Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Mikhailova to Brad (USA)

Letter 1
Privet Brad! Kak y tebi dela?
In Russian it it will be Hello, how are you doing? if want, I will learn you to Russian. It is difficult, but it is very beautiful.
Today my day has begun rather unusually... I have woken up early in the morning, and at once I have thought of you. For me there was surprising it. I have woken up at 7:00, probably you still slept at this time because our countries have a difference in time. I have risen have made gymnastics, have washed. And the beginnings prepares to prepares for work, well before it I had a breakfast, Kakao, and an orange what at you was a breakfast today?
How your day has begun today? Than you are engaged now?
Now I on work. In the morning I do not have time to see your letter. Therefore it is more convenient for me to read your letters on a workplace. Our dialogue does not disturb to my work. Today I have already made some work, and now I have a free time.
As told the letter that that married I was not and is now lonely and as I do not have children. But I always wanted to have children and I very much liked to look after them when I had possibility to do it.
I hope you correctly you understand me! Children - life flowers!
Brad, I like various music. In many respects my choice of music depends on my mood. To relax under classical music.
To depend all on mood. What music is pleasant to you? Or as all to depend on mood?
I thought about dialogue by phone, my phone number 8-951 (828) 04 -17 much. I do not know a difference in time between us and I do not know what preliminary selection you should use. Possibly, it expensively to call from your country to Russia, therefore send to me sms. I will be glad to receive it.
If we could meet tonight in cafe. We could drink tea, eat a cake and talk. You like thought on it? Now we are very much far apart and we can not meet, but I hope that if we will continue our acquaintance we can sometime meet.
I would like it! Now certainly early to speak to our meeting... I think that time will show to us whom we can be for each other in the future. You agree with me?
Now I here because I want to find the love and happiness. I want to love and be favourite because it and is the present happiness. And I very much hope that I can make it! How you think?
Now I should finish the letter because it is necessary for me to continue work. Write to me soon. I will wait! Tatyana
Letter 2
Hello my dear Brad!
Thanks for your letter. Thanks for your words of love and support. It is very pleasant to me to read it. Today at me very good mood. I am very glad that soon we will meet. I am grateful to the Internet for our acquaintance.
And I am grateful to god that I have found you. In your letters I feel especial warmth. Your letters heat to me a soul and fill my heart with happiness. Thoughts on you do my day better.
Today I again was in tour agency, I have sent the statement for the visa and some other my documents on email in embassy. Now I will wait a call from embassy for a call on interview. As soon as to me will call from consular department, I should go to Moscow on interview with the consul the officer. The employee of agency call Elena, it has in detail instructed me as I should behave and what to speak, that at the consul of the officer there were no suspicions and I could receive the visa.
I am glad that between us there is a trust and understanding. I looked the prices for tickets and it makes approximately 1300 dollars for the return ticket. I searched for the cheapest tickets. I think, at the airport in Moscow it costs more cheaply, unfortunately, you cannot buy tickets for me. Otherwise at the consul of the officer there will be questions. I should buy original tickets independently in Russia and to show it in embassy, to co-ordinate with my visa.
Brad, I with impatience wait day of our meeting. It will be especial day for us. We never will forget it. I want to hold your hand when we will leave the airport. I want is proud to go with you. You my man and I very much am proud that I your woman. I want to do pictures with you to send it to my family. I want that my family did not worry about me. I want that they knew that I am happy with you. My parents have transferred to you ardent Hello.
I very much miss you. I constantly think of you. You always in my head and you always in my heart. I will wait your letter. I send you my hot and passionate kisses. I hope, very soon we will kiss in a reality.
Only yours, Tatyana.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Brad!
I very much miss you. I wake up with thoughts on you. I look in my empty bed and I dream that I will soon wake up with your kisses. I want to fall asleep in your embraces. I dream of us. And I hope that very soon all our dreams become a reality. Our happiness in our hands. Every day our meeting becomes closer. Every day our feelings become stronger. Between us the big distance, but it not an obstacle for the present feelings. I am glad that our feelings are mutual. It is pleasant to me to read your words of love. It is very important to me to know your thoughts and your feelings about our relations. Thanks that you tell me it.
I have very good news. The answer from embassy today has come. To me have called from consular department and have told that they have received my statement and they have considered it. My documents are perfectly in order also it has been approved. Tomorrow I should be in embassy on interview. I will talk to the consul the officer. I did not think that it so quickly works. But I am very glad that all goes well. I am very raised by our meeting.
I so am glad that we soon will meet. Tomorrow morning I will go to Moscow.
I will go by the bus, it will occupy 6 hours. To me have told that I should not be late. If I is late for interview to the consul my interview will postpone on two weeks later. I do not want to be late and wait so long.
I want to take correct all things. I do not want to have a problem with my visa. Tomorrow I want to go to the airport to look tickets to you. I will write to you in Moscow from the cafe Internet. I will tell to you cost of tickets.
I will keep to you informed events. I will give you the necessary information. Now I should go to gather for a trip. I will think of you. With kisses, only yours, Tatyana
Letter 4

Dear Brad!
I write to you from the cafe Internet. This morning I have arrived to Moscow, I have left early in the morning 04:00 hour.
My trip was safe. I was in embassy and I had interview with the consul the officer. I sat in turn in embassy, there were many people. When me have caused, I have entered into an office of the consul-officer and have seen my documents on its table. It has already seen all my documents and has studied my information. We have begun interview. I have explained it the purpose of my trip.
The consul the officer has asked me whence I know English and as for a long time. I have explained that I studied it at school. English language study at many Russian schools and institutes. The consul the officer asked me many questions, some questions it asked twice. I do not know, he forgot it or he asked twice to check up me. But I was quiet and cool. Employee Elena which I has got acquainted in round agency has told to me that I should not be nervous in embassy. I should behave naturally and easy. The consul the officer asked me why I have chosen your country. I have told that I like to travel. The consul asked, whether I have friends or relatives.
I have answered that all my friends and relatives in Russia and I have no it abroad. I have explained the consul to the officer that I fly as the tourist.
The consul the officer asked me about my work, I have told that I have a good post with the good salary.
In embassy there was a turn from others wishing to receive the visa, and interview occurred not the long.
Though, can be as that and another. The consul the officer has told that it has no doubts in my intentions and I will receive my visa. I have thanked the consul of the officer and have said goodbye to it. Then I have come into consular department and have asked that I should do now. To me have told that they have all my documents, and has told that I have come for filling not which documents for fast visa reception. Approximately 12-14 days my visa will be ready. You understand it, Brad?! Very soon I will have the visa and I can arrive to you. I have strong positive emotions. I am very glad that we can to meet now.
After embassy I have gone to the airport to look tickets. Yes, really, at the airport tickets cost cheaper than on the Internet. The circular ticket is necessary to me (round ticket) to prove to embassy that I come back to Russia.
And as I should buy tickets in Russia as I spoke to you already about it.
I learnt as you can send me money that I have bought the ticket. I think, we can use Money Gram or bank Western union. It is convenient and safe to transfer money. Please send to me 901 dollars. You should fill out my name Tatyana Mikhailova. The country Russia, Moscow. As soon as I will receive your help and I will buy tickets. I think, it will be fair, if you help me with tickets. I have spent money for my visa, to a cost of transportation to go to Moscow. In Moscow I have rented a room and now I will go to a room to have rest.
Brad, I love you! Our meeting will take place already soon. Already I wait this day.
I with impatience wait your letter tomorrow. Have fine day! I wait for yours the letter.
Tired, but happy Tatyana
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