Scam letter(s) from Natalia Korolenko to Gerardo (Italy)

Letter 1
I`m nice Ukrainian girl Nataly:) And you?:)
Letter 2
I`m fine...And you?
Letter 3
You don`t know anything about me?:( Its sad...
My name is Nataly I thoughts that you know it...
Letter 4

Hello, new friend Ugo…
I`m glad to see your interests for me. I`m girl from Ukraine.
I`m 26 year old now, and may be to say correctly, woman:)
Now I`m working in a beauty salon “ Kleopatra”, I accept clients on reception…. But I finished University, and I have a high education, I know English, and it helps me at my new work… Its interesting, I like it too much, what about you? Who are you in life?
So, I think you understand me:) I want to find in this life my love, man, who can be with me, for me its not important where he live, who is he, he should be my man should be cheerfulness, confidence decisiveness honesty and I`m sure independence man. I want to present him my love, wean to show my care, know that I can do all my best for my beloved man. I’d like him to be unfailing friend.
I hope you such person, and if you feel that we can have some relationships, write me and together we decide what we should do with us.
So, if you are interested in me, I`m with happiness try to answer for your letter.
Hope to hear you soon and see a lot of your questions, and know that my answer will tell you much about me..
Write me about yourself, your short info, your dreams your wishes, wait with pleasure your answer:)
Bye, my future good friend.
Letter 5
Gerry, Hello.. How are you, my dear. My name is Natalia or simply Nataly, live now in beautiful country Ukraine, do you know where is it?:)
I see your a letter, and I write now back, because our correspondence important for me, I`m not for jokes here or something like that!
I'm naturally kind, pilite, and cinsiderate ti strangers and acquaintances.
My friends say I'm very kind and trusting. Si I really hipe yiu like my new friend and acquaintance that di nit use in bad. It is eniugh ti hurt here in Ukraine and I am niw in the internet liiking fir the ine whi understand me and be my pritectir.
What abiut yiu, why di yiu in Net? Whim di yiu want ti find? Hiw di yiu see shiuld be ideal wiman fir yiu? What is yiur family niw?
I hope soon to see your letter back!
P.S. I don't have Skype and a chat, and in the Internet I have an access only on work. In my small town people in general practically don't use the Internet, at my work speed very slow, it is very difficult and inconvenient to find any information. But if you want I can give you my mobile number!
Letter 6
Hi, Gerardo. Great to get news from you again. I even do not know why you chose me from all those amounts of beautiful girls on dating site, but thank you for that and hope I will not get you bored or disappoint you and hope you will not disappoint me as well. Ok, I think that I have to tell you more about me and my life, so you will understand how and where I live and what I am doing. Wish you will do the same. So….. I also want to tell you why I am looking for a man from abroad. Actually I just do not want to share my life with Ukrainian man because they are mostly alcoholics and never mind about family and kids, as they think only about **** and sofa in front of TV, but I want love and husband who will care about me and our children as I want to give him all myself, and need just simple women’s happiness.
I am 27 years old, and I live in Alchevsk town, it is close to Luhanks. It is nice town. As you know I am a teacher by profession, and I am single with no kids. I have family – both parents, brother. I studied in simple school and was a good pupil; than I studied in university and write after that I became a teacher. I told you that I liked to work with kids and that is pleasure but I think it is time to start new life and I am ready to have a family.
But now economical situation in my country doens`t allow to be teacher and have possibility to live to say honestly, and I decide to go to work in salon, to be administrator there, just beautiful name of my job, in reality I just accept clients on reception, bring them coffee or tea, like s staff, you understand…
I graduated when I was 21 years old, and I even did not think about marriage at all, I was thinking about future life, when I do not live with parents, have job etc. I mean I was all in my thoughts, but not about men. I was thinking about how to make lesson interesting, what I have to find from literature, how I have to look so pupils see me nice, but do not look like a **********. Sorry for that word, but I have to say, that if you come to Ukraine one day you will see girl working on the street, I do not accept this type of life, but sometimes think that everyone lives how he/so wants and how can, right? Everyone choosing his own way to live, so I cannot say bad about such people. But what do you think about them and about situation like this in other countries? Have you ever met girls like that?
More over, I wanted to tell you that here men not care about women, they actually have only one day for all year when they can give us flowers and something, or when they help with home things. But whole year they care about alcohol and what to eat, to read newspaper on sofa and nothing else. I would accept such life if women never work and care about house, but women work as well too and they cannot do everything by themselves, it is impossible – work, care about house and kids, shopping for food and cloth for everyone from family, help kids with homework etc. I think that both partners have to do everything together, do you agree? Ok, no more questions for now, as I think I wrote very difficult and even not positive letter, sorry, but hope to hear from you soon.
Natasha P.S. Thanks for your phtne nuber here is mine, call me when you have time, ok:?)
Letter 7
Hi, dear Gerardo. How are you today? What did you do and going to do? Do you have any plans? I am fine and happy to read from you. Really that is nice to read even short from you, because sometimes I just need to talk to someone, and for now that someone is you. Thank you for this. I hope you did not get sad after mine not positive letter.
I think that today I have to tell you about my family, because you have to know how I raised, and who are my relatives, so then it will be easy for you to talk to them if we ever meet.
My mother is Kristina, she is 52 years old, works as storekeeper on the factory, she was in different factory when I was little but after crisis in 1991, after soviet union countries got separated lots of people lost job and she did too, but than she worked in the second hand shop, and only than she got her this job in the factory. My father is Gennadiy, he is 48, he came to Ukraine from Azerbaijan, so I have mixed blood. Actually my mother is Russian, so I am Ukrainian only because after that time when we got independence everyone got Ukrainian citizenship and nationality. But I do like Ukraine even we have not nice life.
Oh, my father works as a builder, but now it is hard to find work in here. My brother – Aleksey, is 16 and he is a pupil at school, but in not that where I work. That is my family.
They are very nice people. And we have good relations. So I can say that I raised in very nice and gentle family.
But now I live by myself, and it makes me sad sometimes, because I always imagine my own family, what we would do during evenings and weekends. And what is your thought about spending time in family? How do you like to spend your weekends with you family?
Tell me ok?
Because for me family traditions are very important and means a lot. I know that all families have different traditions and for me family, we have some too. We like to gather together with our relatives and we like to go to the forest for a picnic. As my father is from Azerbaijan, so he knows traditional food and he likes to make it when we have quests coming, that is very different and tasty food, that not regular in here. I like when my father does something for my mom, when he care about her hands, when he does not let her do something and says that it is men’s job. We like to plan our future year and sometimes we plan trip to the sea. Ok, I will be waiting for your letter.
Your friend Nataly
Letter 8
My full detail as you ask for Western Union, dear!!!
My name: Korolenko Natalia
My address: Ukraine Luhanks region, town Alchevsk, Str.Sheremeta 34
Letter 9
Hello, my dear, sorry that can`t talk to you I have some problems and really busy now, but if you still want to talk to me I`m with please wait for your call...Kisses
Letter 10
Hello, my dear friend Gerardo....Thanks for your letter for calls, you know how I`m happy to communicate with you;)))
Happy New Year:))))
Will you be my Santa Claus?:))) I will be your The Snow MaidenJ
There are various popular and interesting legends of New Year day.
I think that this holiday is the best and is my favorite for several reasons. I love the music and lights. I love being able to get together with friends and family and just appreciate each other. All though I have to say that I think we should all want to get together and make more of an effort when possible. I think we should all celebrate everyday as though it is New Year. I think its great and it makes me feel all fuzzy and warm on the inside. I love being able to take the kids and look at lights and curl up and drink hot chocolate. I wish we could do that every day. I wish a very merry season to everyone all the time.
Today this holiday, when all the people present to each other gifts, with hearts... Men present different gifts, to their women, prepare tasty romantic dinners, this day they present each other with greeting cards with poems and funny verse… and spend the whole day together...
Its so romantic I think. What about you? Do you like this holiday? Have you celebrated it?
Every year I`m waiting for it...Yes, I`m alone now here, but I dream that soon I meet my beloved, and next year I will be with him, how do you think is it possible?...
I want to receive gifts from my man too, I love to receive gifts from a beloved gift, flowers, dress or perfumes, it is also a calculation for you? Do you think I`m Mercantile?
I like any normal woman like this, would have cared about me, and I will answer, take care of my man ...
I like any normal woman like this, would have cared about me, and I will answer, take care of my man ... Yes, I can not give an expensive gift, but I love to cook dinner, I'll wait for him in bed, with tenderness, I'll take care of children with trepidation. WE can together decorate our New Year tree, to watch together romantic Christmas film…And kiss in the midnight in 31 th of December.. I want it too much!
Yes it will be invaluable ... I can not give an expensive gift, but I love to cook dinner, I'll wait for him in bed, with tenderness, I'll take care of children with trepidation. And it will be invaluable ...
I Hope you have a good day today, I wish you only best wishes and send for you kisses, you should have smile on your face:))))
Take care
P.S. Here is your gift for me for Christmas:)New shoes you can see it on my photo:)

Letter 11
Hello, my dear...Sorry there was something with my mail box, I send to you the same letter and for work send the same documents to boss, and today had a problem, she is scolded me!:(
Sorry again, great that you receive my photos! As for call may be you try to find some minus and call to me:?)
Letter 12
Ciao Gerardo, my dearest:) Yesterday the battery of the phone was over, but may be you didn`t call me...
Want to wish you again and again Happy New Year! Buon anno I also want to tell you too more about me:)
May your world be filled with warmth, joy and good cheer...
Wishing you a Happy New Year!
Write me back please dear, because from to tomorrow I will go to my parent in country side, there we will celebrate New Year,and its pity that I can`t under for you... But I hope that you my dear don`t forget me, ok:?) Call me when you can...
Letter 13
Honey, of course I want to talk to you, just for holidays I didn`t care of the phone, and it was in other room and I couldn`t here it just, and also in these holiday days the line was busy. I want to talk to you, I want to know you more closer, I want to see you dear...You are for me very important person you know it... I`m so sorry if I give you reason to think that I don`t want to communicate with you...Sorry me please..
As for New Year, all my family send you best wishes and congratulations! Take care send I hope you can call me back just when you have for me some time, if you are still interesting in me...
Letter 14
Its me again my dear...Hope you are fine today…
I`m not bad, glad to read your letter and your calls, I think that I can`t wait time when I have possibility to open the computer and see there your letter to me, all the day, I think about you, always think that what to write for you today, what interesting news or events, I have for the day, and I can describe it, I`m afraid that you are boring with me;) Hope I`m mistaken, because your answer I`m wait like a bright flash in my life…
In the new Year night I wish to meet my love this Year..Who knows may be I have met love already:) Just don`t know about it:)
Tell me what about you? How did you celebrate it?:)
I spent my holidays with my relatives, you ask me to tell you more about me, I try to do it...
This year I did not go anywhere. First I thought it would be dull to stay at home. But how it seems to me they have been one of the finest holidays in my life
On 30th of December we had a New Year party at work with colloquies....
Certainly, we had been preparing to the party for a long time beforehand. We had prepared an amateur performance with Father Frost and Snow-Maiden. There were different competitions, we played different games. Certainly the lucky winners got the memorable prizes. We had prepared them beforehand but we had not bought them. And you? Did you have something like that? Or not?
We had brought some nice trinkets from our homes. Those who won these prizes said that they are especially dear to them because they would remind them about their schoolmates. Then we had a dance party. That day we had a lot of fun.
I like winter for a number of holidays we celebrate at the beginning of a new year. First of all this is New Year Day. On the eve of New Year Day my father and I usually decorate a new year tree and mother cooks a lot of tasty things.
We like to celebrate this holiday at home.
My Granny and Grandpa come to our place. At 11 o'clock we sit at the table to see Old Year off. At 12 o'clock with the last ****** of the clock we raise our glasses to New Year.
The period of the winter holidays is rich in different shows and performances.
This year we chose the show in the circus. It show is another pair of shoes. I think there is nobody in the world who can be tired of the circus. I liked the clowns most of all. Their tricks were so funny. And, of course, I liked the performing animals. They are so clever and beautiful and sometimes they behave themselves exactly like people.
But the time during the holidays flies so quickly. Certainly, I didn't get up early. In the evenings of this three days I could afford myself to watch TV as long as I wanted. I read some books which I dreamt to read but 1 didn't have free time for this.
Gerardo know in my town this year the weather was really New Year's one, was rather snowy, and one day we set off to the park to ski with my friends. We had a nice day there. We ski, played snowballs and even made a snow man.
I think I'll memorize them for ever. But to say honestly I felt lonely myself, when at midnight everyone kissing their love ,I and one other girl from our
Letter 15
Hello, my dear..Its me, how are you? I`m glad to read your letter, I understand your feeling, everything what you have was your life experience. You know as for me, I also had some relations before...
Know, I`m 26 year old now, and may be it not less, but now I want to find good person ,because I had bad experience before. My ex-boyfriend changed me with other girl, and now she is waiting a baby, she is younger him up to 5 years, they should marriage, because they don`t other way... But I belive him, want to be with him all life, and what I have only frustration;( I want to find here real man, who has own opinion about everything ... Who can support me, in all situations and doesn`t go to friends or parents, ask what to do... And its not important how old is he. As for my parents, they want to see me happy, and its the best and the main thing what they what to see. If you can do it, I think we should see each other in reality... You wrote that some one said to you, that you have not good character, may be they just don`t understand you, and don`t love at all... I can`t say anything, Gerardo before meeting...I will go to travel agency and know what I need for coming to you, if you want of course, ok? I hope I answer for all your questions, now wait your answer, send you kiss and hug, call me when you can ok:?)
Letter 16
Hello again, honey..Its me, how are you?
I just return from my parents house to my rent flat, and come to my friend in guest:) WE will going to visit New Year Eve in the center on our town, she has own laptop, with Net, and I decide to write you:)
To say Hello, and remind you that I think about you and miss you:)
And dear please don`t think that if i don`t pick up the phone- I don`t want to talk!!!
Its not true! I just can be in other room, because my parent have big house!I couldn`t just hear it!!!
I want to talk to you, all the time! And please don`t think that I`m lie or something like that...You are important person for me...and I hope you fell the same to my side...
I send you kisses and hugs ciao amore!
Letter 17
Amore I just return from bank, I receive the money, 400 euro...
Today I hope after work I will go to travel agency and pay the passport, and blank of visa...
Hope everything will be ok... When I receive the passport to my hand I will send for you the copy you can booked a fly tickets as, you want, and I will go to Kiev, receive the visa...Ok?
Send you kisses
Letter 18
You call me before but I can`t hear it, sorry try to do it now again, if you want to talk to me of course...
Letter 19
Hello, my dear I hope you are ok and good come to your work in car, be careful in roads please...
I`m happy that we decide this misunderstand about dating sites!
Lets forget about it, and never do it again:)
As for our meeting, yesterday, I was in travel agency, I have paid already the passport and blank for visa... In general, 250 euro, passport will be ready after 12 days, 24th of January, but dear, then I should go to Kiev to receive the visa in embassy... But there they say for me, that before make visa, in Kiev I should go to police state and they give me police report that I`ve never been in prison. It costs 87 euro; then medical documents of health status= 110 euro and documents from work that I`m really working =90 euro...
So, more 287 euro, you sent me 400 euro, I have paid too health status and from work, but don`t pay in police because don`t have time to go there yesterday, and already don`t have money for it...
Also my dearest, I need for receiving touristic visa to your country, I will need to have the tickets to you in my hands and also to have bank account with ~ 1200 euro, for every day I should have like 35-40 euro, like they explain for me, the money for the custom control, like cash money, I will need to declarated them and these money will be prove for custom control and that I am going to your country as a tourist, and because I`m not marriage young girl, go there for one month time!
But I ask my parent to help me, and they can give me 200 euro for this bank account, I know Gerardo, its not big sum but they can`t help me with more!
Don`t worry my honey, I will not spend any euro, I will need to show them to the custom control and when i will come to your place I will give them back to you.
Sorry but before I don`t know about it, that its not so easy, you know I have a colleague at work and her best friend also meet in Italy beloved man, she is going to come to him, but she doesn`t have such bank account, and in embassy they denied a visa! And now they try to find other way, but if she had it, she could go without such problems...
Dear I understand that its a lot, but without it I can`t come to you ad and all our dreams just be dreams... Please read this info and write me back or call when you have time ok? We should speak about it...
Wish you good day my darling take care, I miss you so much I belive that soon I kiss you in reality;)
Letter 20
Sorry my dear Gerardo, but I can`t understand you...Why you speak with me like that and why you write to me such words... I thought that we already forget about our doubts and disbelief, I want to come to you but you are so rude to me! I`m not a joker, or robber! I don`t need anything from you! I just explain for you what I need for my coming like a tourist person, I can`t understand ANY words in documents what you sent, everything is there in Italian!
I should make here all my documents, in agency which I use! Any Italian accounts or something like that, I will go to your country liek a tourist person, I`m single girl and not 30 years old, so I should visit Italy only like a tourist, but HOW I can explain in embassy that I don`t know anyone here and receive from Italy some documents, they don`t allow me to travel to you, and put black stamp in my passport for some years don`t visit Italy! Sorry but I don`t want it! Its not my wish this info I receive in travel agency!Sorry but I do everything in this way...
You need to trust me and this will be the way for us. I am not scared to leave everything here and just go to you, because I really trust you and believe you.
Among all these awful things that people are talking about foreigners and that they are inviting young and beautiful girls to their country for meeting and then they take their passport and they are working as prostitutes for them. I don't care about it and I know that I am also taking risk and may be you are the one of them, but I don't believe it in and you also must not believe and even think that I could get your money and run away.
Please, leave all your doubts. you know, very often people are hiding behind their fear. Many people can swim but they are scared of water and that's why they can't over come this. Many people are scared to flight but many of them must do so as this is the part of their life and work. There are million examples but the main thing is that there are among all these people who are scared of something are fighting with this fear and many of they overcame it and live much happy life then before. You know, when I was a child I was scared of darkness. I even slept at night with a light. I was scared of staying alone when I was a schoolgirl. I came back from school and locked all the doors and windows at home, locked my room and was sitting quite till my parents came back home from their work. This was terrible. These fears was really big for me and I couldn't overcame them. But time past and my parents helped me to overcame this. They showed me that there is nothing scared in the darkness and that nothing scared and awful if you are alone at home. I understood it and accept it and a new life began for me. When my heart from broken I was scared to love again, but I overcame it!!! I fell in love again with you and I wasn't scared, but right now I really feel pain in my heat. You are not live, you just exist till that time while you are so scared, to lose money, but I can lose chance to meet YOU!!!!!! How you can`t understand!
Letter 21
You ignore me...Ok now I understand everything...
Letter 22
Ciao, dear again, hope you have a good weekend...
As for meeting I read everything, ok.If you think that you want to do it like that I agree, don`t want to have quarrels with you, you are my amore, I want to come to meet you...
When I receive International passport I will send you the copy, but I said for you that still don`t make documents from police, that I have never been in prison, (87 euro)and also I will need money for going to Kiev in embassy, I will need to fly for interview, with al documents..
I am so happy to know that everything will ok and soon I will get the visa and we will be together. My amore, I will need to fly to Kiev after may be 14 days, or less...
But I will need your help. for the tickets to Kiev and back and also to stay there a day and night, to pay for hotel.
I hope its possible for you to help me? I should have tickets in my hand 22 rd of January, and when you will make the other documents and send to me or directly to embassy I don`t know, and will go to Kiev...
Hope we decide this problems and misunderstandings...
Wish you good time, kisses
Letter 23
Hello, my dear...How are you? I`m glad to read your letter, now I know you more and more...With every your letter, I become closer to you...
Tell me please how do you feel? are you ok? What is the temperature? Do you have it?how is your visit to doctor? Are you ok? What he said? Tell me please I should know, I wait for your letter back when you can or call me, ok? Take care darling, say Hello to your mummy, I send you kisses
Letter 24
Gerardo, my dear its me, thanks for your letter I understand your feeling, and your thoughts, everything will be ok, anything can`t stop me to come to you:)I know that soon I will kiss you in reality, I also thanks God that met you here...
Please send me when you can some money for police report, and I will continue my document, don`t worry, I have never leave you, just if you want this...
You are important person for me in this life, I don`t know why, but I like you too much, I hope when we see each other eyes to eyes, I will be happy more then now:)
So what about you? What are you doing today, hope take a rest, my honey?
What is the weather there? In my country is snowing, not cold, I like it to much:)
I want you to know how much I sincerely pleasure the times we've spent writing.
It means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you forever and I honestly can't imagine life without you now, without your letter to me…. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. I want you and need only you ... and that feeling will only grow stronger. Do not be scared my love. Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise. All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me. I've truly been blessed by finding you…
Write me darling back when you can I send you million kisses, soon I will do directly:)
Miss you
Letter 25
Dear hi:) Its me, I just want to say for you that if you decide to call me I can`t take the phone, I forget it at home:((( I don`t know how I have done it just was hurry and when came to work notice that forget so if you decide to call do it in late evening,or write me k?:)
Take care my dearest:)
Miss you, ciao!
Letter 26
Ciao, amore, come stai:) Ti amo!
Letter 27
Ciao, amore:) Its me again, just return from travel agency, paid the last 87 euro... And receive passport to my hand:) Its amazing, I`m happy :)))
Everything is ok:?)))
Now I can send you a copy , i have done it here, at work, still boss isn`t here... Hope you can start to make me invitation, and soon come to you:) I wait for this time my darling:)
Today hre very cold, wind and snow, but for me its not important, I think about you and it makes me warm:)
Ti amo, amore, write me back when you read the letter and receive the copy, ok:?)
Letter 28
Gerardo, I`m tired already of these strange question from your site!!! You are my beloved man! WHY I should give someone your mail address???? Why do you think so????I can`t understand ,please stop ask this!
As for invitation, here is my full work: ADMINISTRATOR in beauty saloon.
Zipe code of My City : 94200
But dear I heard that if you want to send something you can use courier service, you just give them my mobile and address, and they call me and delivered where you say! Do you know about such system?
I think it will be much easy and safely for such documents...
Today here amore is too cold and snowing:(( And I think that catch a cold, Fell not good, but should work all the day:((((
Wait for your letter and send you kisses...
Letter 29
Hello, my darling thanks for your answer, dear I`m happy to hear your voice when you called me...
I want to meet you sooner:) To know your friends, you life, everything:)
Gerardo, sunny I can`t live one day, without your letter without news from your side..
I always read your letters with big pleasure.
I would like to speak and speak with you for hours.
There was not very quiet night for me, because I couldn't sleep well, was thinking about you!
I imagined our first meeting.
As I told you I'm very romantic and I like romanticism very much, I was raised by all beautiful and fine!
I want to have the first romantic supper together, only you and I.
Slow and beautiful music somewhere plays and burn candles. We sit also gentle light shines your and my person and we simply look in the face each other.
From light of a candle our eyes burn love and it seems to us that it is the most beautiful eyes all over the world.
You hold my hand and we are really happy from that that we together, and we can't believe it's become true, our dream! You take me for hand and we start to dance slowly, looking in each others face gently, I think that it's really very beautifully when people carry out such beautiful evening together.
I think that it is very special case and we simply should have red wine because we can relax and speak all about what we only we think.
I know that wine will turn a head and we shall simply enjoy love.
I hope you'll like my letter as I told you my dream, and say what do you think about it?
Have a wonderful day and good mood all the day long, kiss you and wait your next letter…
P.S. Don`t worry dear about Western Union, when you can go when you want...Tomorrow I will work and can go to bank too...
Letter 30
My amore...How are you? I want to kiss you in reality:) When it will be possible?:)
Tell me:)
Letter 31
Gerardo how are you today, honey?Are you at home already How is your car? Please be careful on driving, ok?
My darling, thank you so much for your tender reply and yes, I was so happy to get it as I am looking for it every day and I am so sad that sometimes I can’t write you every day as I don’t have a computer at home and using the one in my work. You know, yes, life is a very big pleasure and surprise for us. It is full of surprises and other pleasure things.
I think that I have one of them, I meet you her, its big pleasure ;)
Tell my sunny how was your weekend? Do you think about me?::)
As for me yesterday my friend came to me, she got married a month ago with a man from France and honey moon they spent on his land. They met each other in the internet and then she came to visit him, and later he came to ask her parents to got married with their daughter. She was so happy. She lost her husband in a car accident and she thought that she will never find a man who will love her, care about her. But the fortune smiled to her and right now she is the happiest woman. Moreover, she told me that she is waiting for a baby, oh my God, it is so sweet.
We were talking a lot, she brought a lot of photos from their trip. They were visiting Paris, and you know, my darling, I think that this is the most romantic place around the world. I love travelling too but I have never been abroad. I am dreaming to visit Paris also; Venice, most romantic place and I wish to do it with my beloved person. I travelled inside my country and was sometimes in Russia visiting my aunt some years ago. Can you imagine, I have never flight!!!!! But I am sure that it is so exiting, to be around the clouds, to see the sun so near…. May be one day I will have opportunity to fly. There is a long life waiting for me and I wish to devote it to my beloved person, my husband, the best friend and lover. How it will be wonderful to go somewhere with beloved man and then may be with children, to see new places, to visit interesting sites to show everything for your kids… What about you, do you like travelling or not? What places do you visit, which countries may be?
My darling, family is very important for me, hope you see it. I know many people who were just looking for career and money and one day they realized that life passed and they have nothing just money and they don’t have the main, their family and they feel really lonely. But I just want to have happy family and husband who will be happy with me…
Together we can do everything I begin to feel that we have much in common. Our interests and our dreams coincide. I‘ve never dreamt that I meet such interesting person in the internet. Thank you for your attention to me. I`m one of happyness girl because I`m with you:) And soon see your in reality:)
Ok, don`t spend your time more, please write me back. I wait your answer, send you hug and kiss.
Good bye
Letter 32
Hey sweetie. How are you,Gerardo? I just wanted to write to tell you that I miss you lots.
Now it’s the middle of the day I was thinking about you, as usual. I want you to know how much I sincerely pleasure the times we've spent writing. It means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you forever and I honestly can't imagine life without you now, without your letter to me…. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. I want you and need only you ... and that feeling will only grow stronger. Do not be scared my love.
Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise. All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me. I've truly been blessed by finding you…
Dear today I was in bank and receive money 95 euro for parents gift from your site...I still don`t know WHAT to buy them from you, but on Saturday when I have some free time I can go to shop, ok? And then I will write you:) Thanks dear for your care about me and my family:)
I send you million kisses:) Take care of yourself and work for a lot:))
Letter 33
Hello, my sunny its me, how are you today? How is the weather?
As for me I`m ok not not so good. Know yesterday I returned from gym to rent flat, and switched on the light, and what do you think happened? Everything was over, the light was disappeared in my flat! And only in my flat!!! I was alone, my friend with whom I live was in her boyfriend house for all week!I didn`t know what to do, its late evening, I`m alone, scared!And you know, we rent cheap flat, and there is too cold, we use all the time electrical equipment for making warm, and with light its impossible I was going to cry, I`m alone, no one can help me and something happen with electricity in my flat...
I was cold all the night!!!! In the street in the morning was today -27!!!
Dear, if only you can be near to me I know that you will help me as real man...
But today I must call to electricity service, they said that should wait up for tomorrow when master can come and it will cost money, so I`m shocked!!! In flat is cold, and how I will sleep today again I don`t know:(((( I`m frustrated.. Don`t want to be alone in dark , empty cold flat...
Letter 34
Thanks for your call my dear.I`m glad to know that you are at home and can take a rest, sunny:) As for me I`m working, here as usual is too cold:(
I slept well, so didn`t frozen, today in the morning was the master, and try to do the light, said that it will be for 80 $ for all work! I was shocked!!!
But hope he can do it...Thanks for your worry its a pleasure for me:)
Dear I hope you think about me...Know son will be St.Valentines Day, I`m sad a little that will be alone in this day.
All the lovers present to each other gifts, with hearts...
Men present flowers, toys to their women, prepare tasty romantic dinners, this day they present each other with valentines – greeting cards with poems to declare their love… and spend the whole day together... Its so romantic I think. What about you? Do you like this holiday? Have you celebrated it? Every year I`m waiting for it...Yes, I`m alone now here, but I dream that soon I come to you, and may be next year I will be with him, how do you think is it possible?... I Hope you have a good day today, I wish you only best wishes, you should have smile on your face:))))
Letter 35
I`m glad to see that you receive all my letters, yes dear I want to spend this day with you, don`t want to be alone:(
AS for weather, dear I`m shocked to know that you are at home because you have -5! Here is - 26!! And in the morning I was completely frozen and my legs especially!I realized that my shoes and my coat are quite old and that's why I was so frozen and I am really scared to be ill. I haven't anything warm to wear in such cold days now and I feel that if I couldn't buy something warm, I will become ill:( So, here is such situation:( Hope you are ok and can sit at home:)
Letter 36
Hi dear Gerardo:)
I love u so much.
I cant live without u.
I need u in my life.
Everyday I want to see ur eyes.
Hold ur hands n walk with u.
Every night I want sleep on ur chest.
Wanna make love with u.
Wanna b a good mother to ur kids.
Wanna b a good wife to u.
I want ur love forever.
Then one day i will die on ur lab.
But my love will never die for u.
Without Love---days are sad day, moan day, tears day, waste day, thirst day, fright day, shatter day. So be in love everyday
Wish you a Happy Valentines Day.
Let's share the world A sea is for you, and waves are for me.
The sky is for you, and stars are for me.
The sun is for you, and light is for me.
Everything is for you, and you are for me:)))Today many my colleagues try to finish as sooner work and go to there beloved men:( But I will be alone today:( Because you are so far from me:( My friend Inna today receive a huge bouquet of flowers from a loved one at work and a very beautiful ring. It was so romantic! I'm even a little jealous of her ...
I hope you will have a good day today, but don`t be with woman, I will jealous you:)))
Letter 37
Honey, for WHAT are you calling to me when you are driving if you can`t hear me at all?
I can`t understand you! I said something but you hear only yourself, I said that I`m ill, but you said your topics! Sometimes its annoy me!
Letter 38
Why I should blame you, honey? I just ask you to call me when you hear me!Not when you can` t do it!
Wish you good day!
Letter 39
Gerardo, why you speak to me like that!? I can`t understand! If I asked you some one money or what ????
I just ill now you hear it! And you are my man who support me who care of me!
And that`s why I ask you to send me some money for treatments! 0- And in answer I receive the blames from your side that I meed only your money! If you think so, I don`t have any wishes to waist your time!
Letter 40
I don`t want to communicate with you more! You break my heart! NEVER I come to you! NEXT week I will send you all the money which you send to me!!!!!!!!!!!I take a loan some where and do it ! NOTHING i need from you!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 41
Gerardo I can`t understand what do you mean when ask to write what treatment I need!? You have never been ill in flue and don`t know what person need when ill, do you ? I can`t understand!
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