Letter(s) from Tatyana Mikhailova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello dear !
I have just returned from working meeting. Caaiaiy in the morning my director has collected all employees and has spent the worker the report, we should count up sale percent for 2011.
After meeting, I remained in an office of the director. I talked to it about my forthcoming vacation. The director has told that he waited for this conversation because I already work without rest the whole year.
, at me good news to you today. I will soon have vacation. Now it is necessary for me to finish some important issues, and also to give the report for my director. I think that in the following 4 days,
I will finish all affairs, and I can have vacation. I am very glad now.
How are you? You thought of ours with you to a meeting?
I cannot have vacation later. you can meet me in? For me it is important to know about it. Please, do not think that I hurry up. During other time it will be difficult to me to take vacation. Certainly
I will understand, if you cannot find for me all time. I do not want to be a burden for you in your country. If we can spend together evenings and weekend, it will be fine.
About phone number which I gave you. I am connected to the local cellular provider and consequently my phone works only in Russia. Unfortunately, we cannot speak on the phone with you or exchange sms. It is sad for me.
But I will search for a way to call you with post office telegraph is necessary not a lot of time.
I do not search for a way to leave Russia. It is my native land and I love it. Here my family, my work and my friends. But for the sake of love I am ready to leave it. For the sake of love and happiness
I will leave my work because I can always find the new. I have higher education, I have graduated from the university. I am ready to arrive to your country.
We communicated our letters and now we should communicate in real. Our meeting will allow us to understand our relations and to be convinced of our feelings.
Tonight, I will go to my parents. I want to tell to my parents that we will meet you. It is assured that my parents will be glad.
I as wanted to ask your address and street on which you live, your city. Phone number, cellular and house, and as the airport near to your house. As I will give you the information my full name Tatyana Mikhailova!!!
The city of Voronezh street Moskovsky prospectus house 175 apartment 22. An index 394000.
I think that you can give me this information. Which I have asked in the letter.
I can take vacation till 44 days as I spoke to you already about it. And I have you. I think that will be good for us if I spend my holiday with you. What do you think of it? I will wait your letter with answers
to my questions. Tomorrow I plan to visit travel agency to learn the exact information on travel to your country. With kisses, Tatyana

Letter 2

How are you doing? I hope, all is good. At me all is normal. I wish to tell not much about myself and my life.
To me of 38 years, the Date of birth 02.05 1973 years.Growth of 1.72 centimetres, weight of 58 kg.Colour of my eyes grey - blue, in a photo which I sent you could will see colour of my eyes.
When at you a date of birth? Growth, weight? I think differences between our age there will be no what problems for dialogue. As it is interesting to me to find out about you more.
I live in the city of Voronezh, I think that you can look on the Internet about mine a city, not with all number Moscow, I think that you know the city of Moscow as it is the centre Russia.
Distances between my city of Voronezh and to Moscow are made approximately by 500 kilometres. I often happen in Moscow on work.
And I work, I in "the Voronezh factory of dredges", "the Economist on a speciality the tax" Work very difficult and demand very big gravity and as attentiveness, and is a lot of diligence.
Certainly at me there are all these qualities.
As I spend month of statistics at factory, I will send you a photo about mine works.
I the woman! I dream of female happiness. Certainly I wish to create a family. As well as the usual woman to wait for the husband from work, and to prepare tomorrow, dinners suppers for the families. I wish to plan our future together with the husband. I dream of a family cosiness and the centre. It what does not suffice me here.
I do not want, that my words have seemed to you vulgar. I wish to clear up, and I want, that you have understood about my purposes. I as wish to tell that that I am lonely at me there is no man and as should when married.
I have got used to communicate in a reality, never I wrote letters.
I think that I have told about myself. To me will be as interestingly to find out about yours lives, about your hobby. What do you make a free time? as it is interesting to me to find out about your city and the country.
It will allow to find out better you. And as you can ask me that to you interestingly. I will answer your questions. I will wait for your answer tomorrow. Tatyana