Scam letter(s) from Victoria Nikolaeva to Asgeir (Iceland)

Letter 1
Excuse me for troubling you.
I use the Internet to meet interesting men.
Your address happened to be me, I guess you also interested in getting acquainted as I am.
I found your address in their files, I can not remember how this address was for me, but it is an old record, about which I forgot.
Perhaps this is a mistake, and this address does not exist but if you're male and you do not mind dating, then I'll be glad to receive your response.
You can see my picture, maybe my looks like you.
Of course as long as no information since I do not know whether there is a general that address.
Thank you for your attention, my name is Polina.
Letter 2
Hi asgeir,
I hope this is your true name. If I am wrong tell me please your correct name.
I am glad that you are interested in me and answered my letter.
I do not remember how I found your address.
I visited various sites, forums, and it is possible that somewhere out there, I found your address.
Maybe someone you know has given me your address as a single person.
Unfortunately, I can not remember exactly, but I am sorry for your trouble.
My name is Polina. I am from Russia. I am 26 years old.
You can see me in the picture.
I am interested in for friendship, correspondence, and possible relationships.
I'm lonely and I hope to meet my love.
Write me about yourself and send me your pictures if you are interested in me.
I can tell a lot about myself and send you pictures if you do too.
I would love to get your answer with pictures.
Sincerely, Polina
Letter 3
Hi asgeir Thank you for your letter and yourself information.
Now I am ready to tell you about myself.
I am from Russia. And you already know my name.
I am 26 years old, and I was born on august, 10 1985. Of course I am young enough but I don’t separate the people over the age to communicate with them or to have something in common. Above all I estimate in people moral and mental traits. And this is the best value for me. That is why the age does not matter for me.
I am not too high, approximately 158 sm and my weight is 54 kg.
I would like to be higher but the nature did not give me it.
But my friends tell me that despite of it I have very attractive appearance.
I have never been married and do not have children.
I live in the city of Asbest which is situated nearby Ekaterinburg.
This is a middle of Russia. The Syberia is Easter.
We have warm summer but winter is very cold.
I have a mother and younger sister. Now I live with my mother in small apartment and my sister is a student and lives in the city of Ekaterinburg.
In Russia if you pass many exams successfully you can study in University free. My sister study free and I in my times studied free to, for the state support.
I studied in Ural State Technical University and my degree is builder-engineer.
Soon my sister is graduating from University and coming home but to that time I am going to change my life. We have a little apartment and not good social conditions that is why I do not want to make any complications for my sister.
All youngers are going to leave our small city and move to ****** city where the social conditions are much better.
I would like to move from Russia. I do not see my future in Russia because I see only severity around. This is not a place to make plans for the future. I have a good education after my parents. I have moral principles and follow them.
I did not tell you about my father. He died because of lungs cancer in 2000 year.
All this time we lived together with my mother and sister.
My father was a good man. He worked as a foreman on a brick-field. Because of his work he got this disease.
I have only good memoirs about him.
My mother gave me and my sister all necessary and I love and respect her very much.
In the very hard time when I studied at University and lived in Ekaterinburg and my sister studied in school my mother worked so much to get enough money.
Now me and my mother help my sister.
My mother worked as a elementary school teacher. Now she is on pension.
I work on a brick and crystal factory.
I project different crystal ware: vases, glasses, wine glasses and so on.
I use special computer programs for 3D projecting like Solid, Cmax, AutoCad.
Due to my projects they make models and then produce wares.
Also I make different orders for another manufactures where I project small details of industrial mechanisms.
My work is very creative and interesting but it is small paid because of bad social conditions and low life level in my country.
I have no bad habits; I do not smoke and do not drink much alcohol. Only on celebrations I can drink a glass of wine.
I care of my figure and fond of fitness and sport like volleyball and skiing.
I know that men like women appearance very much and women aspire to look pretty. And I aspire to look pretty too.
I think that this information is enough for first communication.
I hope that you liked my story but of course I have much interesting else to say.
Everything depends on you. If there are some reasons like height, weight, appearance you do not like in me then we always can be only friends. I like to get acquainted with new people.
But I want to find a very good man who can like and respect his woman.
Also I think that now it is too early to talk about telephone communication. I ask you do not hurry up.
I only can tell you that do nor spare time in Internet much time that is why I try to write you so pithy letters.
I ask you to write me more about you and your life, the same pithy letters like my ones.
I am not going to ask many questions. I hope you will describe your life yourself.
Waiting for your reply
Letter 4

Hi asgeir
Your letter is much appreciated.
Several days ago there was a holiday - the Valentine's day.
I wish to congratulate you on this holiday.
Accept mine a congratulation!
Certainly, I am sorry that I was late for one day with congratulations.
I congratulate you on the Valentine day, I also feel enamoured and on it I consider, that it as well ours with you a holiday.
Accept my warm congratulations, and I wish, that feelings of love always was present at us.
After all the love does our life happy and always positively influences us.
Actually I begin to like you and I feel some sympathy to you.
I am very glad that you are got interested in me we continue our communication.
I would like to continue the story about me.
As usual person I have traits of character as positive as negative.
Sometimes I can be intolerant sometimes very brave. Of course it can be positive moment but not usual.
I am ready for risk because I am brave enough.
But the most unpleasant is disfascination. That is why it is necessary to think every step over but my dreams and hopes push me to that acts.
I want to tell you that I am not an angel and do not wait from you the same.
I only want to find the good man on which I can rely on.
I do not have high demands, I am not looking for riches, I want to be happy and happiness is not money.
I think that to love and to be loved is happiness.
What do you think of it?
Also I can tell you that I am polite and kind, I can not be angry for a long time. I can forgive much and always can listen to and understand a man.
Now I would like to tell you about my hobbies and preferences.
As you know I work and I like my job but I do not like my salary. But all the same I pay much time to my work because my work is my hobby, I like to create beauty.
I also think that beloved work is a part of happiness which aspires to get every man.
In my free time I fond of gymnastics, fitness and volleyball. In winter I like skiing and going for a drive on a snowboard and skates.
I read different magazines and books. I like classic Russian literature and some foreign authors.
One of my best authors is Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, Arthur Konandoil and Remark. I think that this names are very popular and it is unnecessary to say the names of books they wrote.
If you are interested in literature I think you should know that names. I do not have strong preferences in books and music, I like different styles. I listen to classic and modern music.
Also I like jazz of the middle of twentieth century.
Also I like to listen to R&B, Rap and Rock.
But most of all I like music of Enio Moricone. I would like to visit his concert very much. I hope that sometimes in the future I will have such an opportunity.
Also I like dancing very much.
I like watching movies. I like romantic movies about the love and comedies.
I like cooking. I know many different recipes of Ukraine and Russian dishes.
I have friends in my city. We spend time together walking and communicating. Sometimes we visit cafes, go in for sport together, and do a barbecue.
I like going out on the nature to get the fresh air and get some rest.
I do not visit clubs and disco and the biggest part if time I spend being at home.
Actually I live in a small town and we have few places where we can cheat out.
I have a dream to live on a tropical island where warmly always because I like hot and warm weather, I like summer. And I do not like cold weather.
We have very long winters here, and sometimes the temperature can reach 40 degrees below zero.
I think that so low temperature can badly influence people health. Really it is very hard conditions for living but a person can get used to everything.
Notice in your reply the same moments, what you like in people and what do not like.
I do not like lie, a deceit, a rage, avidity, aggression.
What can you tell me about your character?
Tell me about your hobbies.
Probably we can find something in common. This is important.
Now I think you want to call me as we know something about each other already.
Unfortunately in my city telephone numbers consist of 4 figures. And we can not get or call abroad.
Even if we want to call in another city we need to order a call in advance.
Russia lags behind the other countries. Maybe in Moscow or other big cities this sphere is developed better that in small provinces like my city.
We have a mobile connection, but this connection is badly developed in a city, it is not enough aerials, a bad communication quality and very expensive telecommunication service.
For this reason I have no mobile phone.
My city is located deep in Russia and it is appeared that we are lost in Russian Siberia.
I have Internet at home but the speed is slow. That is why I need to visit different Internet cafes where conditions are little better than at home.
But I am glad that there is even such an opportunity to use Internet.
Anyway I will try to answer your letters as soon as possible.
I really got interested in you and waiting for your reply.
Yours faithfully and care,
Letter 5
Hello asgeir, Thank you for your letter which I waited very much!
Thanks for a congratulation.
Now I’d like to tell you about Russian celebrations, Russian people and some traditions.
There are many different celebrations in Russia. First of all we have the New Year on December,31.
For many Russians this is the best celebration. It’s like you’re the Christmas, also Santa Claus but in Russia we call him Ded Moroz, fur-tree, and the celebration eat table.
In this day in the time of midnight every family in Russia gather behind the table and listen to celebration speech of our president. We make present each other. Everybody is very satisfied.
After the New Year we have Orthodox Christmas. It’s on January,6.We go in for church and pray. I think like you.
Then we celebrate the Man Day on February, 23. And as far as in Russia every man was in the army, this celebration considers the Man Day.
Women celebrate men and make them different presents. I celebrate my father and colleagues from my work.
Along with the Man Day there is a Women Day. It’s on March, 8. I think you know about this celebration because this day is international. Am I right? How do you celebrate it?
The next celebration is the day of Astronautics. In this day Yuri Gagarin in the first time fly in the space. He is the first man who flied in the space. We proud of him that is why always celebrate it.
On the first of may we celebrate the day of labor. It’s like your Labor day. By the way when is your Labor day? How do you spend it?
Also in April we have such celebration as the Easter. I didn’t put it down as soon because this celebration doesn’t have its concrete day, it depends upon days off. It celebrates according to church calendar, what is why this is always different.
I described to you only about the main celebrations in Russia. There are many other celebrations but they are not so important. And as for you, what celebrations are there in your country? I am interested in special state national celebrations.
Now I’d like to tell you about Russian people. We like to go on visit and also to receive visitors. Russian people are very hospitable. We even can come on visit without invitation.
And it’s all right. Masters are always offer to visitors tea or something to eat trying to express his hospitability and to regret in max!
Russians are very benevolent. In Russia we got used to cook at home that is why for example we very seldom go in different cafe. Russians like alcohol. And in Russia this is a very big problem for everybody.
Because We like different celebrations and to drink *****. But as for me I don’t drink ***** and don’t smoke.
Russia has a very long and deep history and rich culture. If you are interested in Russia you can find much information in Internet for example. I think it would be very interesting for you.
What can you tell me about your country and people?
What do you think about Russia, its traditions and people? Waiting your letter Polina
Letter 6
Hi asgeir, Thank you for your letter. Our correspondence is becoming more and more interesting every time.
I think that you only wish to make to me pleasant.
I not model and I am not similar to model, I the usual girl.
I have not understood your question on double payment.
What do you mean?
I’d like to tell a story which had a place with me not long ago. As
you remember I studied in Ekaterinburg.
I had friends there. One of my girlfriends visited me in Asbest. I haven’t seen her for ages.
I was so glad to see her. We studied at University together and were good friends.
She came to visit me and we spend time very good. We communicated much and remained the time I lived in Ekaterinburg.
I’d like to tell you about a conversation that we had with her. My girlfriend has a sister who used Internet to get acquainted with a man from another country.
She got acquainted with a man from New Zealand. They corresponded by the way of Email step by step finding each other out.
They talked about their life events, exchanged by pictures and after some time they felt that they are pulled to each other.
And her lover was a resolute man and he decided to operate. He invited her to New Zealand.
At first it was very hard for her to take a decision because of a huge distance and worried for her safety.
But she heard he heart and believed him. Her heart didn’t deceive her. He appeared a good and honest man.
He helped her to come there. Now they are happy. They married and already have children.
My girlfriend tell me that her sister is very happy. After I heard this story I began to believe that it is possible to find the happiness and love despite of the distance.
Modern technologies break barriers and helped people to pursue love.
People can meet each other despite of their nationality, skin color because they can be close by soul but to be too far from each other by distance.
What do you think about this story? Do believe in Happiness or love developing from Internet.
Frankly speaking after this story I pay much more attention to our correspondence.
I am anxious to know your point of view about this story. Waiting for your answer.
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