Scam letter(s) from Betty Harris to Jim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Jim,
Thanks for the email and the beautiful pictures, glad you took time to read my profile that really shows you have learn few things about me. I am recently divorced just to let you know if you miss it on my profile *smile* Its my first time trying the internet dating even if I am not really inspired with some silly emails I get from other men showing off what the have rather proving who they are has a man. Unfortunately I am not materialistic and I am quite comfortable getting connected with you with my private email as I can share a lot about myself here. I am one-man woman, looking for a long term relationship with a marriage potential probably start with a date not just an affair that I noticed most men are looking for on the site. I am presently on a short business trip, I've been busy with the purchases of my merchandise need for my business supply. I am an interior decorator and antiques collector self employed. I have a daughter, she is 4 year old she lives with me full time. I am not desperately looking to rush into another marriage, I still have the shock of my devastated divorce in my head and I would like to take a baby step to study any other man I will be giving a chance into my life because my daughter will be involve and I cherish her so much... she is my all. I want the right man that I can spend the rest of my life with no break ups, I know its hard to know who the right man is, but time and taking a baby step will tell. I want something real, I mean in person (face to face) not just this computer thing. I want a real, loyal, loving, honest, caring and responsible man to keep a date and start a relationship with, hopefully lead into an everlasting marriage. A man that will welcome my daughter into our relationship like his own biological daughter. I don't want to experience any separation or break up again NOT TO THINK OF ANOTHER DIVORCE its ***** if you will understand what I have experienced.
My daughter's name is Teresa, she is my jewel and the apple of my eyes, any man that wants to win my heart will probably go through her...that's not a clue but the significant fact. Any man I will date or consider giving a chance again in my heart will have to welcome and accept her into our relationship like his offspring just like I have mentioned earlier. She is the most precious gift I have ever had, my everything and my all. I am the only child of my parents. My heritage is half British, half German, I was born and raised in Fairfield Connecticut, I attended and studied Art & Interior design in Sacred Heart University if you can see that in my pictures. Its sadden and so devastating to loose my both parent to an auto crash accident last years in Springfield Massachusetts on their way back from a wedding anniversary. It was the most devastating incident, moment and experience of my life added to my recent divorce I'm still having all the shock in my head. I was married for 5 years in Hartford CT with ex we use to be a well known couple. We got divorced 9 months ago after I caught my ex husband sleeping with my best friend who use to be my business partner/associate in our matrimonial bed with my two ***** eyes. I filed for the divorced and moved to SF after we got separated just to stay away from my Ex until our divorce was finalized and my other friends that knows about the affairs my he ( Ex ) was having with my betrayal friend and never disclosed it to me. I just secured a temporary apartment at Mission street pending when I will get myself settled to start a new life. To be honest my divorce makes me lost passion for men and trust for friends. Right now, I don't have any friends just my daughter's nanny. I never hope or pray to have such experience again in my life because I never believe he (My Ex) would betray my love with all the care and trust I exercise and showed to him through our marriage, men can be heartless sometimes but I believe there are still good men like an Angel out there for example my father never cheated on my mother for once or heard them having any misunderstanding, fine they might be old fashion but that's just the kind of life I want to have with my man.
I left San Francisco 3 days ago, my daughter is presently with the nanny who is the only friend I have for now and she is like a mother to me. I don't take my daughter to my business trip and I do miss her terribly. I know I can always build back my love life even more better, also start making new and reliable friends. Anyway, that has been said! Sincerely, my life has been moving on fine and smoothly since after we got divorced. My daughter has been my world and my everything, I will never toy with her despite the fatherly love she is missing. I am presently in the United Kingdom to purchase some merchandise and do some collections ( Antiques, Fixtures & Fittings ) for my business supplies. I also plan to dissolve and liquidate my father's investment here in London, I am the only child and his beneficiary. Its my first time here in the UK it has been very bored, No Friends! No Relatives! to take me around, the only relative I use to have here is my grandmother who passed away when she heard the sudden death of my parent. I have been to Canada, Mexico, Australia, Brazil and Italy, I usually travel a lot base on the nature of my business which I found interesting, it gives me a lot of insight in international experience about interior decoration, but I am looking to meet the right man, get settled down, I don't really mind relocating to where ever he lives, try to establish my own show room business at the right location probably in the city, if perhaps buy my own house and quit this traveling thing. I have started my purchase since I got here. Hopefully, I will be back to California next week. I plan to finish up my shopping as soon as I can due to the fact that I am missing my daughter so much and never have I been away from her since I got divorced.
Kindly let me know if my daughter and the present distance wont be a problem. Also tell me all what I needs to know about you. Your present love life, your plan towards your marital life, your type of woman, your likes and dislikes in a woman, in short everything a woman needs to know about a man. Please if you have any question you can ask away I promise to give response and answer as soon as I can with much openness. Hope to read back from you soon and have a pleasant day.
Much Love Betty
Letter 2
Dearest Jim,
Wow! Those are beautiful pictures, was that your costume for the Halloween, I cant keep my eyes off the pictures. I always feel a little bit nervous whenever I want to open your email. I cant really explain what is actually causing the nervousness, but the feeling is quite unusual may be its because I haven't been so close with a man intimately since I got divorced. It feels good trying to trust and build my love life again just scared to experience another heart break or a divorce. Besides, I never really know how online dating works and influence people's love life until now. I am new and its making me feels like I have known you before now, every time I am at the shopping center, despite the busy schedule your thought is always on my mind. The way you talk in your emails is really teaching me how to trust and love again I must be sincere, they are my source of joy and happiness. I like the big heart you have for kids and promising to welcome Teresa, I feel really good and thinking positive writing you this email. Hope this will work out for good, bring us our expectations and where our heart desire. I think all we need now is much of trust and understanding to keep building this relationship pending when I will be back to meet you for a proper date, I am so anxious and looking towards that each time I think about you.
I was with the financial institution where my Dad has his investment and fixed consignment. I met with the controller in charge, It was quite pleasant hearing such good reputation about my dad for the period he has been dealing with them. Could you believe they showed me one of the picture I took with my Dad and his attorney some years ago before he passed! They said its for reference and proper identification for the claimer which my dad has never brought to my knowledge. I was trilled and amazed, I dropped tears of joy hearing such good things about him with the provision he has made for me even if I have to go back to SF to get an lawyer, my divorce papers, draft document for whom ever I want to make my next of kin and also obtain a POA ( Power Of Attorney ) before I can get the claim in 6 months time, the process has just started since I just paid the tax clearance for the period of the investment. I appreciate my dad and happy to make him my mentor business wise it makes me have a flash back to his fatal accident that took his life with my mum but I don't want to talk much about that for now. I am going back to the trade center to finish up my shopping today, I have been making huge purchase just to finish on time. I have been looking for a shipper/mover who will be moving my things to the State. I made some inquiry with FedEx and UPS but they are quite expensive, their charges are just too outrageous. Now, I am looking out for a local shipper with a cheaper and reasonable charges, also has to be reliable with good shipping insurance company. I am going to meet with some at D'Amico Shipping Ltd and Tsakos Shipping (London) Ltd probably later today or tomorrow, you know, being a supplier I must look out for best charges/rate and discount just to maximize my profit on the contract (Wink).
What would you like me to bring for you from London, I have been to places like Canary Wharf, Lakeside, Lewisham, Croydon and Oxford circus West End shopping center there are so many things for men that I can get for you. Let me know the designers you like, perfume, shoes, wallet, wrist watches, and jewelry of your choice, please don't feel reluctant or shy to ask anything away even if its your favorite boxers (smile) I will get them trust me just give me your sizes. I just feel like bringing you a present when we are meeting for the first time. All I ever wanted from you is sincerity and openness if you truly like me from the dept of your heart base on what you read in my emails, probably you can bring a very nice and lovely rose for me and some chocolate for Teresa (smile).
My shipment is going to take few weeks on shipment from Waterloo London. I will definitely arrive back to the State before my shipment and I think that will be the best time for us to meet because I will be very busy with my supplies as soon as my shipment arrives, hope you understand business cant be mix with pleasure. I am thinking of coming to see you from here if you have a place for me like a good hotel around you if not your house and if you will be able to pick me up at the nearest airport to your place. What is the closest airport to you and how far is it to your house. I will be most willing to spend the night or few days with you after our first date depends on our motivation how we find ourselves compatible and attractive. Its many months for me that I haven't been with a man, I feel really good and positive about you, reading from you is really teaching me how to love again like I said before, your thought has captured my mind and captivated my soul! You are my only source of joy and happiness that I don't want to let go for now. Let me know if you have any other plan as I will let you know when I will be back once I get a shipper and schedule a date for the shipment, I just have to ensure the commencement of the shipment before I leave London back to SF I don't trust people when it comes to business at all because they can be funny when it comes to money you know. I have to go now, I need to make sure I round up my shopping today, and do some personal shopping for Teresa, you and myself probably tomorrow.
Have a nice and pleasant day. I will always find time to think about you and hardly wait to meet you soon. Much Love Betty
Letter 3
Dearest Jim,
The way I use to wake up and how my heart beats lately has been quite unusual. This feeling of loving and trying to trust again that I hold within my heart for you runs deeper than an ocean I swear down! I just wish you could see and measure how much you mean to me since we met and started communicating, sometimes I feel very weary to reply your emails due to the fact that I still nurse some slight fears inside my heart of getting hurt again. Even while we never met, you are just the best thing that has ever happened to me ever since my divorce. If only you could hold me tight right now, then maybe you would feel the feelings I have for you that burns with a flame high enough to last forever. If only you could hear my heart beat when I read from you, then maybe you would understand the language of love with which it speaks while I email back and maybe sound too good to be true when you read them. But, I believe if only you could look into my eyes on our first date, the window to my soul, then you would know that this is no lie!
I want you to know what I feel for you is real and what I say in my emails are true and just the actual way I feel towards you. I know I still nurture some fears myself but if all you have been telling me about you as well is truth and you are for real then with all my heart do I trust you. If you want me as your woman as much as I want you as my man if I don't want to use the word *Love* then so be it, I will **** away my fears. While I am here, I will always be faithful and continue to keep myself for you to come back and to meet you. I give you this heart of mine and ask nothing less or nothing more but just that you don't go breaking my heart just like my Ex did to me and Teresa. My love and trust is all I have to give to you now, sealed with honesty throughout and as time goes by after we met, may it grow stronger to fulfill your heart's desire, I understand we both want something real and not just this computer thing.
If it pleases you, call me your love from this day forth and you are mine. For your love I am and your best friend too. As our body, mind and soul combine, so do our hearts become one.
Hear this is my declaration of love and how I actually feel about you. I love you Jim, with all my heart and I will never stop loving you if you will show me the same love. You are my life, you are my everything. Though distance may keep us apart for now but it wont last another week I promise, you and your thought will always be embedded deep within my heart. Have a nice day and hope to read back from you later.
Much Love Betty
Letter 4

Dear Jim,
How are you doing today baby. I woke up this morning but was too late to email you after sending you my flight itinerary, so I headed straight to the shipper's office and we both went to the bank. Could you believe the banks here in London refuses to cash my Check! They want me to have it deposit for 20-30 working days which is waiting another 4-6 weeks since the Check was drawn from a US Bank ( Sun Trust ) and in a large amount. The problem is I have spent all the cash I have at hand and in the bank on the purchases. I spent almost 6 hours with the shipper looking for a bank to cash the Check, believe we couldn't find one, not even HSBC or BOA an international bank still require me to have it deposited for 20 working day. Meanwhile, my merchandise are already waiting shipment sealed inside the container at the Port of Authority. I had to leave the shipper because he has some other shipments to take care. I couldn't waste anytime, I went straight to the US consulate (Embassy), they said the same thing, I was told due to the large attempt on International/Local Frauds and Scams going on in the banking industries, I will have to follow the British banking rules and regulation requiring every International Check over $20,000.00 will have to be deposit for 20-30 business days. I was told not even USPS money orders are accepted here in the UK, only Travelers Checks are accepted and can be cashed instantly. Any international Check over $20,000.00 will have to be declared and deposited as Stated in the banking constitution....sigh! I got totally frustrated and confused.
I am back to the hotel now with this serious headache, I am so afraid I might miss my flight because I cant leave my shipment behind and still have some custom duties to pay which my container also have limited time to stay there for shipment. I was suppose to pay cash at the KLM office desk before 48 hours for the rescheduled flight, just so anxious to get my things shipped out of here and come to see you. Why is this happening when we were suppose to meet. I have never experience such since I have been travelling, my Cashier Checks use to be good as cash. I am totally confused and depressed right now because I just got my Credit Cards deactivated last 2 weeks when I notice my Ex was still using it to pay his bills since he was the second Card-holder. I think I need to take a nap now, I'm having this slight headache, lost appetite since morning, so stressed out physically and mentally. I hope you can sense how I am actually feeling right now. I spent all my cash at hand and in bank on this huge purchase, the booking for my shipment and customs duties at the seaport yesterday. I am totally out of cash and its making me going crazy right now.
I will look for your email later, please just know I will be fine. I am not trying to transfer the depression to you baby just wanted to let you know how everything is going with me, please remember me in your prayer. Cant stop thinking about Love.
Much Love Betty
Letter 5
Dearest Jim,
Thanks so much for the email and the beautiful pictures, looks so cute and colorful. You look very gorgeous and more handsome in the cap. I hope you have a nice and pleasant dinner honey. I am sorry I haven't been able to email you. I haven't been able to email you because, I owe the hotel some bills, they got my internet and phone access disconnected and the auditors came in yesterday. The hotel manager and the supervisor couldn't cover me up anymore. The hotel management almost called the British immigration but she ( Mr Natasha ) the hotel manager borrowed me some cash that I use to pay off the bills and moved into her house. I am at her house now at Catford London pending when I will get everything strengthened out. I have attached the picture I took with her when she and her cousin welcomed me home. I love you Jim and nothing can ever make me change the way I have loved you. I hope you will be able to have a pleasant weekend without me hopefully we will be together and start spending all our weekends together. Teresa is fine, miss mum but I told her I miss her more. I really miss reading from you but happy to see this email. Thinking about you.
Much Love Betty
Letter 6
Dearest Jim,
Please you don't need to hold me before I am real. I wish you know how much I want to get myself out of here to be with you.
I heard back from my Credit Card company yesterday but they insist they wont be able to send a new Credit card to the UK. They can only get my money to me through balance transfer that is transfer the money in my Card account into another Credit Card, IRA account or an Home Equity Line Of Credit provider its within the United State not in England or any part of the UK. Right now, I am just so confused and being totally out of cash is making me go crazy.
I hope your weekend is going on Jim. Honey please I am so sick and hating it here even if I am in Natasha's house, I just don't like it here anymore and I will be very happy if you can help and get me home. Jim, please can you spare me a loan. Honey I really need your help this time.
Much Love Betty
Letter 7
Jim, I don't expect you to keep using *dear* for someone you thought she is a Con.
I knew you have something in your mind just like Natasha told me. How does it happen that its when I needed your help you thought I am a Con. I have never felt bad in my whole life like this morning checking your first email and found that you have shared your love and care with me and opening your second email that was really disheartening. I cant believe this is happening to me right now. I don't even know what to write anymore but I can only thank you for breaking my heart into pieces this morning. I was only thinking of picking up the money, tell Natasha I would like to use her house phone to call you and say thank you if not go to the pay phone since I will have some change with me but now I am not even ready to ask her anything. Thank God I haven't told her when she was going to work that you sending me some money. Thanks so much for your openness and calling me a thief even if your friend was totally right about the scam going on. If you have been reading my emails first, I was the one that first told you about the scam and fraud going on when I was told at the US embassy, how can I be a Con and told you that was the reason why they wont cash my Check instantly. Second, I don't expect you to Check my name on SF listing because I told you I just moved after my divorce but that's no problem you have said it all. I just asked myself a question that what if I haven't met you and still find myself in this situation sure I will get a way out. Take good care of yourself Jim but a piece of advice. In anything you are doing in life, kindly listen to your heart and always follow your mind.

Much Love Betty
Letter 8
Its your life and you have anything to do with it. I told you I have moved out of the hotel and with Natasha.
Do you think even if I have access to call I will after you sent me a chicken change and suddenly cancelled it. Do you think the $1,160 you sent will make any difference with my predicament or change my life. I spent 85 Pounds everyday when I am going to the Port of Authority so what are we talking about. Nobody can ever make me enslave my love for money and I must be sincere that I was willing to hear your voice before but not now and I must tell you that I don't need your help anymore as you have really hurt me so bad. I added to my stress and I keep dropping tears all day yesterday hiding my face from Natasha because she already think I am crazy.
If Senior People Meet is not meant for people like me how will they put my age range that I can possibly register. In fact an 18 year old girl or boy can also register on the site and mind you men of my age range were on the site and sent me email but I choose to be with you which I told you the reason why when we start communicating. Its alright like I told you yesterday thank you so much for the openness. Its a free world and you can do anything you like with it.
Your Con Betty
Letter 9
When you called me Con I shared it with Natasha and she says to me that didn't she tells me I was crazy to love over the internet.
Since you called me a Con and a Thief the only way you could restore my feelings for you is only if you can trust me with your money Jim. Without that I don't think my heart could heal. I am not forcing you to send me money mind you.
Much Regards Betty
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