Scam letter(s) from Olga Nikolaeva to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my Love Michael!!! Today I went to travel agency which the girl from our city which leaved for America used. To me gave the detailed information on arrival in America to you. The tourist agent has told to me, that the best and fastest visa to arrival to America, is the tourist visa. She refers to B2. travel agency helps for registration of the visa, reception of the passport for travel abroad and an obligatory medical board. To issue it without the help of agency it is impossible. They will help me in registration, and also to prepare me for interview in consulate. They have told, that there there will be no problems. There at a travel company familiar which pass clients very quickly. In our life in Russia it is reality everyone do for money and on acquaintance. It seems to me that if to have good familiar and money it is possible though tomorrow to depart on the moon. (Joke).
The tourist visa very convenient because its registration will be about 2-3 weeks. Cost of the visa, the passport, a medical board, and also service of a travel company is 380 dollars. The tourist visa is very simple in circulation. I can remain with you during 6 months. We can solve this term with you together, and then either to prolong the visa or to marry. It is difficult for me to speak about it, but my salary very low, it is necessary for me to keep money for the visa at least about one year. It is possible even more therefore if you can help me with it. That I shall begin at once official registration of papers for arrival to you. In travel agency to me have told, that you can help me for the visa using system of remittances Western Union. it is the most optimum, fast and reliable way, for remittance in Russia. For remittance to me you will require my full name and address, it Marina Makarova and 28, Street Anniversary, the city of New Urengoy, Russia, 629300. . The address of the western union it GAZPROMBANK 26 SEZDA KPSS, 2A NOVY URENGOI, 629300 For reception of money your full name and your full address, and also code MTCN will be necessary for me, is 10 numbers which to you will tell in the western union. Also the tourist agent has told, that you can send money not leaving from a house, it is necessary to come on a site As soon as I shall receive your money I shall begin at once registration of the visa. I am very glad, that at us the real opportunity for a meeting has appeared. I am sure, that our attitudes and our love will find happy continuation and we can create fine family together!!! I very much want it and hope for it!!! I would like to be with you as soon as possible!!! These ideas very much excitation of me!!! I constantly think and I dream of us together and it gives me force to wait for our meeting and our love!!! I shall wait for your letter!!!
Love!!! Marina.
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