Scam letter(s) from Mary Gozalez to Todd (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Todd... How are you doing, I am so sorry i have been very busy trying to get some paper work done Just got your email now.. I will add you to my messenger please email me anytime you get online i will try to keep my eye on that.. Thanks and hope to chat with you soon
Letter 2
How are you doing? Thanks for the email, to tell you a little about myself, My closest friends describe me as shy at first but very friendly and straightforward ,divorced and no kids..My main goals in life are to be with the right man for me. To me, romance means a man that has what is called the old fashion values, opening doors for women, sending flowers for no apparent reason but to say that he was thinking of you or sending flowers on holidays that flowers are just about tradition (i.e valentines day, anniversaries). A man that shares his feelings (saying I Love You), you get the idea.I am a pretty centered person, happy with myself, but believe there is always room for growth. My friends tell me I am a "go-getter" type of person. I look at the world from a "glass half full" perspective and always try to find the good in everyone. I am told that I am intelligent, funny and fun to be around. I am looking for a healthy adult relationship. I deserve that. I am looking for someone who doesn't play games. I am a big believer in telling it like it is, except if it would hurt someone. I am interested in someone who has the time to devote to a relationship or who will at least try to make the time, as I would. I just want to be loved and have someone to love back the way I've always wanted. I want to find my best friend, my soul mate, my lover and my Prince Charming and you just seem like my perfect match,but no one is perfect but we try our best to be. My intentions have always been to meet someone who is kind, caring and considerate. Someone who is not selfish and when he says he wants to be with me,he means it but that seem to be hard to find. I want to travel for pleasure while I'm able, but want someone to share not only the special moments with, but also the 'not so special' moments. Someone who'll be there for me without question, as I would be for them, always. I am presently in South Africa Petoria for a business trip i buy and sell electronics to infant companies....I am going to be back home in two weeks time as soon as i am done supplying I hope to know more about you..I love a sense of adventure, traveling, hunting, fishing, I like to take part in interests of my partner.I love to be outside and doing things, just a walk down the road or beach would be fun or sitting and watching the sunset or sunrise or just talking with someone special. I love to watch football, music etc,I listen to all kinds of music ,jazz,classic,country and blues.I love kids, they are my heart .That's how much I can say for now and will be looking forward to hear back from you later today and hopefully I'll tell you more.....I learn from my parents that communication matters a lot in a relationship and helps get to know each other more better....Dear I would love you to get a yahoo messenger download so we could talk better and have a nice conversation,If you don't have a yahoo messenger download you can visit the website and get one downloaded,I would be looking for you online. Do have a nice day and stay safe. Sincerely Yours Mary
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