Scam letter(s) from Julia Nastych to Graham (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my darling G!
It is just fantastic to read this letter from you! Dear, you said to me that you were not romantic. But you are! How many wonderful and warm words you have written to me! And I am so glad that I have met you, not just glad but happy! You are a special man, and it is my luck that you liked only me and not some other lady.;) It is really great!!! Our chat today was also wonderful! When I don’t talk to you, I miss you! I want to be with you! Your words are always so wise! It is cold outside. But I don’t feel it because now I have you in my heart! And this feeling towards you warms my heart up.;))) Yes, honey I completely agree with you, that sleeping together is real intimacy! You know so much and you will teach me a lot of things! And it will be fantastic to explore the world only with you, honey!!!! I see that you like your job very much, and it is great! I hope that I will like my job also. But I will be happy not because of the job, but because I will have you! I feel that we will make our dreams come true! We will celebrate a lot of holidays! We will share all the special events with each other! Oh, honey, by the way, Merry Christmas! I wish you to be healthy and happy and I believe I will be the reason of your special happiness! Dear, I want to be with you and to see the happy sparks in your eyes! Your eyes are so great, dear! By the way, I like your photo! You look amazing on it! I would love to get more photos from you.;) And of course I will try to send you mine from my real life.;)))) Sweetie, I wish you a wonderful weekend! And I will be waiting for your new letter!
Kiss you, Juliya.
Letter 2
Hello, my darling G!
Merry Christmas, darling! All your words are fantastic! Yes, you are romantic and this is so nice! But I like you not because you are attentive but because you are real and true and you have true feelings.;))) The poems are just charming! And the letter with the plan on our future is also marvelous! Well, I should say that I am just speechless!!! You are the man of my dreams! And now, I feel how my dreams come true!!!! This is a Christmas wish, I think.;)))) Honey, don’t be scared to say anything to me!!! I want you to share every thought with me! I want to know what you are thinking about! I want to know what you are dreaming about! And of course I will try my best to help you to make your dreams come true.;)))) Sweetie, I will be like I promised, and you should encourage yourself that everything will be great with us and our relations in the future!!! I do want you to show your emotions to me! And I won’t think that you are weak. Will you think that I am weak if I show you my emotions? I am a devoted and reliable person! And I want and I feel that I will love once and forever! I won’t dare to betray you sweetie! Honey, you can change my name as you wish and as you like.;) And it will sound to me amazing because you will be saying it to me. Oh, honey you like my photo and I love your photos too!!! Yes, the photo was taken on the Black Sea shore.;) And I will try to send you more photos.;) I hope you will like them too.;) Darling, I don’t think that your sense of humor is dry, it is nice! And I like everything in you! As for relations, I really didn’t have the thing that I have now. It is something special, wonderful and unbelievable! And I am sure that I will feel more only thanks to you!!! Yes, sweetie, you are right, I need to give my love, to see that a man who is by my side is happy with me and then I can enjoy the life and the love fully.;) And what about you? Oh, sweetie, of course I am ready to have an affectionate and demonstrative man together with me! And I would love if you could soap me in the bathroom!!! I am sure you would enjoy that too, wouldn’t you honey?;))))) Sweetheart, I am sorry if I omitted any of your questions. I tried to be attentive.;) I wish you a nice week! And I will be waiting for your new letter with impatience and for our chats!
Hugs, Julia.
Letter 3
Hello, my honey G!
As always your letter is just marvelous and I like it! And of course I like you very much honey! You have asked several questions! And today I should say your letter is not very romantic, but some parts of it are.;) But I am happy to read any of your letters! I should say to you, darling that I am not afraid of showing my feelings and emotions to you as I feel that I can trust you! It is easy for me to communicate with you! So, I like writing to you and chatting with you!!! You mentioned some things about cheating. To my mind it is awful when someone starts cheating on a person who really loves him or her and tries their best to make their second half happy. As for me, I think that two people should support understand each other! And believe me, dear, I will support you for sure.;)))) Oh, honey, there is a shop with pelmeni and ikra and cottage cheese!!!;))) I am sure we will enjoy it together, you and me.;) Oh, honey you are so caring! You understand that it may be difficult for me to study and to learn English and to have babies at the same time. I agree with you, that it will be better if I graduate here. And while I study we will get closer to each other and closer! Right, sweetie? And I don’t need to come back to heaven, this is for sure.;))) Of course I let you research on MD school.;) And it will be so nice of you! Sweetie, my parents know about Anastasia and they know about you too. They don’t mind us to be happy, but of course they don’t know you yet.;) I hope that your family will also like me in the future.;) I completely agree with you that I should learn English and I will try to do that. But of course it will be a bit difficult for me because I will have my studies. But sweetie, I will try.;)))) Darling my parents won’t mind if you call me, but of course if you call me at night, I am sure they won’t like it because they ask me always to have rest at night as I study and get tired. But you can call me at 8 am my time during the week. And they say nothing if you send me flowers, my mom likes if a man is attentive. But of course honey, sending flowers to me is up to you. I cannot demand anything. And you are not rude when you are talking about money, you are just a practical experienced man, this is all. Oh, you like Grigory Leps, I like him, but not all the songs.;) Darling, I can go to the agency at 9 pm my time, so we can chat at that time too if it is ok for you. Our chats are so wonderful, you have the sense of humor, and you are always so attentive.;))) Dear, I tried my best to respond all your questions, I am sorry if I omitted any of them. I wish you a wonderful day! And I will be waiting for your new letter with impatience!!! Hugs and kisses, Julia.
P.S. I like the photo a lot!!!!!
Letter 4

Hello, my tender G!
As always your letter is interesting and I like the way of your thoughts! Our chats are just marvelous! And I like communicating with you dear! You are so witty! And you always have something interesting to tell me and we discuss wonderful things.;))) You also have told me several stories about the people who wanted to find love and they really didn’t know what they wanted in their lives. You know dear, as for me, I hate complaining too. I think it is better to be positive about your life! You are completely right. If you want to find a real love, you should feel if this is right or not. I agree it is difficult across the distance. But if you feel warmth and tenderness towards a person, then you can understand what is wrong with you and whether you want this lady to be your real beloved or not. Am I right? And as for me, I also think that if a person changes his or her mind, it is better to say this to a person face to face, and not to hide another “beloved” in the hotel room. This is for sure.;) Sweetie, to my mind, you shouldn’t be nervous because you know what I feel towards you, right honey! To my mind it is great that we have each other! Yes, you cannot feel the warmth of my touch, you cannot hear my breath, and you cannot play with my hair. But you get my letters and photos and I get yours! By the way, I love the last photo you have sent to me honey! We know the plans and thoughts and ideas of each other! It is also great! I even cannot imagine now that we couldn’t have met if we hadn’t had the internet. Do you agree with me?:) So sweetie, believe me that you make me the happiest lady in the world! And I hope you feel the same!!! Honey, I hope I answered all your questions.;) Darling, I wish you a wonderful week! And I will be waiting for your new letter and for our chats!!!
Hugs and kisses, Julia.
Letter 5
Hello, my honey G!
How pity it was that we couldn’t talk in chat properly today. But I hope that next time we will have a great chat again.;))) Well, dear, I cannot promise that I will stay at home at 10 pm my time.;) I want to communicate with you! I want to know what you think about! I want to know what you do! I want to know what your plans for the day are.;))) Darling, you are so important to me! Very much! And I hope that you feel that! The wonderful words I read today in chat when you told me that I helped you to become a happier man!!! This is happiness for me, really!!! Your letter is amazing! I like when you always mention lavender.;))) Your words are always so special to me! And I hope that you also wait for my letters as I wait for yours.;))) I didn’t do anything special today! I was shopping, I bought some mushrooms and meat and sweets. Oh you know, I love decorating the tree with sweets, nuts and tangerines.;) The tangerines have their charming smell! And it is really fantastic to feel it at home.;))) To my mind all the Ukrainians and Russians like the tangerines during New Year like Americans like drinking coffee.;))) By the way, do you like drinking coffee or tea? I always put a toy-Father Frost and a toy-Snow maiden under the New Year Tree.;))) Well, dear, as you can see I make a miracle for my family by myself.;) I wish to cook mushrooms for the New Year and of course some meat, maybe meat with lemon, I think chicken.;) Do you prefer eating pork, chicken or beef?
Sweetheart, I haven’t read your books and seen your paintings. But I want to. Can you write me their names? So, I will try to find them.;)))
Well, darling, I believe I responded all your questions.;) I liked your photos very much! I wish you a wonderful day! And I will be waiting for a new letter from you!
Hugs, Julia.
Letter 6
Hello, my tender G!
It is magnificent that I am reading a letter from you darling! You know sweetheart, you didn’t see me online during your lunch because I wasn’t online. So, don’t worry about that.;))) I just thought that maybe I will come to the agency once in a while so late. And you asked me so much not to go there at night, better to talk my morning your evening.;) Honey you are so wonderful!!!! Oh, yes, yesterday the chat and the system crushed. And I thought it was the fault of the internet at the office. But it was the site. I even didn’t know that you would be waiting for me. I know it is late for you when we talk, so I assumed you would go to bed. But you are so sweet and nice that you were waiting and waiting for me! Oh, honey, you are so special to me!!!! But today our chat was fabulous too! We shared everything. And I told you about my previous relations. But as you can see I didn’t consider all the men bad. No, I know that there are good men and there are awesome men! And you are my awesome man!!! Sweetie, it is so pleasant that you consider me a to be a small writer.;) You say that I never repeat anything in my letters.;) But I should tell you that I even don’t try to do so. I just write what is in my heart and on my mind!!! Life is such an unpredictable thing and we don’t know what it prepares for us. But I am so grateful that the fate has prepared a meeting for us! And I always recollect the morning when we started our special communication! I will never forget it!!!! Ah, honey, it will be marvelous to visit your mom and to drink that special cream tea.;))) And of course we will meet my parents also!!! Oh, sweetheart, I will love you, really love you and it will be forever!!!! And you know about that.;))) All the mornings and evenings I have romantic dreams about you.;))) And I know that all of them come true.;))) Oh, honey of course cherub reminds me about you.;))))) And you are my cherub.;)) Sweetheart, I believe I responded your questions.;) The photo of a little child is amazing!!!! Happy New Year, darling!!!!
Yours, Julia.
Letter 7
Hello, my honey G!
It is very pleasant and nice to receive such a letter from you dear! You are the sweetest man in the world! I hope you know that.;) Darling, I am sorry I wasn’t online today. When I woke up in the morning I came into the kitchen and I saw my mom was cooking some dishes. So, I couldn’t leave her, I needed to help her. I hope you will understand me, dear and won’t be hurt. Oh, darling, the photos of the house are fantastic! I like them a lot! The pool is so interesting and the interior is also nice! But don’t you think it is too huge? Yes, I do like big houses, but it is too big for us.;) To my mind a family doesn’t need so much space for being happy, believe me.;) Sweetheart, I completely agree with you that it is very good to look for the compromises. And I also don’t like when a person starts manipulating you with the help of your past life. He or she wasn’t in that life and doesn’t have any right to recollect that at all. Sweetheart, I will always support you and I will always be with you! And I like you not for your job, but for your personality. There are some things which make me happy, the smile of a child, the flower in bloom, the happy eyes of my parents and my beloved.;))) Darling, I also hope that soon, you will get my photo with the flowers you have sent to me.;) Oh, their scent is magnificent!!! Thanks again, honey for being so attentive! Oh, honey I do believe in love at first type. It is honey wonderful that we recognized each other immediately!!! Our life is fantastic!!! Oh, darling, of course I understood who was on the photo; it was you a small boy! And I loved that photo a lot! Sweetie, as for iphone, I think that it will cost a lot. And I hope you remember that I am with you not because of things like that. I am with you because you and I are special to each other!!! Sweetie, I will stop here. I tried to respond all your questions.;) I wish you a wonderful day! And I will be waiting for your letters and for our chats!
Hugs and kisses, Julia.
Letter 8
Hello, my sweet G!
It is fantastic that I have got so much attention from you dear today! Thanks a lot for our chat and for our correspondence! All your letters are special gifts to me and all our talks are also amazing! You know how to make me happy because you are an experienced and mature and wonderful man who feels me across the distance.;))) Darling, I miss you a lot! I was thinking of you during the New Year celebration! And when I woke up in the morning on the 1st of January, my first thought was about you! And I sent you my best wishes, darling! That was magnificent! Darling, as for the house, I think that the older one will be also very nice, but not so big as you sent me the photos.;) I think it was too much for us. I wish our house not to be tremendous, but nice and cozy. Do you understand what I mean?;))) Oh, darling, you can come and see me whenever you want! This is for sure! And we will spend time together, and we will communicate with each other!!! I also want to meet you very much! I love the poem you have sent to me! It is so, so romantic! I feel your soul and heart in this poem, dear! It is marvelous how you can share all your feelings with me dear! You are so special and amazing! It is really fantastic! You and I are the two people who want to give as much happiness to each other as no one ever had so! Am I right, darling? Oh, sweetheart, the photos are always great! I love looking into your eyes, I love seeing your smile! You are just fantastic, sweetie!!! Your idea of our romantic first date is just perfect! Oh, I can only imagine how wonderful it will be to explore the world with you!!! You will show me all the sides of this world but most of the sides will be romantic! I feel it.;))) Oh, honey I want to share my warmth with you in real life, of course!!!! Sweetie, those “one hundred and one sweet nothings” are “one hundred and one sweet the most special things” for me!!!!! And I am so thankful to you for them!!!! Darling, I wish you everything the best! And I will long for your new letter and for our new chat!
Hugs and kisses, Julia.
Letter 9
Hello, my darling G!
I am writing to you today again honey! And isn’t that wonderful that my letter reached you so quickly and you wrote me another one honey.;))) Darling, as always your letter is nice and it is full of special sense! It is so important to me to know what you feel, what bothers you, and which things can make you happy at this time.;) Sweetie, I think it is unfair towards you not to love you. To my mind it is just impossible. You are so sweet, attentive, nice and caring! You give your heart to a person if you really love this person. And I don’t know how it is possible to betray your heart. As for me, I am also ready to entrust my heart into your hands! And I know that you will keep it with love and care sweetie!!! Honey I completely agree with you that our age difference is nothing at all. And you should cope with your prior relations by yourself. Of course I will help you and support you wherever you need it! Sweetheart, you are so special to me! And I will be with you always! You know, it right honey? It is a wonderful day! We are communicating so much today! And it makes me the happiest lady!!!!! You know, I was watching a nice movie today. It’s name was “Christmas Hope”. Have you watched it? It is so touchy and nice! Oh, honey I wanted you to be by my side and to hold my hand! I wanted to you to feel my breath! Oh, honey, of course I am in it, in our relation.;) And I feel so happy and great!!! It is marvelous! Sweetie, I wish you a wonderful day! And I will be waiting for your new letter with great impatience!
Kiss you, Julia.
Letter 10
Hello, my sugar G!
It is marvelous that your new letter is in front of my eyes. And I can write you back sweetheart!!! Darling, all your words are like poems. They have rhyme to my heart! And my heart sings when I read your letters.;) Maybe you are right and I am your robin.;))) Well, darling, today we were talking together about my meeting you at the airport. I think it will be better if my interpreter will call you when you are in Odessa and you will arrange our meeting.;) Oh, you don’t want me to wear my jeans. Are you jealous? I love wearing jeans. And I think that every woman should look like woman but not like a man. Do you agree with me? You like me for who I am right?:))) And I am a lady and I have the shape of a lady.;) So, don’t worry, I am with you and not with any other man. Oh, dear, of course I understand everything what you say about *** and about us being close! You always say it clearly, and I not just understand but feel what you mean.;))) And these things are also important to me! To my mind everything should be mutual in relations. I agree there can be some hobbies which the beloved have. But love, understanding, support, passion, interest, tenderness, warmth should be mutual.;))) Oh, dear, I am so happy that you are so wise! Yes, sweetie, if a couple doesn’t plan that future, they are not just in love, they don’t have that future as they don’t see it together! Oh, honey thanks for telling me that it is nice to hang out with me and I should tell you that it is also nice to hang out with you.;) I was planned to meet you twenty years ago.;) And this plan worked! And now we know each other!!! And one more honey, I don’t have the passport yet. Sweetheart, it was very pleasant to talk to you in chat today. And of course I am very glad that I wrote this letter to you. I believe I responded all your questions.;) I like your picture very much sweetie!!! I will wait for our new chat and for your new letter!
Hugs and kisses, Julia.
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