Scam letter(s) from Sylvia Dickson to Harri (Finland)

Letter 1
Dear I am miss Sylvia,a lovely young girl who understands life as a challenge and will also like to meet with a good and trustworthy man whom i will tell every thing about my life and who will also show me love and tell me more of good things of life,please kindly write me on my private mail box ( so that it can help me to reach you my pictures and for us to know ourselves thanks and God bless Yours Sylvia,
Letter 2
HELLO DEAREST I will really like to have a good relationship with you and i also have a special reason why i decided to contact you.i am writing you with heart full of tears and sorrow. I decided to contact you because of the urgency of my situation here, after going through your profile, well i found it very interesting. I am Miss Sylvia Dickson, 24 years old, for me age doesn't matter in a real relationship, i am comfortable with your age. I am from Sudan in West Africa, 5 .11ft tall, light in complexion, single (never married ). I am the only daughter of Late Eng. Eddy Dickson was the chief executive of the oil marketers and also the managing director (DUO IRON AND STEEL COMPANY LTD), in South Darfur of my country, and he was also the chairman of (REMDOX CONSTRUCTION COMPANY) during the leadership of president Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir after many innocent souls were killed. My parents was killed by government of Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir because my late father was accused of coup attempt.

I am constrained to contact you because of the maltreatment I am receiving from my step mother. She planned to take away all my late father's treasury and properties from me since the unexpected death of my beloved parents. In that case I decided to escape to Europe but she hide away my international passport and other valuable travel ling documents. Luckily she did not discover where I kept my father's File which contains important documents. I decided to run to a nearby country (Dakar Senegal) here in Africa. Presently I am residing in a missionary home DakarSenegal called The Alliance ( I contacted you personally for a long term business relationship and investment assistance in your Country.

My father of blessed memory deposited totaling the sum of $7.3 M USD (Seven million Three Hundred Thousand US dollars) in a Bank with my name as his next of kin. However, I shall forward to you the necessary documents for confirmation after your acceptance of assistant of the transfer and investment of the fund. As you will assist me in this investment, i will also like to complete my studies, i was in my 1st year in university when the tragic incidence took place.

It is my intention to compensate you with 15% of the total money for your services,the balance shall be my investment capital in-which i will also want you to assist me.I t's also one of the reason why I decided to contact you.

Meanwhile, you can reach me by the help of the pastor, Rev. Ferdinand Butaegonou. who is the Reverend Father of the (Christ de Savior Mission) here in the camp. The Reverend's Telephone number are (+221-774835147 or +221-774835145) if you call, Just tell him that you want to speak with me, he will then send for me in the female hostel because i don't have my personal phone, As soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest, I will put things into action immediately. In the light of above, I shall appreciate your urgent reply indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely.

Awaiting your positive response with your Data such as

1. Your full names
2. Your contact and and telephone
3. and any information you feel might be good for me to introduce you to the said bank Please do keep this only to your self until the transfer is made to your account for security reason. May God bless you.
Yours Sincerely Sylvia,
Letter 3
Hi Dear,
Thanks you for the mail, My prayer is for God to grant me my pursuance. I thank you for accepting to help me in this my darkest moment, please i do hope you will not betray the trust respond in you, I confidently know you wont not betray the trust. Presently, I am residing here in Senegal where i am seeking my political asylum as refugee due to this crises in my country. Secondly i want to relocate to start a new life and also a good business venture that will be profit oriented to us. As well Finnish my studies. Now due to my political situation, I cannot make this claims by myself, i need you to stand on my behalf to the bank, That is why i decided to make this contact with you, For you to stand on my behalf to the bank and ask them the possibility of transferring this fund into your position in your country. I have the account number of my late father plus the his death certificate, Everything concerning this transaction is clear. Listen very well, All that i have told you concerning my present situation is the real life am passing through right now, I have the proves for the existence of this account, All i need you to do for me is to contact the bank on my behalf as my foreign Representative, And find out the possibility of transferring this fund into your position in your country. So I will like you to first make contact with the bank where this fund have been deposited, let us hear from them before any other thing will be done, It is due to the trust and love i have in you that made me to disclose this matter with you, Believing that i am safe in your hand, No body knows what i have and where i am, Please i asking you for my safety and security keep it very private ok, I know that God will see us through. Once the fund hit your country, You will now send me money to process my traveling document, as you know now, I have nothing with me for now also I will be very happy to hear your voice on the phone today.S o when get you well also your mail me, I will send the bank contact details to you, So from there you will make contact with them concerning the account and find out the possibility of transferring this fund into your position OK,

I really appreciate your concern, Waiting for your urgent response so that we can proceed.also send to me your address, hone number in case i want to call you. Please if you know you can handle this, Because i don't want you to leave me half way. I will come back later to check your respond. Also tell me more about your self. My i really love you have a nice working day. yours in love Sylvia
Letter 4

Dearest, After going through your mail, obviously i was very happy for your concern and care towards me. It's really painful in life when their is no body to depend on, But I am glad that I have you now by my side. First, I am emailing you from the office of our Reverend Father (Rev. Ferdinand Butaegonou) here in the missionary home. Also I have informed our Reverend Father (Rev. Ferdinand Butaegonou) about you, he also has permitted me to access my email once a day in his office computer. In this place, life is very difficult except the Rev Father who give assistance to us some at times. I am in the female hostel, room 14 missionary home DakarSenegal. Thanks to the Rev Father, He provide his personal mobile phone number through where we could communicate easily after I have explained to him about you now. Reach me through his number, (+221774835147 or +221774835147) tell him that you want speak with miss Sylvia How wish you could understand how great you have create an impart all over me after reading through your mail then you will understand that I am owing you a great thanks for the healing you gave to my heart for a lost hope of life. All i will be waiting now is your efforts to get the money transferred into your account. Immediately after the transfer to your account you will send me some money so I can get my traveling documents ready through the help of our Rev father. Sincerely, already i have contacted with the bank concerning this deposit by my late father but the bank instructed that i should provide a foreign partner who will act on my behalf due to my present condition here in the missionary home Dakar Senegal. I want you to bear this in mind as from this moment that you are totally in control of this deposit I'm hereby giving all my trust and good faith to you believing their will be no betrayal nor any act that will break my heart in the future because already I have gone through so much pains of which i will not want to under go any longer. I knew you will be surprise at times why i gave such trust on you without knowing fully whom you are. I trusted and accepted you because i follow and never give doubt to my spirit, i hope and believe that you are the right person for me and which i also strongly believe that you will never betray nor let me down in this regard.

Below are the bank contact where the money was deposited by my late Father.

Person to Contact:
Name: Mr Feroze Sukh
Foreign Operations/Wire transfer Director
Standard Chartered Bank
Tel; +447415457505/ +447055362261
fax: +448709748368
Emails: Name of Depositor: ......Engr. Eddy Dickson
Name of Next of Kin: ........Sylvia Dickson
Amount Deposited: US$7,300,000.00 Please send an email to this bank as soon as you received this mail. Write to the bank that you are my foreign partner, that you are thereby represent me in transferring my late father's deposit into your account due to my present condition here in the missionary home. Mr Feroze Sukh was the Director of Operations and International remittance department of the bank, his telephone number contact are; (+447415457505/ +447055362261) God will bless you in every effort your about to make for my safety. Again, please do not disclose this issue to anyone because I'm scared of loosing my fortune nor life. Hoping soon for your reply. Every yours,
Letter 5
Dearest, good day and thanks for your eply; hopefully you are doing fine today. i miss you. I am sorry for not replying you since few days now because I didn't get the opportunity to do so. i need you more than need me; Please, help me. i have attached the documents here. now i am waiting to hear from you thanks and take care
Letter 6
My love how are you today i hope all is well with you, i want to know if you have heard from the bank concerning the means of transferring the money, i am desperate to know if you have got any respond from the bank or not. I contacted the bank yesterday and inform the bank about all about you as my foreign partner and i also gave the bank all your contacts details through the mail i sent to them,so i want to know if the bank has replied to you or not. Mean while i will be expecting to hear from you as soon as you heard or recieve any respond from the bank concerning this. But before then, remember to think and dream about me while you are free enjoying the day over there. Yours lovely and ever. sylvia
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