Scam letter(s) from Karrie Lamore to Todd (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Honey,
I am writing you these email just to let you know am deeply in bad mood,this whole thing is wired...My credit card is loaded with a sum of two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars but i can't use it here..Have travelled to many countries but i haven't experience what am going through here...Have called my bank to figure things out for me from the states but i think there is a delay,Todd i must confess to you,you are adding more pains to these whole thing going on with me here,why is it now you are bothering me with question and you never thought of me,thought of what am going through here...Believe me have not been myself,i could have travell back to the states,if i have my way of neglecting the contract..But have been paid in advance and i have to complete it...Hey am ready to tell you everything about my company and my business,but that has to be in a meantime not at this point cause i have alot on my head..I hope you understand,my PA told me he called you,he can hear you but he told you couldn't hear him...I'm getting mad at him cause i asked him to figure out some funds from his account,he was unable to do that due to the custody on his kids.
Right at these moment am short of cash,you could try and send me some funds through western union...OK? All you need is my full info and i can pick it here with my I.D
Take your time for me honey,i wish you were here to see what am going through...Act fast so you can make me smile again,i don't meant to bother you over anything,financially...I dedicate all i have own for our love,i await to meet you and let you take over everything then i will got your back...
I need to rest my head honey,i look forward to talk to you soon!!!
Yours faithfully,
Letter 2
Good evening my love, I know it's morning over there, hope you had a lovely night and sweet dreams about us? Baby I can't wait either, to see us having fun together in our house and laugh at each other when we do anything funny. I wonna do with you, anything that would make you happy baby, because I wonna see you happy all the time. I wonna be the woman that would make you smile all the time, even when you return from work unhappy.
Our dreams will definitely come true sweetie, we are meant to be together and we will surely work things out and see us as the best couples in life that nothing on earth will never change that. Baby I want you to know that we have found each other and nothing will ever take us from each other.
You are so funny baby...Lol. I wonna be your silly girl too...smiles. Want you to spoil me and you alone. I wonna be with you all day and night and watch us doing silly things around our house...smiles. I wonna fall asleep in your arms at night and wake up in the morning in your arms... baby, you are the reason I'm happy now, the reason I can go on with my life because you have filled me with joy that would never be taken from me and I know you would always be there for me like you have promised. We will be bold enough to hold hands and even kiss each other in the public, if that would be fine by you silly boy...Lol. My work will not be any problem to our relationship as I cherish and adore you more than everything in the world now baby. Like I have said before, this is gonna be my last contract traveling outside the states and I can even retire just to face our future, build a solid home for us and love each other till eternity.
Sweetheart I'm ready to teach you everything about me when we finally get together and also wonna learn everything about you aswel. You are the one I think of every second and the thought of you run in my brain all day and night, even I'm at work (bad boy)Lol. You make me the happiest woman on earth with the sweet things you always say to me and deep down my heart I love you baby, always I will till eternity. Sweetheart, so I await to read your letter everyday because they brighten my day, Thank you so much for coming into my life and make me smile all the time. In all the dreams I've had in life, being with someone as great of a person as you, seemed impossible to find. You are everything I dreamed of and even more. I am writing this to you to tell you in front of the world... I CHERISH YOU my love. I will give you my life, my love and share everything I have to offer with you. I will Honor you, adore you, be loyal to you, and put no one else before you, forever! Because you are just the man my heart has chosen for me and I want to be with you for the rest of my life.
Baby, I said it before and will never stop saying it, I will do everything to make it up to you ok. And I'm promising you deep down my heart that, after my contract we are traveling straight to your place. I will like to use this opportunity to notify you that the project is going on pretty fine, with the experience specialist I have here. But right now we need an underground and Aluminum MC cables, which we can not get the quality here. So I would have to travel to a west african country called nigeria where we contacted a cable company and they told us they have the graded cables. So I should be on the next available flight to the company tomorrow. I don't want you to be worries at all ok, I promise you. I will be fine and everything is under control and I would contact you immediately I get there to let you know. Make sure you take good care of yourself for me my precious man and I LOVE you deep down my heart...Hugs and Kisses. Yours loving
Karrie P.S. Baby it's 9:51 pm here and I'm looking at your lovely pics with a great and charming smile you attached with the email, waiting to talk to you on yahoo instant messenger. I attached pics of I and Junior for you baby
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