Letter(s) from Taal Bintou to Harri (Finland)

Letter 1

How are you doing, i hope you are fine, i am Mrs Bintou from guinea Conakry married to Mr Hazare Taal from Libya, my husband was a crude oil exporter in Libyan, he was Muammar Gaddafi men, he was murdered by Libyan Rebels, i escape from Libya to Gambia where i live right now as s refugee, i am a widow, my husband left US$10 Million dollars with Gambia unique security keeping house, he wanted to ship the money out before his dealt, The fund was stacked in a safety box, not as money and be registered as his land properties document's, for security reasons, no one knows about this only you and i knows, it is under my power to approve whoever comes forth for this safety box, i want to make you the beneficiary, I need someone I could trust, but right now i am in the refugee camp, if you accept I will authorize them to delivery the box to your home so that you will help me to come there for investment, please if you really want to help me kindly email me here (taalbintou@ymail.com) for more explanation,

Mrs taal

Letter 2


how are you doing, thanks for your repl, you are welcome i will be the part of your family, i want you to contact the security company so that they will deliver the box to your home, contact Mr Jonson Brown, tell him that you are my late husband partner that you are ready to receive the box on my behalf, dear i am trusting this box into your hand and strongly belief that i am on the right part. This is reason why i prayed and fasting, please try to help me to receive the box in your country so that i will come over there to meet you in real person, i have already informed the security company director that soon my late husband business partner will soon reach in contact with them, please contact the company with this information,

write to the company with this bellow latter

Dear Sir

my name is xxxx that you are family friend to late Mr Taal Harzal who deposited one safety box with your custody, he wanted to deliver the safety box to my address before his sudden dealt did not part met him to complete the delivery, now i am requesting your company to delivery the safety box to my real address in my country, please i will like to know your procedure of delivery to my address, am ready to receive the box in my country address, dear sir please consider this massage and get back to me with your procedure of deliver,
SAFETY BOX NUMBER.....................085-12876077-07
Serial number.......................51390-0
DEPOSITOR NUMBER...................03-05-12-14-28-39
Ref number...................N.EGS/3662367114/16
Email: uniquesecurity2000@gmail.com
Director: Mr Jonson Brown Tel +2207507944

Letter 3


How was your day, i hope all is well with you, thank you so much for your kind respond towards my situation, i hope you understand me very well, i will like to know more about you and your country, i will send my son to scan the document if you can be able to send me his transportation fee to the city,

Letter 4

my dear sorry for my late reply, you know the situation of Gambia, some time we don't have light here in the camp, the light just come now, we are in one village here, before my son can get to the city the car will drive 3 hours, we shall arrange town tripe taxi, we need only $200 dollars, you can send to this name,

country Gambia, the city is Banjul

some one want to use this computer, please try to help us so that we shall come over there to have a better life, i shall wait to hear from you,

Letter 5

send the money to refugee camp chief security name godwin last name Emmanuel he will help me to pik the money because i don't have Gambia national id card,

Letter 6

hi send through western union