Scam Letter(s) from Janet Mark to Melvin (USA)

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Letter 1

Kent this are my pictures hope you love them..

Letter 2

Kent you scared me for not replying my text..i was trying to explain it to you that my computer got freezed and that was the reason why i was not writing to know how o really love you..kent remember you are the only guy i have in my was the first man i met on match when i subscribed..send my something after you read this very worried for not replying my you and i really like you have very sexy cindy..nite nite

Letter 3

love this is the picture of the orphanage kids. they posted this picture to i cant wait for they to keep on dying...i love you and i want you to love me and wait for my return to spend my one month off you Kent

Letter 4

hello Kent..i kept waiting you online to have a chat with you but you never show up.Kent you are the only man i have in my life now and you stole my heart.i really love you and i cant stop thinking about..i cant wait to return from my mission and be with you in the same you Kent and miss you more

Letter 5

hello kent...i know you still doubt about my reality and i dont have anything to hold against you.i hope this picture will finally tells the stand of our relationship..kent it would be much better for me to say goodbye than to hurt me more..i begged to send you this message.

Letter 6

this are also some of the pictures i took when i wrote that message on the paper.please tell me your mind now..



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