Roamnce scam letter(s) from Elena to S. H. (USA)
Letter 1
Good afternoon my new friend!
I am very glad that you wrote me a letter. This is my new email:
I hope that we will communicate with you and get acquainted better. First of all I want to say that I am looking for only serious relationship for marriage. I hate lies and betrayal! I need a man that I loved and respected. I send you my photo and hope that you enjoy them! If you're a real man who is looking for a serious relationship then write me about yourself about your life for your country and send photos.
I'll look forward to your letter.
Elena from Russia.
P.S. Sorry for my bad English.
Letter 2
Huge greetings from Russia to you my friend!!
To be honest I am very very pleased that you responded to me - no words - thank you so much. It seemed to me that you're a good person - I hope that you are so - and here I wrote you! You probably interested to know about me but? My name is Elena. And you've got a very nice name - sound very good and I hope that name is coming to you right?? :) I'll be honest I am very cheerful girl but a bit shy - but here, in a letter to me so far is very easy to write to you - I feel that you like and I open and the most important thing in relations is honesty and openness - but I'm right as you think ? To be honest, I wrote to you with only one aim - to find a loved one - I certainly am not saying that we have something happen right away - we just try to - if you want it of course - is not it? I now 29 years old and here I am a lonely girl I had never been married and I have no kids - probably you ask why? Probably just because I can not find one who would become my second half - for my favorite person is the one who is always open to me - while I see of men just do not lie and sincerity! Yes of course I understand that, not all men are there but I still come across in my life only those for whom the first important sex rather than love! And most important for me love - and of course I want to be honest they have children - children are important in a happy family - do you agree? And probably you interested in why I wrote the man who is older than me, huh? I guess? That's so and written - because the man of your age, I hope to see more sincerity and honesty in a relationship - I hope you understand me! That's how - I tried to tell you that I want what I want to achieve in life! I hope my views on life coincide with yours?
I will eagerly wait for your answer - right?
I hope your girlfriend Elena.
Letter 3
Hello my great friend and just a great man!
It's not a compliment - I tell you honestly and sincerely - you are very good - you know just now read your letter with me so good I just can not express in words what I feel now, just enjoy - perhaps I will say this - so you'll better! Yes? to be honest I was so surprising now that we are now at a great distance from each other and write here now! For me, this is the first experience and I hope that we get something !)))) no of course not - so far we just friends - and I'm happy to have a friend such a wonderful companion as you! Now here I am writing from school with a computer lab - you can not imagine what I have now happily face, and all because of you! I have not met people like you I am glad that we're very good friends and in the future, perhaps even more! I know last night went to church - yesterday was the office and I pray for the health of my parents, and your health! I want to tell you about my faith - I am a Christian - Russian Orthodoxy - you probably heard of such a belief is not it? For me, faith means a lot - from childhood, I along with my parents went to church and God is what I live with - that I tell you honestly! In winter, the day when Jesus Christ was baptized here in Russia in the winter basking in the hole. Because I believe in God, I also swim in the ice in winter. Do you think that swimming in the ice cold? In fact, in general, not too cold! January 19 I will again swim in the hole. And you know now I would like to hear what you think about this - and ask you to tell you what kind of faith! No I'm not saying that such a difference in religion can interfere with our relationship - it will never be a hindrance, I just want to know about this good? Yes, I'm still not tell you I'm writing poetry, and to be honest I'm very good at it - I'm not so modest!))) Yeah what is!))) Honestly wanted to write to you now at least one of my poem - but not I can well put it - in English obtained such nonsense - just awful!))) But you know I'll try and if I can translate that well to write to you at least one of my poem - Ok! Well, again at mnya started! Did not even notice that you wrote a long letter - signed for at all! just to be honest I can easily write to you - I see your understanding!)) But it is time to finish - just fall asleep under my letter - I hope my words cause you to smile and good mood!))
Tomorrow I'm going to hope to see again your answer - right?
Waiting for your answer very much looking forward!
Your friend Elena!
Letter 4

Yes hello and good day to you!
Thank you my friend - I do not even want to say something more like this but can not find the words - you're not just a friend you're my best friend, my companion in a distant and strange country this!))) How are you?? All is fine? Like going to spend your weekend? All is well?? Why are you alone? You are so intelligent, nice man and I am proud that you call me his friend - thank you for this!)) I, too, all is well! Today's weather is frosty. Yesterday all night with his mother sat and chatted about all of my life on it! But yesterday's mom told you about - that we are corresponding with you and that we have very pleasant conversations! My mother was very surprised at first that I find the man of a distant land but then she saw how I was glad to tell you about! And is requested to transfer you huge greetings and to wish good luck and good health! That's right!)) In the next letter I send you my photos! Sorry my letter to you is to finish! Tomorrow I hope to see your letter again - well, my?? I will wait a very very - Ok!
Your friend Elena!
Letter 5
Here I am!!! :)
Yes yesyes it's me your friend Elena! Are you glad ???))
Hello my dear - how are you? How are you?? I hope all is well with you?? I have everything just fine - you probably see at the beginning of the letter that I have now the mood by 100% - why do you think? Because I saw again today your letter - yes this is true! I'm just glad - you wonderful man, and most importantly you are very good and still very, very interesting person - I am very pleased to talk with you! You know that the most important thing for a woman in a man - to him it was interesting! I just feel like in heaven when I read your letter - you honestly have such a zest that is so attracted to me !!!!!
From now I just pour positive energy and I want to give it to you - I hope you are glad this?)) and you never guess what I did yesterday! would never guess!))) Yesterday we had at school was a big concert that made teachers and students together - and I was leading a concert - like this!)) Are you proud of me ???)) And I had my own room - yes, I sang a song that is very loving - she called the "Life and Love" - is one of my favorite songs - all just say that I had a very good guitar and sing, I agree to speak! That's true - the future honestly I can I get you to perform my songs and you fall in love with them highly - Ok! Yesterday was just a great concert and you know in my class has a beautiful girl Vika and she has such a beautiful voice and she's just on bis served as its own song at the piano - she had a really well done and I am very glad that she learn from me! Yes it is still coming to me in the evenings and I teach her to play the guitar - it has excellent hearing, and she has learned over the last month, more or less the game is! Here are my news - I hope you're interested to hear these stories from me - you probably think that's just me talking and chattering so? But I must say this is not the first time - I honestly just very easy to talk to you and to tell you all! Yes know to be honest, I have some questions - can I ask you to? you see I tell you in detail about his own job and you know I want to know more about your work want to feel what you're thinking about what you're doing, and did you work and with what feelings do you do it! Good? Just so I hope to learn more you understand your addiction to what you're doing! I hope you understand me! Yes, I remember I promised to write you poems and try to do it next time - Ok! Do you love pets? I love cats! Tomorrow I will photograph your cat and send you a photo. Ok? How will you spend your weekend? Sorry I have now a lot more work at home! Tomorrow I hope to see your letter again - agreed to - unless of course you will have time!
And yet - as long as I can send you my kiss, which will fly through long distance and give you all my friendship and the joy of our relationship!
Kissssss .................... Your school teacher and just a friend Elena!
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