country. Instead of trying to find a man here. But according to our religion. A man and a woman can not have any relationship to the wedding, and sometimes even future husband and wife are not familiar at all, and have not seen each other before the wedding. That is, they see each other for the first time only at the wedding.
Therefore, men and women do not have time to know each other better before marry. I want to know first man, love him and then marry. I hope you understand me? So I do not even try to find a man here in Azerbaijan.
I want to feel cared about themselves, see the emotions that I call. I want to be a real woman, women afford little weakness, whim. Be gentle, loving, and give your love a man who deserves it.

I perfectly understand that you and I have the age difference. I want you to stop thinking and do not worry about it. I do not doubt that you have a rich life experience, you see different situations in life that I have never met. And can you teach me a lot. For me, there will always be important to your opinion. For their part, I can give you a boost of energy, vitality and positive emotions. I have to tell you that my goal is long-term relationship, and this age difference, I think, will help build these relationships.
In general, I believe that physical age is not as important as age of the soul. The main thing to stay young in mind the plan. Do you agree with me?

In this letter, I also want to tell you about their hobbies. I really love to cook various dishes. Most of these dishes, it's Oriental cuisine, the cuisine is Azerbaijan. Many dishes that contain meat I cook. You like meat? I also cook a variety of light dishes, salads and snacks. Maybe one day you'll be able to try what I make to you. I'm sure you like it very much.

I also love listening to music. I listen to different styles of music. It all depends on my mood. Sometimes I listen to funny songs that lift my spirits. Sometimes, listening to sad songs, this is usually when I think about something important, or my emotions overflow. Of the performers, I love to listen to, performers of my country, which is not known in the world, so as to sing in the Azerbaijani language. Performers from other countries: Beatles, Madonna, Julio Iglesias and Enrique Iglesias I'm sure you well know of these artists. I like their voices very much. Besides, I have translations of the songs. What kind of music do you listen?

I also love to go watch a movie. The last film that I watch a movie, it's The Chronicles of Narnia: «The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.» You are my most favorite movies is "Vanilla Sky," "Sweet November", "The Green Mile," "American Beauty »« Forest Gump ». I love to watch romantic movies, and movies that make us think about life and different situations.
The most romantic movie I remember it well «SCUSA MA TI CHIAMO AMORE». Do you love to watch movies, what are your favorite movies??

I speak today at an Internet cafe administrator about how else I can talk with you. About MSN and Yahoo messengers. But he said that? that the best way to correspondence e-mail. Since this is the safest. In the Internet cafe every day to come and a lot of people may lose information. Especially since I'm not very familiar with the computer, and be afraid to make mistakes. So I think that we should continue our correspondence with you via E-mail. I hope you are not hard to write me letters often? I understand that you have enough of their own affairs every day. I hope you find some free time and write to me?

I do not have your own phone. This is expensive in our city. As cellular and home phone. But our city is very small, and people have the opportunity to constantly meet and interact. I think that a personal meeting is much better than communicating by telephone. Do you agree with me?

I think that later, when you and I know each other better, and when I learn your language better, I'll find an opportunity to call you and hear your voice. But this takes time. I hope you understand me correctly and do not rush with this?

I really have serious intentions, I tired to be alone. Loneliness is the worst thing in the world, punishment worse than the loneliness impossible to come up with! When a man is alone, he can not be happy, and get the most positive emotions of life. Loneliness can kill, I think so .. A person may have many friends, yet still lonely. You have many friends?
Everyone in this world must find a partner, that someone to love with all my heart, to trust completely, take care of this man, and if necessary, to exercise self-sacrifice. To make concessions to his favorite person to be happy and feel that all is well.
Do you agree with me?

I also have a close friend, her name is Jaylin. All the photos that you send, she did. I trust her completely, we always discuss it with a variety of topics. This women's conversations, men are not as interesting. And may even seem foolish. But after these conversations my mood is much better, I receive calmness and ease. We can even cry together when we were hard or sad. Tears also facilitate emergency. I understand that you are a man, and men do not cry. I was going to meet my girlfriend in the near future. I really want to talk to her about what to begin correspondence with you. I hope you do not mind?

I hope that not much bother you when you read my letter? And you still have the strength to meet me.
I really want to know what you think about what I write you this letter? It is very important that you understand me. I look forward to your reply. Also tell me how to pass your day? What's new place in your life? I'll wait on you new email, and if possible get your new photos.

I wish you luck in all your affairs.


Letter 4

And again, hello. Today I finish work later today and my message is not very large. I try to write as many as have time to close the cafe. I want to tell you that I'm starting to get used to your letters. I am accustomed to come to the cafe and see your answer. I always read your letter carefully, and sometimes even be, like you say all this to me looking in his eyes. I have very good imagination and a vivid imagination.
How to pass your day today? What is the weather you have today? Are you all right? Thou shalt not be afraid to tell me everything that excites you or disturb. I always try to understand, and if you are interested, speak their minds. I have one question I remember asking about it in the previous letter. You get my picture? Tell me honestly, I like you a girl? Tell me what you think. For me it is very important, I'm sure you understand.

I get a lot of emotion from our correspondence, as I see your concern. I see that you understand me. And I write in response to your thoughts. I appreciate it. Thank you. I want to continue it further develop our relationship, get to know each other better. So we can talk to each other more personal things. I understand that we're not very familiar with each other, and therefore can not yet say absolutely everything. But I am confident that once this change!

And now I want to talk to you about very important things for me. You're the only man with whom I communicate on the Internet. And only you I send my photos. I beg you very much, keep my photos safe, and do not show it to anyone. I very much fear that my photo may be the Internet, and someone from my family to see it. Then I have a very big problem. You already know that I run away from his father, because he want to marry me by force. And I do not want my father to find me and try to find me a husband again. I myself want to build their personal lives and their destiny. Also according to the laws of our country, the girls can not go to these open costumes in the streets, because it just cause condemnation. Most girls and women walk the streets in a fully closed clothing.
I send my photos just for you, because I believe you have a better idea to me when reading my letter.

As long as I stay in my country, I fear a lot. But one day, I'm sure I'll be able to leave my country. And then I forget about everything bad that to be before. I'm finally able to breathe the air of freedom. Do not think about what people think about the people around me do not be afraid of anything. And most importantly, if I decide to leave my country, I only do it when a man fall in love and decide to build their own life with him. Because for me now is the main goal of my life. I think that this man can be YOU. But it is too early to talk about it, we should get to know each other better. To understand how can you and I together. To understand what we feel and what we want and what power it has. I understand that we need more time. Do you agree with me?

Unfortunately, I must finish my letter. Since the Internet cafe to close, and I must go home. I want to write to you much more, but my time is running out. I think that now, when I come home, I include music and a little dream. And I hope that my dreams have come true.

I hope to receive from you early reply, I wish you good day and good mood.
Friendly hug.


Letter 5

A huge hello. I'm so glad to see again a letter from you. You keep me writing, and your letters bring me peace and tranquility. I want it to go further. I understand that my letters are also of interest to you. And I try to write to you more. I love to write you a letter very much, because to see your reaction to these letters. I wish that our correspondence will one day grow into a more serious relationship. But as I said earlier, this requires more time. And you and I must devote to this effort. Because long-term relationship should always build both human and only in this case is strong and robust relationship. Do you agree with me?
Today I wake up early in the morning, earlier than usual. Since I have little desire to stroll and feel the beauty of nature. I love to walk in the early mornings, when the city is almost empty and quiet.
Then I go to work, I have to tell you that the seller of children's work things, and I'm very fond of my work. Every day I communicate with customers, and most of them come with their children.
I also want to have children, because it should make every woman. Have children, this goal a woman to pass all their kindness and care for children. I also think that the child to strengthen the family, and make the relationship between husband and wife's foundation. The child must have two parents. To grow a full, and a lot of knowledge from the parent.
You already know that my age is 29 years old. And most of my contemporaries in my country already have children. I do not regret that, while not having children. And I have the confidence that one day it will be just a matter of time.

Today, I have not a lot of shoppers in the store. So I have a bit sad. Most of the day, I sit near the window and watch the people passing by the store. It occurs to me a strange thought. In my town I live not so many people, but each of these people have their lives, problems and joys. And on this planet lives a few billion people. And I start to think about such a thing as fate. Do you believe in fate? I start to believe it, after you meet and start conversations. You are a man from another country, which up to this point seem to me very far. But now when we communicate with you, I feel that, in fact, it's not very far. Your letters do you much closer to me .. I hope you understand what I write?

After I go home today, I'm going to cook some food. I usually do it for a few days in advance. Do you cook? What dishes do you prefer to eat the most? Now, what I eat just preparing myself. And often, when I visit my girlfriend Jaylin, it's what I try to cook. She's always telling me a lot of compliments about my food. For me it is very nice.
I really want to cook for her man, a man whom I love. I want to see my beloved man is always full and happy, full of energy after eating what I cook. But while I do not have this man in my life. And it's sad. Maybe one day I cook for you ...

After I have dinner, I prefer a little lie down, listen to music and relax. I rarely watch TV, because for me it's not very interesting. I usually only watch the news, and some educational programs. For example, about the history of different countries or ethnic groups. I believe that everyone should know the history of his country, and the history of his people. People should not forget history. Because if people forget their own history, they can repeat the many mistakes of the past. The worst thing that happened in history - this is war, it's always a lot of devastation, grief, death, and broken human lives. Therefore, we must always remember the story that it does not recur.
You think like me?

I also love to watch programs about animals. I really love animals. Do you love animals? I once read an article in the newspaper, which had such an opinion. What if a man is to love animals, then this man to be very affectionate and caring towards the woman. This is a very interesting opinion, what do you think about this?

Tell me also how is your day? I have a view of your normal daily schedule. I find it very interesting.

The most important thing I want to talk to you today, is confidence. Understand me correctly. In my letters I write to you a very personal thing, and I'm not afraid to do it. If my letters to see other people who live in my country, we strongly condemn these people to me. But I really want you to know me better. So I tell you all frankly, and not to hide anything. I see that it is interesting to you, I see it in your answers. And what you write to me, then you have an interest, and perhaps some of the plans. I think once you also tell me more.

I always write you nothing but the truth, and nothing from you to hide. Because I want you to trust me. Trust - is the basis for any relationship. Without trust there can be friendship. And even more, without trust there can be love. Trust, understanding and love are the three most important principles on which the family and kept. When two people are not afraid to tell each other the truth, it means a lot. The truth is often bitter, but it's true. Lies are always sweet. But a lie can kill any relationship. Lying is ruining all the good things. When a person begins to cheat, he at first deceive himself.
You already know that my country Azerbaijan - a Muslim country. And here, if the person is telling a lie, that person will be punished. Allah punish him later in life.
Here all the people are friendly, open to others and honest with each other. Honesty in our nation in blood.
I brought up in such traditions, and my parents always taught me to speak only the truth. Despite the fact that I go away from them, I still love them, and be grateful for education that they give me.
I always tell the truth, and my soul is clean, and there is no heavy load on the heart.

Therefore, I ask you to write me honestly, and only the truth. Never be afraid to tell me the truth, I always understood it, and take. Since this is the best way to communicate and the best way to get to know each other.
I hope you agree with me? I understand that we are familiar with you not long ago, and write each other a few letters. But I want to from the start, we build relationships on trust and openness. To start our relationship with sincerity. If we can achieve this in the beginning, then it will be much easier. If we have a controversial situation, then it will be easier to solve it.

I also want to talk to you about his character, but for me it's not so easy to do. I'm doing this for the first time. But try to make it better. I am very open person, I think that you already see it in my letter? I love sincerity and honesty, and always stick to it. I love when people do not hide their emotions. When people are able to express their feelings and show that close to people. I really adore the people who have a sense of humor. I believe that humor also facilitate our life, and laughter prolongs life. Do you agree?
I also have good intuition and understanding of other people. I see a man honest, and when he is not speaking the truth. I avoid contact with people who speak not the truth.
Like any girl, I really love everything to do with romance. I love love poems, beautiful romantic story.
When I was a teenager, I watch cartoons. And two of my favorite cartoon is "Cinderella" and "Beauty and the Beast." It's such a beautiful fairy tale, fairy tales about princes ..
When I watch these cartoons, I always imagine that dance with the prince. Or that one day, any ordinary person can become a prince to me.
We just love, and then the person to open up for you with a completely different side.
I guess every girl dreams of a prince .. But few of these girls to meet.

Now I will finish this letter, I hope that my letter today to let you know me better. And that you can begin to understand me better. My principles and my views. I hope that my views coincide with yours, and we will continue our dialogue further. Know each other better. I really want you to find free time to write me an answer. I really want to get from you the following letter, which will be great and rich your thoughts.

I hope for your understanding. Do not forget about me.
I embrace.

Letter 6

Hello my dear friend. How are you today? what is your mood? Today I have again come to the internet cafe, and my mood improved. I can not explain to you, but I have a feeling that today to see your answer. And my feeling is to be true.
I am very pleased that our correspondence continued. We also get to know each other, share thoughts and views on various topics. All of this gives me great pleasure. And I want to develop our relationship further. And you're interested to read my letters? What do you feel when you read my letters? I know this is important, because I want you to enjoy my writing.
I stay away from you in Azerbaijan. But each of your letter to make sense of closeness to you. I like to feel, see and hear everything that you write in your letters. This is an incredible feeling. I've never feel like that. Now I understand that making the right choices when you first write to you.
I really want to develop our relationship with you to grow this into something bigger. But I do not want to hurry. Since this is very serious, may depend on my future life, and my destiny. Therefore, if our relationship to grow into a strong feeling, I want it to be intentional. To you and I feel it.
I also have another feeling that one day our correspondence with you to transform into a stronger sense. I am a woman, and like any woman, I have a strong intuition. And I believe in it.

When I first write to you, I feel a very strong loneliness. Now I begin to think differently. I see your concern, I see your response to my letters. And I begin to understand that I am not alone. What is a good man who is far away from me. Who support me and the person you are. I can tell you everything, what to think. You are a man and you always tell me your opinion. Your opinion is always important for me. Because you're more experienced than I am. You have much more experience in this life than I am. And I always wonder when you share it with me. I am interested in every word you write.

I think that in this world are not so many good men. Of course there are good men in Azerbaijan, My father is trying to find my husband a few times before. But I do not want to man for me to find my father. I want to choose myself, listening to his heart, and following the wishes of that.
So I long to cease to look for a man here. Since Muslim tradition does not allow me to do it. I have explained this to you earlier. And I am very happy that I could find a good man through the Internet. I am sure that you are very good. And I can trust you and say all the most sacred.

Therefore, in this letter I want to say one very important thing. For me, it is important that you understand me. You know that I live in a Muslim country. And it is to have its own traditions and laws. On the traditions of our country, she must remain innocent (a virgin) until marriage. A girl should lose it's only in the wedding night. And if she breaks the law, it would be disgraced, and never will be able to have a family. Follow this rule, all the girls in our country. Probably so, in our country there is no such terrible things as prostitution. Police closely monitor it. I think that's good. Do you agree with me?
I also follow the law of Islam. And for all its life, I never have sex with men. I remain a virgin.
You can ask me how this is possible, but it is. I bred and raised here, and with these traditions. Yes, my age is 29 years old, and I do not have any sexual experience. You will probably find this hard to believe, since you live in another country with other moral norms. In your country woman to have a different behavior, the other freedom, and they decide this question. Maybe it's better. But I do not regret that remain a virgin. Since I assume that it should give only one male, to whom I will love. One who will love me. And with whom I will build a family. This will be the only man for the rest of my life. Only after I myself strongly to love a man want to spend with him all his life: When I see his love, care, affection and support, I make love with someone and build a family with him. I hope you understand me correctly??

I understand that at my age, some women have children, but I still do not. I really want to have a family, a beloved man. I am tired to be lonely. I'm tired of the monotony. I want to feel and show their feelings. I want to have a great love. I consider love - it's the most wonderful feeling, which is in the world. This is a gift that is given to us. True love brings so much joy and happiness that man can fly over all the problems and difficulties. Love helps to live makes life brighter and more varied. Do you agree with me?
I want to live a full life. But in my country, I can not do it.

I would also want to say in this letter about how I see the relationship with a man. I have a view of the long-term relationship based on mutual love. I believe that both men should try to make each other happy. More talk, discuss different issues, compromises and decisions. Two people who love each other, must understand and support what they love. Must trust each other, as the most important trust in the relationship. It is also an important skill, in my opinion, is the ability to forgive. All people make mistakes once, and the ability to forgive are not so many people. Of course you can forgive at all. I will never forgive a betrayal or treason. It is very painful. And so I always try to speak only the truth. Lies kill any relationship, and prevents live. It is better to tell people the truth, which can be bitter, but it's true, instead of cheating. Relationships based on love, trust, understanding and sincerity, this is the strongest relationship.
What do you think about the relationship? What are your thoughts? I find it very interesting to know, I think it's the same with my thoughts.

I want to know it all and tell you everything that you could see my serious intentions. So he can understand what I want. So I write you all this in detail. I want you to trust me. So you can feel all the things about which I write to you.

I think that once you write a lot more about all this. Once I reveal to you a soul. And you completely understand and feel how I feel.

I eagerly await your next letter. I want to see your answer, read your thoughts. Also send me your new photos. Write about everything that happen in your life. I would love to read everything you write to me. I want to think that this letter will become yet another small step toward building our relationship. This letter, I hope, will be one more brick to the foundation of our relationship.
We are just starting to build it. And from that as we build it, will probably depend on our future life. We build our own destiny and to choose our future.
Now I go home. I think it would be hard to sleep because I have a lot of different thoughts. I'll think of you, present and dream about you.
I very much want to see a beautiful dream in which you and I together.

I finish my letter. Once again, thank you for what you continue to write me!


Letter 7

Hi, my best friend. I want to call you so, because never in my life I do not have the best man. You are my very dear friend, and your letters always bring me much joy and happiness. When I read your letters, my heart is full of positive emotions. And when I write an answer, I feel a great inspiration. I am ready to write you about everything that I think about everything I feel. I am ready to reveal to you my soul. Because I know you always understand me, and always answer to my letter. Thank you for that.
How are you today as your mood, how is your health?
I feel very good. My mood is beautiful. Because you continue to write me. It means a lot to me.
I am confident that our relations develop further, and we become closer to each other. With each new letter we learn more and more.
I have a very strong dependence on your letters. Because when I get it, my mood is always getting better. I get the best charge of emotions, and the next day I have a good mood.
Please write to me often, and then my mood will always be beautiful.
We communicate with you not so long ago, but I have the feeling that we are old friends. As if I know you very long, and you are very close to my people. I can not explain this feeling, but it pleases me. Do you understand me?
Before, I could not imagine that in the letters you can send your thoughts and feelings. But when I start talking to you, I realized that everything is possible! When I read your letters, I feel your every word. I like to hear it. And I understand everything you say to me.
I do not even feel the great distance between us. As if you are near me.
I hope that you also know everything that I write to you, and you can feel what I feel.
As a girl I have good intuition, and I see people and understand them. I realize for yourself that you are a very good man. I trust you completely. I know that you will always be honest with me, and you will understand me. I am not mistaken in their perceptions. You are very kind, sensitive and understanding person. When I start looking for a man over the Internet, I never thought that I could find a good man. But I find you, and my best dreams start to become a reality. Therefore, I consider myself fortunate, I have great luck, what you find. I consider it a reward for my long years of loneliness. Now I do not feel lonely. I understand that you support me. I am very happy that I could get rid of loneliness.
Are you happy with what you communicate with me? What are the emotions you get from our own?
I promise that I will always tell you the truth. And I want you to do the same. I always estimate it will be sincere with you.

My dear, I want to remind you that you write a letter through a translator program. I understand that it is possible not to answer some of your questions. This may be a problem of translation.
So if I miss some of your questions, please ask me this again. You can do it point by point. For example:
1. You understand what I have in mind?
2. What is the place I occupy in your life?

Today at my work come from a woman child. She buys clothes for her son. I see that it is very sad, and have some sort of problem. I want to talk to her, and make sure that it is not sad. I ask her a few simple questions and then explain it to me the cause of her bad mood. I think that two women can always find a common language and understand each other well. She tells me that he begins to doubt her husband. She begins to think that he cheated on her. I ask why she thinks so? She talk to me. What he has to work until late, coming home later and go to bed at once. Udelat her less attention. Therefore, it is to doubt his fidelity. He explained to her that he wants to earn more money to make their lives better. So he spends much time at work. But she did not believe him, and so she had a bad mood. Then I say, that she should believe him because he was trying to do a lot for it, because it is likely to actually work a lot. And that he did not give her reason to doubt this. I myself am a woman, and I know that many women like to imagine, and in all situations immediately begin to think about the bad. I tell her that. She thought over my words, and then agree with me. I see her mood change for the better. Then we talked a little bit more, and she left me satisfied. She told me thank you very much for what I listen to her and tell her my opinion.
After that conversation, I also have a good mood. Because I feel that helped the woman. This is a very good feeling when I see that done good work, and did it just like that. I do not get anything in return. Only moral satisfaction from the fact that I helped people.
Do you help people free? To not ask for anything in return, and get pleasure from the fact that you do a good deed?
Please tell me your opinion about what to write you this letter.
Tell me also how is your day? What is interesting is happening in your life? I'm curious to read everything you write, I am interested in your life. Maybe one day your life and mine intersect more closely.
Maybe one day, yours and my career to become a single, common. I think about it every evening and night. I think that once you talk more about his feelings for you. First I must decide what I really feel and what I want.
I finish this letter. And with great impatience will wait your next letter.
Friendships hug just for you.


Letter 8

Hello, my favorite! Thank you again to write me a gentle letter! I was glad when I saw it and my eyes just sparkle, and I'm - to shine! But I'm afraid. What can you do not want to have to write me such a sense of openness to the letter?? or? If you think so, do not be afraid to tell me about it! We have to be sincerely with each other! I want to be sure that you want to build me a real serious relationship! Do you want to do this?? I tell you about my life, the whole truth. And I reveal myself from the inside! My character, my feelings and my desires, my love for you!
I saw in your letter that you agree with me in my reasoning about trust. This makes me much joy. This means that we'll have the same thoughts. For me it was very important to read your answer!
I'm not telling you a lie, because sooner or later the truth to learn. Maybe some people are trying to show the letters of their best, and they hide their negative qualities, perhaps so. But you must be sure that I write to you very seriously, and there is no exaggeration! I think about you every day, and you for me my man I want to know all the way! Today I was at work, and my head was part of the thought of you. I do not know how I continue to work and a little shaking hands Mogi excitement. I do not know what it was, but it tells me, and I tell you that you do not care about me! I would like you to achieve a wonderful future! I have a lot of good thoughts about the future! I can present it to you. Last night I went to bed alone, about 23 o'clock in the evening, in my cold bed! And I thought about us and wanted to lay next to you! Since I no longer want to live alone. When in my life you came from the letters, then I think the relationship has changed. I began to be already, if you and I were together! I think that if you are going with me, then we can talk to you all day and night! And we can tell each other the most wonderful words in the eye. If you were with me - then I would keep your hand and would look in your eyes! And would not miss your sight!
I would look at you and trying to understand what you're thinking about me. In your eyes I just knew it would. I think your eyes were shining like, and you would smile. We have more fall in love with each other. You are a very good man, with an open mind and big heart. Only a part of your heart you must give up his beloved girl, I think! I know already - you're a real man and strong. And you can always care about me. I think you're a man who could have my joy for life and to provide just to be together always. Always love and respect, always support and help. Do not disappoint and never cheat. As I - as a girl need care and affection. Every time I dream at night, when I get tired very badly, then I can just put my head to you on the shoulder or chest, and just to be with you next. To then go to sleep and after sleep - and you are back together. And to me you are guarded and protected!
I very much love to dream about it, because it is what I seek! And please tell me what you gonna do when you come home very tired? We live in the real world and realize all of our actions! I think we'll have a lot in common interests and outlooks on life, and unite us alone! I am confident that we will be very interesting together! Now I really want to ask you - yet you prefer a vacation with his girlfriend?? I hope you answer me on that! Yet so many thoughts in my head right now about the future course with you! But if you think that we have to hurry up, please tell me. But if you have a heart as I have - a very serious and great feelings and a lot of thought. So I am writing is true. I imagine our lives! But I think it should be!
Based on the letters we know each other figuratively - but even these letters can make a start! The beginning of love relationships. Start a new life in which you can forget the past! At which to begin a bright future. And the ability to create a family! If we both want it - then it's possible! You need to aspire to. And it would be the best moment in my life, an unforgettable feeling of joy and responsibility! Now, I finish my letter and I will be exciting to wait for your answer! It would be nice if your thoughts were similar to mine. Here, I am sending you 999 999 999 999 kisses. Please take them!
Your Anela

Letter 9

Hello, my favorite! Today my life and my day is filled with joy, so great to see your letter! when I read your letters, my heart skips a beat. I felt as much at the time of our correspondence, I very much changed, I became a different woman. Now when I look at this whole world through different eyes. I it becomes clear that life is not so bad. What appeared in my life happy. My life is filled with meaning. Once again I just want to fly from happiness, it is nice to know that I am someone very badly needed, I think I really need you and it's great. I always think about what you wrote about each word. I think about every word of his as well, and am afraid of mistakes! When the end of the letter I read - and say to yourself, I have to write a decent answer as you! And today, I again read all your letters again. And I see that you're asking me questions that you did not receive a response. And so you still get all the answers, and I beg you to ask them to me again, only here, in that order.
1 )........
2 ).........
3 ).......
So I'll see all your questions, and I'll just answer them! I hope you make it!
Gd help us, I am confident that everything will be fine! Looking through your words now, I still see them very much care and love! How are you dear? You know - have more and more desire to be together. Really make all our words! Yet last night I thought about good. I can tell you what - I imagined how we meet already. Still life with you I liked in my understanding. I certainly understand that not everyone will be like in my imagination, but I thought about the possible life which can not be! I started by saying that I am leaving Azerbaijan, and say goodbye to my friends. Then all at once is to sit on a plane and fly to you! And you buy a little red roses, and stand at the airport with you, and wait for me! I would really like if you meet me at the airport - or in any way:) Otherwise I'll just get lost and I would be unpleasant! What do you think? Then we meet, I run to you with open arms and hug you. You raise me in your strong, masculine hands! And make a few turns of joy. Hug and kiss me! You invite me to a transport, taxis or car, open the door for me, and yet we can sit together on the bus or tram. I know that you're a real gentleman. And I can see your concern for me from the first minutes of our meeting. And then we go to your house and we can talk, we will go quietly, so were able to enjoy first sight of each other. I was able to touch you a little! You feel, and also your touch! My smile is a big and exciting at the same time - but do not have fear when I see you. I'm sure those first few minutes until we're together, we will remember for a long time. This will be one of the most vivid impressions. This will give us both a lot of fun. Do you agree with me?
And when we come to your home, then you can show me your house. Still, I very much want to see it! Since then I can see how you live! And what do you have room. I want to keep your home clean and cozy. Worry about it. Yet no small part for me to play kitchen! I hope you give me allows you to cook to eat each day to you. For me, it will be only joy! I will always want to go you're always full! And I hope that this will be just you like it, everything that I cook! I would also like. That you sometimes helped me with this. If, for example, I do not have the strength to carve the meat - if you hug my arm with his hand. And just helping to put pressure on the knife! So that we can together make us faster and dinner! Every dish I want to try to decorate with greenery to make it give more flavor. You know, I have about cooking a lot of secrets, which you will learn gradually, I'll tell you! Since we can prepare different dishes, and east, the Caucasus! You can write about it very much, I just want you to know! I'll try to do so. That you never went hungry! And the rest of homework should not matter much. Since we do your house much more comfortable and cleaner. That even if you came to visit, had a very caring sense! You like it? Now I very much miss you every day, as you would like to see better today than tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!! Since so much sadness in my heart and my heart aches to have these dreams! I want this in reality one day!! I think you all well - and if you can write that, as you would have done, if you see me? I now want to call you my prince - because you're a man, I dream about!! And I was looking for you all my life and why only now found? But I know that happiness comes unexpectedly!! Darling, tell me if happened in your life something like that? Or our relationship with you this example? I love you, I have many desires concerning you. Believe me always! Please write me in your next letter that you think! And perhaps you'll tell me also about your dreams. I think you love to dream about beauty, but a feasible, as I am. I'll look forward to your letter, here, your forever Anela!!!

Letter 10

Hello, my big love most in this world Mike! I am very pleased to now come in an internet cafe to see you again from the letter. Of course I can call myself a happy girl already, because the next - always in my heart you have you, my prince! Sometimes after work I'm tired, even if sometimes I have bad mood, but after reading your letter I see a lot of care and affection. Constant support for me, I get it from you, and I appreciate it! Then again awakened in me a sense of courage and do not feel any fatigue and muscle pain! I am very happy to read your letter a great and again the smile back to me. Can you imagine a joyful expression on my face.
And this feeling of joy to me very much. Since I'm in love with you. And getting the word of love from the man she loved. And to see you - I dream of meeting with you is every day and night! I already know that you also thought about it, about our meeting. In your head, there are also these wonderful letters. I believe that when I come we spend a great time. Every day I dream about it! You talk about it also. We will do everything. Dance together. laugh and cry. Smile at each other and fall in love even more. Almost until the moment when our hearts will burst with joy and great love! You also, I hope you will help me in all of women's affairs? Since I'm a do everything I can not - I will need your help! I am a friend of my friend - her husband does not give wash, it erases things himself. I'm not saying that you did it. There nekotoye things to work in the house, which should be done only by women.
But I'll help you in this? I think yes and I have to have complete confidence in you is your word to everyone! I so badly want. you to believe me, my prince. If you will trust me very 100 true - then we will never have problems. You just have to know what I have always said. I am very loyal girl. and if I love you, I always will I be with you! To do this, and there is love, relationships. You certainly know this, I will not explain it to you! Because you're my most intelligent and loyal as man in this world. I must tell you - that if I come to your house? You invite me? I still do not know much, but can you help me find a job? Since I do not want to constantly build your problems! I want to help you in all things, and also in financial straits. If so we worked together for at least some portion I brought into our home! I am writing about it for the first time - but I want to work! In recent years I became very independent woman. Since all of these years I lived alone. I fully support themselves, their needs. That's why I also want to work when I come to you.
Then I could make you gifts, which for the earlier you know you will not! And then everything falls into place, I want it! I think you write to me about it, your assumptions?.
Today I will go to my friend yet, I want to spend some time with her. Trust her my thoughts. Tell all and discuss! I know that it is for me to be happy and have told me about it. If she has something new to tell me - then she tells me! I will not tell her what we're talking about in his letters, but I tell you about a lot of good! And very much hope that you are the same in reality. What can I trust you are very important in my life! I want to be with you always, always kiss you!
And always look in your eyes, embarrass you a little bit with my own eyes! I will definitely like it. And everything, everything that I wrote to you that you get in your head. To ponder and write me the answers. I write to you are serious things that I want to! And you're with me and discuss any topic you can!
I certainly want to discuss with you all and I want to touch such a theme is like sex. I can talk to you about this if you want! If you're telling me that you like sex? And maybe you think about it at night ???????? Then do not hide it Mike!!! Please tell me what you want! I know that I would be hard to talk about it. But I'll try. Since I have never had sexual intercourse with a man. Do you understand?? Since sexual intercourse with a man my religion forbids, until my wedding.
Then I'll see your answer! And maybe tell you. I think that night! What I dream and I want to do with you, of great love for you. This is certainly sweet moments that will never be forgotten. And there are more and more fantasy that I want to tell you! I think you know it will be interesting! So I say goodbye to you soon! I think that your answer for a long time I do not have to wait.
Now I as wish to answer your questions:
1) I to speak in the native Azerbaijan language but as I know (not so well as would like) English.
2) you can come to me, and I fairly do not know, that for this purpose it is necessary to you. But if you come at us with you one problem, we with you cannot be together, and go on a city together! It will be not so good for me as then all will think, that I am spoilt, and I will have a shame. And so, we with you could communicate only, and that if us will not see who.
3) What to concern a gift, I think, that it is not so good idea as I know, that it will not reach me. It not your country where all to do for people, here can is simple vanish your mail and who it you not to bring.
I love you darling, I want to hug you now and say these words in his eyes, and whisper softly in my ear! And they say that first love is remembered for a lifetime? Many kisses to my sweet prince !!!!!!!
Here, yours forever, and I think Anela!!!

Letter 11

Hello my favorite Mike! My most gentle and caring man on this planet. My sun, my happiness and my love! I am so happy to receive your letter, read it now. That's all I want now, because waiting for your reply with great impatience. Since I am without your letters I can not live like a fish out of water. This comparison is of course, because I really can not live without your letters. You write very lightly, just because I like it. We always want to hear from you these words to me. Always and everywhere. I do not care at what point and how we the people will stand beside us. If you can pronounce all these words - words of love, then I'll be the happiest girl. Only you have to say it with sincerity and conviction, what exactly do you want me to say it! I am confident. What will I kiss you all the time, that I'll never be upset with you because you are my light, for which I want to live and strive for the better in the future !!!!!!!! And all that I dream about when we meet again in the future will be for us !!!!!!
My love, I really liked how you wrote and told me. I'm just waiting to write to you !!!!! Yesterday, I was not seen with friends, because I wanted as much as possible to dream of us. About our love and affection that I want. I dream about this very romantic. You will like it? If you're going to come to work. And I'll wait for you have always !!!!!! Every day, and only you, because I just no longer needed !!!!! If we meet now and would already be together. Then when you come home - and I meet you with open arms and hands. You undress and place in a bathroom. To wash, so you sit at the table is clean and dressed in home clothes. Then I sit at the table! I think I will never dine without you, always waiting for you, and we sit down together. So it will be more enjoyable for you to have dinner with me, I think.
Yet when we have dinner and tea, we talk about it after us again. We tell each other the most wonderful words that we want. I'll call you my prince, and my love - my ideal and dream. Because it is so! You are most kind and gentle man in the world! I think you're ready to do everything for me, and I appreciate it !!!!!! I feel your great love for me, your kindness and your gentle hands, your body and your breath. I keep ... after dinner when we - we can relax a bit, and then still a little walk! Can you show me the most fabulous places in your city. As I already said - I want to know everything about you, you are showing me exactly everything that is associated with you. Maybe you'll like some place, perhaps it would be romantic! You please him memorized. And then we go along there to spend time with. You do anything you tell about this, and I will listen to you very carefully! We can then immediately return home or go somewhere else!
You're more familiar with your place and that's why you see me off! We can go where people would sit, there are places with you, I'm confident. Then we'll walk together and hold hands. Then all people will look at us and smiling. So I think we'll fine example of a pair that fits together. Such a pair that has a purpose in life, we seek always what we want to achieve together. I do not even doubt darling! You are my beloved man, very caring, and I never will not give you. the main thing that you do not want to leave me, or I just can not keep you! But I do not think about it, because you are a man and he must choose a life partner!
From the mind and the desire! Still cute, I want to write more! As I told you, and I asked you last time about sex. Since this is also a very important part in the relationship and very beautiful.
But the important thing: I still never had to experience sex. I understand that it is difficult to believe, and it seems weird ?????????? But this is so, and please believe me !!!!!!! But the important thing is that now I have the desire to make love to you !!!!!!!!!! Because only with you I want to embody in a reality all my doing and dreams. And I think that if you give me this helps - will be quite well already! I want to. I want you to understand - I am very gentle, and you want to start always with affection. I want to massage your back, a little to relieve tension. At the same time feeling your regular breathing. Every man loves a massage from the sensitive hands of a woman ???????? I know how to do it, and you'll have to catch a lot of pleasure from it! When I finish, I leaned to you about your back my breasts, if you want it!!
And I think that this question is that you very much interested, and now you see a very important answer for you! Yes, indeed I have no experience, and it is normal in my country, and also in many countries where the practice Islam!

And then I just have to stroke you in the ear and tell you softly that I love you, darling! You are my good and tender! my hand and then walk slowly to your pants and I touch your penis! First, through his pants and stroking it very gently! When I my hand you will have between your legs - it will be very good for you! I think that by this time your body will already be up and does not tolerate any more! is that true? Then you just turn around and we're looking face to face and look straight in the eye! Not to be distracted and have all the same contact, that is just invisible thread - that binds us together. Our minds! You bring your hands to my body and make me feel as great a desire to make love! And then you start to take off my clothes, so I was naked. Next, I think the same thing that you do also like! Then all your fantasies are the same? I continue to take your penis and start to dream, gently touching the tip! You get the most from this excited to just hug me and just start to love already!
But I just want to pinch him my breasts. To his heat and massage! You tell me if you want more! When we will be in this state, perhaps I can take it with his lips to kiss! From this you will be more fun? I am ready to do this ONLY FOR YOU! And I must say - that never before did not do it, but I want to try it with you! Only with you - a man whom I love very much and I do not want anyone else to give! But I want you all to say my fantasies!! So that you know and then waited for this moment! So that when we both have an excited state, then you give me pleasure for already! That he was ready, bring me pleasure. Here it will be like me for sex cute, so I imagine it !!!!!!! To bring you up to a maximum possible state, so you'll never forget it!! I want you always been good to me, that you went satisfied. Since this is important for me too! I think I've also always be with you satisfied. And I said - yes, it was something nice, this has not been with me such pleasure and trial of love! I want it, and I think that I could tell you what I think! That's what I think at night! What do I dream with you! I think you write me your opinion? I look forward to your letter again. And I will reply to you always! Always tell me what you think and how you imagine!
I just want to say that all of what I wrote to you here - this is my dream. I have read many romance novels before, and it was so exciting. I want our relationship with you, everything was as beautiful and romantic. I think we can make our relationship more beautiful and more emotional than any book novel. We are going to find better ways to do!
Can you imagine life with me and all that, I wrote to you today? Do you want this?? Would you like right now? I love you darling! I'm always for you, your princess Anela

Letter 12

Hello, my biggest and strongest love!! I'm happy now because I see your letter, I can read it and respond to you right now. I have the time to do so again. I'm really happy - and my joy every day to get more! At the sight of your letter my heart is beating strongly, more than one, and the feeling - it just jumps out soon! Then, if it is to jump from my body - it is only part of my heart. She will fly to the sky you to your house - and joins you. Thus, I want to tell you that part of my heart to give you want. And give all my spirits and joy, all my love to you. Tell me what is your mood today? I think that all is well and you write about how you spend day and night?
I'm still last night and closer to the night was already thinking about us again. I just do not watch TV, and not distracted by what is not! I suddenly thought that if all of what we write can happen in reality, as well as our words! That is so fast people can fall in love on the letters. I write you the truth about all my feelings and my love for you!! But what about sex - I do not do any masturbation. I just think a lot about us and fantasize. In my last letter I told you that I am still a virgin, and it's true. Since, according to the Muslim religion she should not have sex before marriage. I've never been married, so I'm still a virgin. Perhaps in this hard to believe, but true.
What I think and I can not do it in the words of display! So much I want relations with you. Closer to you, I love your inner world - what's in your heart. And you're telling me about it, and I think that you are the just man I want. Yesterday I was thinking of us and a lot of planning. What is still not live without you. Letters - this one, and you do that you can understand that very well, we do not know each other. And if we can meet one day - then it will be a moment that just shows that we have for each other. I did not drop no doubt - that if I see you really - is all very well between us. And if I told you in the eye can see, then I'll see everything, all their brilliance, which will go out of your eyes to me. Then I just smile, then I'll understand everything at once, all your feelings and love for me. Yes, just by the look! And if I see all your actions, which would have shown concern for me or courtship. It is necessary for me to know and see in you! I am confident that I present to you just so, who would like to see, and what you really are. I have good intuition, and it is always confirmed in his life. My intuition tells me that you're the best man for me, I want to be with you. I would like to start a new life with you, which would allow me to completely forget all the past that happened! To then just do not remember it. I still do not think about it, just telling you. Now, all my desire to meet you. But if you're going to go with me? You have such a desire?
I think that this is not a good option. Because if one of my friends here in Azerbaijan recognizes me. They will immediately report this to my parents. And my father will see and know - I'm with you. I can not allow this. As the law then I will punish you!! BUT !!!!!!! If I come to you dear. Then I have the right to leave Azerbaijan, and then build my life as I want. And also can I change my religion. I can take another faith, if need be!! you know everything that I write?? Here, in Azerbaijan, can not I be with you. This is a very important condition !!!!!
In my head and I can not think of anything else. All of those things, house, parents, my family and my job - it's all you can leave! Although friends and parents forever in my heart, and I will be able to visit them one day with you! If I come to you, then I can go to work in Azerbaijan and work with you. And I think that you are helping me in this! What a salesman in the store is very easy to get in your town, and everywhere they need. Professionals who know how to work with people. I already want to work with people to try. Who are not from our country. This for me will be very interesting and attractive, maybe I can change their style more than others! I can also sell products, or we think together about where I could work. The first thing I'll be good to learn your language, so I'm able to communicate normally with the buyers. all the same - but first we will discuss this at the meeting. If we want, we create everything with good intentions.
That is, I want to tell you that at first we can meet up for some time to learn - if we can be together or? What do you think ???????????????? And if we see it, and already 100 sure we will approach each other, thus to live together. Then we'll talk about the wedding to go!
I love you very much and would gladly have also met you. I'll wait for your answer to this is cute !!!!!!!!!!
Yet if we meet. I say - it's completely different, it is no longer writing. Letters bring much joy and many desires, many dreams!! But they can not all the feelings that I have to transfer to you. All those emotions and my mind! You can not look at my eyes. That's why I say this all to you now!
If we meet - then all that we write to each other can do, and we will be able to put into reality. We can make love in bed and can walk around the various streets and the most beautiful places. We can bring every night to each other pleasure, to be happy. I would like you to massage all the time, every time the view when you're tired. I would like to engage with you love, with each of our common desire and want. To all that you write well you could do! You write as you love me and want a great love. We can do it soon! I was thinking yesterday that last dream, as it is more a desire to meet.
I am so much waiting for your answer! In general, what do you think? Tell me your thoughts and then we solve everything!
I eagerly wait for your letter, I will! And I want to say again that I love you Anela !!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 13

Hello, my biggest love in this world! I am very glad that I can now write your response to your letter! I am full of energy and strength, good mood and full of positive. This is what I need! How are you, what is your mood like the weather with you? I here the weather is warm now, I love this weather! In this weather I do not love to walk quickly down the street and enjoy this weather. Now I am very pleased, and yet I would like to visit you, and therefore knowledge about you is very important to me! But the letters do not see it all - you need to watch it with thine eyes. Always better to see everything in person, instead of reading about it! . I think that all the most important thing I know! I strongly want to see you now. This is my only desire, and I would really like it now! If I knew how everything, then I fly to thee alone the sky, and come directly to your house. Already have stood in the doorway, and you would have seen me. Or, if I knew how I can travel to you - then there would be planned. But I still do not know!
I want to tell you today - it's important that I was going to go for these days in Baku, a travel agency. Just go I'll go tomorrow, and of course I choose for this time. All the information that I know, I'll tell you! I understand that if I agree to this step - then I'll have to spend so much power!
There is a good agency. They have all the necessary connections c consulate in Baku, also at the airport. And they can easily organize my travel to you. And as in any country. I talked to my friends who have used the services of this agency. I've rasprashivat them about this agency. And all of my friends gave me the best reviews. They noted that the agency professionals who are doing everything necessary. I trust my friends and I'm sure if I will also use the services of this agency, then everything would be done best way.
When I'm coming back, then I'll know their e-mail address. That you could also write them a letter and find out everything you need.
I'll go to them and learn all about the trip. ok?

I do not doubt that our future relations will be no doubts and mistrust each other. I'm sure our love will live long, it will pass any test. When two people love each other, they can overcome any obstacles. Do you agree with me? You're telling me that I am outspoken and a beautiful girl. And if I love you, then you also will love me and never give up. I believe you, I believe in every word you say. I do not consider myself naive, but my heart tells me that you are sincere! What you really want only the best for me! My heart is not wrong! I know this for sure!
I love you and most importantly, I think so, and if I meet you and together we will - then I become the happiest girl on this planet. I will never leave you, my beloved man! I never think badly of you. I am a girl who knows how to forgive, and if there are errors, then I will not hurt - you're correct them! It also will be present at my side, and depend on me and on whether you know how to forgive. You can not doubt my words. Since I write to you just what I think and what I dream! And all my promises - is not an empty word! It is true, and if properly understood, then you can see me this! I'm sure you already know me well. You know my feelings for you, you know my hobbies and my many thoughts! When I come to you, I'll talk much more! Can you see me, watch me. You will be able to see and feel all my feelings for you. I really want this! I want to give you my love, and also see and feel your love for me!
And if between us will be such feelings, and full confidence. Then we meet, no matter what. I would like to feel you soon, stroking you and show all of my care and love to you my caring prince. I understand that my life now depends on you! And I think that you look at it from the correct side! I want to see you be the woman he loves. So that you never leave me!
But is this possible? I can learn it!! And then I'll be able to see your response, your beautiful words about love. Your feelings about me and what you think! And remember - for the sake of love, I will do anything! I would like to hear from you as the words. If you think so, if you write to me. It will be very difficult to meet, and we must understand both. I've never flown anywhere else outside of Azerbaijan. It will be very difficult and not easy! I think - that our meeting will be spending all our efforts and endeavors, it will require care and concern from thee! But we are ready and we will strive towards this, right? We will not give up !!!!!!!!!
I will finish my letter today! I will be glad to see from you response to my eyes sparkled with joy! I give you kisses 9999999999999999999999999!
I love you, my gentle and caring man!
Your are here forever, Anela!!!

Letter 14

Hi, My biggest love!! I am very glad to see your letter now, I'm back in internet cafes. Every time I come here and see your letter, then my mood immediately improved to its highest level. Your letters really do wonders. The most important thing for me is that you continue to write me. I am glad to receive any letters from you, how big or small. The most important thing is your attention to me, your attitude towards me. But still I love to receive a letter from you in which you write too much. Then I can learn more about all of your day on your mood. For me, it's very important!
I think many of us, as we will be together. What will we do to become closer with each passing day. last night dreaming about it and have thought that you meet me! What does it all very easy and no problems. Then I was happy to run your hands. So you can hug me! If you're going to hug me already at the first meeting - then everything changes. I'll see your concern and your desire to be with me. Everything depends only on us. And if we want to be together, together we will certainly try. I also thought a lot about our love, and realized that I can not wait for our meeting! And I see in your letter that you are also interested in it. This morning I was after a dream, and you again in my head. You should know that if I were you seychasso me. Then I would not be alone. If I meet you - then I no longer needed for the remainder of life. I love you with all my heart. All my thoughts are only about you and about our meeting with you!
What if we now, soon to meet? Then we will have enough time to be together. Because what I learned already in agency of travel for me very great pleasure! Indeed, I can tell you - that I went to Baku, and learned all there. I'll tell you a little below their environment. Yet all is remarkable, and I am very happy news! I told them - that met a good man on the internet and now I want to it. TO YOU MY FAVORITE! Then they gave me a barrage of questions, here are a few of these questions:
- You ever traveled to another country? I answered "NO".
- Have your friends or relatives already abroad and what are their impressions? I said that my uncle once went from Azerbaijan to Europe. He then traveled to other countries.
- If you really want to leave Azerbaijan, then you would have the following documents: visa and passport. And tickets in both ends. Since I will have a tourist visa. And I have to buy a return ticket as well. Otherwise I would not be able to let you into the country. Such rules in this agency, and in general in our country.
- Do you fly ever on an airplane and how do you carry? I've never flown on an airplane and for me it is the first time at all.
favorite I would like to ask you - if you fly on an airplane, then there are the side effects? Is it scary to fly an airplane? Very much looking on TV, that the planes crash into the air? Therefore, I find it difficult girl from the agency to answer this question!
- Then she asked again: Are you going alone or with someone from support? I replied that I want to go alone, because I will be waiting for just one.
- You know that many women are flying over the border from Azerbaijan to Europe ????? Here IMPORTANT! The girls then do not return home. Because it still live there. I also asked, how can you stay forever? They said - if you're just going to have a wedding, then you can get citizenship in almost every country, it is the law world. But they also told me that the girl and returned to Azerbaijan, because they are prostitutes. Because men abroad is not all sweet and honest. They make the girls work their bodies and so on. I was very surprised! Do you have a well ??????????????? in your country ????? please answer me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a little upset by this !!!!! BUT I think of a better.
I believe you 100! But I'm afraid. But I am willing to risk for us. For the sake of our happiness, for the sake of our love and our future!
So, on the documents: visa will be valid 3 months, and the passport will be valid six months. To do this, I must give a lot of documents to visit you! I'll have to make medical certificates, certificates of residence and information about my salary.
I have no problems with the release. Since 2 years I have been working without a vacation in the store. So my boss can let me go. No problem.
I sum up - which still has no problems with my arrival to you! I can get all the information and documents for approximately 2 to 3 days. Then I'll give it to start preparing my passport.
BUT TO AGREE, I NEED TO KNOW YOUR OPINION ????????? Do you agree that I flew to you as soon as possible? I think it's all right!
They showed me pictures of happy people who are now together. They showed me a lot of diplomas for successful work. With 3 months women and men in general find a pair. And get lucky. I thought it was a chance for us! Beloved, if we love each other and when they met a very strong or even stronger. Then I would like to stay with you forever. FOREVER. But we'll talk more about it at the meeting. I'm ready for anything. Yet it is certainly a problem with payment. Since I am not a rich girl. And such a long trip would cost a large sum of money. I doubt that I can pay in full all of my trip.
When I start looking for a man on the internet, then I could not imagine that everything would be so fast. What will I find you, that our feelings are so strong. And I can not wait for our meeting. So I did not think about it.
I hope you do not look for a rich girl??
I now finish my letter, and forced to leave! I wrote this letter a long time and my hands are a little tired. But I do not regret that I wrote all this to you. Since it is important for both of us. If you are seriously thinking about us, please tell me the answer.
But I do not want to wait a long time. Since I must give my answer to the agency the next day. Tell me the answer. and then again, I'll write them a letter. We can write letters to them via e-mail. As I and you. If you are really interested in meeting with me, then you can learn everything directly to the agency. I'll give you their e-mail address:
You simply write them a letter, call my name. To say that I addressed in their agency. And then they will give you full information. I think you know more than me in all these cases related to travel. And you can find out everything very quickly. I hope you will write them.

I love you, my dear! You are always with me in my heart.
I miss you, hug, kiss tight!
Only your Anela!!!

Letter 15

Hello my dearest love !!!!!!!! I see your letter, thank you! I'm very happy now again write you this letter !!!!!!! And I want to again tell you all what I think. But I'll be honest with you. Absolutely, because it's my money.
I really love your letters! VERY MUCH !!!!! And if your letter is true. Then when they meet me will be easy with you. And I can love you! Because your letters very careful! And so I'm with you honest! And would never betray you. Since in our country, the word "honesty" is the main! I see that you are sincere with me, I can feel it! I believe you, in your every word. Because I love you much! That love for you compels me to do it all! I'm starting to learn all about the cost of my trip to you. I really want to come to you soon, but I will need your help.
I want to reassure you, as I am an honest girl. She was raised directly from an early age to be honest and tell the truth. And the more I live in Azerbaijan, with strong traditions! Even if the truth is bitter, though better !!!!!!! The truth is that I found you. And yes - I agree! We knew only online. But if we do not trust each other - then all of what we write is useless! It is also true !!!!!!!! I just want you to believe me 100! Love is not built right away, piece by piece. The bridge of love, is the invisible thread - which is between us. I feel it !!!!!! I see this thread, and already feel. Because I - I love you !!!!!!!! I do not think at all is just about anything else.
By my letter I want you to seriously. I want you to believe me dear. my prince !!!!!! I would never deceive you not. I am already 29 years old, and I do not want to lose all my life! I just found you, I want to meet you, be with you. But I want it now. As it is I can not stay here in Azerbaijan. I want to go from here to you. To be near you to learn better with you, yours family and friends. And if I'm feeling right now, I want them to experience the very!
I would never have deceived you all. I want you to know and understand! I am a lonely girl. I am also afraid of anything!! I fear that the agency told me - about prostitution. BUT I KNOW YOU DO NOT DO THIS TO ME! You have promised, and told me not to worry! You told me this - and I believe you! You should also think is true about me !!!!!!!!! I am afraid that you reject me after my arrival. But these thoughts just go away. I try not to think about bad things.
I make a big step - if the food to you. And I do it, already thoroughly thought over. This is not a spontaneous decision. This is a deliberate step, and I am fully confident that this step is correct and necessary. So we can get to know each other better. So that we can carry out all our dreams. To make our love become stronger and bring us pleasure and positive emotions. Only our meeting will help us to get it all! Do you agree with me? And I do not want to stop.
But I have a very strong desire to visit you. I want it. I want to come to you right in your hands. And all the things we dreamed of - that you met me at the airport. I dream about it and want it to be, as soon as possible.
And I told all the agency. Here, in Baku, in Azerbaijan and in general. If someone finds that a person tells a lie! Then it will be punished. And even the agency can not tell a lie. Otherwise, they will be severely punished by the police. Here, in Azerbaijan, all based on truth and trust. And many people know each other, and they know - from what I have family.
So, therefore I believe the agency 100! If they said they would be able to prepare my passport !!!!!!! And I also order tickets !!!!!!!!! - Then it is certainly true. if they could not - then they would have said so. I get a visa in Baku, at the Embassy.
I'm going to get a visa at the embassy, ??but through an agency. Since the embassy many turns. The agency says - that can make me an official, a tourist visa to your country. And with no problems. To do this, it takes about 10-14 days. But we have to wait for?? I think yes.
It is important now !!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!
The agency tells me that laws create are not they, and our government. They told me that I can go to you only on a tourist visa. And if I agree to this. Then they can do it for me, for you and me !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Government to take care of our people. And they do not want to let the girls from Azerbaijan for a reason. I tell them that you have met before. And now I want to meet for a long time. And so I ask them a visa for 3 months.
BUT for a marriage for you and me to do the documents only in your country. I can not prepare these documents here! I am sure that you understand!
Buy tickets made after obtaining a visa.
With regard to payment. I do not want to upset myself, but it's so much. I am ashamed to talk to you for help!! But the trip is very expensive. But if you can help me. Then I see that you are really honest man, and I want to see!! I can not pay for the whole trip itself !!!!!!
I have too many running costs. Since I have to pay for the apartment, I have to buy food and clothes. So at this point I have no savings.
I also do not think you're a rich man. I do not care how much money you have, and how much income you have. I'm not important. I was brought up in poverty. And why no riches I do not care. I want you to be clearly understood that. I'm concerned about is your only concern and love. I want you to have always guarded. Since I want affection from you. Because for all his life nothing is not experienced. In your letters, I was able to understand that you are really gentle and caring. What do you truly love me and want only the best for me. I believe in what you can make me happy! And I want it. In our case, money - it just means that we can meet! Do you understand that? This is only a material issue. I really hope it does not become an obstacle to our happiness. What it can not prevent our meeting?
I am willing to take risks and try it with you nice !!!!!!! And it will index. We can meet or not?
And I promise from the heart, and with full confidence I tell you - we do this trip themselves. And then our souls and hearts will be quiet! I ask the agency to believe.
They also say that I am able to work in your country without problems. For example also, by profession a seller or a kitchen worker? Also help me look for a job? But as a tourist visa will be, I can only work when my next visit you. Then I'll be able to do another type of visa that will allow me to work officially!
I did not hurry at all. I'm just looking face. If you want to - we meet. If you do not want to meet now for any reason. Then I can not wait long. I'll be very upset. because I can not live without you. I'm going to cry, and this pain will not go away for a long time. But that's life, is complicated. I can not write letters on the internet you every day then. Since it is difficult for me. Be away from you, it's very hard. My feelings need to translate in real life. This will be secured and developed. Do you understand that? We can write hundreds of letters, long time. We can share photos. But it will not bring us much pleasure and joy, like a live meeting. One meeting can give a lot more emotions, memories and joy. The letters can never be replaced so. Do you agree with me?
I always dream of you, I say to all of you. So I call this feeling - love !!!!!!!! And this is pure and true love. This love has great power!
But if we wait - it all away from me and you. you know? We are just going to become pen pals. I do not want it! I want real relationship, live emotions and feelings. I like that. I can not change it.
But if I meet you now, as I want. Then I'll be happy. I want to. you to think. thinking a lot and give me your answer tomorrow.

yours forever Anela!!!

Letter 16

Hello my dearest, darling, sweet and caring my man.
Once again, I come today in an internet cafe to see your letter. To be happy when I read it, as it always bring me much joy and happiness.
Every day, every minute, I think of you. every time I go to bed, I represent as you lie in bed, and my night would not be so lonely. And soon I'll fall asleep, and you'll hug me. I'm going to feel your warmth. And it will be the most beautiful days for you and me.
Every morning I wake up and I will cook you breakfast, so you feel my love my job. What would your morning started well and just went on a wonderful day yours.
And every night I will meet you. You'll arrive tired, and maybe even you will not have feelings, because you could be a tough day.
But when you come to my house, and there I'll wait for you. I'll cook you a delicious dinner. And I'll try to do everything to make you change your mood, and be happy. And your mood change, and you realize that you are very important to me, and I love you with all my heart.
After you and I, we go to bed. Maybe you find a very interesting film. And together we'll watch it. But if you want to go for a walk, go to his friends, or just go to the movies, I'll gladly go with you. And I am confident that we'll be wonderful to spend time together.
This will be the most wonderful days on which you can only dream of in a dream.
And I understand that when I be in your country, it is to be very much new to me. New places, new faces. And of course I will not get used a lot of hard just to do so. But I know that you'll always be near. And of course, you will help me to feel comfortable in your country.
Now, I am waiting for that day when I get out of the plane, you will stand with flowers, so even if you do not take them, it will not play a big role, because when I see you when I can touch the you. That to me any more what not to! At this point, I will very happy and joyful. Because my dream to meet you at this point becomes a reality. And I see your eyes, and I'll tell you the words that I keep in my heart. I can not describe in my letters. Since I can not find words to describe to you my feelings for you. And I can not describe to you all my joy, that I find you in this big world!
And of course I want to say again thank you for what you have. And for what you show me that there is love in the world. And you made me feel like such a caring, affection, and tenderness.
And now I hope you will write all the same agency, and discuss with them about everything. And we'll be there together.
Now I say to you "yet". Tomorrow I will come again in the Cafe, and will wait for your letter. And of course I'll wait for your answer.
I love you.
And remember that you are always with me in my heart.
Your Princess Anela.

Letter 17

Hi, my favorite Mike. Today I am very hurry to a cafe to see your letter and write to you, that would please myself, thy words of love, warmth and caring. that soon we'll be together, and that we will be happy with you.
Yesterday when I go home, I really wanted you to come with me.
You know, I see many people who come along. They hold hands, and I see how happy they are. And earlier, before I met you. I dreamed about the same feeling. And I wanted to walk the same way with the beloved man. Love it. Feel that he is with you.
Who understands me, and that will tell me honestly that he loves me. Not only for my beauty, but for my thoughts and feelings. And I like him such as I am. And he will not see in me only sex partner. He will see me, my favorite girl. Which to him is very much needed in his life.
And when I realized that you are the one man of which I dream. And at first I did not believe it. What can it be, I found him of whom dream of.
But now I know that you are just that. Anyone who loves the one who understands, and he to whom I give my heart.
And now I smile. Because I'm happy.
And I want to thank you for your love. What do you give me your feelings and show me that there is such a great feeling - the love and care.
And soon it will feel a hundred times more ....... when you take my hand, look me in the eye and tell me that you love me.
These words are my heart will explode. And probably, I cry. Because I could not believe what happens in life is happiness. And it happened to me.
Now we're together, and soon all of what we can dream right now in our letters will be a reality for us.
I love you, and it's true. And every day I think about you.
I represent you as you go to sleep with me, will you hug me. I'll feel your body heat, and to know that person next to me, whom I love. And sweetly to fall asleep in your arms.
And certainly when we're going to walk and hold hands, the other girl will see it and be jealous of me, as I did before when people see that to be together, and that LOVE !!!!!!!
My dear, you are now my dearest person in my life, with whom I want to tie my life. And you make this soon.
And we have to wait quite a lot of it either.
I am very glad, that you will speak with agency, and I to understand, that you should speak to them about whom you to be interested.
My full name Anela Trulec.
City Karrar
And I hope, that they to speak all to you!
Now I will finish my letter. I do not want to stop, but tomorrow I will write to you.
And I want you to know that I think about you every minute. And with my every breath, I can not stop loving you no where.
You are always with me in my heart.
Always with you, your Anela

Letter 18

Hello Mr Mike,
Thanks for your answer and also for your information.
We have received some data on that that the girl can already receive documents in 13-14 days.
Thus she can fly to you soon. As soon as the girl can pay a trip.
Then all will be ready also expectation of your meeting.
But the girl and has not answered me precisely a question of payment of a trip.
I ask you to solve this question.
I will send a copy of the letter to the girl. And to inform it to me.
Yours faithfully, Mr. Azat,

Baku: +994(12) 4338930 / Tallinn: +372 545 4444
AZ, Baku

Letter 19

My dear. Once again, I come to the cafe. And again I see your letter, full of love and joy. Tenderness, and of course, your feelings for me. I remember, and want to find in my memory, when I was as good as now. But I did not get. And I once again make sure that you only change my life now, and I like the feeling that in my heart.
I really miss you with me now. And I'd like to touch you and hug you. Kiss her. A taste of your lips. Hear your voice. See you in the eye.
I want to kiss you and say that I love you very much, and that my life or what not to but you. And these words, I would like to repeat millions of times, so you always know and remember how to clean my love for you. And how strong my feelings.
You know I brought it so I appreciate the real value. Friendship, loyalty and love. But I see that all these words, many people simply do not try to remember, and even sometimes forget about these beautiful words. For them, much more important than anything else.
And for me the gold, it's just metal, diamonds - beautiful stones, and the money - paper, for which many are killed.
And because of these "jewels" Some people become beasts, who are willing to bite for a handful of coins, even their friends and relatives. I am very sorry for these people, because in these moments, they have lost all human, all feelings, all of life. And for them there is no longer anything good. Money, power, expensive jewelry for these people to become idols, gods whom they worship. And who manage them.
Yes, there are moments that money to save lives. I see on TV once, that one boy needed a heart operation. He was sick from birth. And the family who did not have the money to cure his son, asked for all that they have helped them. Many turn away, many people simply think they are crooks. And some do not mind the latter gave her mother of that child. I gave myself. Let's not much, but still, I know that my money helped him.
Because after I see the boy on TV, where he said thank you to everyone who helped him survive, and gave him a chance to live.
And I know that he now also knows that money is not important, but they sometimes help people to live, and save lives.
Although, if the doctors do everything for free, then the mother would be less tears she shed at night, I think that her child was able to leave this world at any time.
You know darling, I represent as it is with the child beside him, and did not know he will survive or not.
Now on my face rolled a tear when I remember it all and you write this story. And, just smile, because I know that this boy is alive, and it has a good future.
That is why parents or when not to tell me that money and gold thing in human life. The main thing for me is the soul, friends, love. That is what money can not buy. And even if someone is a rich man thinks that he has very loyal friends. Let him see them when he becomes poor. It was his "friends" will not give him even a piece of bread, and do not stretch his hands to help him get to his feet.
Do you agree that the love of money can not buy, just friendship, and soul?
You know, I know there are girls who are sold for money, and it's not just a prostitute. This is a celebrity. I see it in movies, and news. And I'm not pleased to realize that a girl can be evaluated as a thing that any who do not need. And that can use it as a toy.
And even if this girl does not live on that, and she do it in order to survive! I think the world there are many other ways to find money to live and work.
But I know that for you, I really need. What do you love me. And you're ready to do everything for me, even to give me expensive gifts. But I do not need gifts. You have to give me the most expensive, your love and your heart. I'll be always cherish, and keep in his chest.
And no I will not treat him badly, because I love you. And I just give you my heart and my love.
Yesterday I spent all day sitting at home tonight, I did not want to go, I decided to do a lot of things around the house. I tidy up, cook to eat, and read a book about love.
And every time I write you a letter after I go home again and again to dream as we're going to go together.
And as I told you, I really would like to implement it. And I know that soon it will be.
Just before bedtime, when I went to bed, to represent how we live with you. And it's very beautiful.
You'll come to work, I'll meet you. And you cook a delicious meal that you have good taste, and as always be full.
Just now I think our destiny to go on one road. And soon our meeting, to change our whole life with you. And even now, I want to tell you that a meeting of the letters have to change my life for the better and I say thank you. Because you give me the most wonderful feelings that I could only dream of.
Now I'm happy, and soon I'll be even happier when I can kiss you.
Now I will finish my letter. And I will miss you.
I'll wait for your answer. Always with you, your Anela

Letter 20

Hi, my favorite. Once again I write you a letter. Again, I delight myself thy letters of love, care.
Now I think a lot about you, and I very much miss you. I want to hug. And I am no more sad that tomorrow is Saturday and I could not write to you tomorrow.
But on Monday, as soon as I released, I immediately go to the cafe, and watch what you write me how you spend the weekend. And how did you miss me.
As the weather is now with you?
I do not like my weather outside, it seems to me that with you it could be better. And soon all change.
Every day I count the days before our meeting with you. And I think that when you stay a few days, I will take not days, and minutes. Since I am now very much want to be with you.
Tonight I'm seeing a dream. And it has to be you. Not sure why, I do not see your face. But I certainly was sure it was you. And when I wake up, I really wanted to make my dream continue for the whole of any lot. I would enjoy meeting with you, even if in a dream.
And the beginning of my morning has been very good.
Over the weekend, I think to go to visit my friend's girlfriend. We had to work together. I think we're going to drink tea and watch a movie on DVD. She told me today that the box office took a very interesting film. Name it "A Walk to Remember."
I have heard somewhere about it, and I think that it will be very interesting to watch.
But still, it would be very nice if you were with me.
Now I will finish my letter. My working day to be very heavy.
And I'll wait for Monday because I will be able to see your answer. And how do you know the rest.
I love you.
And remember that you are always with me in my heart.
Your Anela

Letter 21

Hello Mr. Mike,
Thanks for your letters.
So the girl can already fly to you about February, 15th.
Nevertheless for this purpose it is necessary that documents were ready. Then there is a booking of tickets.
But before Anela can receive documents. It is necessary to pay trip cost. And only then I can already name to you data of start Ok?
And here enters:
two way tickets
Medicine insurance
The passport
The visa
And our bank account is:

USD account (it is necessary to send money only in US dollars)
New York, USA
Beneficiary's bank
Baku, Azerbaijan
Account with Technikabank OJSC: 3812 102395 0001

Yours faithfully, Mr. Azat,

Letter 22

sorry Mr.Mike but the full payment will be 1412 USD

Letter 23

My dear, I just get a letter from you, and see that you receive the newsletter. I have long thought that it could be. And now I realize that this is the agency that you give me. They must then send me an email. And now thanks to you, I'll go to a marriage agency and ask to stop everything, because I find you. And I'm ready to be with you. Forgive me, but it's not my fault, and there is no deception. I'll never will deceive, and always speak only the truth. Now I think you are very sick, and you think that I want from you only money. But this is not so! ! ! ! ! IT IS NOT SO!!!! (Tears)
Now I may lose you, because of an error which I do. Which can destroy our dreams with you, plans, and love.
I'm ready now to give you only have to believe me, I love you.
My tears are nothing either can do, but I beg you to believe me that I am now very afraid ...... I am afraid of losing you. To lose your confidence, your love.
You showed me that the world is love, there is a great feeling. And now it all might disappear. And then I do not forgive myself. Because I lose what I love, and the one who opened me your heart, your soul. I ask you to forgive me, forgive me ............................................ ................................
Now I'll just have to pray you to believe me and I'll go to the agency and ask them to do more writing.
I beg you, do not leave me, I love you, I want to be with you and give you all my life, my heart.
Always with you, always in your heart to love thy Anela

Letter 24

Hello Mr. Mike,
Thanks for your letter. I wish to ask you to send me a copy of transfer of money. That I saw it.
As soon as your money will be received. I will speak to you more exact data.
Yours faithfully, Mr. Azat,

Letter 25

My favorite. I just go to the agency, and they told me that they canceled the entire mailing address.
They say I should have been warned about the fact that I no longer look or anyone, and they do it because I ask them, and pay them for it.
They also say that you must receive a letter from them. And bring me a lot of excuses, and just apologize to you.
My dear, I hope that you still love me, and that we'll be together. I love you most. You're all I have and I do not want you to lose.
I love you.
I beg you not to leave me.

Letter 26

So I now go home to her friend and ask her to make pictures that you see how much I love you.
And I will always love you.
your Anela

Letter 27

My dear, now I'm still in the cafe, I think of you. I also forgot to tell them to delete the mailbox. I'm ready for anything that you believe me, and that you would understand that I love you very much.
You know, a cafe will be closed soon, but I do not know whether I should go home. I can not think about anything except for you.
And in my eyes you are now. I see you sit and think, believe it or not.
Yes this is correct, and it's my fault that I'm not saying the agency to stop the search. But I did not know about it, and what to tell them about it.
Forgive me, and I'll understand if you do I even say that they no longer believe that this is only my fault. And if you put on this point, I beg you, I beg, no matter what you think of me, know that I always love you, and that more than I did when neither met such an open, honest, and handsome man like you.
I love you, and I will always love. And I ask you, if this is your last letter, send me your picture so I could always see you ................. sorry, now I find it hard to write, I just do not see the press because of tears ..

Letter 28

my love Mike. I do not understand you. In the last letter you doubted my existence you doubt me. You are asked to make a picture. I did it! And now I read your letter, and I understand that this picture did not change anything. You're also scared, and I feel as you do not trust me! Why not? I explained everything to you, I have made you a picture! What else can I do?
I do not want to do anything. Because now you have instilled in me a sense of guilt. I am not guilty, I will not justify or confirm anything! Why should I do this? I have nothing to hide, I have nothing to fear. And I think I already proved it! Or is it not? Or do you have now the big question for me? Tell me honestly! Your suspicions, doubts, it hurt me very much! You doubt my feelings for you? You doubt my intentions? Tell me the truth! I do not want to at the beginning of our relationship there were doubts and distrust! I want you to believe me or our relationship is not possible!
I see that now you give me some time to expect more! Why? That it will give? I think that now, with your every new letter you will find a reason to deny my arrival! You're going to do it! because I see how your writing has changed. All that I see in this, only fear and distrust!Maybe it's better now to stop it? If you do not trust me? It will be painful for me. Because I love you much, I want to come to you soon and to all of our dreams. But I see that you are afraid!
Tell me frankly, do you want to be with me? Do you want me to come to see you soon? I need a specific precise answer!
My contract was signed with the agency, and I must follow it.
Do not misunderstand me! I love you! Miss you. Yours Anela

Letter 29

My favorite. I'm back at the cafe. Once again, reading your letters I understand how much you love me. I see in your letters that you want to be with me. Are you ready to be there and give me your warmth, your love, your heart.
Each line of fire for me once again that warms me up inside. And your words, heat the whole me, and I understand that this is not a fairy tale. that is life. And what you really love me. And you do not play with me, with my feelings. What are you simply ready for everything that we have together. And it is showing me a lot, and now I do not have any doubt in you. Yes, I confess that I think you're not serious about all that I write. But now I believe I have no doubt you. And I do not when I will not doubt.
Now I read all your letters. And the tears on my face and smile. It's all joy that you have me there, and the pain that we are all far away. But it's just not for long, and soon I will be able to see your eyes tell you how much I love you, how dear you are to me in this life. What do you send a lot of your feelings. Embrace you, and hear the sound of your heart. Hear how it beats, and shows that it is alive, burning with love, warmth and giving me. That's all I want. I understand that you are the one who should be with me. And you should not be any doubt as to where this. I know that you can think of something else. But it is not. I love you, and it's clean as a tear baby's true.
In my head only you, I can not think about anything else but you. All thoughts, all dreams are related to you. And I want you to always be aware of it.
Not so long ago, I do not think that I can find one who will understand me, who will see me as not only sexual partner, and a girl. And I find ....... it's you. I knew it, I can feel it. And you know, I just realized that I do not need a man with a cover which will look at other girls, and that will do me the pain his infidelities. I know that you love me and only me. And this is happiness.
I see that you are waiting for me, and do all of us to be close to you. And perhaps my letter upset you very much. I myself to be very upset when I say that I can not get my money. And I did not even know how you say it. And I'm afraid that you might think that I deceive you. no, never. I just wanted to be with you, a meeting which changed all our lives. All the old, we would leave in the past and start all over again. With a clean slate, just you and me.
You know, I represent many times we met like in the movie, very romantic movie. Where only you and me and our love. And I want to live on. I want to live, and know that you have with me that you love me, what do you want me to love and be with me. You give me light and give a lot of joy. You gave me to understand what is love, and that the past is left behind like a dream. Which I do not want to remember.
I do not want to or anything but you!
I'm dying without you, I'll be with you as the sky the moon
I'm dying without you, I'll be with you forever.
When we meet with you, I have only one do you think, and then I can not live without it any day. Outside the window the city, and pouring rain, and I'm cold and my body trembling. And I would like you to now be next to me, hug me and warm me with her warmth.
And I hope that soon it will be so, you hug me. I want to go to you, I want to fly, run to you, and I hope that we'll make our meeting a reality.
Now I do not know what to do with the agency. I have to conclude the contract, and I do not know how to pay for it. I do not want to ask you to help me, but I do not know if I have another choice ........
Today I go to the bank and try to take credit for the trip for you. But I refused. They told me that my monthly salary does not allow me to take the money. And so, I'm stuck.
The only hope is you. I see that you want to help me and I'll be very glad if you do it. I beg you to write the agency and learn all the details. And if you help, then we'll be together soon. And it will be a new life for me and you, only you and me.
And now I am finishing my letter, and I want to tell you what I think of you.
YOU ARE cute, nice, nice, charming, charming, attractive, charming, wonderful, beautiful, irresistible, elegant, sophisticated, elegant, colorful, spectacular, gorgeous, perfect, perfect, perfect, incredible, stunning, unparalleled, unrivaled, remarkable, amazing , amazing, amazing, amazing, fantastic, unique, precious, charming, seductive, sweet, seductive, dazzling, magnificent, sublime, funny, cheerful, cheerful, intelligent, educated, loyal, faithful, open, understanding, kind, gentle, tender , gentle, caring, and most importantly, love!
You're always with me in my heart. Your Anela

Letter 30

My dear, today again Saturday, and I hope, that you are good to spend time, and I will miss very much on you these days as I will not see your letter.
At me not so it is a lot of time, today, because the cafe will be closed on preventive maintenance, and now I will answer your letter only on Monday.
I miss on you, and very strongly I love.
Yours Anela

Letter 31

My love, thank you for another letter. I understand all that you write to me. But perhaps unfortunately, I also understand that I can not influence your opinion.
I tried very hard to explain you my point of view. I know you read it carefully. I understand that it can be agreed with part of what I wrote. Or you can be completely disagree.
I do not want you to take such important decisions for my strong pressure.
I do not like to put pressure on people. All I want - is that you believed me and understood me.
This is the most important thing. If it is, then it will do the rest. There will be a strong love, will be a lot of emotions and feelings. I very much want our meeting, but unfortunately I can not pay. I do not have a lot of money. Most of my money goes into my daily life. A trip to you costs a lot, and I could not quickly find the money. I am also confident that I can not take credit or borrow so much money. For our country it's also a lot of money, and not many people can lend it to me. I do not know these people who can help me. I would not ask you this, if I had the possibility to find it yourself.
I do not like to ask something. Because I feel like I'm humiliated.
It's not easy for me. But understand me, I have no other choice.
Now the question is decided my future. I really want to see you soon. I understand that our meeting will give us many wonderful moments. Our love will become even stronger, and we can build a serious plan for future life. And over time we begin to realize it. You want it all? Or do you continue to fear?
All I want is to be happy. Lucky you. I do not need a lot of money, I do not want other men. I want to be with you. Only you can make me happy. Or do you doubt it? Tell me the truth!
I do not want to, that would be the beginning of our relationship was present felt as FEAR! Fear creates uncertainty. When a person is afraid of something, he begins to speculate, to make assumptions. Most of them are wrong. It is much easier to ask directly, you enable the imagination. Do you think the same?
I want to build our relationship started with the full trust and understanding.
For me it is very important. Otherwise then I ever thought would come back to it. It will be bad. I tend to think only of good. I myself drove away from a bad idea. Do you understand me?
Please think again about all that well. Do not hurry with your answer. I want you to think better of it. I want you to listen to your heart! What does it say to you? Sometimes you want to disable the head, and give free rein to their feelings, their desires. Sometimes the heart can give much more than the mind. If you trust the heart, it is possible to find happiness. And if you ever think about the bad, then nothing good in the end will not work. We ourselves have set up their own future. Our thoughts often turn into reality. Think about it well.
I love you. I want everything to be serious. Believe me, listen to your heart. And everything will be fine.
Kiss you passionately.
Your Anela