Letter(s) from Maria to Todd (USA)

Letter 1

Your letters please me. And I am not important with what mood has come and as have passed my day after I esteem your messages to me it becomes easier and more pleasant. It on lifts my mood when I go home I so much recollect still long that you have written for me and it pleases me. How there was your day? Than you were engaged? Todd, I would would like that you have told to me about your friends. I hope for that that you will make it in the following letter. Todd today I went to a hairdressing salon, usually I had hair cut at one woman but today it was not also me cut, another. After it has straightened me. I was confused to that not much as it has straightened me. But after I have come home and I have looked in a mirror has thought that I began to look more cheerfully. Todd but I think of that that this business not in a hairdress, and in that that I have dialogue with you! And you give great value to the appearance? You have hair cut in a constant place?
You in general in a life are constant? Todd you know when I was small and went to school me my mum cut. And as it has made for me in everything that I looked well. And on it at school me have nicknamed the woman of fashion. And at you any nickname was at school? Children always think out something. Even now my girlfriends have nicknamed me Fluff. Todd and how you are named by your close people? Todd, it is pleasant to me to receive your letters. When I see your words, on my person there is a smile. You bring joyful changes and Todd mood in mine put. I am glad, that you tell about yourself and the life! It is important for me who are Todd, I try to learn you even better. For me it is pleasant, that you share it with me and as you wish to learn about me! We in Todd so fine spend time together, Todd, I am glad, that I have such open and pleasant dialogue with you! I liked your photos, you could not send still to me? I with impatience shall wait for your letter!
Yours Mariya.

Letter 2

Todd I can tell for you about that that you begin to me more close more interesting. It seems to me that at us much in common. I with impatience wait for your letter because they give for me pleasure and pleasure. I do not cease to think of you. It is pleasant for me. I at all have not noticed as week has gone. And for you my letters are pleasant? I would like to please you with the letters!!! Today at me event Todd work since morning I was pleasant has made a new interesting hairdress and this hairdress has liked all. Todd I was glad to it. Todd tell for me and than you like to be engaged, what for you the present pleasure? It is very interesting to me, I think that you enjoy viewing of sports meets. I with pleasure would look with you it. I watch TV especially any historical programs for me interestingly to learn about that as our world lived earlier. This pleasure for me. And you know history of the country? You could not tell to me about it? I do not know much about your country, but I very much would like to learn your culture. It for me would be very cognitive!!! As I like to gather the company and to play various games. More often I do it on work. When I see that children strongly get tired I speak to gather it in a circle and we play hide-abd-seeck!!! All over it is children's game. You sometime heard and about it? You know, what this such? If it will be over to you interestingly, I can tell to you about it in the following letter. For me the greater pleasure to receive your letter, in fact when I see your letters at me the smile on my person when could not think that to me rises so that will be pleasant to communicate with whom...
Todd, with you to me it is very good there is nobody so yet was not.... All these pictures was done by my girlfriend, or my mum! There were days that I took phone and did. Todd you have hobby? My hobby this cultivation of various colors, it as can seem not interesting and boring employment but for me it delivers a lot of pleasure. Speak that flowers sate an apartment with fresh air and cheer up. For me this employment a lot of pleasure I is exact brings enjoy this employment. It has come for me from my mum it very much loves flowers and many years are engaged in them. At home in village at it very big park of colors and not only houses but also in the street. And it with heat and caress can speak about them though very long. As that time about which I comes nearer spoke for you that we at our school spend accounting concerts for half-year. I like to spend these concerts therefore to think out various statements of dances of the various countries or nationalities. It very interestingly I like to be prepared for it I look through various records and I read the literature. It is long process but when in the end it turns out so all hall rises and applauds feel the price of the diligence. It delivers for me pleasures. I would think to you it was pleasant if you saw my statements. And you like to dance? Tell to me, you visited, ever children's concerts? Todd know I now has thought that surprisingly, but I am very simple with you I communicate I can talk absolutely about all this very pleasantly for me enjoy it! Please, tell to me more about how passes yours put! It is very interesting to me to know your way of life! I look forward to your letter!!! Yours Mariya

Letter 3

Todd, Thanks for your letter. I am glad that that you have written to me!!! Todd, I did not wish it to speak but it is necessary to me, I had already same a man as well as you... And so them much your characters and work it is similar, yes is not much that that does not converge, but it only trifles... So now we shall think both that you me deceive and I you??? Such it is a lot of still people as we and histories as are identical... Today I have come into school, have written the letter of resignation and have taken away the documents. I long thought, how I shall not tell to my pupils about that that I more at them to teach. Then I was solved have come on employment and have told it that I shall not teach more at them. Children very much were upset. Todd to me so painfully that to me I was necessary to hurt those of whom love. But I very much hope for that that when they will grow they will understand me. When I have left a class on my eyes there were tears. Todd I adore these children, they to me all as native. But I cannot work there more after last incident! I long yesterday thought of it when I recollect that as this animal tried to touch me with the paws me tears from it. I thought what to speak it to someone or not. I do not wish to get involved more in it and to recollect it it on so much unpleasantly for me. So I have decided to leave simply easy. How you consider, I have correctly made? In my head confusion. I have left work. It is not a pity to me that I can teach the groups of employment more. But I think that that, I shall visit them. I think this best that I can make!!!! Todd, tomorrow I cannot write to you as I shall go to mum and the daddy. I need on to be with them and much above what to think. I need to solve what further to do!!! I hope that that you on me will not be pressed out! I have already got used to you. You such person to which would be desirable to open. I am happy that that the destiny has given chance to us to learn one another. I shall miss very much your letters, but I shall remember you every minute. I shall write at once as soon as I shall return!!!! I hope you you will not take offence at me. Yours Mariya

Letter 4

Todd today I have arrived from parents. I have well spent time!!! I have considered all and have decided to search for new work. I have told about it to parents, they completely support me. Todd thanks you for your support was very pleasant to receive it. Know when not could think that will so difficultly to find the man... To Me have told that it will be better to find love on the Internet but now I think and that here is not possible, as so many people appear which deceive. And it very badly and painfully what to do I simply I do not know... Todd I very much would like that to me trusted, but as to explain to me I simply do not understand.. Todd when has arrived to parents, they were very glad me to see. We talked much. They at once have understood that not everything is all right. I have told it about that that happens.
The daddy has flown into a rage from it. Todd, but gradually it has calmed down. I have asked them to not lift again speech about it. Then it has left to flood a bath. And we with mum have begun to cook food. In the evening at supper I have told to the parents about you. I have told it what you interesting the man and about that as I like to communicate with you. Mum asked me about you much, I told all. Then I have gone to a bath and have laid down to sleep. In the morning I have woken up from singing birds. I have come on kitchen mum did not sleep any more and made a breakfast. I have woken up and have gone to walk on street. There very beautiful weather. I went and thought of that as it would be fine to go now with you for a hand! My head was visited at once many with fine ideas! Todd you can present yourself it? Thinking of you I have left very far. Then I was developed and have gone back when I have come, the meal already was on a table. We had a bite I and I have decided to go home. And already when I went in the bus me such idea has visited that that I and I have not noticed that that and have not noticed as have forgotten about all bad that happens. I went and thought of words of parents, thought of that that it so well when there are those who you support. The trip home very much has inspired me. And I have gained strength for search of new work. Todd I have noticed that that when to me happens badly me pulls as a magnet in the parental house, and I come back from there full energy and and optimism!!!
Todd, tell to me than you were engaged? You missed about me? I very much missed!!! Todd the daddy and mum asked to send the regards to you!!! As that they are very glad to our dialogue. And how your relatives concern to our dialogue? On road to library I have bought the newspaper with announcements, of that who it is required for work. Now I shall go home it is necessary to see many announcements, probably, that I shall find that that suitable!!! But it is now not so good with work As all over the world crisis. And with work at us it is very bad. Close many enterprises, and many people remain without work. On it I think that that search of work will not be a lung. I very much hope for that that at me all will turn out and soon I shall be arranged somewhere. Todd, you trust in me? How you think at me it will turn out? Tomorrow I shall come and I hope to see your letter!!! Mariya

Letter 5

As your day today was Todd? My day was fine I enjoyed it not looking on what this all from that that have left my impressions of a dream which has dreamed me. Todd today you have dreamed me it on were pleasant so much that I cannot pick up in it words at all, as if we were together kept for a hand about as this pleasantly Todd we enjoyed it had many smiles and fun in dialogue, we walked with you on the nature in what that not the friend for me a place, it was so pleasantly for me I enjoyed this Todd by that confidence that you glad with me and for me it became so pleasantly and easy. I was pleased to it. Feeling your heat and the most important ease of our dialogue. I did not wish to wake up from this dream, Todd you would like that it was a reality? I feel that in me that that varies, I start to long. Before when was not such, I long. My life varies also it fine. Today I weigh day went in many places to get a job but while that has not found. I would like to be arranged by formation what to be engaged with that that is pleasant to me. But it is now very complex as in our city this trade is not especially demanded. And you have schools of dances? Dances are widespread in your country? At us it not so is developed. On it there are not enough schools, as in the further not where to develop. So in most cases in dances in our country are engaged only as a hobby. And I always wished to be engaged in it professionally and to raise the level. For me the greater pleasure to receive your letter... In fact when I receive your letters I understand, that you care of me and trust in me, for me it is greater pleasure that there is a person on this ground to which I is not indifferent.... Todd, it likely was pleasant to observe the TV all together. lol! It is not a pity that I can divide it with you... I hope that that you liked my dream. I shall look forward to your letters and a photo!!! I would want that you sent, more than the photos where you smile to me. Yours and only yours Mariya

Letter 6

Hello Todd!!!! I am very glad to see your letter which very much waited. Today I have woken up from a bright beam of the sun which have filtered into my room. I have slowly opened eyes and have understood that there has come morning. Unwillingly I have risen from a bed and have approached to a window, in the street there was a wonderful weather. The sun shone, and at a kind of it I had a good mood. I have recollected that today to me my girlfriend Diana I on a visit wished to come began to be tidied up in an apartment and to make a dinner. Has shortly come Diana and we began to have dinner, have brought up our youth. Recollected what there was carefree time during this period, but now to have to reflect on the future life. As, and with whom, you will lead the rest of a life. Todd, all conversation I thought of you as you and than are engaged. But I knew that you will write to me and will tell as have lead the day. After a tasty dinner we were going to descend to walk, take a breath of fresh air and did not know where to descend. I have suggested Diana to descend in park as for a long time already there was not. We went slowly and recollected institute what were cheerful educational year. Todd when we participated in many concerts in city, and also went to act on all area. Our performances always liked spectators after whom they diligently clapped and with admiration looked at us. It was not forgotten feeling from which it was very pleasant. Todd, we recollected our girlfriends with which funny spent time, during educational years. Having reached park we saw, how children after school play, run on a children's playground and are pleased that has passed educational day. I with pleasure in opinion of looked at them, and dreamed that when that I will have same kids.
About them I shall care and bring up with the big love. Todd, you would want that you had children? You will care of them? In park we had to see very beautiful conditions, birds sang songs and we with pleasure enjoyed their singing. In due course began to darken and we have gone home. Diana it was necessary to go to a kindergarten to take away children. We have said goodbye and have promised that we shall be more often to visit each other. Todd, to me when so it was not good as now to me well with you... You of photos have very much liked me, tell as you spend your days than you are engaged?? Todd it is not very a pity to me that we can be with you together... Todd when there has come evening I has gone to library what to take pleasure in your letter. How has passed your evening? What interesting has occured for your day?
I hope that all at you well. On it I shall finish the letter and I shall wait for your answer tomorrow! Mariya!!