Scam letter(s) from Oksana Shestakowa to Joachim (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi! Nice to meet you. Thank you for your interesting letter.
Thanks for your contact, I'm very serious to looking for my soul mate, but unluckily, till now, in the net, I've found a lot of not serious people, who want to have just some fun.
I ask you to read my letter very attentively, it is important for me to know your opinion about what I wrote. Because under your answers I shall look is there a sense to continue our dialogue farther or not.
Simply, I do not love to be ignored. I try to be sincere with the person I'm communicating with, try to open my soul and its very insulting when I got ignorance after all, or suddenly receive callous letters or letter assigned to another girl with different name in it.
It is very obnoxiously and I was hurt many times, so I don't want it's happen again. But, I ask you don't be frightened either, I'm not malicious person. Do not make any hasty conclusions, read my letter up to the end and then make your mind. I'm actually good and tender on my nature, but life forces me (well, as the most peoples) to be cautious and rough, cause there is a lot of deceit and evil around. I really like you very much, and as I understand by receiving your letter you liked me to. Who knows where our correspondence will lead us to, but I hope at least we will be friends.
My full name is Shestakowa Oksana. I was born in Ukraine, in town Lubny. The Lubny was founded in 1649. Lubny (also spelled Lubni) is a city located in Poltava oblast of Ukraine. Lubny is an important cultural and industrial center of the region. Among the main products of Lubny are various kinds of bread, meat, milk and furniture. Lubny city population is about 50,000 (2010).
Well, about me, You can call me Ksusha or Kseniya (it is actually the same), I'm 32 years young. My height is 170 cm., my weight is 55 kg. I have brown eyes and black hair.
So, I have a high education, I have finished Pedagigical Univercity and now, I work at school as a teacher. I like my job, I like children. My family consist of me, my grandmother and my mother. my father has broken me with my mother when I just born and I'd never seen him anymore. But, I don't upset with this I have my Mom and Grandmother and they are gave me all their love they have and I had a happy child. What about your childhood? Tell me more about your family, parents, it would be very interesting to know where and how you has grown up.
I live alone, I rent a flat in a small and quiet region of my city, it is more comfortable than to live with Mother, cause it is very hard to contain me in her age, and I help to her when I have such possibility.
My apartment rather small, but nevertheless they are mine only and this makes me proud of myself:)
Do you live separate?
I am very cheerful character, I like to have fun, I love jokes and peoples with sense of humor. There is no way you can feel bored with me. I love peoples that close to me and try to be the best I can for them, so they can be the best they can for me. I hope we have a chance to become such close peoples, no doubt I have a sympathy toward you.
It's a rare thing when I find myself feeling sympathy to other person.
I am very legible in people. But in your case, I fell that something woke up in me. I cant specify it. Simply I liked you, maybe its something about a subconscious level. You know how its happened - sympathy born somewhere deeper than our minds. I think i understand peoples very well, I do not want to brag of, but its true. Though I'm still a young woman, but I had a difficult life that forces me become rational and adult-thinking person. So I stopped waiting for a help and become an independent girl. But it gave me a lesson - to appraise every instant of a life, never despond or complain on your destiny. In fact everything we have are made by our hands - our fate, peoples we have around us, being happy with your family or live alone forgotten.
Don't you agree with me?
Tell more about yourself, about the country, city you live in. It is very interesting to me. Also, I'm asking you to comment general thoughts in my letter, what you think about all that? It is very important for me. Do not forget me, write as soon as possible. Best regards to you!!!!!
Kisses from your new friend Oksana.
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