Scam letter(s) from Julia to Greg (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my friend Greg.
I think that I can name you my friend because this will help me to communicate with you. I will be able to open you my soul and my feelings. So I want to start.
I want to say thank you that you wrote me back. I want to tell you something about me. It will help you to know who am I.
I live in Russia. It’s beautiful country but it is not the best place where I want to live all my life. Therefore I decide to use internet to find my second half from other country. I was born 10 of March 1980 at little village and now I live at Nizhniy Novgorod. It is one of a beautiful towns at Russia. I live here with my dad. My dad’s name is Alexander. He is very strong man not only physique and of course he have a strong character. My mother leave us when I was very little girl. She said that she do not want to have a family she want have good career. Now she lives in Moscow and she is business woman. My dad takes care about me and our family like a real man!!! I love him very very much! He gave me a good education. I graduated from Krasnoyarsk State Medical University and now I work at little clinic. I love my job because my patients are kids. I love kids and therefore I will never understand my mother who left me and my dad. I think that at first women must think about family and kids and only after that she can think about something other things! Do you think so?
As for me women must personify her family because real man wants to have a wife who can ****** him in business and also be a good mother for his kids.
Greg, please tell me something about your life. I want to know you better. Please, be with me honest it will help us be closer to each other! If you can not be open with me because it only our first meeting, I think that some later you open to me your soul and your heart. I can open my heart only for lovely man but I need feel him in spite of distance. Please write me back as soon as possible! I will wait for your letter with impatient.
Your new friend Julia.
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Greg. I’m happy to receive your letter and want to say thank you!!! Many peoples stopped write letters to each other at this time but I think that it is not right. I think that writing letters is very romantic process. I remember that my granny told me that she wrote letters to my grandpa when he was far away from her.
She told that with helps of letters they loved each other more and more. That’s why I prefer to talk with you by letters.
Now I know something about you and I can start to draw a picture in my head which call “Who are you in real life” :-) Every time I try to imagine you in real life and I have a little information to draw all your life. Therefore I think that you want to imagine me in my life and you need more information about me. Now want to continue to tell you about myself.
As you saw I’m very romantic girl and I love romantic men. Do you love romantic Greg? I think yes because every man when hi love his woman can do for her everything. My girlfriend has a boyfriend. He was very hard-hearted man and when he was fall in love with my girlfriend he was very varies!! I know that love can change everybody but only it is true love!!! Did you ever love somebody and is it changed your life Greg??
I want to tell you more about myself. I’m every time love to change my image. I am trying to go with the times. I doing it because I see that my friends with whom I studied together stopped to look after oneself. Some of them have a family and kids and they say that they do not need anymore in their life and they love each other like they are. It is not right and for your lovely man or woman they must to all to be better than they are. I want to be better from day by day!!!
I love to travel. I’m every year traveling at many places into my country. As I said Russia is a beautiful country. We have many rivers and forests, we have very beautiful places and when I’ll leave Russia I’ll miss but I know that onetime I can come back here to stay like visitor.
I have a strong character because I was brought up my dad. My dad telling me every time that I can do everything to change my life and I can hope only on myself. Of course my dad will help me with any problems but I want to do it only by myself. It will make me stronger and I know that it will need me in future life. But I want to tell you honestly that in heart I very vulnerable woman. Like a many women I very sentimental. When I see a romantic movie I’m crying and also I can cry of joy. I’m cry-baby :-)
Ok dear Greg I finishing this letter and I will wait for your answer with impatience!
Your Julia.
Letter 3
Hello my dearest Greg.
You writing me again and again and make me happier day by day! Honey your letters so warm and full of your feelings! Every time when I reading your letters I smiling. You are so wonderful man. I never meet man like you before! And it is true. I hope that you write me your letters from you open and honest heart. Your words are changing my life. As I said when I read your letters I imagine you, your life and your fillings.
I saw that you read my letters very carefully!!! And it is make me happy. I want to say thank you for this. We are understand each other in spite of the fact that we thinking on different languages. But we can feel each other with help of our letters. Do my letters help you to think about me?
Dear Greg, you can not imagine what I feel when I read your letter.
At first when I see your letter in my mailbox my heart stop beating for the moment and when I read it my heart beating in time with your words. I want to say to you that it is magical sense. I need to understand that I only one woman with who you talking about your senses! Because you only one man who can make my heart beating and stop. I am thinking about you more and more day by day! And it is disturbing my heart. I’m woman and I need to feel that I doing right decision. Are you really that man whom I found all my life or no? This thought disturbs my head every time. I understand you, feel you and I think that you can fall in love with you. But I want to feel you more.
I want to touch you! I want to hug you and want to kiss your lips. I think that your lips have a sweet taste.
I want to tell you that it is not easy to me to imagine you! I like imagine, I like fantasy but I like reality more than internet! How do you think can we ever meet in real life? It will be very interesting to me! I know that you think so.
Maybe you could think that I’m not serious but it is wrong opinion. I always thought many time before I take a decision! My father taught me does so. He told me that time can not return back and I know that he is right.
Ohh… my darling Greg. My senses overcrowd me and I want to stop right now before I do not start to cry again :-) It is funny but my father do not like when I’m crying. And I do not want to show it to hem. Ok honey I want to say good bye and I will wait for your letter.
Kiss you, your Julia.
Letter 4

Hello my sweety Greg.
Your wonderful letter again come to my mailbox and makes me the happiest person in the world. Thank you very much for this warm senses that you send to me with your letter!!! I’m making glad with every word of your letters. By the way, I want to say that you have a delicate way of communication!!! You are gentleman Greg. You are real man!!!
Thoughts about our meeting overflow my head. It’s perfect but at the same time it ****** up one's ears me! Because I think that I fall in love in you. We are needed to confirm our senses in real life! What do you think about it, darling?
It is better to me to come to you because as I said I live with my dad and he is very strict man. He told me that when he married with my mother he invited her to our home. She was from other city of Russia.
At first they start to live together and that they understand that they ready to marry they did it. I think that was write decision. In the one hand I want to see you in any part of world and in the other hand it will be better to meet with you in your home. I need to know your life in your side. I need to know your family and other parts of your life. You know that life in your country better than in Russia, and if will be ready to create a family together we will live in your home, is not it, honey?
My dear Greg, I want to tell you that I can take a vacation on my job at this month. The chief medical officer told me that she can give me vacation at this month or in five month later. This is why I want to come to you so fast. I think that you understand me and approve my wishes. I need to know are really ready to meet with me or it is only game? I trust to you and do not want to let in the bad thoughts in my head. I do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past!!! I know that you can understand me and we will have a good time together. And I think that our meeting will be a good start of our relationship! Do you think so?
When we will meet we will do everything together. For example: morning runs, shopping, watching movies and many other things. It will help us to understand are we really found each other and is it real love!!!
So honey I want to do some my causes and I need to say good bye to you. I really will wait for you next letter with impatient. I send my sweet kiss to you!
Your sweet Julia.
Letter 5
Hello my honey Greg.
Your letter is wonderful. Thank you for this warm letter and warm senses. As I said you are the best man in the world. And I think that you know it. Lovely I’m so happy that we can talk with you with honest and with openness!!! I’m glad to know that we can say to each other our secrets. I entrust to you my senses and I know that you will never betray me.
My lovely Greg, I’m glad that you understand me and that you also want to be with me as soon as possible. As for me very important to see you in real life because only this way will help us to understand and to check our senses. I know that this is not a chance, it is our fate!!! Do you trust in fate, honey? I want to tell you with honest that you change my life and it becomes better. Now I have many thoughts about future and it is not simple thoughts about how can I spend my time at abroad! It thoughts about can we create a family with you and how will it! What are you thinking about it? My darling Greg, did you ever think about could we be together forever? I think that you sometime have such thoughts. Please tell me about it!
My sweety Greg, you mean for me very much and I decide to go to travel agencies to know what I need to come to you, darling! I have some travel agencies in my city and will find the best. I need to make use of travel agency because: in the first place I never leave my country before and in the second place I have no time to do everything by myself because of my job. I asked my friends about traveling to abroad and they said me that help of travel agency is the best way for me. My lovely I cannot show it in letter how I’m happy right now.
Thoughts about you so sweet and warm and now I start to cry again…:-)
Also I want to tell you darling that I talked with my dad about you and about thoughts of traveling to you. My dad told me that it is my decision and I having a right a choice by myself!!! These words made me glad.
Honey I want to finish my letter at these warm thoughts about you and about future. I kissing and hugging you very deeply. I will wait for your letter and your kiss.
Your sweety Julia.
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