Scam letter(s) from Elizaveta Arbousova to Ron (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Hello Hello !! Hello Hello Hello !! Again and again Ron !!! :) How are you today ??? Or should I say in romanian leanguage ? :)) Ce faci Ron ?? :)) I am jocking... romanian it is a strange leanguage from you but I promise that I will try my best to learn you much more for the future :))) Today I am at the Internet Caffe.. like I say in my last e-Mails I come to write you much more today and write you almsot everyday :) ... :(( I am trying my best to write you much more things about me.. and even that I will can not write you a big e-mail.. I will try my best to write you much more ... when I can`t.. and to responde you soon as I can.. like I have tell you I don`t have a computer and internet in my home.. but I am going to the Internet Caffe and when I can I write you also from the work :) and maybe sometimes I will write you short e-Mail , short short e-mail,, but just to see that I am thinking at you ! :) Ron today I want to talk about you about something from my life... something maybe that you put questions.. and it is better to know everything about me.. I want to tell you everything.. And I want you to know much things about me.. to see what type of the persone I am .. what type of the women I am... I hope you will like this information about me.. You should know that it will be a little hard for me to talk.. so if today I will not responde to your questions today.. please don`t be sad.. because I want to tell you some things today to understand me much good... Ron okay ?? I put in this e-Mail today , some picture , with me ! :) I hope you will enjoy it and you like them.. 3 are from the Black Sea - i have visit a military shipyard and to tell you a secret .. photography was prohibited :) but Cristina a friend og mine make some picture :) nobody need to know okay ? :)) Are top secret pictures :) , I hope you will like it.. ohhh my the way.. When I talk about Romania.. I forget I have check on my company phone .. and I have also.. was at the post office.. to check about my phone :) so.. I will give you my phone with the country number.. to have it in this way too :) it is not so hard and also I want to talk with you on the phone :) We need to talk with you on the phone sooner or later :) :) and to tell you this things that I tell you on the Internet.. to talk I don`t know :) to hear my voice to hear your voice :) So the country Romania code it is : 004 or ++4 . My mobile phone it is : 0749371947 So people says that you need to call me with : 004 0749371947 . I know that it is expensive for you to call me, you can call me when you can it is not problem and if you don`t want to call me it is not problem :) maybe you will can call me next week-end to talk for few minutes I don`t know :) I do not want to spend too much money and your big bills come to the phone .. okay ?? I wait for your calls anytime Ron ! :) Okay ? :) Today I want to talk with you about something from my life... like I say.. maybe it is something that you want to know.. and like I say from begging.. I want to tell you everything about me.. I don`t want to have secrets from you.. and also I want you to know what type of the persone I am... how can I love... and etc.... I want you to know everything about me.. to know about my ex relationships , about my exboyfriends.. and also I want to know everything about .. and also about your relationships.. and etc.. It will be a little hard for me to talk because it will come memories.. some bad some good.. but from every relationships even that finaly they end bad.. you need always to remeber good things.. or not... I don`t know how to say.. but life it is better that you will not remember bad things... I don`t know.. what it is your opinion about this ?? Can you tell me Ron ?? I want to talk Ron about my ex relationship.. you know that soon I will have 28 year old.. and maybe you think that I don`t have experiance.. you should know that I am educated to be one women for one man.. and I start to have my first relationship at 18 year old.. with a man named Cristi he was by 25 years old by that date.. and we was togheter for 2 years till I have 20 year old... he loves me much but she leave me beacause I was not prepare to have ***.. and be him.. and he don`t suport to not be with me.. in the other way.. if you know what I mwan.. I don`t have *** with this man.. we have try but I was not prepared.. I have talk with my friends about this and some of them tell me that I don`t love him much.. and other people says that I was not prepared because I wait for something much more from him... I don`t know.. I start my secounde relationship at 21 year old.. and I was with the secounde man from my life till we broke up when I catch him cheating me till 1 year ago.. almost 1 year.. I love him this man so much.. and I was his wife.. in fact I need to say that he was the first man from my life... now you know that I am not ******.. maybe it is not good for you to know this.. but I tell you... to know... maybe you have this questions.. I stay also with this man.. a periode of time.. he have an apartament and he ask me to stay with him.. to move with him.. and I stay with him.. i move my all clothes there.. and I leave with him.. I make clean in that apartament I cook.. it was good.. I feel that he love me all the time.. and I love him so much.. this is why I move with him... I wa sthink that I will spend all of my life with this man.. but 1 day... I was sick at the work.. very sick.. and I go home.. and guess what I catch him with a women there.. don`t think I catch him with her making ***.. but.. they start to explain me that they have a relationship and they are in love.. and this man... named Ionut tell me that we need to end because he love this women much more that me.. and he can continue in this way... i was sad... so sad.. and I need to say that I was thinking to end my life.. it was ****** that I think in this way.. I move to my parents again.. where I stay now.. and I don`t have any relationship.. I am single for almost 1 year.. single.. and I want to start a relationship... I want to love again .. I don`t want to be single.. and I don`t want to meet mans that just want to be with me.. to have ***.. or a man that he will tell me one day thay they love another women and I need to move on... :(( I am a bit sad right now... I wish to hear your voice and talk a little and joke.. maybe it will be much good... I really want to talk with you this things... and to tell you about this.. I really don`t want to have any secrets from you.. and I want to tell you about me.. and everything about my life... I want you and me to be best friends.. :(( I am a bit sad right now.. and some tears appears on my face.. :(( I really need.. to talk with you this things.. I don`t know.. I hope I don`t make you sad about my story of my life.. :(( I am so sorry.. it make me have some tears on my face... I will go right now.. I am a bit sad because I am single.. I am so sorry I hope I don`t make you sad too ... :(( I am so sorry.. I will write you soon.. or I wait a call from you... I am so sorry Ron again... Okay.. Please don`t be sad because of me... and I hope you will not become sad.. :(( I really hope that I don`t upsad you with nothign in this e-mail that I write you.. I just want to talk with you like a friend.. even maybe I don`t responde to your e-mail to much :((.... Kisses ....
Letter 2
Hello ! :) Hello Hello ! :) From the week-end ! :) Hello Hello from a nice week-end !! Hello Hello to you and just to you ! :) Hello Hello and nice to meet you !! Hello Hello and welcome to me ! :) I love you so much with all of my heart baby love ! I love you so much and I want to be with you forever and ever !!! Hello Hello to my butterfly ! :) Hello Ron :)) Kiss you sweet baby love ! :) Kiss you sweet baby love !!! Kiss you sweet with all of my heart ! :) Kiss you sweet my baby love !! Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss you sweet baby love... or should I give you the kisses in romanian ? :) Like.. Pupici Pupici .. Pupici multi ! :)) Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss you sweet baby love ! :)) Pupici Pupici.. Muah Muah muah muah muah muah ! MUAH MUAH MUAH MUAH ! :) I wish to translate you Muah.. in romanian.. but :) the only translation.. it is Muah :)) and I think the translation it is Franch Kiss ! :)) Kiss you sweet baby love !! I love you so much you are so sweet and cute with me.. You are a good man.. a very very very good man and I think with a good heart !! Kiss you sweet my loely man Kiss you sweet with all of my heart my lovely man !! Do you know how much I love you and how much I want to be with you ?? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND MY LIFE IT IS YOURS !! IT IS YOURS BABY !! I want to be with you much that even !! Ron Kiss you sweet baby love kiss you sweet with all of my heart my love !! I love you baby and I want to sweet nice and good years with you.. nice and beautiful years.. I want to have many memories with you and just with you with nobody else.. I want to be with you ! :(( I want to see you and to spend my time with you ... LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!! How is my baby today ?? You have a nice start of the week-end ??? What are you doing this week-end anything fun ? Or just relaxing and oyu will be lazy in your bed.. waiting for me to come in your bady.. to be togheter lazy.. or to have romantic days and nights ? :) Please relax much baby.. I will do the same .. okay.. I will relax much this week-end because again yestarday I stay almost in the house... I don`t feel good :(( I have temperature.. and headaches.. yestarday I sleep alot.. because I feel not so good.. and everytime I wake up I was transpired maybe because of the pills that I take .. or maybe because the fever , and also tears flowed from my eyes.. inf act one time.. I was thinking that I am crying.. my father was thinking that I have fight with you and I he ask me.. but I say to him that I don`t feel so good.. :(( BAD BAD BAD FLU !! I am good right now.. I take pils.. maybe I should not need to leave the house and come here to write you.. but I want this because I love you so much and I need you and.. this is what I want to do.. to write you.. to tell you how much I love you !! Maybe I am crazy.. and YES , I AM CRAZY !! CRAZY AND CRAZY ABOUT YOU !! CRAZY FOR YOU !! CRAZY IN LOVE !! I love you so much with all of my heart baby love I love you so much and I need you so much in my life !! Ron so so so so so so so sorry that I don`t write you yestarday.. :(( but I take a day of from the work.. :(( I was not feeling good.. I wake up yestarday in the monirng I was feeling bad.. I have some dizziness... and I go in fact at the work... but at the work.. one of my superviser see that I am not feeling good.. and he tell me to go home.. and to take care about me... I have a good new baby... Yestarday , Friday , my mother.. when i go home.. My father prepare my mother to go with her at the hospital.. she fell on ice and broke his leg... and stood with his foot in plaster time for 2 weeks.. and this time expired yestarday.. and my father go with her at the hospital.. to remove the plaster from her foot.. she don`t walk too goo.. but it is will be okay the doctors says.. in fact monday she will go again at the hospital.. and I tell to my father to go with her.. because outside on the streets , sidewalks even when you enter on the bus.. on bus stairs are full of snow and ice.. and I see alot of people that fall down.. and I say to my father to go with her Monday to a control for her foot.. and she will need to make x-Ray.. to her foot.. and after it is possible if it will not be okay to have again her foot in the plaster.. also the doctor that consult my mother and put the plaster and remove it today.. he say that if this week-end if he will start to hurt.. or he will can`t walk to come at the hospital at the urgent (I.R) .. she say that she is feeling good.. and she it is happy that she is walking again.. this is good.. and also I am happy too.. she need to be very careful right now.. i tell to her.. to not leave the house.. till it will be clean on the streets.. I hope she will lesin to me.. -13 C at this hour baby , very cold.. :(( I don`t like it at all.. it is good that it is not anymore -23 C :(( a very bad temperature.. when it was that temperature I feel that I can breath that everything it was frozen and cold.. this is good.. I hear that here in my region it will not snow anymore this winter.. it is a lot of snow.. everywhere it is a snow.. people try hard to remove the snow from the streets.. but is hard.. because it is a lot of snow.. I never see such a snow.. and my father say that he never see such a snow in Galati from many many years.. very very big snow.. also the temperature it was extreme of low.. and the Danubius river it is frozen.. the good news it is that in the next weeks it will start to be much good.. maybe... i don`t know.. weather it is change from what people says on TV.. and I don`t know.. sometimes they make mistake.. but.. I really hope that it will be good temperature soon.. and it will be spring.. and nice outside.. because I am tired to see this bad winter.. :(( :(( :(( I dislike it... very very much.. I will prey that the spring it will come soon.. :(( also a lot of people die in Romania.. because of this bad temperature and this storng snowing.. in the last days.. rescure s teams find 90 people dead in the houses that it was covered by snow , People were stuck there ... without food.. without water.. they die because they do`nt eat.. or because they was sick.. or because they was old.. :(( very very bad.. and rescure teams says.. that will find others.. :(( guverment and a lot of people with the monies donate monies.. or they buy food.. mineral water.. I see that they give to the people what they need.. :(( :(( very very bd what it was happening.. and the number of people that loose the lifes are very high.. :(( God rest them in peace.. :(( I see on Tv a man that he have almost 98 years old.. he say that 3 days he don`t eat nothing .. he just drink water.. and he still alive.. but he don`t know why... and he never see something like this in his life.. :((( very bad ... and also people sayson TV that in the next spring that I want to come soon.. it will be a spring with a lot of floods here in Romania.. and floods are much dangerouse.. :(( I do not know what happens in Romania.. maybe we are cursed :(( :(( :(( maybe people are bad here i don`t know.. Last night baby I stay and talk with my parents they ask me such a lot of things about you... I was a bit shy.. :(( I talk nice about you.. I tell them that you think like me that you are like me.. that I am happy with you.. that we are talking over the Internet.. adn also I give you my phone number.. to call me.. I tell them that it is a bit expensive to call from a country to another.. I tell them that we plan to meet an spend time togheter , I tell them that you are really such a good man and you will can make me happy.. I love you so much.. and I bet my parents it will like you.. much when you will come here.. My mother it is a bit carefully he tell me.. to be very very carefully because are such a good people all over the world.. and I don`t want to see me that I have broken hurt or to suffer from love.. :((( :((( Please promise me that you will not hurt me never !!! Please with all of my heart .. Promise me and swear to me that you will never do this.. I will promise to you , to myself.. and to my parents.. and to GOD that I will never hurt you in any way.. that I will don`t cheat you and I will be always a good women in the house.. and I will never not embarrass you !!! RonI will never do such things to you.. and I will never hurt you in any way !! I SWEAR THIS !! AND I WILL PRAY TOMMOROW WHEN I WILL GO TO THE CHURCH THAT WE WILL HAVE A NICE LIFE TOHETER !! We need this we need to be togheter.. happy in love.. !! I love you so much with all of my heart !!! Kiss you sweet baby love !!! My parents what to see you too baby !! I want to come there.. so so so so so so so so SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH !! I want in the morning to wake up you with a sweet kiss at your tears.. or to kiss you sweet lips.. with my warm voice I want to whisper to you something that nobody told you never..: " You're my angel on earth , Ron!" I would always in every morning to be always the same.. kisses.. careeses.. hugs.. romantic and good feelings .. I will would to give on thousand and forever.. I want you to give me your heart to be commited to me.. because I am commited to you.. I want to be with you day and night.. I want to feel togheter.. and to make you feel and to make me feel - LOVE AND HAPPINESS EVERY DAY .. till the day until I will die.. but my love it will never die.. because my love for you it will be forever !! Ron!! I love you so much !!! I love you so much that not words can describe fully the ultimate feelings that I have for you !! You are my life , and I can imagine the life without you anymore.. I feel that we are make it to be togheter !! I LOVE YOU MY LOVE !! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !! Please when you read this worlds that I write you please tell me in your next e-Mail what you feel it.. please read it for 2~3 times.. this worlds.. I tell you this.. and I choose I hope good words to show you my feelings for you !! Ron I love you so much !! Please tell me if you feel the same.. or you feel something else.. please tell me what your heart says to you.. please tell me and tell me good words.. love of love !! Love for you my baby !!! I love you so much !! Gabriel Capatina
Str. Siderurgistilor
Bloc M4b sc2 ap88
Galati, Romania zip code 800259 You make me a good women.. a very good women.. and I want so much to be with you.. SOON BABY !! SOON !! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART !!! MY GOOD MAN !!! MY ANGEL OF EARTH !! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WITH ALL OF MY HEART !! I LOVE YOU BABY AND NOTHING IT WILL CHANGE MY LOVE FOR YOU !!! I AM 100 % COMMITED TO YOU !! AND 100 % I LOVE YOU JUST YOU AND NOBODY ELSE !! THIS IS WHAT I AM !! KISS YOU SWEET BABY LOVE !! Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss ksis you sweet with all of my heart !! I love you so much with all of my heart baby love !! Kiss you sweet baby love.. Kiss you sweet my darling my good heart.. my man !! Kiss kiss kiss ksis kiss KISS KISS KISS KISS kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss ksisiskiss kiss kiss kiss MUAH MUAAH !!! HUG YOU BABY !!! Kiss you sweet baby love !! I love you so much with all of my heart !!! Kiss you sweet my lovely man !! WE WILL BE TOGHETER SOON !! I LOVE YOU !!!
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