Scam letter(s) from Anna Chernih to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi! Frank:) How are your doing? Thanks for giving me your personal e-mail. I hope that our contact will lead us to something serious. I am new at this Internet dating and I am not good at writing letters so I ask for apology if I write something wrong.. ;) Well, first, I'd like to tell you more about myself so we will feel like a stranger is writing you.. My full name is Anna Chernih. I am from Ukraine, country in Eastern Europe. Beautiful country with kind and hospitable people. I was born in village called Yubileyniy in Eastern Ukraine where I have lived all my life. I was born on March 1st, 1982. So you can call me spring girl as I was born on the first day of spring! :) Do you believe in astrology? I am not much into it.. :) I am faithful, honest, reliable and will never cheat on my partner. I expect my future man to be the same. Oh, and I also value good sense of humour in man!
:)) I work at the beauty salon. I have never been married but dated some Ukrainian guys. With one I thought it was serious, but he moved to other country some years ago and we lost our contact..
A friend of mine found a wonderful man on the Internet so she advised me to try Internet dating too.
So I thought I would try to broaden my search and look for a man in other country. What about you, dear? What are you looking for on the dating site? Are you looking for friends or serious relationships and marriage? I am here to find my soulmate with whom I will start a new life and build a family. I am 29, so I guess it's a right time for me to start a family. What do you like to do in your free time? Are you active or quiet man? As for me I like to watch comedy and action movies, listen to jazz and pop music, go to gym often.. And I adore cooking.
That's what I really love and I am good at!
What are your favourite movies? Music? Dishes? I guess it can help us to learn more about each other.. Oh, and one thing I want to mention - I don't know English because my native language is Ukrainian but I speak Russian in my daily life.. So I use translation help to write you. But i have serious plans to start learning English or some other language in the nearest future. I send you my photo so you will see who is writing to you..
;) Guess it's enough for today so I will be waiting for your reply and photos! Have a good day!
Letter 2
Hello dear Frank! How are you today? Dear, I was very glad to get your openhearted and kind letter! I really liked your photos and I can say you are pleasant, attractive man and I like you. I see you've been to China! Did you like it there?
We both are on the Internet for the same reason - to find love and happiness. I didn't find love in Ukraine because I do not like Ukrainian men's mentality.. I think that men in your country are different. Frank, after reading your letter I start to think that you are intelligent and pleasant man.
I don't know what result this correspondence will bring us, but I am open to new things in life, and if you feel the same way, I think we have a real chance to get to know each other better, become friends and hopefully much more! You know, Frank, I believe our correspondence can help us to learn more about each other. I am not a player and I seek only serious relationships here. Maybe you?.. Frank, I would really like to get to know you more. I do not care that you are far away from me. I think that true love has no limits or distance! Do you agree with me? Honey, I was very glad to learn more about you and your life! Hope you have already fixed your oven? I definitely like to make cakes in the oven. Well, here I'd like to tell you more about myself. I do not have brothers or sisters and live with my Mom and Dad in small apartments. I have never been married and have no kids. I also love to party and to have parties. Never been outside Ukraine but certainly want to travel to other countries and relocate to other country if I find my soulmate. What else would you like to know about? Just ask! :) I also send you two of my photos which I hope you will like!
I'm in a little hurry so I have to run.. :) Please take care of yourself and I hope to get your reply very soon! I will be waiting!! Warm wishes,
Letter 3

Hello dear Frank! I am happy to get your letter today. I'm glad that you replied cause it means you are serious about me. Am I right??? I also liked your two photos, honey!!
Dear, I hope your day is going ok because my day has started great so far! We have exchanged only a couple of letters and we are still kept at a distance, yet my heart jumps each time I get your letter! Do you feel the same???? How is your weather? Here it is very cold and snowing.. What is your biggest dream, Frank? I have a dream to visit almost all the countries in the world, but it's absolutely impossible at the moment. :( Maybe some day.. I will travel to other countries with my beloved man.. Remember I told you I am a dreamer?.. :) I think that for our future meeting it would be better to meet in Ukraine for the first time. What do you think? Would you like to come here after we learn more about each other? I would show you my city and of course we would spend time together. Or maybe you want to invite me to your country? How do you imagine our first date, dear? I am very positive about us! I do not like negative and sad people. I believe that all my dreams will become reality! Do you want to be a part of my dreams, dear Frank??? Do you believe it is possible to fall in love through letters? I think it is possible.. Well, honey, I have to return to work because I still have so many things to do. I am hard-working woman as there is no one to take care of me.. But I know that one day there will be a man who will take good care of me. And I will give him all my love and care too... Are you this man? Dear, I am sending you some of my photos and I'll be waiting for your next letter with a great impatience. Take care and be safe! Warm hugs,
Letter 4
My dearest Frank!
Hello! Wow! With your letters my life became really exciting and everyday I wake up with the thoughts about you! Believe it or not, but I have never thought long-distance relationships could be so exciting! Thank you very much for your sweet letter and two nice photos! I wish I were there to give you very warm hugs! It's incredible that we can share our feeling dreams and emotion without actually meeting each other in person! We are far away from each other, but I think we know what we want from each other! Don't we, Frank? I start feel close to you.
Thinking of our meeting, I feel furious flame burning in my body! One thing which is important for me is to often have good passionate ***! *** is very important in relationships!
You are passionate man so I believe we will have a wonderful *** life when we are together as a couple! Don't you think so?? You can easily name me a fire, a volcano. I want relations, I want a marriage, I want a family, I want intimacy, I want hot nights and crazy days, I want to live full-fledged life, I want to enjoy my partner, I want our union to be based on mutual love, respect and ****** satisfaction. Do you want the same, dear Frank?? But my letters don't mean I want to date virtually with you forever. I'm a real woman, I have real feelings, I have a real interest towards you and I want to build real relations as soon as possible. I'm ready to create a family with you.
I want to be with you and I want you to be with me. I just have never met such a man like you are.
Do you agree to date with me in real. Do you want me to be your real wife and your real soul mate? I want to bring all happiness of the life to see your lovely nice smile and your happiness! Frank, honey, right now we need to overcome one problem that bothers me very much! This is a problem which can ruin my and your dream.. In one of my letters I was open with you and told you that I didn't speak or write English. I also told you that I had to use professional translation service.
Since my salary at the beauty salon is very low and I work more on enthusiasm I still tried to pay for the translation as long as I could. I thought it would be rude of me to ask you for any help while I could afford translation fees and that's why never bothered you with that. But right now I have no choice but have to tell you about my problem.. If I didn't tell you about it we would have simply lost our contact.. I would have disappeared without any explanations which would not make you happy, my dear. I am not like that and that's why I decided to explain you everything. I am shy girl and that's why I wanted to find some different way to get my letters translated for you.
That's why I asked one of my friends to help me and she brought me electronic translator. I was so happy that there was a way!! But when we translated my letter to you and brought it the translation agency to check it they all laughed because my letter was a real nonsense! However I got very sad because I felt that I was very close to lose you.. But I decided not to give up! I tried to write you in Russian and went to the Internet cafe. I came there but there was no one to help me with it.. I was so helpless and felt myself so ******.. So dear, I hope you see that I tried everything possible and only after that I decided to ask you for help with our translation fees. I know that you may be shocked when you hear it, but I have no way out, my dear. So please do not leave this part of my letter without comment and tell me if you want to to stay in touch with me. I surely do not want to lose you and want us to be together right until personal meeting! I feel scared I can lose you.. I do not want to lose you.. You became too dear for me.. Please take care of yourself and write me as soon as possible! Warm kisses...
Letter 5
Dear Frank, Thank you for your letter which sounded more like mockery..
However I know that you are sincere person with me and I want you to know that I am sincere and decent too. Frank, you say that you won't send any money for the translation of our correspondence. Yes, I understand that maybe you are cautious, but please look on the situation at another angle.
My salary is much lower than yours and I have never seen you in person too. But I did a lot to stay in contact with you.
I took some money from my miserable salary to pay for the translation of our letters. But it doesn't mean that I am in despair! No, I just think that we both need to make some sacrifices if we want' to build strong relationship. Agree?
So I think that would be at least honest from your side to help me in my hour of need. That would be an act of a real man. And I believe you are a real man. I know that you want me to be by your side as soon as possible. Please know that I want to be with you as well and I will do everything in my power to be with you sooner. Please understand that when I tell you I can't pay for the translation it is not my caprice but because I live in poverty and cannot support translation of our correspondence. I was told that translation programs do not work properly. And I am so afraid that some of my words will be misunderstood by a program! Frank, I just try to explain you that I really like you and I don't want to lose you. I just want to explain you that nothing is for free in this world. Please understand that the salaries in our countries are completely different.
Can you imagine your life if you earn less than $200 per month? Can you imagine how I live if I earn less than $200 while the prices in our countries are almost the same.
Please never think that I ask you for something for my own needs. I just want you to realize that when we deal with our correspondence we do it for us both and for our future.
Please understand that I'm a fragile and weak woman and I used to take care of myself. Of course I always wanted to have a caring man who would understand me. You understand me perfectly. I hope you will help me. Help us. Your Anna
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