Scam letter(s) from Elena Popcova to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello, Frank!
How are you? How is your day? What is your weather? How are you Relatives and friends? Last night when I came home from work came to me my older sister's nephew. We live near each other and it just walking with the baby next to my house and decided to go to my house, just a chat. You know, we have very close and warm relationship with my sister, I always tell her everything and she also did not hide from me, we always advice from each other how to behave in a particular situation, share their problems and joy. I am very happy that I have a sister because she always understood and supported me in every situation.
Yesterday, we had dinner with her and I told her of course I met with you and it seems to me that I'm starting to fall in love with you. I told my sister about you and about what I want to meet you in the near future. My sister was delighted for me because she always wanted to I met a good man, so I like it and found happiness so I had a family, because family is important for any woman. . It just told me to take the time to think things through so as not to regret in later on. She also said that I should announce the news to the rest of the members of our family. I agreed with her and told her of course I also I want to tell you about my intentions other members of my family .. She said to me that she was just going to invite parents to barbecues. My sister and her husband have a small house and the suburbs, they often go there, especially in warm weather time of year. The air is quite different than in the city, there are a number to be a small river and there is a very picturesque area. We are with my sister decided that it excellent opportunity to everyone I told about you in a quiet family environment. I am a little worried because tomorrow's conversation with my family but I confident that everything will be fine because my family really wants me well and so it always goes to meet me, and try to understand to support me. I write to you then how will my conversation with my family.
You know, I think I got worse sleep after we met because I always think of you. It's very difficult sometimes to write in letter that you feel and is much easier to do it face to face. Can we be destined to be together? I think that we can correspond with some time but nothing beats meeting face to face.
I want to start taking the first steps to build his fortune. Possibly we will be happy together. I am rarely mistaken in people and my feelings I rarely cheated. And now I feel that you can be a good partner for life. I think that we all succeed.
I understand that you first need to know all the rules to come to you and solve some formality in the workplace. I think that in any case it will take for a while but when everything is behind, I think that we can perfectly spend time together. What do you think?
I must go and I will wait your letter with impatience .. Kisses, Elena.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Frank!
On the street fine weather. Heat and plenty of sun. How are you? You waited for my email? Your letter raises my mood every day!
I have free time at work and now I can not wait to tell you the news. As I wrote you that I went to barbecues with his family to the country soy to my sister. We grilled kebabs, drank red wine and just enjoy time together. The mood at all was wonderful, we laughed, joked and I decided to declare all my news. All were very interested and intrigued. I said that I met a nice man on the Internet and it may man of my dreams that I would like to build my future life and start a family. I told them your name, and what I want come and meet with you in the near future. My parents were a little surprised but they told me that if I believe that you are to me suitable, we must meet each other and spend some time together because it's the best way to get to know each other and understand the true feelings toward each other. I told my parents that I want spend my vacation with you and that very soon I'm going to find out All visiting rules of your country .. As I assumed my parents were not against our meeting with you, the only thing they asked me to do etodat them all your coordinates so they can communicate with me when I will be away from home. So I ask you to write me all this information, I mean your full name, your address and phone numbers. But I need to know what airport is closest to you.
Whatever it was my parents approve of my choice and I am very glad to hear it from my parents because their opinion is important to me because I know that they are older and wiser than me, and understand some things better.
Now I can safely go in travel agency and learn all the details to come to you. I'll try to learn all the rules of your visit the country as soon as possible. In any case, I think that it will take some time to get all the documents required for travel. And I think that this time will be enough so we can prepare our first meeting. I think that tomorrow I'll talk about my Rest at work although I think that I will not have a problem with that because I have one month vacation every year. I think that we should choose the best option for both of us but I think that even if you do not be able to take a vacation when I come it will not prevent us it is always You can find out if you wish. Is this true?
I have a dream about you and about our meeting! I want this day to come quickly.
I want to believe that she has found someone who will be next to me while I I live in this world and no matter what happens. Life is beautiful when you're with her delish those whom you love. I hope that you and I will be able to share this life together. I feel that we will succeed and we will never give up just friends.
Write me what you think about it.
I finish writing this and I'll write you again tomorrow. Your, Elena.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Frank!
Thank you for your letter. I'm always happy to receive your letters and days I can not read your letters seem to me an eternity. How are you business? How are you? What's the weather? I'm all good. My whole family sends you greetings. I was present the day of our first meeting, when you find me at the airport and when we look into each others eyes for the first time. I'm very excited about our first meeting and from these thoughts my heart skips a beat. I'm really looking forward to this day!
Do you? How do you imagine the day of our meeting? Tell me.
This morning I talked to at work on my vacation, I can take it this month as I told you, according to the schedule holidays of our employees. I am very happy that all is well, nothing and no one hinders our meeting, I think it's a very good sign and a good start for a serious relationship.
I'll try to find out all the details of travel as soon as possible. I think I could go to a travel agency this week.
Today we have at work is a corporate party at the date of birth of our company. We will celebrate this event in one of the entertainment centers of our city. There is a good restaurant Japanese and European cuisine. Also we will be able to play there in the pool and in bowling alley. Do you like bowling or billiards? I would very much like to you, too, was with me on this holiday because I think it would be interesting. Now it is only a dream but this dream will soon become a reality.
Today I can not write you a lot because I to finish the work quickly and get ready for this evening.
But to be honest with me every day more and more difficult focus because my thoughts are you. I very much hope that Very soon we will be together and we will make real words we are writing to each other. I'll wait with impatience your letter tomorrow.
Kisses, Elena.
Letter 4

Hi, my Frank!
Today is a good day and my mood just fine thanks your letters. I think that I fall in love with you each letter and smile appears on my face every time I think about you. I am well spent time together with my colleagues at the celebration of the day birth of our company. The food was excellent, most of all I like sushi and tiramisu dessert with berries and fruit. I love the different and sweets in general, I love sweets. And you love it? We played well billiards and bowling, it was fun and I just got a moral holiday because lately I have a lot of work, as always is to leave, because you have to finish all the things started.
When I got home I decided to take a bath. Nothing helps recover after a hard day, like a warm bath.
My bathroom - Like a small perfume shop? On the shelves were lined pile all fragrant things: shower gel, bath foam, body lotion, deodorants, mousse for the body. While I was taking a bath, I started again dream about the upcoming meeting. I love to dream and I believe that dreams are real. I think for a minute that you can not stop dreaming, or dreams and plans remain unfulfilled! Maybe you think differently and I'm here I think so. This is my form an opinion, supported by events taking place in all my 28 years. All my life I have always I dream and always go out to meet your dreams, I'm doing everything I power to those dreams become a reality. I had already achieved much in this of life. I was educated, I have a job that I wanted to have, I I have my home but I miss the most important thing, I miss my the second half. That's why I'm running now towards his dream. I I dream to meet you because I think that this meeting will help I find true happiness. I'm almost sure that you are the most man I need and when we see each other for the first time we feel that we truly feel in our hearts.
I have a dream that we were happy and I will do everything that we were together!
You can not even imagine how I look forward to our meeting! Do you want this? Write to me.
Tonight after work or tomorrow morning I plan to go to travel agent to find all the information regarding my travel to you and I'll write you tomorrow all the details.
Frank, I can not now speak on the phone. He's still under repair. Gogda my phone will have to me.
I'll call you right away. You must give me your phone number. To which I can always get through.
You asked my email address: 603081, Nizhny Novgorod, Gagarina, the house 23 apartment 16 Now I must continue my work because I need to prepare several documents to the end of the day. I'll wait for your letter.
Yours and yours only
Letter 5
Hello my dear beloved Frank!!
I miss you and I miss you so you. There is not one minute so I did not think about you. I really need you and you are a man whom I was waiting for all my life, I know this because I feel it and I always trust my the senses. I really want to come to you and I want to do it as quickly as possible.
I went yesterday after work in the travel agency and learned information about my trip to you. I explained all the details visit Germany.
I told the manager travel agency that I want to go to Germany, to meet you and she told me that in this case do I need tourist visa. She told me that I need to put together a package documents and to go to Moscow in embassy because all documents visa I should submit myself. She gave me a list of documents I must carry when I go to the embassy and said that process of preparing documents is 2 weeks and so it is said that I must go to Moscow as soon as possible if I want to have time to get all documents prior to my vacation. She explained to me that I should not any problems with obtaining a visa because my visit will be Short-and besides I have my own house and a good job and All this gives reason that I come to Russia in any case at the expiration of validity of the visa. The visa fee is 80 euro. In addition to Agency told me that I need to have tickets to the private dates, it is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa. Once I submit all documents do I need to tell the date of issuance of a visa and then I'll have to provide the tickets. As for the cost of a ticket will cost approximately 320 euro, it will depend on departure date and the airline. I was told that I must buy tickets before the visa and case of refusal, they provide special documents for airlines money back.
Frank, I was ready to go to Moscow because I do not want to delay submission of documents, I really want to see you quickly and also my vacation starts very soon. Now I plan to take a few days off to work at my own expense to go to Moscow because the agency told me I'll have to stay there for a while. Frank, I understand that I'll have a lot of expenses for the trip but I really want to come to you and so I'm ready for it. I have some money but unfortunately I think that this will be enough, because I'll have to spend some money I have, on the road to Moscow, to live in Moscow and in the design the documents. I'm afraid that I will not have enough money to buy Ticket. I was very uncomfortable to ask you for help Frank but I do it because I want to come to you and want to be with you and believe that you too want it and so can not refuse to help me with the tickets. If you tell me help to buy tickets I can go to Moscow tomorrow to avoid losing time and will start the visa process.
Frank, write me if you can help me with the tickets, I hope for your help. I love you and Frank want to see you. I want to be with you, you are my song you're my sunshine you're my everything! I love you with all my soul, and I am sure that we will be happy you and me together, I'm so happy that I have no words to express my feelings! I'll wait your letter with great hope and I'll think of you!
Your, Elena.
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